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What was the role of your partner in your breastfeeding journey?
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NaviBreastfeeding!! it's an amazing experience n I can so easily recall how difficult it was for me in the initial not sure I could have done half as well without the support of him.he is my life savior! He,being paediatrician knows all the benefits of breastfeeding n taught me the importance of was c-sec for me and I was damn sick of my backache and not even a day I was without worrying since I couldn't feed my baby during pain..he was the one who literally held baby in hand for feed and make sure I get back support during each n every feed..he balanced both his profession life as well me and baby those days!after every feed he makes sure I take rest and he takes care of baby for burping as well my baby is 9mo old and even now he is doing the same all baby care duties .he is lovable husband as wel responsible dad😍I can't imagine how difficult it would be without someone like my partner.. he made breastfeeding more than doable and easier..And finally this post is not for the prize winning or contest ,i just wanna thank my husband how a man should be for his women in her life ..he is my superhero:)😊
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