Top 60 Jamaican Boy Names With Meanings

60 Unique Jamaican Baby Names for Boys

When it comes to choosing baby names, the process gets a lot easier if we find a good source. After all, there are so many things that have to be considered while selecting a name. It should be pleasant in sound, have a relevant meaning, and should be popular as well. In this article, we do the same for you. Today, we present you with the most amazing and trendy Jamaican baby boy names from which you can choose the suitable one for your little one. Read on to find some incredible Jamaican boy names for your baby boy.

60 Popular Jamaican Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Go through this list of the best 60 Jamaican names for baby boys:

1. Aaron

Aaron is a Hebrew name that means ‘the exalted one.’ Biblically, Aaron was the older brother of Moses.

2. Abisai

It is a Jamaican name for boys that means “my father is a gift”.

3. Ace

Although it sounds more of a nickname, it is a popular first name in Jamaica that means “someone who excels”.

4. Adio

This name originates from Yoruba and means “be righteous”.

5. Addison

This cute Jamaican boy’s name means “son of red earth”.

6. Ajani

A name of African origin, Ajani means “one who wins the struggle”.

7. Aduke

This name has a Yoruban origin and it means “much loved” or “cherished”

8. Arley

It an old English name that means “hare’s meadow”. The name is quite popular in European countries as well.

9. Akiel

This Arabic name means “steady, wise or intelligent” and will be perfect for your little boy.

10. Aidan

This Jamaican name means “little fire”. It is originally an Irish name that became popular in Jamaica.

11. Azacca

With its origins in Hebrew, this Jamaican name means “the spirit guide of agriculture” and is a unique name for your baby.

12. Badrick

This Jamaican name has two meanings, and both are deep and thought-provoking. It means “axe ruler” and “one who is mighty and powerful in a battle”.

13. Bailey

The name has its origin in many cultures and countries. In Jamaica, it means “governor or administrator”.

14. Baron

This African name has two different meanings and both are great for your little boy. It means “a warrior” or “noble and free man”.

15. Bede

It is an American name and has a beautiful meaning. It means “prayer”.

16. Burgess

It is an English name that means “shopkeeper”. It is a popular name in Jamaica for boys.

17. Carnell

This is an English name and it means “defender of the castle”.

18. Carson

This English name has become quite famous in Jamaica in recent times. It refers to “the son of Carr”.

19. Chilton

A name of English and Jamaican origins, Chilton means “spring” or “a town by the river” and could be an ideal name for your baby.

20. Dajuan

It is a Jamaican name that is favoured in the Christian community. It means “God is gracious and merciful”.

21. D’andre

This masculine name will fit your baby boy perfectly. It means “manly and brave”.

22. D’angelo

It is a variant of Deangelo, and it means “from the angel”.

23. Daniel

This Jamaican name has biblical significance and it means “God is my judge”.

24. Dante

This name originates from Jamaica itself and is a variant of the Italian name Durante, meaning “steadfast”.

25. Deaven

A popular name for your little boy, Deavan means “writer of poetry” and “people of the deep valley”.

26. Eithan

This name is variant of the name Ethan. The meaning of this Jamaican name is “endurance and strength”.

27. Eldon

It is an English name that means “old farm”. This name has been popular in Jamaica for decades.

28. Elgin

This name has Celtic and English origins, and it means “noble or white”.

29. Garfield

Garfield in Jamaican means “battlefield”.

30. Garlan

This wonderful-sounding boy’s name means “wreath” or “from the land of the spear”. If your little one has a fighter spirit, then this name would be ideal for him.

31. Hadley

Hadley is a pleasant-sounding name popular in Jamaica. The meaning of the name is “from the heather-covered meadow”.

32. Hanford

This Jamaican name stands for “from the high ford”.

33. Isaac

Isaac is a classy name meaning “laughing one”.

34. Isiah

If you are religious, you will find this name apt. Isiah means “God’s helper”.

35. Jacen

Jacen is a stylish name which stands for “the Lord is salvation” or “healer”.

36. Jack

Jack is a worldy and common Jamaican name meaning “God is gracious”.

37. Kalel

Kalel in Jamaican means “son”.

38. Khenan

It is a popular Christian name in Jamaica that means “the rising sun”. A different spelling of this name is Khanan.

39. Llanzo

The name originates from Jamaica, and it means ‘God-like.’ It is a Jamaican derivative of the name Lance.

40. Lamont

It is a name of African origin that refers to “a man of law”, and is perfect for your little boy.

41. Larent

A name of Jamaican origin, this name means “victory or crown of Laurel”.

42. Leandro

It is a French name and is derived from the word Leo. It means a “lion”.

43. Luis

Luis is a name of different origins and in Jamaica, it refers to a “glorious war hero”.

44. Mackenzie

Mackenzie is a modern and chic boy’s name meaning “child of wise leader”.

45. Maven

This English name with varied meanings, it means “knowledgeable” in Jamaica.

46. Mao

A short version of the African name Maocha, this name means “flowering”.

47. Patrice

Patrice is a chic name for boys, which means “a nobleman”.

48. Rachard

A twist to Richard, you get Rachard. This Jamaican name means “righteous”.

49. Radbert

Radbert is certainly a unique name which stands for “brilliant adviser”.

50. Sanka

Sanka in Jamaica means someone who is “soulful or one who puts his heart and soul into everything” and it is a lovely name for your baby boy.

51. Sean

It is an Irish name that has gained a lot of popularity around the world, and it means “God’s gracious gift”.

52. Tarone

This unique sounding Jamaican name refers to “advisor to the king or courageous.”

53. Usher

It is an English name that means “a doorkeeper”. It can also be referred to as “a guardian”.

54. Vere

The meaning of this uncommon Jamaican name is “alder” or “place name”.

55. Vittorio

It is a masculine name from Jamaica that means “victor”. It is one of the old Jamaican names and remains trendy.

56. Walford

Walford is a vintage name which means “wealthy” or “from the Welshman’s ford”.

57. Ward

Not many people name their child ward, but if you are looking for a unique name, then this might be it. Ward means “guardian” or “watchman”.

58. Xavier

Xavier is a worldy and timeless name, which never goes out of style. The meaning of this name is “bright” or “the helper”.

59. Yardley

Yardley is a unique-sounding name for boys. It means “from the enclosed meadow”.

60. Zidane

Zidane is a chic appeal to it. The meaning of this name is “gypsy”.

From this list of male Jamaican names, you will surely find a name that both parents love. Give your baby boy a name that is adorable and has a beautiful meaning to it as well. Funny names, or common Jamaican names, inevitably strike a chord with the people around.

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