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ExpertDr Laxmi Chavan-SawantAyurvedic Gynaecologist 3 hours ago
A. Heavy bleeding is never to be considered as normal and you should not take self medication you should 1st get proper examination done by your doctor and then take the medication . Periods after delivery may occur anytime in between one year and may remain irregular for a few months no medication is needed for that you just need to maintain good nutrition along with adequate water intake and use proper contraceptive method to avoid unwanted pregnancy
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ExpertDr Sameer awadhiyaPaediatrician57 mins ago
A. Breastfeeding is always a very important factor for the baby and mother and many times there are some problem faced by mother because of either wrong position while feeding lack of proper diet stress related factors. A proper is counselling is required which can be done by a lactational counsellor along with a proper hudiet with plenty of liquids some supplements may be helpful like shatavari . Also try to avoid giving top miglk in initial stage specially with bottle feeding which may be the culprit for lactational failure most of the time .
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RashmiMom of a 9 yr 3 m old girl3 hours ago
A. I think you should wait for at least 8 to 10 hours before feeding the child because any kind of a thing like this can definitely make up into the blood and can be there for a longer division which is why she should avoid feeding for at least 8 to ten hours
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Mom of a 6 m old boy3 hours ago
ExpertDr GhousePaediatrician3 hours ago
A. okay give ragi no problem. in monsoon season there will be recurrent viral infections main reason for cold and cough sometimes it can be because of allergies also please give steam inhalation frequently and antihistamins
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29 mins ago
Mom of a 4 m old boy2 hours ago
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