250 Baby Boy & Girl Names in Hindi

250 Baby Names in Hindi for Boys & Girls

The time has come to name your little angel. In India, irrespective of the society, names of a child will be one on which the future is built. A naming ceremony earmarks the beginning of a new journey for your baby, as he/she will now be called by that name. The ceremony itself is traditional and culturally rich, and despite the changing times, there are plenty of great Hindi names to choose from for your baby. The names themselves need no longer be boring and antiquated; they can be fun, exciting and inimitable.

Hindi Names for A Baby Girl

Your little baby girl will grow up to be a wonderful adult, and for parents, the name becomes a term of endearment. The name will also have different meaning and interpretation also contributing to the personality of the child.

There are plenty of modern Hindi baby names, making a daunting task easy for parents. Here are many options to pick from along with their meanings to keep you busy and help you in your decision.

Name (नाम) Meaning (अर्थ)
Aahaana (आहना) ‘rise’ or ‘dawn’ or ‘sunrise’
Aaloka (आलोका) ‘lustrous’
Aamani (आमनि) ‘spring’
Aanchal (आंचल) To give ‘shelter’
Aaravi (आरवि) ‘peace’, ‘serenity’
Aashi (आशी) ‘blessing’, ‘laughter’ and ‘happiness’
Aayushi (अयुशि) ‘long life’ or ‘blessing’
Adriti (आद्रिति) This is a name for Goddess Durga.
Advika (आद्विका) The meaning is ‘one of a kind’, ‘unique’.
Aisha (आयशा) ‘love’, ‘life’, ‘prosperity’
Asin (आसिन्) Someone with beauty or grace
Aysha (आयशा) ‘prosperous’, living well, ‘love’
Bani (बानी) Name for Goddess Saraswati, ‘maiden’, ‘Earth’
Bhakti (भक्ति) ‘prayer’ or ‘devotion’
Bhaumi (बाहुमी) Another name for Goddess Sita, made from earth.
Chaitali (चैताली) Blessed with a good memory
Chanakshi (चानाक्षी) Clever
Charul (चारूल) This is another name for ‘beautiful’, ‘stunning’, ‘gorgeous’.
Cherika (चेरिका) ‘The Moon’
Chetal (चेतल) one who is full of life and abundance, with vitality
Daivi (दैवी) someone who is ‘pious’, ‘devout’
Darshini (दर्शिनि) ‘beautiful’, ‘blessed’ or another name for goddess Durga
Dhara (धारा) rains, ‘one who sustains’, Mother Earth, Gold
Dhruvi (ढ्रुवि) ‘Firm’ or ‘Assertive’ or ‘Strict’
Dhwani (ढ्वनि) ‘voice’
Dijul (दीजुल) ‘Innocent’
Edha (ईढा) ‘wealth’, ‘prosperity’, ‘strength’
Ekta (एकता) to agree or ‘unity’
Elika (एलीका) Cardamom
Enakshi (एनाक्षी) Dear eyed, Doe-eyed
Eniya (ईनीया) ‘principled’, ‘honest’
Esha (ईशा) desirable, attractive, pretty
Eswaria (इसवरीया) The name is dedicated to Goddess Parvati or wife of Lord Shiva.
Falguni (फाल्गुनी) One born in the months of February-March
Freya (फ्रेया) ‘goddess of love’, noble woman, deeply loved
Gamini (गामिनी) someone who is ‘quiet’ or ‘silent’
Gargi (गार्गी) ‘scholarly’ or a ‘thinker’
Garima (गरिमा) someone who radiates ‘warmth’
Geshna (गेष्ना) ‘Singer’
Gitali (गिताली) appreciates ‘music’ or someone who loves songs
Griva (ग्रीवा) Girl who have beautiful singing neck
Harshika (हर्षिका) ‘joyful’, ‘laughter’ or ‘fun-loving’
Harshini (हर्शिनि) ‘happy’, ‘cheerful’
Hashree (हश्री) ‘Joyful’
Hemali (हेमाली) ‘Ice’, ‘Golden Skin’
Henna (हिना) fragrant’ or ‘mehendi’
Hir (हीर) ‘Powerful’
Hruti (रुति) ‘love’
Idaya (ईदया) an alternative name for Goddess Parvati, ‘heart’
Idika (ईदिका) Goddess Parvati, ‘perception’
Ihita (ईहिता) Alternative name for Goddess Durga, ‘fighter’
Ira (ईरा) ‘being present’ or ‘still’
Iyla (इय्ल) ‘moonlight’, ‘rays of the moon’
Janki (जानकी) The daughter of King Janaka or Goddess Sita
Jasmeet (जसमीत) a ‘celebrated one’ or the ‘famous one’
Jasoda (जसोदा) mother of Lord Krishna
Jasweer (जसवीर) ‘Famous Personality’
Jemisha (जैमिषा) ‘Queen of Night’
Jhanvi (झानवी) The river Ganga in Hinduism
Juhi (जूही) ‘A Flower’
Jyestha (ज्येष्ठा) ‘Eldest Daughter’
Kajal (काजल) ‘kohl’ or ‘eyeliner’
Kalini (कालीनी) ‘flower’, ‘flourishing’ or the river Yamuna
Karishma (करिश्मा) ‘phenomenon’
Kashika (काशिका) ‘the one who shines’
Kavya (काव्या) ‘Poetry’, poetry in motion, ‘learning’, ‘foresight’, ‘sentiment’
Kshama (क्षमा) ‘to forgive’
Laranya (लारण्य) ‘with grace’
Lata (लता) ‘creeper’
Latika (लतिका) ‘small vine’ or ‘vermillion dot’
Leena (लीना) someone with magnificence or Goddess Laksmi
Mahi (माही) ‘creation’
Mahika (महीका) ‘dew drops’
Mayra (मायरा) ‘deeply admired’
Mayukhi (मयूखी) ‘peahen’
Menaha (मीनहा) ‘cosmic beauty’
Mira (मीरा) ‘delightful’
Mishka (मिश्का) ‘gift of adoration’
Navya (नव्य) ‘youthful’
Neha (नेहा) ‘Dewdrop’, ‘Affectionate’
Nimisha (निमिषा) ‘minute’, ‘twinkling of an eye’
Nisha (निशा) ‘night’
Nitya (नित्या) ‘for eternity’
Niva (निवा) One of the 1000 names of river Narmada, ‘The Sun’
Oja (अोजा) ‘vitality’ or full of life
Ojasvi (ओजस्वी) ‘heroic’, ‘valour’
Omaja (ओमजा) A result of ‘Spiritual Unity’
Omkareshwari (ओमकारेश्वरी) ‘Goddess Parvati’
Omysha  (ओमीशा) ‘Smile’, ‘Goddess of birth & death’
Paakhi (पाखी) ‘bird’
Pari (परी) ‘angel’, ‘otherworldly’
Pavati (पावती) ‘clear water’
Pooja (पूजा) ‘devoutness’ or ‘prayer’
Priya (प्रिया) ‘adored’ or ‘cherished’
Ranhita (रंहिता) ‘fast’ or ‘swift’
Ria (रिया) ‘jewel’ or Goddess Lakshmi
Rishima (रिशिमा) ‘rays of the moon’
Roop (रूप) ‘attractive’
Ryka (रयका) ‘born from a wish’
Saanvi (सान्वी) Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
Saanya (सान्या) ‘unparalleled’
Sadhika (साधिका) ‘go-getter’, Goddess Durga
Taani (तानी) ‘Encouragement’
Tanuja (तनुजा) ‘A Daughter’
Tashu (ताशुं) ‘Horse’
Tejal (तेज़ल) ‘Lustrous’, ‘Energetic’
Tejasvi (तेजस्वी) ‘Lustrous’
Tiya (तीया) ‘bird’
Trayi (त्रयी) ‘intelligent’, ‘smart’
Trisha (ट्रिशा) ‘honourable’, ‘valorous’
Tuhi (तूही) ‘sweet song of a bird’
Udaya (उदया) ‘dawn’ or ‘rise’ or ‘sunrise’
Udisha (उदिशा) ‘ray of early morning’
Uditi (उदीती) ‘growth’, ‘ascension’
Umangi (उमंगी) ‘happiness’, ‘bliss’
Unnathi (उन्नति) ‘progress’, ‘growth’ or ‘wealth’ or ‘epitome’
Vaani (वाणी) This is a great option for your little one as it means ‘speech’
Vaishnavi (वैष्णवी) Alternative to Goddess Parvati
Vakula (वाकुला) flower, cleverness, patience, attentive
Wamika (वामीका) An alternative to Goddess Durga
Yamini (यामिनी) ‘night time’
Yashi (यशी) ‘glorious’, ‘successful’
Zaara (जारा) It is a flower that shines with brilliance and light , luminous
Zankhan (जानखान) ‘deep desire’ or ‘wish’
Zoya (जोया) A perfect name for your little girl it means ‘life’ or being ‘alive’


Hindi Names for A Baby Boy

A little baby boy will be the apple of your eyes and as parents will always address him with many pet names at home. Here are a few ideas for naming your little one.

Name (नाम) Meaning (अर्थ)
Aadarsh (आदर्श) ‘principle’, ‘belief’, ‘excellence’
Aadavan (आधावन) The sun
Aadhish (आधीश) ‘wise’, someone with wisdom, ‘intelligence’,
Aadi (आदि) ‘adores’, ‘perfect’, ‘beginning’, no one will be equal to him
Aarav (आरव) ‘soulful music’, ‘peaceful’
Advik (एडविक) ‘inimitable’, ‘unparalleled’
Ahaan (अहान) ‘early morning’, ‘dawn’
Akarsh (आकर्ष) ‘striking’
Akshay (अक्षय) ‘Eternal’, ‘Immortal’
Arnav (अर्नव) ‘Oceanic’
Ayush (आयुष) ‘life’, ‘life personified’
Bahul (बहुल) ‘star’, ‘bright’
Baladhi (बालधि) Someone with deep insight
Balan (बालन) ‘young’, ‘youthful’
Balbir (बलबीर) someone who is ‘strong’, robust’ and ‘courageous’
Banshi (बंशी) ‘flute’
Bhavan (भवन) ‘brilliant’ ‘creator’, an alternate name for Krishna
Bhavik (भाविक) ‘worthy’, ‘happy’
Bhavin (भाविन) winner, someone who is ‘alive’, life
Bhavish (भवीश) Future
Chahan (चाहन) Meaning of this is ‘super’
Chaital (चैताल) Meaning of this name is ‘consciousness’
Chaitan (चैतान) ‘consciousness’, ‘perception’, ‘life’, ‘vitality’
Chakor (चकोर) A bird enamored of the Moon
Chakshu (चक्षु) ‘eye’
Chandan (चंदन) ‘Moon’
Charit (चरित) ‘story’, ‘verse’, ‘history’
Chinmay (चिन्मय) Full of knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, supreme consciousness
Chirag (चिराग) ‘light’, ‘lamp’, ‘brilliance’
Daanish (दानीश) Clever, wise, full of intelligence
Dabeet (दबीत) Warrior
Dahak (दहक) ‘powerful’, ‘fierce’
Daivat (दैवत) Someone who is ‘lucky’, ‘divine’
Daksh (दक्ष) ‘Capable’, ‘Son of Brahma’
Danavarsh (दानवर्ष) Generous, giving, ‘rain of wealth’
Darahaas (धराहास) Someone with a great smile
Deepak (दीपक) ‘bright’, ‘radiance’, ‘brilliance’, ‘lamp’
Dev (देव) ‘king’, ‘god’, ‘light’
Dhairya (धैर्य) ‘Patience’
Dhruv (ध्रुव) ‘faithful’, ‘star’ ‘firm’
Divit (दिवित) ‘immortal’
Divyansh (दिव्यांश) Someone who is divine, full of light
Ekadanta (एकदंत) Another name for Lord Ganesha
Ekaksh (एकाक्ष) This one means ‘one-eyed’ or Lord Shiva
Ekalavya (एकलव्य) This name means ‘a devout student’, ‘keen observer’
Ekant (एकांत) ‘Solitary’
Eshan (ईशान) Another name for God Shiva
Faiyaz (फैयाज) ‘leader’, ‘judge’, ‘artistic’
Falgun (फाल्गुन) ‘Arjun’
Fanish (फाणिश) Another name for Lord Shiva
Fravash (फ्रावश) ‘protector’
Hansh (हंश) ‘omnipotent’ like god
Hari (हरी) ‘Joy’, ‘Excitement’
Harikiran (हरीकिरण) ‘light of God’
Hemang (हेमांग) One with shining body
Hemanshu (हेमांशु) ‘The Moon’
Herish (हेरिश) Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, The person who feels that what he is doing is God’s wish
Hetav (हेतव) Gives Love
Himesh (हिमेश) King of ‘Snow’
Himmat (हिम्मत) ‘might’, ‘strength’
Hrithik (हृतिक) From the heart
Indrajit (इंद्रजीत) Someone who has conquered Lord Indra
Jagesh (जागेश) Someone who has conquered the world
Jai (जय) ‘triumphant’ or ‘winning’
Jayesh (जयेश) Someone who is a victor, winner
Kalash (कलश) ‘blessed pot’
Kalpit (कल्पित) ‘creative’, ‘artistic’, ‘with imagination’
Kiaan (कीआन) ‘big-hearted’, ‘generous’
Lakshay (लक्ष्य) Someone with focus, direction, sharpness
Lakshit (लक्षित) ‘nonviolent’
Lehan (लेहन) One who refuses
Likhit (लिखित) ‘Written
Lohith (लोहित) ‘Red’, ‘Made of Copper’, ‘Mars’
Lokesh (लोकेश) ‘King of World’
Maahir (माहिर) Someone who is skilled
Maanav (मानव) ‘to be human’, ‘compassionate’
Mitul (मितुल) ‘moderate’, ‘well balanced’
Mohit (मोहित) Ensnarled by beauty, ‘Attracted’
Neerav (नीरव) ‘discreet’ , ‘soft’
Nishith (निशीथ) ‘sharp’, ‘witty’, ‘well prepared’ , ‘midnight’
Ohas (ओहस) someone who is ‘appreciated’
Ojas (ओजस) someone with a lot of energy
Omarjeet (ओमरजीत) Lord of Om
Onish (ओनीश) Lord of mind
Paarth (पार्थ) Prince or Son of Arjuna
Padman (पैडमैन) ‘lotus’ or ‘born from a lotus
Palash (पलाश) ‘A Flowery Tree’
Palvit (पल्वित) ‘Lord Vishnu’
Panav (पनव) ‘Prince’
Panshul (पांशुल) ‘fragrant’, ‘sweet smelling’
Paras (पारस) The mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold
Parav (पर्व) An alternate name for a ‘sage’ or ‘ancient one’
Piyush (पीयूष) ‘Milk’
Pranay (प्रणय) ‘amorousness’ or ‘love’
Priyansh (प्रियांश) ‘love’, ‘affection’
Rachit (रचित) ‘discoverer’, ‘invention’
Ranbir (रणबीर) Someone who is ‘strong’, ‘warrior’, ‘brave’
Reyansh (रेयंश) Ray of light, or Vishnu or brightness
Rohak (रोधक) ‘Rising’
Rohan (रोहन) ‘rising’
Rohit (रोहित) ‘Red’, ‘The Sun’
Rudra (रुद्रा) ‘Fearsome’, ‘Name of Lord Shiva’
Saaket (साकेत) Someone with the same intent, another name for Lord Krishna
Sahil (साहिल) ‘guide’, ‘seashore’, ‘bank’
Samar (समर) the darkness of night
Shlok (श्लोक) ‘verse’, ‘hymn’, ‘chant’
Shray (श्रय) ‘Credit’
Taarush (तारुष) conqueror or someone who is victorious
Taha (ताहा) ‘pure’ or ‘skilful’
Taimur (तैमूर) Someone who is ‘strong’ or ‘brave’
Tanay (तनय) ‘dear’, ‘beloved’
Tushar (तुषार) ‘mist’, water droplets or snow
Uchit (उचित) It is a masculine name also known as ‘proper’ or ‘appropriate’
Udarsh (ऊद॔श) ‘overflowing’
Uday (उदय) A warrior who rises first, rising, sunrise, appearance
Uthkarsh (उत्कर्ष) ‘excellence’ or ‘perfection’
Vaasu (वासु) It is ‘wealth’ in Hinduism
Vaayu (वायु) Breeze, wind or heavenly
Vachan (वचन) This name is interpreted as declaration, promise, speech
Vagesh (वागीश) Someone who is the god of speech
Vaibhav (वैभव) ‘majestic’, ‘ethical’ or on the right path
Vihaan (विहान) An alternative for ‘morning’ in Hindi
Vivaan (विवान) Another name for the god Krishna
Yakshit (याक्षित) Made forever, permanent
Zeehan (झीहान) bright, brilliance, white

Naming your child becomes a very memorable occasion not only for the parents but also for the entire family. A name will become a child’s identity; hence, the names mentioned about will give you a head start when you have to decide on one.

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