200+ Unique & Cute Indian Girl Names With Meanings

200+ Unique Indian Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

We all know the pressure that comes with naming a baby. You want to give your princess a beautiful and popular name, and at the same time, you want to make sure that the name has a good meaning. When a baby is born or around the delivery time, parents and family members start looking for a perfect name that they can give to the baby. But deciding or picking a name is not that easy. A lot of thinking and research goes behind finding the perfect name.

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In India, there are thousands of names that come from various sources and are quite unique to the country. Although the options are many, the challenge of picking one remains the same. Research and make a list of all the names you like and also make sure to find out their meaning. After you have shortlisted your favourite names, it is a lot easier to pick. In fact, you can even ask your people for cute Indian girl names. This can help you, and you can even get many more suggestions. You might get fluctuating responses, but don’t worry. Make sure that what your pick is special to you and has a beautiful meaning. 

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Uncommon Indian Names for Baby Girls

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If you are looking for ideas to name your little princess, you are in the right place. These are special Indian names for a girl baby. You might just find something absolutely beautiful so go ahead and pick the one you would like to call your princess. Remember that when you pick your little one a name, you can never change it. It is going to remain the same for her entire life, and so make sure that you find something suitable and at the same time something with a strong and beautiful meaning.

So there are some rare baby names for girls that you will find interesting. These short and long names are provided with meanings and will help you pick the right one. So take a look.

Aabha Glow, Light, One who shines
Aadhavi Earth
Aahana The beautiful and elegant name means “morning beauty”.
Aahi When you already know your daughter will be the one to rise. This name means “great leader.”
Aahna Exist
Aakhya Fame
Aakriti Shape, your image, Beautiful form
Aanya Gracious, Merciful
Aarushi first ray of the sun
Aashi The name means “smile”.
Aashi Smile, Joy, Laughter, Blessing
Aashna It means beautiful, Smart, Intelligent, Devoted to love
Aashvi Blessed, Victorious
Aayushi one who has a long life
Abha The name Abha glorifies your little one. It means “splendour”.
Abhitha Another name for Goddess Parvathi. Also, describes a fearless woman.
Adhishri Exalted
Adia The name means a special “gift from God.”
Adira This name means “strong”. It is a very special Indian name and quite common as well.
Advaita Union of matter and soul, Non duality, Unique
Adya First, Goddess Durga, The Earth
Afsa This is an Urdu word, and it means “pretty”. It is the name of Prophet Mohammed’s wife.
Ahalya The wife of Rishi.
Akshita Permanent, Can Not Be Broken Easily, Secure, Saved, Guarded
Alani Fragrant, Orange tree, Precious
Alekhya Painting, Nice, Intelligent, Great Warrior, Which cannot be Written
Alisha A beautiful and glorious name which means “protected by God”.
Amara Deathless, Immortal
Amoli The name means “Priceless”.
Amulya Priceless , Precious
Amvi Goddess Amba (Goddess Durga), Mother, Affectionate, Kind, A Goddess
Anahita Graceful
Anika It means graceful, brilliance or sweet-faced, Goddess Durga
Anitha The name means “Grace”. Anitha is a special name and is quite unique to India.
Aniya Gracious, Merciful
Anushka This is yet another beautiful and common name which means “Grace”.
Aria Song, Melody
Arya It means wise or noble character.
Ayla Moonlight
Barkha Rain, Life giving
Bhama A beautiful Hindu name which means “Light”.
Bhatri A name for goddess Saraswati.
Bhuvika “Heaven”, it is as simple and magnificent as that.
Bishti “Rainfall”, the word to describe the blessing that she is.
Chahna This word means “charming”. Your little daughter is a charm in your life.
Chavi This beautiful Indian name is quite rare and means “Reflection”.
Chinayi When your daughter is bliss to your life. You can give her this name which means “blissful”.
Dakshata Skill
Darshita Sight, Shown
Devina Beloved, Divine, Heavenly
Dhuni The word means “River”. The context of this name can be found in the sacred books as well.
Eesha Pleasure, Desire
Eeshana The word comes from Sanskrit and takes its roots from the word “Ishwar” which means God.
Erisha The name Erisha is an elegant word that means “Speech”.
Eshika It means Arrow or Dart , Daughter of God
Estaa It means beloved , loving
Farida Unique
Ganika Like a flower, Jasmine flower, Conscious, Flower.
Haimi She is someone mysterious and seeks more to life than what is presented to her. The word Haimi means “Seeker”.
Hansini When you have a daughter who is as beautiful as a “Swan”, that’s what you name her.
Harini The name means “Deer”. This is yet another unique name that is so Indian.
Hemali Because your little one is as precious as gold. Here’s a name that means “coated with gold.”
Hiranya Made of gold and golden Gold,Golden,Wealth,most precious.
Hrithika Small flowing river or stream, One With Kind Heart, Kind-hearted, Heart, Truthful
Imara The name means firm.
Ishya It means Spring.
Jasmine Gift from God, Fragrant flower
Jeevika Water, Source of life, Livelihood
Jivika Water, A source of life
Jiyana God is gracious, Strength
Kaashi A name which brings the feeling of something sacred. The word kaashi means “pilgrimage”.
Kadambari This Hindu- Indian name means “Goddess”.
Kaira Peaceful, Unique
Kaivalya The name means “Freedom”.
Kajol The very famous Indian name that denotes “khol/ eyeliner”.
Kalika A powerful Indian name meaning “Loud”.
Kalka A name that denotes the goddess “Durga”.
Kalpi “Imagined” – A name that is as beautiful as its meaning.
Kalya This name means “pleasant”.
Kamana When your little one was a long-lasting “Desire”.
Kanika Atom, Seedor gold, Molecule
Kavya Indian languages are so poetic. Even the word Kavya which means “poetry” sounds poetic.
Khushi Joy, Happiness, Pleasure, Delight
Kimaya Miracle, Divine
Kinara This is a beautiful name that means “’river banks”.
Kiyana Guiding light, Deity
Laasya Dance, Dance performed by goddess Parvathi
Laavanya Beauty, Grace, Beautiful girl
Lekha Writing, An ancient Sanskrit word which means a written article or the act of writing
Liya The name means “I am the Lord’s” or “I am with God”.
Maanyata Principles, Assumption
Madhu This is a quintessential Indian name that means “Honey”.
Madhurima The name means “A Charm”. That is what your daughter is to you.
Mahi A rare but beautiful Indian name meaning “The earth”.
Mahika The beauty of the dew drops early in the morning is something unique. The name Mahika means “ dew”.
Mahima A powerful Indian name meaning “Greatness”.
Mangalya The name is as beautiful as its meaning. It means “Something auspicious”.
Manmayi Another name was given to goddess Radha.
Manvi A powerful name which means “humanity”.
Maushmi With the beautiful tropical climate condition in many parts of India, this is a perfect name that means “Monsoon”.
Maya The word Maya has received so much attention globally when it comes to Indian spirituality. The word means “illusion”.
Meera Prosperous
Mihika Mist, Fog, Dew drop
Mihira Feminine form of Mihir the Sun.
Mridula The word Mridula means “gentle”. It is what describes the gentleness of a woman.
Mukta Pearl, Liberated
Myra Sweetness is the meaning of the word. This name is quite a catch and is used universally.
Nadia The name means “hopeful.”
Naina A beautiful Indian name which means “The eye”.
Naini The name means a girl with a “beautiful eyes”.
Nainika pupil of the eye, one who has beautiful eyes.
Nalika An elegant word which means “Lotus”.
Namya A respectful Indian name which means someone who is “Worthy of honour”.
Narmada When your little one gives you joy, you name her Narmada which means “gives us pleasure”.
Naveena The name means “new”.
Navneeta A simple and common name which means “something like butter”.
Navi The name means “prophet”.
Navya The name means “young”.
Neha This is yet another common name which means “love” or even “eyes”.
Nevaeh Heaven
Nihira Newly found treasure, Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
Nila Colour blue
Nina A “little girl”, is what you can call your baby girl.
Nirmala A beautiful Indian name which means “pure”.
Niru The word means “strength”.
Nirvi Bliss
Nisha Night
Nithya Eternal, Constant, Another name for Durga, Always
Nitya A name was given to “Goddess Durga.” It also means eternal.
Niyati A name which means “fortune”.
Nyra Rose, Beauty of Goddess Saraswati.
Olea The word comes from a genus of nearly 40 species. They are evergreen trees that are grown in many parts of the world, including South Asia.
Oorvi/urvi Earth
Pala The beautiful name means “eyelash”.
Pallavi Bloom, Simple, Sweet
Panna A name that means “emerald”, for your precious little girl.
Pari A “fairy”.
Parineetha The name is a special Indian name which means “married woman”.
Piya The name means “beloved”.
Prachi The word means “East” or “Morning”.
Pradeepa Pretty
Pradhi An Indian name which means “intelligent.”
Pragya Pragya means “wisdom”.
Prasanna A very common name which means “feeling of happiness”.
Prisha Yet another pure Indian name which means “Beloved”.
Pritha Happy, Dear one
Priya Dear, Beloved
Radha Radha is the lover of the Hindu God Krishna.
Ragini This sweet name means “melody”.
Rajani The meaning of Rajani is “night”.
Rajasi Goddess Durga’s name.
Raka A strong Indian name which means “full moon”.
Raksha A beautiful name which means “The Protector”. This is a strong name with a powerful identity.
Raktima Another name for Goddess Durga.
Ramani The word has a simple meaning which is “Woman”.
Ramita Ramita is a pleasant name meaning “pleasing”.
Ramona “Protecting hands” is what this name means.
Ramya When your little girl is a delight, you name her Ramya which means “delight”.
Ranchi The name is derived from the previous name of the Oraon village at the same site, Archi. “Archi” derives from the Oraon word for bamboo grove or stave. 
Rewa The word Rewa means “Swift”.
Ria Small river
Richa This name has the meaning “to praise”.
Richana With the meaning of “creation”, the name Richana sounds strong and powerful.
Rina The word means “gem”.
Rishika A name that means “Holy”.
Ritika Of a stream, Movement, Of Brass, Bronze, One who Keeps Traditions
Roma Another name for Lakshmi.
Roopam The meaning of the name is “Beauty”.
Ruhi This name means “Soul”.
Saachi When you want to name your girl something powerful, you can call her Saachi meaning “truth”.
Saanvi Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
Sadguna An Indian rare name meaning “good virtues”.
Sadhana A powerful name which means “worship”.
Sadika Meaning “achiever”.
Safa Safa means “innocent” and pure”. Something very special to a baby.
Sagar The common Indian word for the endless “ocean”.
Sagareka “The waves in the ocean”.
Sahana When you want, you need Sahana. The name means “patience”.
Sahara The name means “Desert.” This beautiful name brings the beauty and tranquillity of the Sahara Desert to mind.
Sahi The name Sahi means “To have faith”.
Saira A Bird, Poetess, Princess
Saiya Always with you
Sajani Loving, Well Loved
Sajni The word means “beloved”.
Samara Protected by God
Samidha This name means “an offering”.
Sana Brilliant, Praise
Sangeetha A melodious name meaning “song”.
Sanu This name is quite unique and means “young”.
Satya Truth, Essence
Saumya A pearl, Brilliance, Lustre
Shaniya The name means “God is gracious”.
Shaurya Courage, Valour, Heroism
Shay A graceful name which means “courteous”.
Shea “Fairy palace”.
Shefali As beautiful and pleasant as a “Flower”.
Shia A glorious name that means “bright”.
Shivanshika Part of Lord Shiva
Shyla Daughter of the mountain
Sila Sila means “reunite”. The word is very special with a unique meaning.
Siya Goddess Sita, White moonlight, A beautiful woman
Sneha A common name which means “love”.
Suhasini Ever smiling, Smiling beautifully
Suri Princess, Red rose
Suvarna Your little one is precious, and suvarna means “golden”.
Taahira Modesty
Taamana A deep wish or desire
Taana The special and sweet name means “encouragement”.
Talika Nightingale
Tanika Rope, Apsara
Tanmayi This is a special name meaning “ecstasy”.
Tapasi A unique name which means “ascetic”.
Tara The word comes from Tarana which means “daytime.”
Taral The name Taral means “flowering”.
Tarana The name means “daytime”. This name brings a sense of warmth and hope.
Tarani A “raft boat”.
Tashi Good fortune
Taya The name means “perfectly formed”, like your little who is so perfect in your arms.
Taza A simple and unique name which means “A cup”.
Tiya The word is simple and sweet. Tiya means“parrot”.
Tulsi “Tulsi plant”. The tulsi plant is very special to India and has quite a great significance to it.
Udita One who has risen, Grown
Umika This is another name for the goddess Parvathi.
Urmi If you are looking for a word that is powerful, then Urmi it is. The meaning of the word is “Wave”.
Vaani Speech
Vahini Flowing like the river flows
Vamika This is another name for Durga.
Vanya Gracious gift of God
Varada The name means “daughter.”
Varsha Rain
Vasudha Here’s a name close to nature. Vasudha means “Earth”.
Venya When you want to describe how you had wished for a little daughter, you name her Venya. The name means “wished for”.
Vera Faith, Truth
Viti Light
Vritika Thought, Nature, Success in life
Yami Lightness in the dark
Yana Gift from God
Yani The name means “Peace”.
Yara Little Butterfly
Yash This name means “glory” or “fame”.
Yutika Multitude, Flower
Zara The name Zara means “princess”, and it is perfect for your little princess.
Zia The name Zia brings light and means “light”.
Ziya Light, Splendour
Zoe Zoe means “life”.
Zoya “Love and care” in one word. Zoya is a rare name that is so pleasant yet powerful.
Zunaira Guiding light

A baby girl

Picking a baby name is challenging, and at the same time, it is very important. A name is something that will last a lifetime, and you sure don’t want to mess it up. In fact, it will become your child’s identity. There are even times when girls grow up to dislike their name, so just make sure you pick something that sounds beautiful, appropriate, unique and appealing. Your little princess will forever be grateful.

We hope you’ve found something special in this list of unique Indian names!

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