Top 130 Ghanaian Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

130 Ghanaian Names for Boys and Girls

The unique feature of the Ghanaian group is donning their kids with the “day name”! Besides giving a name that corresponds to the day the kids were born on, the typical Ghanaian names also have deeper meanings revolving around the soul and personality of the person. Their middle names are significantly diverse, referring to their time and location during their birth, the order of birth, whether they have twins or their ancestors’ names.

60 Ghanaian Boy Names With Meanings

The Ghanaians put a lot of effort and time into selecting names for their kids. They strongly trust that a name is not a mere accompaniment for the remainder of their life, but is also a vital and indispensable custom of every family. Find below a list of 50 ghana baby boy names with diverse origins and meanings:

1. Ababio

Originating from Ghana, this name means ‘kid that keeps coming’.

2. Abam

Used predominantly in the Akan and Ghanaian region, this name means the second child after twins’.

3. Aban

For an old-fashioned and time-honoured feel, choose this name as it means ‘water’.

4. Abeiku

This Ghanaian name denotes ‘child born on a Wednesday’.

5. Kojo

For boys born on Monday, the name Kojo is a popular choice.

6. Aboagye

If you are looking for a powerful name, Abogaye is the right choice as it means ‘one who is powerful and absolute’.

7. Abronoma

Denoting the symbol of peace, this name means ‘dove’.

8. Acheampong

Facilitating the mother-son duo, this one-of-a-kind name means ‘one that gave birth to the king’.

9. Addae

Of Ghanaian origin, this name denotes ‘dawn’ or ‘the morning sun’.

10. Adekorafo

Highly popular among families, this name means ‘treasurer’ as it is believed that the boys become efficient in managing money.

11. Adjo

Adjo is a traditional Ghanaian name that represents a boy born on a Monday.

12. Afi

Afi is also of Ghanaian origin, and it means ‘child born on Friday’.

13. Ampah

Originating from Akan, this name means ‘trust’ and ‘faith’.

14. Ashon

Popular among traditional Akan households, this name means ‘seventh born son’.

15. Abeeku

The name is of African origin and means ‘one who is born on Wednesday’.

16. Adjua

The name is of Ghanaian origin and represents someone born on a Monday.

17. Adwenpa

The name represents someone who gives good ideas.

18. Agyenim

The name means ‘the great one from God’.

19. Bediako

This Akan name is also used popularly in Ghana. It means ‘one who is in battle’.

20. Bobo

Another ethnic name, this name represents Tuesday born and is originated from African, Fante, and Ghanaian.

21. Botwe

This Akan and Ghana origin name means ‘the eighth born son’.

22. Bubune

Originating from Ewe and Ghana, this name is mainly used in the Christianity religion and means ‘honour to Him’.

23. Coblah

Coblah is another widely used name which represents Tuesday-born boy.

24. Coffie

A popular choice among the ethnic group of Ghanaians, this name means ‘one who is born on Friday’.

25. Commie

Another name which denotes the birthday corresponding to the day of the week; it is often preferred for boys born on Saturday.

26. Danso

The name means ‘someone reliable and trustworthy’.

27. Dodzi

Denoting the skills of perseverance and grit, this name’s origin is from Ewe and Ghana, and it is popular among Christianity.

28. Danquah

The name is of Ghanaian origin and means ‘everlasting’.

29. Dziedzorm

The name means ‘I was glad’ in Ghanaian. 

30. Ekow

The Ghanaian means ‘one who is born on Thursday’.

31. Enam

This African and Ghanaian originated name means ‘gift from God’.

32. Fenuku

The Ghanaian name means ‘born after the term’ or ‘born late’ and also has its roots in African, Egyptian, and Fante.

33. Fodjour

This Ghanaian name denotes the fourth born boy in the family.

34. Fram

The name has multiple origins and represents the Ofram tree. 

35. Gyasi

Originating from the African, Akan, Egyptian, and Ghanaian regions, Gysai means ‘a wonderful baby’ or ‘a wonderful child’.

36. Kaatachi

This first name means ‘supreme chief’ or ‘a leader who is believed to be always at the top’.

37. Kwadwo

It is a traditional Ghanaian name which means born on Monday.

38. Kplorm

This name is a popular choice, and it means ‘guide me’.

39. Kwamena

Referring to the boys born on Saturday, Kwamena is another traditional Ghanaian name.

40. Kwesi

This Ghanaian name means born on a Sunday.

41. Kobby

The name is given to people born on a Tuesday.

42. Kofi

The name is a popular name given to people born on Fridays.

43. Kwami

The name represents people born on a Saturday.

44. Lumo

Based on the circumstances of birth, Lumo is kept for babies who are born face downward.

45. Madonudenu

This name translates to ‘My confidence is in God’.

46. Majid

A beautiful word with Arabic roots, it means ‘magnificent’.

47. Nkrumah

This name is used for the child who is born the ninth.

48. Oko

Oko is a popular first name which means the older of the twins.

49. Osei

This Fante origin name means ‘honourable’ or ‘noble’.

50. Panyin

It is of Akan origin and means the elder of the twins.

51. Prah

Derived from the name of the Prah River, this name is popularly used in and around the Prah River region.

52. Quaashie

Another famous name, this name means Sunday born or born on Sunday. Another variant of the name is Quashi.

53. Sabir

Developed from the Arabian language, this name means ‘persevering’ and ‘patient’.

54. Siisi

This name means ‘born on Sunday’. Another variant of the name is Sisi which is a Ghanaian name.

55. Tano

This Ghanaian name is named after the famous Tano River and is commonly named for kids born in the Tano river region.

56. Tse

Tse, as a boy’s name, is usually used to name the younger twin and is of the Ewe origin.

57. Twia

This name is usually kept for a baby who is born after twins.

58. Yao

This name is of Ewe origin, and it means ‘Thursday born’.

59. Yooku

This Fante origin name means born on Wednesday.

60. Yorkoo

This is one of the traditional ghana baby names which means ‘born on Thursday’.

60 Ghanaian Girl Names With Meanings

The naming tradition for Ghanaians is a significant one in their community as they believe that children possess distinct traits when they are born on a particular day of the week. Thus, the concept of “day names” was developed to reflect this belief in children’s names. Another striking beauty of common Ghanaian names is that they are mainly derived from traditional Akan and are unisexual. The below list is a compilation of 50 ghana baby girl names with different origins and meanings:

1. Angela

Besides Ghana, this name is used popularly in German, Italian, Lebanese, Russian, and Spanish. It means ‘an angel from heaven to shower love and peace’.

2. Abina

As per the customary naming system of Ghana, this name means ‘one who is born on a Tuesday’.

3. Adzo

This name is often preferred for babies born on Monday.

4. Afafa

Coming from the ethnic groups of Ewe and Ghana, this name is kept for the first child of the second husband.

5. Afryea

For all the happy parents, Afryea is a great choice as it means ‘the one who is born during delightful times’.

6. Afuom

Meaning ‘on the field’, this is a unisex name of Ghana origin. It is prevalent in Christianity.

7. Amma

This is a widely used name in Ghana, Hebrew, India, and Jew. It means ‘mother’, ‘servant’, or ‘born on Saturday’.

8. Ashantee

The meaning of this Ghanaian-origin name is ‘thank you’. The popular variants of this name include Ashanti, Ashaunta, Ashante, Ashaunte, Ashuntae.

9. Awusi

A traditional name from the Ghanaian naming system, it means ‘the one who is born on a Sunday’.

10. Adjua

The name represents people born on a Monday.

11. Adwoa

This name, too, represents people born on a Monday.

12. Antobam

The name means ‘The posthumous child‘.

13. Baako

A popular name in Africa, Akan, and Ghana, it means ‘the firstborn’.

14. Baba

Baba, as a girl’s name, means ‘born on Thursday’.

15. Boahinmaa

A common name in the Ghana regions, it means ‘one who has left her community’.

16. Caimile

Caimile is of Akan origin, and means ‘a family is born’.

17. Deladem

This unisexual name is predominant in Christianity, and it means ‘redeemed by a saviour’.

18. Do

This is an authentic Ghanaian name which means ‘someone who is independent, confident and has the qualities like a leader’.

19. Dofi

Another famous Ghanaian name, Dofi means ‘the second-born after twins’.

20. Duku

Duku is a unisexual name that means ‘the 11th born’.

21. Dhakirah

The name is of Ghanaian origin and represents someone who remembers God frequently.

22. Effia

The name is given to someone born on a Friday.

23. Ejo

The name is given to girls born on a Monday.

24. Efua

Efua is derived from the Ghanaian name Afua, meaning ‘born on Friday’.

25. Ekuwa

Ekuwa as a girl’s name that means ‘the one who is born on Wednesday’.

26. Enyonyam

A rather unique name, Enyonyam means ‘this is good for me’.

27. Fifi

Derived from the popular name Josephine, Fifi means ‘one who will add’.

28. Gifty

The name has African and Ghanaian origins, and it means ‘an attractive tall girl’.

29. Haniah

Sourced from the regions of Arabic and Ghana, Haniah means ‘happiness and bliss’.

30. I’timad

Commonly used in Ghana, I’timad means ‘dependence’.

31. Ikhlas

This Islamic term means ‘sincerity’ and originates from Arabic and Ghana.

32. Jojo

Popular among Ghana and Africa, this name means ‘Monday born’. It is also used in Fante, America, and Hebrew.

33. Kakra

Kakra is used to name the youngest or the second of twins.

34. Kisi

Kisi is another Ghanaian name that means ‘Sunday born’.

35. Kunto

This traditional Akan name has origins from Africa, Ghana, and means ‘the third child’ or ‘the third-born child’.

36. Kuukuwa

Based on Ghana’s concept of day names, the name means ‘born on Wednesday’.

37. Likem

This is a unisex name that means ‘establish me’.

38. Lumusi

As per the traditions of Ghana, this name means ‘a baby who is born face downward’.

39. Mama

This beautiful name means ‘a girl baby born on Saturday’.

40. Mawusi

Mawusi is used predominantly in African and Ewe with its origin being the same. It means ‘in the hands of God’.

41. Morowa

The name means ‘queen’ and is the perfect name for your little one!

42. Nyankomago

The name represents the second child after twins. 

43. Naa

This short name means ‘pleasant and nice’.

44. Nana

This name means ‘favour’, ‘grace’, or ‘mother earth’. It is a popular name in Ghanaian, English, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Kenyan, Spanish, Swahili, and Tanzanian. Popular variations of this name include Nan, Naneta, and Nanetta.

45. Nanyamka

Originating from Africa, Ewe, and Ghana, this name means ‘God’s gift and is usually used by parents who gave birth after a long time.

46. Ozigbodi

This Ghanaian name means ‘patience’.

47. Papina

This unique name refers to the vine growing on an oak tree or an ivy plant.

48. Serwa

There are various meanings attached to this name, such as ‘noblewoman’, ‘rich’, ‘jewel’, and ‘wealthy’.

49. Sika

The source of this name roots back to many regions like Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Bantu, and Tanzania. It means ‘gold’ or ‘money’.

50. Tawiah

A traditional Ghanaian name, Tawiah is kept for the first child after twins.

51. Thema

This name has African, Akan, and Ghanaian origins. It means ‘queen’.

52. Tsoenamawu

If you are a devout person, this name is the perfect choice as it means ‘to leave it to God’.

53. Veliane

The name is of Ghanaian origin and means ‘companion’.

54. Woelinam

The name is of Ghanaian origin and means ‘In God I trust’.

55. Wafaa

Originated from Ghana and Arabic, this word is highly famous in Islam. It means ‘faithfulness’.

56. Xoese

This Ghanaian name is the right choice if you are optimistic in life as it means ‘to believe or hope’.

57. Yaayaa

This is another name based on the concept of day names. It is kept for girls born on Thursday.

58. Ye

This name is an authentic Ghanaian name meaning ‘the elder of twins’.

59. Yihana

The name origins from Ghana and it means ‘felicitations’ or ‘congratulations’.

60. Zuhrah

This exotic word is derived from Arabic and Ghana. It means ‘lustre’ and ‘brightness’.

Gender Neutral Ghanaian Names With Meanings

For parents wanting to give their children gender-neutral names, we’ve got you covered! In this list, we have popular Ghana names that are gender-neutral in nature. 

1. Adof

The name Adof means ‘warrior’ in Ghana. 

2. Adom

The name has both Ghanaian and Hebrew origins. It means ‘man of the Earth’ or ‘God’s blessing’.

3. Afreyea

The name is of Ghanaian origin and means ‘born during good times’.

4. Akua

The name represents a person born on a Wednesday.

5. Ashanti

The name is of African origin and is derived from the Kiswahili word asante. It means ‘thank you’.

6. Dogbeda

The name is of Ghanaian origin and means ‘pray’.

7. Dzidzorli

The name means ‘there is happiness’.

8. Dzifa

The name represents a pioneering spirit. 

9. Elinam

The name is of Ghanaian origin and means ‘he is there for me’.

10. Hunu

The name belongs to a Ghanaian tribe and means ‘sun’.

The exquisiteness of the Ghanaian community lies in the unique naming system of the Akan people that the ancestors have been passing on to generations. Famous Ghanaian personalities include the seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Atta Annan, who was so named for being born on a Friday. Choose your favourite one among the traditional Ghanaian names for your baby!

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