Monday, November 18 2019
Monday, November 18 2019


Guardian of a 4 m old boy1 hour ago

Q.4 month baby is having cold and cough...can I give sinrest drop ?

KhushbuMom of 2 children2 mins ago
A. Its okay to give
Mom of a 1 yr 9 m old girl51 mins ago

Q.hie doctor what is da reason..vaise cold ni h but jbbi sleep krti h baby meri nose me awaj aati h har gar gar type...kuch time phle cold hua tha

KhushbuMom of 2 children1 min ago
A. May be some dry cough leftover in chest. Give warm water and lots of liquids. You can rub ajwain oil/sarson oil on chest for congestion
Mom of 2 children43 mins ago to control hairfall problem n grey hair problem

KhushbuMom of 2 childrenNew Answer
A. Eat healthy, sleep well, have some me time and remain stress free
Mom of a 4 yr 9 m old girl31 mins ago kid had a that on foot.. I consult doctor of dermatology its look like a wart.. for this we r using medicine from last 10 days.. earliest are going but new ones coming.. these are spreading . wat can I do

KhushbuMom of 2 children8 mins ago
A. My daughter had similar problem, but instead I opted for homoepathy. It took long to go but now its completely gone. Consult one if possible
Guardian of a 3 m old boy9 mins ago

Q.hello Dr, My baby son is 4 month old. His potty is not consistent. once he does everyday or once in 2days and even in 3 days also. M I eating something wrong? please resolve my query. Thanks

ExpertDr. Rasika ThosarPaediatric IntensivistNew Answer
A. u ib. if stool consistency is paste like or little watery nothing to worry about feed on demand, burp well , hold upright after feeds for atleast 10 to 15 minutes. if stools are excessivley watery or foul smelling better to consult with your doctor for examination and treatment, if bottle feeding maintain sterility as its a common source of infection  
Mom of a 9 m old boy8 mins ago

Q.which biscuits are good for 9month old babies..?

ShrutiMom of a 6 yr 3 m old boyNew Answer
A. hi desr mom. one if the biscuita are good for babies . they are ade of maida and are loaded with sugar. which is definitely not an ideal food for baby. so avoid giving it. rather give home made fresh food to baby
Mom of a 10 m old girl1 hour ago baby is having red rashes on two chicks and skin becoming dry pls suggest

KhushbuMom of 2 children2 mins ago
A. Keep the area clean and well moisturized. You can choose any baby moisturizer
Mom of a 8 m old girl7 mins ago

Q.Hello can I give muskmelon and plum to my 8 month old daughter

ExpertDr. Rasika ThosarPaediatric Intensivist2 mins ago
A. j Give khichdi, daliya, upma, curd rice all in mashed form. add veggies, give fruit purees. better to give more fruits, veggies ,instead of sweets  as children don't have much likes and dislikes at this age. so they accept variety of flavors. b
Mom of 2 children4 mins ago

Q.sebamed is good?

ExpertDr. Rasika ThosarPaediatric Intensivist3 mins ago
A. u j you can use any good brand available in the market  apply cream which accumulates on milk after heating, and wash off with plain water after sometime. avoid excess cosmetics, chemical products. keep it clean. have early morning sunlight exposure.
Mom of a 6 m old boy1 hour ago what temperature fewer is considered and which is the best medicine for fewer.

ExpertDr Disha PatelAyurvedic Physician1 hour ago
A. hello and good afternoon , A fever is usually considered to be a temperature of 38C (100.4F) or above. . Genrally fir normal fever paracetemol is given. but fir proper doses Consult your paedritician.
Mom of a 3 m old boy4 mins ago

Q.Pls hlp need 2 knw Best Baby Bottles for Weaning

Nikitha UrsMom of a 4 yr 11 m old boy2 mins ago
A. hello since your baby is 8 months old.. it is better to switch to using sipper bottles rather than making transition to feeding bottle.. sippers better than using feeding bottle for the baby at this age.. you can go with bottle or sipper from any baby brand life chocoo or meme nuby it pigeon which are all bpa H free
Mom of a 9 m old girl3 mins ago daughter is 9 month old. can I give her egg yolk?

meghali BorahMom of a 2 yr 6 m old boy1 min ago
A. Yee you can give yolk and not only the yolk , you can give the whole egg if it is hard boiled. Whatever part you give just ensure that it is properly cooked and then offer. Offer it in the first half of the day when offering for the first time
Mom of a 5 m old girl16 mins ago

Q.Dear Doctor, When I'm at home I breast feed baby and when I go for work will provide formula... when choosing a formula powder what are all the factors need to check before buying

Neeta Sachin SwamiMom of 2 children3 mins ago
A. there are different types of formulas available in the market like the formulas which are based on cows milk. all the formulas which are specific for premature babies coma and formula which are lactose free. you can choose depending on your choice also take guidance from your pediatrician as he knows your baby well. also always buy it from Supermarket for online also you can go full stop do check its expiry date and its content.
Mom of a 3 m old boy2 mins ago

Q.Bottle i use is vry dificult to cleen.... Ne easy to clean feeding bottles pls suggest

Nikitha UrsMom of a 4 yr 11 m old boy1 min ago
A. aloo you can try using a simple bottle which you can clean easily there are many brands like Chicoo or meme or pigeon which all offer a simple bottle that is easy to clean and is also bpa free.. you can use a simple bottles
Mom of a 3 m old boy6 hours ago

Q.#asktheexpert My baby boy is 3months 13 days old and ebf,he still unable to get control of his neck properly n not yet rolled over ,Is it still fine?? Do I need to consult the doctor? Any remedies?

ExpertDr.Sabiha AnjumGynaecologist 2 hours ago
A. There is no hurry you can wait until five months for the baby to roll over and it might take four months for the baby to get complete Head control .three months is too early.
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