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Mom of a 1 m old girl2 hours ago
ExpertDr Bandana JoshiAyurvedic Physician1 hour ago
A. For massage of the baby you can use badam rogan from hamdard and be gentle while massaging the baby and expose baby to sunlight daily and use paraben free skin care products
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Ankita Mehta has added an answer
Mom of 2 children17 mins ago
Ankita MehtaMom of a 6 yr 6 m old girl15 mins ago
A. hi usually it happens because of hormonal changes that happens after birth Although it is advisable to visit pediatrician who can give right guidance after examining your child Health. please choose well fit , good brand Diapers like Babyhug brand diapers for your child don't use Diapers for whole day
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Mom of a 2 m old girl11 mins ago
POOJA KOTHARIMom of a 5 yr 10 m old boy3 mins ago
A. Although back pain after a C-section is common, don't ignore severe pain. This includes pain that prevents you from sleeping at night or makes it difficult to move or hold your baby. Your doctor might need to prescribe a stronger pain medication.
Guardian of 2 children21 mins ago
POOJA KOTHARIMom of a 5 yr 10 m old boy16 mins ago
A. Give Nestle Nan Pro 1 Infant Formula Powder Upto 6 Months with Probiotics is a spray-dried infant formula with DHA ARA for infants from birth when they are not breastfed. NAN PRO 1 contains DHA, which supports a baby's normal brain development. It also contains whey protein, vitamins A, C, and D, iron and zinc.
Mom of a 3 yr 3 m old boy53 mins ago
Sai Prasanthi R LMom of a 8 yr 11 m old boy45 mins ago
A. Hello dear parent! Consult your child’s doctor for a personal evaluation and seek further advice. Serve your child healthy foods in cute Babyhug stainless bowls and plates to encourage healthy eating. Good luck and take care
Guardian of a 2 m old boy32 mins ago
Ankita MehtaMom of a 6 yr 6 m old girl18 mins ago
A. hi try cool pack or warm compress there use nipple shield for time being for example, Babyhug nipple shield n which makes easy to feed asit help to prevent pain while feeding. wear Cotton clothes
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