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Mom of a 4 m old girl

Q.#coldcoughfever my daughter is 4month old and has congestion and refluxes since she is born.. i am giving her maxtra drops and advent from 5days and see no improvement.. also nebulise her trice a day with levolin .31 .. she had developed fever 5days back.. now she does not have fever only prolonged cough n congestion.. what can be done plz help as i am unable to take her to doctor also at this point of time..

ExpertDr Javed HussainPediatric Surgeon
A. Viral bronchitis generally lasts for around 7 to 10 days in infants. However, some may have symptoms such as coughing that could last for around 3 to 4 weeks. Bronchitis usually takes 1-2 weeks to ease, and generally, doesn’t cause any complications. If your child’s coughing and wheezing persists, some short-term anti-asthma medication is advisable. Please try to reach out to a nearest hospital if symptoms worsen
Mom of a 1 yr 6 m old boy

Q.#ParentingClinic#HairFall I see 1000 strands of hair fall when I shampoo my hair .. during pregnancy I hardly had any hair fall. please suggest

SowmyaMom of a 6 yr 1 m old girl
A. hi actually after delivery due to harmonal changes its normal so you have to take good nourishment oiling rest stress free you have to stay as well as proper intake of food matters alot
Mom of a 4 m old girl

Q.#hairfall i have 4month old bby and i have terrific hairfall plz let me know what can be done i take folic acid and calcium still ..

ExpertDr Javed HussainPediatric Surgeon
A. Most women will return to their usual hair growth cycle between 6 and 12 months after birth. Many new moms notice hair loss – sometimes quite dramatic – around three months postpartum. This is a normal – and temporary – postpartum change that is unrelated to breastfeeding dont get frustrated or depressed. take nutritious food vitamin supplements Use volumizing shampoo its a temporary phase and eventually your hair will re grow in density and thickness
Father of a 1 yr 7 m old boy18 hours ago

Q.My son is 19 months old and his falls off just by touch also his head always stays hot

ExpertDr Shradha shikharePaediatrician9 hours ago
A. hello when u feel feverisj, always check babys body temperature (head is many times hot in absence of fever too) if temperature is above 99.5 then only it is fever
Mom of a Newborn boy

Q.can injections at birth be delayed? #Vaccination

shilpiMom of 2 children1 hour ago
A. no
Mom of a 1 yr 4 m old boy1 hour ago

Q.#weightissues weight kaise kam kru Mera weight 66 hai kya ye perfect weight h meri age 23 hai mjhe 1 sal ka baby h

shilpiMom of 2 children1 hour ago
A. weight Is no depends on age it depends on ur height still along with controlled diet u can join gym or yoga or in the beginning you can start with light exercise or you can do yoga at home also you can do Surya Namaskar 12 times a day if you can't do anything else in your busy routine cut all the junk food and have diet full of fibre have seasonal fruits and vegetables drink lots of water have jeera water empty stomach the early in the morning divide your meals into 6 small portions
Mom of a 2 yr old boy7 hours ago

Q.#asktheexpert what food can be given for 5 months baby

shilpiMom of 2 children1 hour ago
A. not now when As your baby has completed 6 months you can start with Semi solid diet which is very light and easy to digest you can start with moong ki daal ka pani dal rice Suji ki Kheer custard porridge mashed potatoes mashed fruits
Mom of a 2 m old boy5 hours ago

Q.i had done urine test for my baby. the report is " some bacteria seen". we done urine culture and i have attached the repot. plz provide ur response. my baby s 2 mnth old

Author of questionMom of a 2 m old boy48 mins ago
A. anyone plz reply to my comment
Mom of a 1 m old girl6 hours ago

Q.#AskTheExpert my 2 months old daughter is having chest congestion. please prescribe solution

shilpiMom of 2 children1 hour ago
A. u need to consult your doctor dear Give your baby indirect steam least three times a day burn garlic ajwain in mustard oil let this oil get cool or warm rub that oil on his chest back Palms foot also keep your baby hydrated by breastfeeding and consult your doctor as soon as possible if required
Guardian of a 4 yr 4 m old girl1 hour ago

Q.#asktheexpert Hello doctors my child's eyesight is very weak what can I do for her the doctor advised me for spects but she can't carry that

shilpiMom of 2 children1 hour ago
A. hello there I know it's very difficult but in that case he have to wear specs along with that you can take some precautions and do home remedy like give carrot juice to the child as much as you can it is really really very effective along with that take Kuja Mishri black pepper and Almonds in the equal quantity grind that in the powder form give this powder onc spoon daily to the child with warm milk night time for 40 days and after that do not give water or anything else to eat for at least half an hour
Mom of a 1 yr 4 m old boy1 hour ago

Q.#hairfall mere hairs bhot dry ho gae hai kya kre or bhot jhadre h

shilpiMom of 2 children1 hour ago
A. lots of street can cause lots of hair fall so don't worry dear otherwise problem will increase This is very normal after the delivery due to the hormonal changes in the body so you should take care of your diet should be very healthy as well as nutritional along with that have lots of water and have supplements like Iron and Calcium along with that take any of the oil like mustard oil olive oil coconut oil castor oil at some onion juice in it and apply it on your scalp three times a week
1 hour ago

Q.My baby is 11 months old. I want that my baby speaks hindi but my husband an mother in laws want that he speaks in their native language.. what can u do

shilpiMom of 2 children1 hour ago
A. hello this is not a big issue you can teach your child both languages because every child can speak multi languages like I am Punjabi and my child is able to speak Punjabi and Hindi as well as few words of English according to his age as well
Mom of a 4 yr 11 m old boy

Q.hi, my kid is nt talking properly however he is speaking in sum Greek n Latin language. what should I do to make him talk in my native language

Nikitha UrsMom of a 5 yr 4 m old child
A. Hello...All you need to do is simple... Encouragee him to speak more and more in your may use some activities to make him speak...some videos or some game...This will make him start using your language...more and more you encourage faster he will learn
Mom of a 2 yr 6 m old girl

Q.My baby is having cough and cold and she suddenly started complaining of ear pain since morning...she is 2 years old

ExpertDr. Hemendra GuptaPaediatrician
A. probably your child is suffering from some ear infection so I would suggest you to consult a pediatrician to have a detailed physical examination of your child ears and relevant treatment accordingly
Mom of a 8 m old boy8 hours ago

Q.#constipation what should I do

shilpiMom of 2 children1 hour ago
A. in case of severe Constipation apply mustard oil on the place of passing motion give ur child diet which is healthy and nutritional and full of fibre and give him warm water everytime and add two to three drops of warm ghee in his milk one time a day
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