12 Tips On Choosing A Perfect Name For Your Baby

How To Choose A Name That’s Perfect For Your Baby?

Once the delivery of the baby is complete, the next pit stop is to select a name for your baby which is modern, sweet and simple, and has a deep meaning at the same time. The difficult part of choosing a name is that there a lot of friends and relatives who will have their own suggestions. While naming a baby, it is important to remember that the name will be carried by the child for the rest of their life. Hence, it has to be one which is well thought of and convincing before it is finalised so that your child is thankful to you for giving him/her a good start.

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12 Tips For Choosing A Baby Name

There is no right or wrong or a set procedure on how to pick a baby name. It depends on the taste and preferences of those who influence the selection.

Following are a few tips that will help you in choosing the right name for your baby.

1. The Sound Of The Name

Ensure that the name you select is not harsh on the ears and does not sound odd when called out loud. The name should go well with your last name. However, avoid picking first names that rhyme with the last name.

2. Avoid Trendy Names

Trends come and go. Although it is a temptation to which many people give in, a name that might be in trend today, especially if it belongs to a superstar or a sports person might not be relevant tomorrow. Classic is always better.

3. Look For Unique Names, But Do Not Go Overboard

It is always good to have a name that is unique and rare. You do not want ten other children with the same name as you child in the classroom. However, in the quest for finding something unique, do not mix and match and create names which will have no meaning and sound irrelevant.

4. Be Gender Specific

When you choose name for baby boy, let it be a name that will suit a male. What might sound cute in the beginning might turn out to be awkward in the long run. The same rule applies when you choose name for baby girl.

5. Find Something Meaningful

A name with a deep meaning is always appreciated. Try to find a name that is simple, yet conveys a deep message or meaning. A lot of people look for names of famous mythological characters or events to name their child after.

6. Honour Your Tradition And Culture

Choosing a name which reflects your traditions and culture is also an option. You can also name your child after a famous family figure that has had an impact on you or in line with someone or something that is an important part of your culture.

7. Pay Attention To Nicknames And Initials

A name that can readily have a good nickname is always a hit. A nickname that easily stems out of the existing name will come handy for you, your child’s future friends or partner. Also ensure that the initials of your child’s name do not end up sounding funny or spell a disaster.

8. Keep It Short And Uncomplicated

Extra- long names can cause frustration, especially when your child goes about filling all those forms in the future. Let the name be easy to pronounce and spell, it will save your child the unnecessary trouble of correcting people time and again.

9. Will The Name Be Equally Attractive As An Adult Name?

A name which sounds perfect when for your child as a baby might not remain that way when the baby is all grown up. Choose a name which will be as enterprising as an adult as it is when your child is a baby.

10. As The Parents, Are You Convinced With The Name

While both the parents will have their own choice and preference of name, it is necessary to reach a common conclusion instead of forcing or imposing a name that your partner is not happy with.

Parents-to-be discussing baby name options

11. A Name That’s Aligned With The Stars

If you believe in astrology, you can always ask an astrologer to suggest the beginning letter of your child’s name which will be as per the conjunction and alignment of the stars and planets at the time of your child’s birth. This will narrow down the options and make it a little easier for you to select a name.

12. Inspired By A Famous Personality

You can always go for a name that has been an inspiration to you while you were growing up. A role model, a famous historical personality, a legend whom you admire the most. Keep in the mind the geography in which you live and will your child fit in the surroundings with that name. Avoid being too inspired by movies while making the selection.

Naming your child is an important milestone. It is a gift that will stay with your baby forever. Selecting a name can be a cumbersome process, especially when there are too many people involved in it. It is important to be patient and thoughtful while choosing it. Irrespective of what others say, the parents should put in thorough research before finalising their baby’s name. It is never too early to start, and your quest for the right name can begin before you bundle of joy is born. So get your pen and paper ready and get down for some fun searches with your partner.

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