Tuesday, December 10 2019
Tuesday, December 10 2019


Mom of a 1 m old girl15 mins ago

Q.hi , my baby is 53 days old .I think to apply Himalaya baby massage oil to her ..is this safe in this time r I have to wait for completing three months ?

ShabnamMom of 2 childrenNew Answer
A. yes it is absolutely safe to massage your once he is a week old. Massage helps to moisturize your baby and also helps to relieve Gas problems annd keeps your baby active. You can use Himalaya oil for massaging it is good for your baby.
Mom of a 2 m old girl6 days ago

Q.is prawns is good for breastfeeding moms

ExpertvandanaNutritionist6 days ago
A. Hello mom, you can consume , but you need to observe your baby after you feed as to clarify any allergies the baby might have. As whatever you are consuming effects the baby directly. So if the baby is fine it’s fine to continue.
Mom of a 4 m old girl10 mins ago

Q.Is there any way to get rid of stretch marks and also on loose hanging tummy? My c- section was done on 10 Aug 2019?

Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 childrenNew Answer
A. Apply castor oil on the stretch marks and massage in circular motion for ten minutes. Then wrap the area with a cotton cloth. Apply hot water bag on that area for like fifteen minutes. Cut potato into slices and rub it over the stretch marks until the startch is well applied. After fifteen minutes wash it away with warm water. Exercises will be the more natural way to get ur tummy back to form or lose the extra weight . Start with slow pace exercises like walking. If u had normal delivery then after ur post natal check up u can start exercising around eight weeks. If u had c section after six months, consult with your doctor once and if the doctor confirms the internal stitches should have healed then you can start exercising. You can go for ab exercises or yoga like bhujangasana or pavanmukthasana or Surya namaskar on a regular basis starting with mild ones and gradually increasing the complexity. Also take care of your diet. Avoid junk and include healthy fruits and vegetables.
Guardian of a 5 yr 6 m old girl19 mins ago

Q.hi madam ,my boy 1.8 yr old .he is not eating well.always he is drinking milk by bottle.pls suggest me.

ExpertAnindita BhattacharyaNutritionist1 min ago
A. Hello dear mom, do not worry, babies become fussy eater at this stage sometimes, include finger foods, play with texture, experiment with different varieties of foods, make recipes interesting to make it palatable, do not force feed
Guardian of a 6 m old boy10 mins ago

Q.Hello everyone, my son is 6 months older now and we recently started food to him but after having food is sometime, he pooped.

Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 childrenNew Answer
A. It is ok. This doesn't necessarily mean any problem unless the stools are watery, or too hard, or has blood stains or the baby has a stomach pain or looks cranky or cries everytime he poops. In all these cases you should consult a doctor. Otherwise you need not worry.
Mom of a 1 m old girl7 mins ago

Q.hii my baby is 1.5months old..when she sleeps after passing urine she wake up ...can't sleep properly what to do???

Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 children1 min ago
A. Are u using diapers? If not it is good to use. Diapers are not harmful if used with appropriate care. Diapers give comfort and protection to the baby. Diapers also enable a peaceful sleep without disruption and uneasiness due to wetting. A baby who sleeps well will be a happy baby.
Mom of a 7 m old boy6 mins ago

Q.is it ok to give saffola instant masala oats to my baby?

Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 children3 mins ago
A. No. Don't give any instant foods for your baby. They will contain some amount of preservatives and chemicals added for cooking easily in less time. This is the time when u r introducing new foods to the baby and his tummy can be delicate. So better to give home made healthy foods like fruit purees or porridge or homemade cereals or vegetable purees.
Mom of a 1 yr 2 m old boy5 mins ago

Q.is masala oats good for one year baby

Neha SharmaMom of a 5 yr 4 m old boy4 mins ago
A. No, not at all they are spicy and make babies stomach upset,try to make vegetable oats at home.
Mom of a 1 m old girl4 mins ago

Q.My baby is 4.1kg weight now. She is 43 days old. Is that weight less.

Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 children2 mins ago
A. 3.2 to 5.4 kg is the average weight range for this age group. She is well within the range. Usually this also depends on the baby's birth weight. Your baby should be peeing anywhere between six to ten times a day which means the baby is taking feeds properly. If not then make sure the baby is latching and taking feeds well or if ur milk supply is sufficient. Also there should be a gradual weight gain. Keep a check on these factors.
Guardian of a 1 yr 10 m old boy4 mins ago

Q.#AskTheExpert #ParentingClinic my baby still not start to speak

Janani ViswanathanMom of 2 children3 mins ago
A. Babies talk around 18 months. They will be able to say simple words, point to objects and call their name. Every child is different and there could be early and late speakers. So u need not worry. The only key is to keep communicating with ur baby regularly. Question him and urge him to answer. Talk to him about everything that u see around. Tell more stories. A continuous verbal conversation with ur baby will improve his vocabulary and encourage him to speak more.
Mom of a 2 yr 10 m old girl2 years ago

Q.Hi.. I am mother of 5 month old baby.. I am so worried that my breastfeeding milk is not coming.. i am working and 12 hours gap come during work.. I feel that milk is not coming.. am so much worried abt my baby.. plz gimme some solution

Bhurabi BharaliMom of 2 children2 years ago
A. you should express your milk regularly during the office hour to increase the milk supply... You should include Garlic, basil, cumin, ajwain, fengureek seeds, saunf, gourds, green papaya, dairy products, red Masoor dal ,bottle gourds, ridge gourds, oats in your diet , You should take lactose granules to increase the milk production... a lot of healthy fluids upto 2.5-3 litres a day.. Eat a lot of green and red veggies to increase the milk production... Also latch the baby more on the breast and pump more as it increase the stimulation which increase the milk production too...
Mom of a 7 m old boy8 mins ago

Q.my daughter is 5 months old...she dint pass motion in three day ...

AmrutaMom of a 1 yr 2 m old girl1 min ago
A. Is she exclusively breastfed? It's completely ok for a breastfed baby to go without pooping for 7 days. Breastmilk is easily absorbed by the body and since that's the baby gets all her nutrition from it there is very little waste. As long as she doesn't cry or strain while pooping or is unusually fussy you don't have to worry.
Mom of a 4 m old boy4 mins ago

Q.mam I want to know the cost for 14. weeks injection and drops and he is on easy six his last injection was on November 2

Neha SharmaMom of a 5 yr 4 m old boy2 mins ago
A. You can easily get all information on first cry vaccination tracker,and all costs are also there on tracker.
Mom of a 1 yr 4 m old girl3 mins ago

Q.#AskTheExpert #StretchMarks how to remove stretch marks

Neha SharmaMom of a 5 yr 4 m old boy1 min ago
A. To remove stretch marks start applying creams for stretch marks,like no marks,Bio oil thes are good products to use on stretch marks.
Father of a 5 yr old boy2 years ago

Q.My baby favourite food is khicdi and rice with ghee and salt.. He hates milk and milk products.. How can I change his food habits and his taste.... And how can I make variations in his food menu from his favourite. ..

priyanka aroraMom of a 4 yr 4 m old boy2 years ago
A. variations like homemade pizza,sandwiches,shaped stuffed prantha..gv milkshakes n smoothies ..its color attract babies gv finger foods to which can be easily eaten..u can add veggies in khichdi,gv him corn rice ,fruits etc
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