Walker Name Meaning

  • Name :walker
  • Meaning :a person who prepares cloth,canvas-walker,fuller with a piece of cloth to go to the tread,the walker as a girl, using the name (and, more often than the boys of their name walker) is an old english origin, and the meaning of walker is the canvas-walker. while english was the trade of wool, the names of fuller, tailors and weavers were as a surname.,walker as a young man by the name (less often girls in the name walker), is pronounced choice-ker. it is the old english origin, and the meaning of walker is cloth washer or walker. occupational name: in the medieval era, the workers joined the wool to cleanse of impurities. eventually in the wall of the swamp, refers to the situation of a family homestead, near a swamp, and a wall. author walker percy; the photographer walker evans.
  • Gender :Unisex
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