800+ Unique & Cute Nicknames or Pet Names for Boys & Girls

800+ Unique & Cute Nicknames for Boys & Girls

Despite having a good name, most people have a second name. This case is worldwide as people all over the world like to address their loved ones with cute words or names they like the respective person acts or looks like. They are addressed by this name by their near and dear ones. If you are also looking for cool nicknames for boys and girls, then we must tell you that you have stumbled at a perfect place! These little boy nicknames and girl nicknames are also trending on the internet, so you won’t have to worry about outdated names. So, scroll down and pick out the perfect name for your little munchkin.

Cute and Adorable Nicknames

Here’s how you can pick adorable and cute nicknames for your little munchkin. It could be anything right from your favourite fruit to your favourite cartoon character. Some cute and adorable nicknames are listed below.

Chikoo Amu
Pihu Dearie
Golu Sunny
Kanha Raj
Guddu Raji
Gudiya Rishu
Misht Rosy
Shree June
Piya Ria
Adi Riva
Kuhu Cashew
Pooh Benu
Brishti Betoo
Nutz Oshu
Shinoo Rick
Chintu Vini
Chimpu Luv
Piku Rini
Pappu Tuli
Chikki Joy
Raja Aashi
Rani Bao
Dimple Cuckoo
Dimpy Gilli
Proshu Echo
Prishu Fifi
Chinu Lala
Babloo Ricky
Babli Shoona
Akki Tolu
Ace Chubs
Alex Duchess
Bean Duke
Blaze Gem
Boss Gus
Bud Lion Cub
Captain Moonpie
Champ Queenie
Cheeks Rockstar
Chris Ted

Funny Nicknames for Baby

Do you also feel that if there is no fun in a nickname, then why are we having it? If your answer is yes, then the following funny nicknames for babies will not disappoint you. Check out these popular and funny baby nicknames and pick one suitable for your little one!

Bitsy Muddles
Chickie Munchkin
Cutiekins Puddin
Doodles Smiley
Giggles Squishy
Huggy Tabby
Kiddo Tinky

Popular Indian Baby Nicknames

Being called by our nicknames denotes affection. Thus, in India, we like it all the more when we are called by our nicknames. Here is a list of some of the most popular Indian baby nicknames that you can choose from:

Aaru Laajo
Abhi Lalli
Ani Mahi
Anu Mili
Ajju Mitu
Anju Nilu
Anshu Niru
Appu Rinky
Babai Pinky
Babun Vinu
Bibhu Vishu
Bela Veeru
Binny Vicky
Charu Sanju
Chhoti Sonu
Chhotu Tasu
Dicki Tubl
Dipu Vasu
Dolly Viju
Dola Bittu
Dona Aaradhya
Dushtu Ayaan
Gopi Drishti
Gitu Ishita
Goli Kabir
Hari Laksh
Ishu Mishka
Janu Ranbir
Laado Rudra
Lolo Shanaya
Bittoo Nanha
Chuttu Paglu
Diya Shibbu
Berrie Shomu
Gabdu Trishu
Heena Piyali
Kaddu Romy
Lichi Sweetu
Molu Tukur
Munna Vava

Trending and Latest Nicknames

Nicknames for Boys & Girls

Anything trending and latest in today’s time is appreciated by one and all. The same can be said for nicknames too. Parents nowadays want to name their child/children according to what is new and fresh. Here are names to choose from:

Alee Arshi
Coco Sammy
Kiku Sam
Bunz Sally
Mandy Vihaan
Maddy Rio
Sophie Riju
Bebo Nyasa
Amee Aarav
Nikki Ahil
Tim Nitara
Tisca Rene
Toshi Misha
Sandy Roohi
Alia Tia
Arya Pakhi
Sonam Piu
Pari Panchi
Yuri Palak
Yug Amy
Yudi Abe
Veda Addey
Mauve Archie
Asmi Ben
Avni Cindy
Aroo Dora
Duggu Freddie
Bella Gina
Sush Lilly
Dino Princess
Bea Arty
Connie Binky
Dot Cal
Florrie Dezi
Minnie Enzo
Nell Vavrik
Pru Walt
Sadie Woody
Trudy Yurick
Vinnie Zu

Nicknames Based on Colour

There are plenty of colours beyond yellow and blue that you must not have known about. Colours have a significant mark on a person’s life. It can be a lucky colour that always saves you from trouble, or it can be the colour of your eye that makes you more attractive. Whatever it is – we all need colours in our lives to make our lives lively and vibrant. Thanks to colour, we have gathered some beautiful and exquisite nicknames based on colour. Give your favourite person a nickname based on colour and show your love for them.

Amber Ebony
Amethyst Emerald
Ash Henna
Beige Ivory
Burgundy Magenta
Cobalt Ruby
Cocoa Scarlet

Nicknames Based on Baby’s Personality

Every baby may look as sweet and cute as the other. However, if you study babies carefully, you will find that every baby is a different individual with distinct and unique personality traits. Therefore, naming a baby accordingly would be something new. Find some similar names with their meaning listed below.

Name Meaning
Daksha Talented
Eka Unique
Gaura Fair
Gudiya Doll
Kamya Beautiful
Laboni Grace
Lalita Beautiful
Lona Pretty
Nabita Fearless
Namita Humble
Paavai Beautiful girl
Raima Pleasing
Selma Fair
Sheela Cool
Zaina Beautiful
Ashi Always smiling
Asya Graceful
Garv Proud
Gaya Wise
Jitu Winner
Bukka Loving
Kaay Innocent
Adil Honest
Ezhil Beauty
Farhan Cheerful
Abhik Fearless
Agrim Leader
Aiman Fearless
Akram Excellent
Alhad Joy
Amanda Active
Amish Honest
Amogh Unerring
Anbu Kindness
Anup The best
Arokya Very pious
Ashu Quick
Parv Strong
Rutu Dull
Veer Brave
Vana Intelligent
Manu Wise
Mohak Attractive
Mudit Happy
Kalpa Fit
Irya Powerful
Lena Tender
Kaira Peaceful
Bhavi Emotional
Aacharappan Restless or proactive
Aadhan Be First
Aadipta Intelligent
Paavan Pure
Padmalochan Eyes like a lotus
sachika One who is kind
sanjushree Beautiful
sendhen Sweet as honey
shashibala The moon
shubhita Graceful, shining
Aadhish King, Emperor, Ruler, Person with supreme power

Food Nicknames

Food can be an inspiration for parents who are on the lookout for baby names. Yes, you read it right “food”. The names can be anything from spices to different types of cheese to fruits and beverages.

Almond Coffee
Anise Minty
Vanilla Kishmish
Tulsi Hazel
Benedict Jelly
Basil Muffin
Berry Nutty
Brie Nugget
Makhan Puffy
Cayenne Toasty
Cherry Sugar
Cinnamon Momo
Clementine Caeser
Clove Frank
Cedric Champagne
Choco Éclair
Fennel Margarita
Ginger Reese
Honey Sultana
Zafran Mishty
Kale Ambrosia
Maple Barack
Olive Bartlett
Peach Charlotte
Pepper Colby
Plum Jerry
Rosemary Kobe
Saffron Madeleine
Cookie Nori
Caramel Sage
Apple Oats
Baby Bean Peaches
Butternuts Peppermint
Chickpea Pumpkin
Cupcake Radish
Dumpling Sprout
Gummybear Sugarplum
Honeybunch Sweetpea
Lillipop Taco
Marshmallow Thyme

Freshly Picked Floral Nicknames

Babies can be as fragile as flowers. They fill our lives with colour and fragrance just as flowers do. So, what could be more apt than to nickname our precious ones in the name of flowers?

Arnit Iris
Jafri Violet
Rose Punky
Jasmine Camellia
Juhit Lilac
Kamal Senna
Meerab Tulip
Nasreen Zinnia
Niraj Rookie
Palash Daisy
Pankaj Yasmin
Pushp Alyssa
Pushpa Aster
Rajasuy Azalea
Raihan Cassia
Sireesh Cedar
Pansy Dahlia
Jabaa Erica
Chameli Heather
Karabi Holly
Aboli Indigo
Aini Kunal
Aishmin Leilani
Juhi Lili
Atasi Marigold
Azalia Poppy
Gul Primrose
Keya Ren
Ketki Saru
Sayalee Sorrel
Shiuli William
Lily Zeke

Nicknames Inspired By Book and Movie Characters

For movie buffs and book lovers, this nickname segment (which has been influenced by books and movie characters) will be a delight.

Gogol Durga
Mowgli Srikant
Nancy Nonte
Jo Paro
Jai Cadbury
Kimi Lila
Hansel Shonku
Hellen Goopi
Lucy Bagha
Portia Sidhhu
Karan Heer
Krish Gopal
Om Radha
Radhey Swami
Raju Asha
Rehan Sita
Suraj Michelle
Janki Gita
Rohit Rosie
Sabu Jassi
Bindu Aarohi
Shilu Aarush
Swara Akash
Vyom Alice
Rancho Anjali
Shambhu Jay
Vikram Sanjana
Hansa Shruti
Gora Simran
Felu Surya
Cullen Jane
Dylan Julianna
Emma Kent
Esme Mark
Harry potter Zane

Nicknames Inspired By Animal and Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters and animals are a rich source of name inspiration. While most of the names of cartoon characters could be good nicknames, most of the names obtained from animals can be kept good enough to be kept as real names.

Ariel Winnie
Audrey Nemo
Pooch Tweety
Bill Lark
Pikachu Zach
Russel Louie
Roger Felix
Kalki Dexter
Kipper Teela
Kitty Kuj
Nimerah Cubbie
Leo Bujji
Remy Diva
Namir Betty
Zev Adolfa
Ahou Bear
Lema Birdie
Ibha Buck
Bunny Channing
Bugs Corbin
Chip Drake
Asad Fawn
Nimra Finch
Kifat Fox
Deborah Hawk
Paloma Hector
Poe Kimana
Leona Angel
Deryn Lynx
Kasturi Marshall
Casper Panda
Pike Pearl
Tukku Ralph
Ursula Raven
Scooby Tora
Rudolph Vanessa
Pebbles Wolf
Bambino Toodle-bear
Bugabear Tootsie-bear
Catfish Turtle
Crickey Wiggle-worm
Duckling Wookie-bear
Ducky Fuzzy Bunny
Snow Bunny Little Monkey
Snugabunny Poodles
Tadpole Giggle-bear
Tigger Huggy-bunny

Nicknames Inspired By Weather

Want something unique and extraordinary? Try weather names – they are aesthetic and make adorable nicknames.

Aurora Snow
Autumn Summer

Nicknames Based on Drinks

Nicknames are all about going out of the box and choosing something for your kid that nobody ever thought to have done. So, here we are presenting some witty and laugh-worthy baby nicknames based on drinks.

*Laugh at your own risk!*

Beer Rum
Brandy Scotch
Chardonnay Sherry
Cristal Tequila
Gin Tiki
Martini Vodka
Mojito Whiskey

Nicknames Inspired By Sport

Sports fans can camp here. No, we are serious – very! These sporty nicknames for your child will certainly enthuse them with much-needed sports motivation, and what’s a better way to remember and pay tribute to your favourite sports legend?

Air Jordan Slugger
Beast Sport
Flo-Jo Sugar Ray
Muscles The Great Bambino
Rocket Yogi

Palindrome Nicknames for Baby Names

No, these are not Scrabble game words. These are very stylish and trending palindromic nicknames for babies that spell exactly the same from both ends.

Aba Eme
Ada Eve
Ailia Isi
Aja Ivi
Alula Izzi
Anina Lil
Anna Nan
Ara Nen
Ava Neven
Aya Nirin
Azza Nolon
Bob Noon
Ece Otto
Ege Pip
Elle Viv

Nicknames Inspired By Fruit

Does your little one have a witty and humourous personality like an orange that lightens up everybody around them, or a honey-like sweet personality so sweet as a peach? Fruit-inspired baby nicknames are vibrant, sweet, and have a happy vibe that lights up the hearts of people who hear these names. Pick a suitable tangy and sweet fruity nickname for your cutie pie that reflects their charm.

Apple Juniper
Berry Lemon
Cherry Lychee
Clementine Mango
Hudson Plum

Nicknames on Places

Are you thinking of nicknaming your little one with your favourite destination because you are a pure travel buff? Don’t hurry because we have some spectacular baby nicknames inspired by places and destinations that are beyond Italy and Paris.

Berlin Kenya
Chandler Kiev
Devon Salem
Egypt Sydney
Holland Zurich

Space Nicknames for Your Baby Girl

Here are some out-of-earth space nicknames for your little girl that are sure to accentuate her special personality.

Astrid Mares
Atlas Mercury
Bianca Orion
Apollo Phoenix
Castor Phoebe
Cosmos Pluto
Holmes Saros
Jupiter Solar
Luna Vega
Lyra Vulcan

Nickname Using Combination of Parent’s Names

No doubt you want your little munchkin’s nicknames as rare and special as their charm. These nicknames using combinations of parent’s names will certainly give you inspiration.

Ali and Liza Aliza
Amelia and Michael Millie
Asmita and Sachin Asin
Dorothy and Boris Doris
Evan and Angel Angela
Jacob and Marian Jarian
Nikhil and Maithili Nithili
Rahul and Sneha Snehil
Shahid and Meera Misha
Violet and Nichola Viola

Trending Nicknames for Your Baby

Want to stay updated with everything trending? These hot and trending baby nicknames will make you go in awe!

Abel Lex
Acer Mico
Arny Nino
Bart Olo
Bento Paddy
Bertie Quinn
Buzz Ray
Chencho Rex
Chill Rusty
Dash Siggy
Dex Sully
Dion Teddy
Eli Topias
Gene Truty
Gimi Ulio
Gio Uppu
Hubie Vin
Kev Yore
Kyrie Zabi
Les Ziggy

Cute Nicknames for Baby Girl

Here are some of the cutest baby nicknames that will justify your little girl’s cute, honeyed smile and giggles!

Abby Mamie
Billie Mitzi
Bree Mo
Cammie Molly
Dee Penny
Dixie Pippa
Dree Sukey
Ellie Sunbeam
Evie Sunshine
Gigi Sweetheart
Jaz Sweetie
Jules Tay
Kat Teba
Kay Tessa
Kiki Tessie
Libby Tillie
Liv Tori
Lottie Trina
Lou Trixie
Lulu Vickie

Gender Neutral Nicknames

Don’t want too girly or too boyish nicknames? Try out these unisex nicknames for babies NOW!

Andy Ira
Addison Jamie
Austin Jan
Blair Jordan
Bobbi Kendall
Bobbie Mason
Bobby Randy
Cameron Regan
Casey Ronnie
Devin Ronny
Drew Ryan
Eddie Stacy
Evan Toby
Gerry Toni
Harley Tony

Tips for Selecting Nickname or Pet Name for Your Baby

Selecting a pet name or a nickname for your baby can be easy. Anything which comes to your mind out of love could be her name. However, to choose the right name, here are some tips:

1. Cut Short Your Baby’s Good Name

You can cut short your baby’s good name and make it her pet name. For example, Nicknames for baby girls can be (for) Akanksha – Akki, Baby boy nicknames can be(for) Ashutosh- Ashu,

2. Combining Parent’s Name

Taking half of each parent’s name and combining them together can transpire into a beautiful nickname/pet name. For example, Rukmini and Narendra- Runa

3. Names of Favourite Characters

Name your baby after a cartoon character/animated character/movie character/character from stories or novels.

Example: Winnie (Winnie-the-Poo), or it could be just Poo.

4. Names of Gods

In India, many grandparents, out of affection, nickname their grandchild in the name of Gods.

Example: Kanha, Gopal(other names for Krishna), Sia (another name for Sita).

5. What Comes to Your Mind First

Keeping a name that came to your mind first on seeing your baby cannot go wrong.

Example: A baby girl can be Nanu, and a boy could be Sonu.

6. Keeping an Easy and Catchy Name

Nicknames should be such that it should be catchy and easy to remember.

Example: Sweet nicknames include Ansh, Chikoo and Pappu.

7. How About Similar Names, As in Synonyms

If you aren’t able to finalise a name, you can look for synonyms, i.e., names that mean the same as the original name. For instance, 

8. Sweet to Ears

Nicknames are used to bring extra sweetness to the name while calling the person. So, make sure the nickname you are selecting makes you happy and has a honey-like sweetness.

9. Non-Abusive

When searching for a nickname for your kid, one of the most important things to remember is that the nickname should not be abusive, a bad word, or have a bad meaning. It should not be abusive.

10. Simple to Understand and Use

Nicknames are typically shorter and simpler to understand than official names. Therefore, while finalising a nickname for your little wonder of joy, ensure it is spelt easily and can be understood by other people as well.


1. Can a Baby’s Given Name be Shortened and Used as their Nickname?

Yes, people usually cut-short their baby’s official name to make a new nickname.

2. Should you Worry About a Nickname Being Challenging for People to Spell or Pronounce?

Typically children’s nicknames are finalised by parents or family members they suit ideal for the baby’s personality. So, they are often simple to pronounce and weird in their own unique way. Some nicknames could be difficult to pronounce, but it is not necessary. The name should be such that it does not take much effort to pronounce.

3. What’s the Difference Between a Nickname and a Pet Name?

There is no difference between a nickname and a pet name. Both mean the same thing.

Pet names are used as a form of convenience for both the parents and the child. Over time, these cute names become a part of your child and become dear to them.

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