Top 75 Twin Boy Names With Meanings

75 Twin Boy Names

One of the happiest moment for couples is to welcome a little bundle of joy in their lives. However, the joy doubles when they are expecting twins. Parents go through a rainbow of mixed feelings after welcoming their babies! Thinking of special names for twins can be really hard, and you may go through a variety of combinations and permutations to finalise each name. Sounds quite daunting, we know. This list of wonderful twin names for baby boys will help you make a decision.

75 Twin Baby Boy Names With Meanings

At the joyous moment of having twin boys, parents may have a tough time deciding a name for them. Most parents would prefer to have names that complement their children, but at the same time, are unique and interesting. These names will help you cut the confusion and make a decision.

Twin Boy Names With Similar Meanings

1. Alexander, Edmund

The name ‘Alexander’ has a Greek origin and ‘Edmund’ has an Old English origin. Both the names mean ‘defender of man’ or ‘wealthy protector’.

2. Arthur, Leon

‘Arthur’ has a Roman origin, and ‘Leon’ has a Latin, German origin. The meanings of the names are ‘courageous’ or ‘brave’.

3. Asher, Felix

‘Asher’ has a Jewish origin, while ‘Felix’ has a Latin origin. Both these names mean ‘fortunate’ and ‘blessed’.

4. Cyrus, Samson

With Persian and Hebrew roots, these names mean ‘sun’ or ‘bright sun’.

5. Eliodoro, Elio

‘Elio’ has a Spanish origin, and ‘Eliodoro’ has a Greek origin. The meanings of these names are ‘the sun’ and ‘the gift of the sun’ respectively.

6. Frederick, Milo

Both these names have a Germanic origin and mean ‘merciful’ or ‘peaceful ruler’.

7. Louis, Walter

With German, French roots, these wonderful names mean ‘army ruler’ or ‘renowned warrior’.

8. Matthew, Theodore

‘Matthew’ has a Hebrew origin, and ‘Theodore’ has a Greek origin. The meanings of these names are ‘God-given’ or ‘Gift from God’.

9. Orlando, Rodrigo

With Italian and Spanish roots, the meanings of these names include ‘famous ruler’ or ‘famous everywhere’.

10. Philip, David

The meanings of these Greek and Hebrew origin names are ‘to love’, ‘friend’, or ‘beloved’.

Twin Baby Boy Names That Rhyme

11. Aiden, Caden

In Irish, the meaning of the name ‘Aiden’ is ‘little fire’ while ‘Caden’, with Welsh origin, means ‘companion’ or ‘friend’.

12. Blake, Jake

‘Blake’ has an English origin, and it means ‘dark, fair-haired’. The meaning of the Hebrew name ‘Jake’ is ‘Supplanter’. It is also considered to be a short form for the popular name ‘Jacob’.

13. Brandon, Landon

Both these classic names have an English origin. ‘Brandon’ means ‘hill covered with broom’ while ‘Landon’ means ‘the long hill’.

14. Brett, Rhett

‘Brett’ means ‘from Brittany’ and it has a Celtic origin while ‘Rhett’ is a Latin name meaning ‘well-spoken man’.

15. Daniel, Nathaniel

These names have a Hebrew origin. ‘Daniel’ in Hebrew means ‘God is my judge’ while ‘Nathaniel’ means ‘God has given’.

16. Ian, Ryan

These cute twin baby boy names have Scottish, Irish origins, and they mean ‘Lord is gracious’ and ‘little king’, respectively.

17. Jayden, Kayden

The names have Hebrew, and Gaelic origin and the meanings are ‘thankful’ and ‘son of Caden, battle’.

18. Jeremiah, Josiah

Both these names have a Hebrew origin and ‘Jeremiah’ means ‘appointed by god’ while ‘Josiah’ means ‘Jehova has healed’.

19. John, Shaun

These names have Hebrew and Irish origins, these names mean ‘God is gracious’ and ‘Gift of God’ and are wonderful options for your twins.

20. Taylor, Tyler

The name ‘Taylor’ means ‘tailor’ and ‘Tyler’ means ‘maker of tiles’. These names have an Old English origin.

Nature Inspired Twin Boy Names

21. Ariel, Atwood

‘Ariel’ is a Hebrew name meaning ‘lion of God’ while ‘Atwood’ has an Anglo-Saxon origin, and it means ‘someone who lives in the wood’.

22. Ash, Aspen

‘Ash’ means ‘Ash tree’ while ‘Aspen’ means ‘quaking tree’. These names have English and American origins.

23. Barclay, Benton

With old English origins, the names mean ‘birch tree meadow’ and ‘bentgrass enclosure’ respectively.

24. Bryce, Bryn

These Scottish and Welsh names mean ‘speckled’ and ‘hill’.

25. Colin, Colm

Scottish name ‘Colin’ means ‘young creature’ while the Irish name ‘Colm’ means ‘dove’.

26. Jasper, Jonquil

With Persian and Latin origins, the meanings of the names are ‘bringer of treasure’ and ‘reed’.

27. Leon, Leonard

With French and English origin, the meanings are ‘Lion’ or ‘Lion-hearted’.

28. Oliver, Orson

‘Oliver’ has an old-English origin and means ‘the olive tree’ while ‘Orson’, with Latin origins, means ‘bear cub’.

29. Opal, Oriel

‘Opal’ is a Hebrew name while ‘Oriel’ is a Latin name. These names mean ‘precious stone’ and ‘golden’ respectively.

30. Walden, Wildon

These names have Old English origins and the names mean ‘wooded-valley’ or ‘from the wooded hill’.

Spiritual Twin Boy Names

31. Aaron, Abel

These names have a Hebrew origin and these means ‘high mountain’ and ‘breath’ or ‘vapour’, respectively.

32. Abe, Abraham

These are Hebrew names mean ‘father of multitudes’.

33. Christian, Christopher

These names have a Greek origin and the meaning of these names mean ‘follower of Christ’ and ‘bearer of Christ’.

34. John, Jonah

Both these names have a Hebrew origin and these names mean ‘God is gracious’ and ‘Dove’.

35. Noah, Noel

‘Noah’ is a Hebrew name meaning ‘comfort’, while ‘Noel’ is of French origin and it means ‘Christmas’.

Jolly Names for Twin Boys

36. Arnan, Asher

These are Hebrew names. ‘Arnan’ means ‘joyful’ while ‘Asher’ means ‘blessed’.

37. Caio, Caius

‘Caio’ has an Italian and ‘Caius’, Latin origin. Both the names mean ‘rejoice’ or means ‘to rejoice’.

38. Faine, Felix

‘Faine’ means ‘happy’ in old English, and ‘Felix’ in Latin means ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’ in Latin.

39. Gale, Gaye

These names have English, and American origins and the meanings are ‘gives joy’ and ‘light-hearted’ respectively.

40. Oron, Osher

These are both Hebrew names. ‘Oron’ means ‘light’ and ‘Osher’ means ‘happiness’.

Twin Baby Boy Names With Equal Number of Syllables

41. Charlie, Riley

‘Charlie’ means ‘free man’ in English. ‘Riley’ has an Irish origin, and it means ‘courageous’.

42. Ethan, Evan

These names have Hebrew and Welsh origins. ‘Ethan’ means ‘strong’, ‘firm’, and ‘Evan’ means ‘the Lord is gracious’.

43. Henry, Harry

‘Henry’ has a Germanic origin, and it means ‘estate ruler’. English name ‘Harry’ means ‘home ruler’.

44. Madison, Harrison

These names have English origins. ‘Madison’ means ‘Son of Matthew’ and ‘Harrison’ means ‘Son of Harry’.

45. Jordan, Justin

Hebrew name ‘Jordon’ means ‘flow down’ and the Latin name ‘Justin’ means ‘fair’ or ‘righteous’.

Celebrity-Inspired Twin Boy Names

Here are some brilliant celebrity twin names that you could consider for your twin boys too!

46. Darby, Sullivan

Actor Patrick Dempsey named his twin boys Darby and Sullivan. The meaning of the English name ‘Darby’ is ‘The deer park farm’ and the meaning of Irish name ‘Sullivan’ is ‘Dark-eyed’.

47. Cy, Bowie

Bowie and Cy sound like an ‘80s rock and roll group and are the names of the twin boys of Zoe Saldana. ‘Cy’ has a Greek origin and it means ‘lord’ while ‘Bowie’ means ‘yellow-haired’ with a Scottish origin.

48. Walker, Henry

Walker and Henry are the names of the twin sons of Matt Bomer. The English name ‘Walker’ means ‘Fuller of cloth’ and German name ‘Henry’ means ‘Ruler of the home’.

49. Eddie, Nelson

Celine Dion has two little twin boys named Eddie and Nelson. ‘Eddie’ is an English name meaning ‘wealthy origin’ or ‘rich in war’ and ‘Nelson’ means ‘son of Neil’, also of English origin.

50. John, Gus

These were the one-syllable names picked by the “Modern Family” star, Julie Bowen, for her twin boys. ‘John’, with a Hebrew origin, means ‘God is Gracious’ and English name ‘Gus’ means ‘Great’.

Twin Boy Names Beginning With the Same Letter

51. Andrew, Ashton

‘Ashton’ is an English name meaning ‘Ash tree town’ and ‘Andrew’ is a Greek name meaning ‘manly and strong’.

52. Braxton, Benjamin

‘Braxton’ means ‘Brock’s settlement’ and it has an old English origin. ‘Benjamin’ is a Hebrew name meaning ‘son of the right hand’.

53. Elliot, Eric

With English and Norse origins, the meanings of the names are ‘God is high’ and ‘eternal ruler’ respectively.

54. Hank, Harvey

‘Hank’ means ‘ruler of home’ and it has an American origin. ‘Harvey’ is an old French name meaning ‘strong and worthy’.

55. Ian, Isaiah

With Scottish and Hebrew origins, the meanings of the names are ‘the Lord is gracious’ and ‘salvation of the Lord’, respectively.

56. Lucas, Luis

‘Lucas’ has a Greek origin and it means ‘man from Lucania’. ‘Luis’ is a French name meaning ‘renowned warrior’.

57. Nicholas, Nathan

‘Nicholas’ has a Greek and it means ‘people of victory’. ‘Nathan’ has a Hebrew origin, and it means ‘given’.

58. Samuel, Steven

‘Samuel’ is a Hebrew name, and it means ‘name of God’ while ‘Steven’ is an English name meaning ‘crown’.

59. Vance, Victor

The meaning of ‘Vance’ is ‘Dweller of Bog’, and ‘Victor’ means ‘conqueror’. These names have English and Latin origins, respectively.

60. Zach, Zayne

The names have English and Hebrew origins. The first name means ‘Yahweh has remembered’ and the second means ‘God is gracious’.

Seasonal Names for Twin Boys

61. Ash, Auburn

These are English names meaning ‘ash tree’ and ‘reddish-brown or moderate’ respectively.

62. Forest, Frost

These names have French and English origins, and they mean ‘Woods’ and ‘freezing’ respectively.

63. Jaden, Zikomo

‘Jaden’ is a Hebrew name meaning ‘God has heard’ while ‘Zikomo’ has a Ngono origin and it means ‘thank you’.

64. Kent, Laredo

‘Laredo’ is a Spanish name meaning ‘rocky place’. ‘Kent’ means ‘Coastal land’ and has an English origin.

65. Rory, Woodrow

In Irish, ‘Rory’ means ‘Red King’ while in English, ‘Woodrow’ means ‘row of houses near the woods’.

Virtue Names for Twin Boys

66. Bright, Brio

‘Bright’ means ‘Shining light’, and it has an English origin while ‘Brio’, of Italian origin, means ‘vivacity’.

67. Justice, Loyal

‘Justice’ is an English name meaning ‘righteous’ while ‘Loyal’ means ‘faithful’.

68. Meridian, Merit

‘Meridian’ is an English name that means ‘midday’ while ‘Merit’ is an Egyptian name meaning ‘beloved’.

69. Reason, Revere

‘Reason’, from medieval English, means ‘Son of Reeve’, while ‘Revere’ means ‘to admire’.

70. Zen, Zenith

‘Zen’ has a Japanese origin, and it means ‘meditative state’. ‘Zenith’ has an English origin and it means ‘The very top’.

Twin Baby Boy Names With the Same Origin

71. Abhainn, Achaius

‘Abhainn’ has a Scottish, Irish origin, and it means ‘river’ while ‘Achaius’ means ‘Horseman’ in Irish.

72. Adolf, Albin

In Latin, ‘Adolf’ means ‘noble wolf’ and ‘Albin’ is a Latin name meaning ‘bright’.

73. Elijah, Isaac

These names have Hebrew roots. The meanings are ‘Yahweh is God’ and ‘he will laugh’, respectively.

74. Hector, Albert

Both the names have an English origin. ‘Hector’ means ‘to check’ and ‘Albert’ means ‘bright’.

75. Javier, Joaquin

These have Spanish origins, and the meanings are ‘castle’ and ‘God will judge’.

Twins usually have similarities in nature and appearance, which is why choosing similar names for your twin boys is not a bad idea. These twin boy names are sure to help you find the most suitable and meaningful pair.

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