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Despite having a good name, in India most people have a second name. They are addressed by this name by their near and dear ones.

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Cute and Adorable Nicknames

Here’s how you can pick adorable and cute nicknames for your little munchkin. It could be anything right from your favourite fruit to your favourite cartoon character. Some cute and adorable nicknames are listed below.

Popular Indian Baby Nicknames

Being called by our nicknames denotes affection. Thus, in India, we like it all the more when we are called by our nicknames. Here is a list of some of the most popular Indian baby nicknames that you can choose from:

Trending and Latest Nicknames

Parents-to-be picking out names for their baby

Anything trending and latest in today’s time is appreciated by one and all. The same can be said for nicknames too. Parents nowadays want to name their child/children according to what is new and fresh. Here are names to choose from:

Nicknames Based on Baby’s Personality

Every baby may look as sweet and cute as the other. However, if you study babies carefully, you will find that every baby is a different individual with distinct and unique personality traits. Therefore, naming a baby accordingly would be something new. Find some similar names with their meaning listed below.

Name Meaning
Daksha Talented
Eka Unique
Gaura Fair
Gudiya Doll
Kamya Beautiful
Laboni Grace
Lalita Beautiful
Lona Pretty
Nabita Fearless
Namita Humble
Paavai Beautiful girl
Raima Pleasing
Selma Fair
Sheela Cool
Zaina Beautiful
Ashi Always smiling
Asya Graceful
Garv Proud
Gaya Wise
Jitu Winner
Bukka Loving
Kaay Innocent
Adil Honest
Ezhil Beauty
Farhan Cheerful
Abhik Fearless
Agrim Leader
Aiman Fearless
Akram Excellent
Alhad Joy
Amanda Active
Amish Honest
Amogh Unerring
Anbu Kindness
Anup The best
Arokya Very piousnaming a baby
Ashu Quick
Parv Strong
Rutu Dull
Veer Brave
Vana Intelligent
Manu Wise
Mohak Attractive
Mudit Happy
Kalpa Fit
Irya Powerful
Lena Tender
Kaira Peaceful
Bhavi Emotional
Aacharappan Restless or proactive
Aadhan Be First
Aadipta Intelligent
Paavan Pure
Padmalochan Eyes lika a lotus
sachika One who is kind
sanjushree Beautiful
sendhen Sweet as honey
shashibala The moon
shubhita Graceful,shoning
Aadhish King, Emperor, Ruler, Person with supreme power

Food Nicknames

Food can be an inspiration for parents who are on the lookout for baby names. Yes, you read it right “food”. The names can be anything from spices to different types of cheese to fruits and beverages.

Freshly Picked Floral Nicknames

Babies can be fragile as flowers. They fill our lives with colour and fragrance just as flowers do. So, what could be more apt than to nickname our precious ones in the name of flowers?

Nicknames Inspired By Book and Movie Characters

For movie buffs and book lovers, this nickname segment (which has been influenced by books and movie characters) will be a delight.

Nicknames Inspired By Animal and Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters and animals are a rich source of name-inspiration. While most of the names of cartoon characters could be good nicknames, most of the names obtained from animals can be kept as good enough to be kept as real names.

Tips For Selecting Nickname or Pet Name for Your Baby

Selecting a pet name or a nickname for your baby can be easy. Anything which comes to your mind out of love could be her name. However, to choose the right name, here are some tips:

1. Cut Short Your Baby’s Good Name

You can cut short your baby’s good name and make it her pet name. For example, Nicknames for baby girls can be(for) Akanksha – Akki, Baby boy nicknames can be(for) Ashutosh- Ashu,

2. Combining Parents Name

Taking half of each parent’s name and combining them together can transpire into a beautiful nickname/pet name. For example Rukmini and Narendra- Runa

3. Names Of Favourite Characters

Name your baby after a cartoon characters/animated characters/movie characters/characters from stories or novels.

Example: Winnie (Winnie-the-Poo) or it could be just Poo.

4. Names Of Gods

In India, many grandparents, out of affection nickname their grandchild in the name of Gods.

Example: Kanha, Gopal(other names for Krishna), Sia (another name for Sita).

5. What Comes To Your Mind First

Keeping a name that came to your mind first on seeing your baby cannot go wrong.

Example: A baby girl can be Nanu and a boy could be Sonu.

6. Keeping An Easy And Catchy Name

Nicknames should be such that it should be catchy and easy to remember.

Example: Sweet nickname include Ansh, Chikoo and Pappu.

Pet names are used as a form of convenience for both the parents and the child. Over time, these cute names become a part of your child and become dear to them.

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