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May Baby
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sushmaIt was on 14th May 5pm I got ready to go out shopping to get a dress for bump photoshoot despite of my family rejection. My husband and I went into the mall and parked the car 🚗 I got down from the car and noticed my Water Broke and we rushed to Hospital. I spoke to the nurse and said about situation and my way to Hospital. I called my dad and said ‘Dad we are on the way to Hospital,plz don’t tell to mom as she may worry,once everything is fine Il Cal Mom to come to Hospital ‘. I reached the hospital and rushed to HDU (emergency Dept ) May water flow has increased along with spotting . To my surprise I prayed to God in the mor that let my delivery be today so that my husband will walk into the labour room with me 😀. The Dr has come asked me if I could notice any pain - though I am a Dr ,as it was my first delivery, I could not make the difference of labour pains and normal abdominal pain. After an hour labour pains started . Yes ! The pains were on and off and continuous within 10min and in few hours the contractions had increased and the severity of pain has increased. I was crying out of pain and trying to do some exercises to shoot out my pain . Thank fully my husband helped me massage my back with hot pack to reduce my pain . Dr has done pv and said - it’s 3cm dilatation around 2:30 am on 15/05/2018 . I couldn’t bear the pain and I was advised to take a hot shower and I took a shower to over come the pain . It was around 6am - my mid Wife said ‘the baby head is visible and in few pushes the baby comes down . I could not do it strongly as I wasn’t eaten - Dr gave me juice and asked to have it . I said I want this pain to come down and I can’t have anything till then . In a couple of hours with so much effort and my husband care and with Dr support I delivered a BABY 👶🏻 BOY 😀 It was that moment I forgot all the pains I faced and I was happy with tears in my eyes 👀 looking into my husband eyes - I said ‘ we did it , it’s a Boy and I delivered him through normal vaginal delivery.’ It was the happiest thing that I forgot the whole world and the long wait has come to end seeing my Little cute baby 👶🏻. I was shifted to the room for recovery.
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