Zion Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Zion Name Meaning and Origin

Zion is a name of Hebrew origin that has been mentioned in the Old Testament. Despite being a name of considerable biblical significance, the name did not get much recognition until recently. Keep reading to understand why this name is perfect for your baby boy.

What does Zion mean?

As per its Hebrew origin, the meaning of Zion is the “highest point.” In contemporary reference, this name is used as the biblical term referring to the ‘Promised Land.’ It can also be a name that denotes the meaning of “a sign” or even “excellent.” Thus, as per its Hebrew meaning, the name can mean an incredibly virtuous person and above everyone else. Apart from its Hebrew meaning, the name Zion also has great significance among the Rastafarians of Jamaica. As per this culture, the name can also mean “utopia.”


The most well-known origin of the name is in Hebrew, primarily due to its mention in the Old Testament as the capital city of Jerusalem. The name ultimately became a symbol of Jewish national sentiments, leading to the emergence of Zionism. Furthermore, the name also has origins in Jamaica, primarily due to its importance among the Rastafarians and how they interpret it differently from the Hebrew interpretation.




  • Zye-On
  • Zee-On (Hebrew)


2 Syllables


4 Letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Other spellings for Zion emerging from different cultures give an insight into how different cultural elements lead to changing the meaning or spelling of a name. In this regard, some notable Zion name variations include:

Name Origin
Cian Irish
Zino Greek
Zain Hebrew
Zann Slavic
Syon Sanskrit
Zione Hebrew
Zan Slavic
Sion Hebrew
Zyon Hebrew
Zeione Hebrew
Sayan Sanskrit

How Popular is The Name Zion?

The Zion baby name ranking as per SSA records since 2000 show that the name has been within the 350 most popular names for boys since 2000. However, it only entered the top 200 boy names in 2017 and the top 150 names in 2020. This trend of the increasing Zion popularity index in the USA shows that the name is on its way to becoming a widely-used name for boys despite slight fluctuations.

On the contrary, while the name is primarily associated with boys, many parents have chosen the name for girls, either as their first or middle name. As per SSA data, since 2000, the name entered into the top 1000 names for girls only in 2005. It gained the highest popularity in 2007, ranking at 575. However, after staying in the top 1000 names chart for girls till 2017, the name dropped out of the list, signifying an immense lack of popularity.

Interest in Zion – Worldwide

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As per the interest trendline for Zion globally over the last decade, the name had garnered considerably low attention, with the popularity score remaining stably between 25 and 50. After a slight increase in interest in November 2018, the name reached the highest level of popularity in February 2019 at 100.

Interest in Zion – US

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Compared to the interest trendline observed globally, the interest trendline in the US is much more extreme on both ends. While the lowest popularity score was recorded in December 2011 at just 18, the highest was recorded in February 2019 at 100. While the highest popularity score was recorded in the same month for the US and worldwide, the lowest popularity score is much lower in the US.

The popularity of the name Zion

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where is The Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Zion – Worldwide

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As per global search trends, one can observe that the country of Guinea generated the highest search frequency for Zion during the decade. While this is followed by Puerto Rico, Honduras, Nigeria, and Ghana in that order, the difference between levels of interest in Guinea and Puerto Rico is massive.

Search trends of Zion – US

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In the case of the US, Utah was the sub-region with the highest interest in the name over the last decade. This is followed by Nevada, Illinois, Georgia, and Wisconsin, which round up the 5 US sub-regions with the highest interest.

Middle Names That Go With Zion

Middle names play a significant role in enhancing the gravity and beauty of a name when chosen carefully. For this purpose, you can consider the following double names with Zion to make your boy’s full name sound much more enchanting and beautiful:

Augustus Caleb
Cooper Gabriel
Brent Jacob
Michael Edward
Elliott Avery
Thomas Carter
Peter Abram
Nathaniel Benjamin
Andrew Alastair
Theodore Joseph


Famous People Named Zion

Famous people called Zion have helped immensely to pull this name into the limelight and make it a name worthy of serious consideration. Some celebrities and famous people named Zion are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Zion Williamson American basketball player
Zion Moreno American Actress
Zion Kuwonu Canadian Pop Singer
Zion Foster English RnB Singer
Zion David Marley American singer Lauryn Hill’s son; Bob Marley’s grandson
Zion Harmon Basketball Player
Zion Wright Skateboarder
Zion Clark Wrestler
Zion (Zaya) Malachi Airamis Wade American basketball player Dwayne Wade’s daughter
Zion.T (Kim Hae-sol) South Korean Hip-Hop and RnB Singer

Similar Names & Last Names

When you choose baby names like Zion for your child, you need to ensure that you have proper family names for Zion to make the full name sound attractive. So, if you have a last name that does not match with Zion, you can consider these other names for your child instead:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Ezekiel Licon
Malachi Matthews
Josiah Lewis
Isaiah James
Isaias Jansen
Silas Byrd
Elijah Hayworth
Josiah Owens
Judah Schroeder
Zachariah White

Names That Sound Like Zion

Often, a name you have selected for your baby is not met with approval by your partner. Since choosing the baby name is a collective task of the two of you, you can select from these names that rhyme with Zion if you like the sound of the name:

Ryan Lyon
Tyron Keegan
Zayne Rhiannon
Zayden Ezra
Xander/Zander Zane
Zuri Zinnia
Zeeshan Myron

Sibling Names Related to Zion

Sister names for Zion need to be chosen to sound as beautiful as Zion. The same goes when selecting brother names for Zion. Here are some ideas for sibling names that go with the name for all your children to have suitable-sounding names:

Sister Names for Zion Brother Names for Zion
Gabriella Ryder
Audrey Grayson
Aubrey Jeremiah
Olivia Daniel
Heather Kayden
Eden Noah
Sydney Theo
Annalise Emmett
Zoe/Zoey Liam
Meghan Ashton

Nicknames For Zion

Nicknames act as the perfect names that allow us to show our affection for our loved ones. While many people look for names that have some connection with their first name, nicknames need not have any rhyme or reason – just choose one that fits your child and allows you to show your love to the fullest.

Zizi Zimboy
Zionysus Zy
Zone Ziggy
Zee Zay
Zeeon Zuzu
Zozo Zaza

Zion as a baby name for boys has been gaining popularity gradually over the years. While not many people are using it, its meaning and many variations make it worthy of consideration, and you may not regret choosing this name for your boy in the end. So, now that you know all about the name Zion go ahead and add it to the list of potential names for your baby!


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