Dior Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Dior Name Meaning and Origin

Across the world, Dior enjoys the status of an elite surname. All thanks to Christian Dior, the popular French designing and luxury brand. Though mostly used as a surname, Dior is steadily gaining momentum as an aspirational first name for girls and boys. With a glamorous association with a prominent luxury fashion brand, Dior enjoys a modish appeal and vast acceptability.

What Does Dior Mean? 

Before naming your baby boy or girl Dior, it is of utmost importance for you first to know the meaning of Dior. The name French Dior is commonly used as a surname in French-speaking countries. However, it has a presence in countries where French is not the main language. Dior as a first name is suitable for both boys and girls due to its unisex status. Dior, meaning “of gold” or “golden,” implying something precious is ideal for christening your beloved child. In some references, the meaning of Dior can also be understood to be “present.” 


Though the etymology of the name Dior is uncertain, it is conjectured to be derived from d’Or, a French origin word meaning “of gold.” This gender-neutral French origin name has been popular as a surname. However, its unusualness caught the attention of many parents and then started its use as the first name. 




  • DEE-or
  • dee-ORR


2 syllables


4 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

Although Dior is of French origin, many Dior name variations exist in other languages. Some other spellings for Dior with their origins are:

Name Origin
Daire Irish
Daitaro Japanese
Diar  Pashto
Daray American
Dareh Persian
Dario Italian
Darya Russian
Diara Latin
Dor Hebrew
Dore Greek

How Popular Is the Name Dior? 

The popularity of Christian Dior, a French designing and luxury fashion brand, made the name popular across the globe. Still, Dior as a first name was occasionally used since the 1980s. However, as a surname, it was popular in the French population. Dior as a girl’s name was more popular than a boy’s name. But recently,  Dior gained admiration due to Iann Dior, musician, and ‘Dior’ the Pop Smoke song. The recent data from Social Security Administration showed that the Dior baby name ranking got a major popularity boost in the year 2020. The list of baby boys’ names rose from 1,302 to 868 in 2020, a jump of a full 434 spots. 

Similarly, the Dior popularity index improved exponentially as a girl’s name, though not so much as the popularity as a boy’s name. It jumped to the no-499 spot in 2020 from the no-607 spot in 2019, full 108 spots jump. In 2020, 258 newborn boys and 605 newborn girls were named Dior. Now it is considered one of the top aspirational names for babies.

Interest in Dior – Worldwide

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According to Google search trends, Dior has been on an average of 25 to 40 for ten years until December 2016, when it reached the rank of 41. Since then, it started gaining popularity and reached its peak popularity of 100 in December 2020. It touched the ranks of 75 in December 2019 and 78 in July 2020.

Interest in Dior – US

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The US data for Dior corresponds with the worldwide data in Google search trends. As the worldwide data, Dior maintained a rank between 25 to 40 until December 2018, when it reached 44 and steadily gained popularity. It reached its peak popularity in July 2020.

The Popularity of the name Dior

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Dior – Worldwide

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Surprisingly, Dior is most searched in Senegal and not France in Google search trends. After Senegal, the name is most popular in Hong Kong, followed by France, Uzbekistan, and United Arab Emirates. 

Search trends of Dior – US

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Dior is most searched in the New York, sub-region in the US in the last decade. California follows New York in terms of the popularity of the name, followed by New Jersey, Nevada, and Hawaii.  

Middle Names That Go With Dior 

To make your baby’s name more impactful, add a middle name that compliments Dior. Some double names with Dior are:

Darcy Gavin
Mia Caesar
Jasmine Aurora
Rubia Martin
Dragan Kamran
Monique Bernice
Amoura Amelie
Beckham Kiara
Camryn Sophie
Damian Jolie

Famous People Named Dior 

Dior has been the surname and first name of many popular personalities in fashion, music, sports, and history. Some of the popular people named Dior are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Dior Alexandros Lowhorn American professional basketball player.
Christian Dior French fashion designer
Steve Dior Rock and punk rock musician.
Justin Dior Combs college football player and son of Sean “Diddy” Combs
Dior Derrico son of Karen and Deon Derrico; “triplin” featured on TLC’s ‘Doubling Down with the Derricos’
Dior Hall American hurdler
Dior Thomas Angus English professional footballer
Dior Zaberxha an athlete for the FC Vushtrria
Iann Dior Puerto Rican singer, rapper, and songwriter

Similar Names & Last Names 

Many similar baby names can be considered in place of Dior. Some other names and family names for Dior are:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Chanel Smiths
Candice Ravel
Darion Stewart
Dionne Goodwell
Connor Holloway
Kendrick Williams
Zyair Adams
Jianna Harris
Zhuri Warren

Names That Sound Like Dior 

There are many names that rhyme with Dior, which can be used instead of Dior. They are:

Deidra Derya
Dera Diara
Derry Diodoro
Daray Dora
Dareh Doria
Derora Dory

Sibling Names Related to Dior

You have named your baby Dior, and now you are looking for sibling names that go with Dior. Here are some suitable sibling names for Dior:

Sister Names For Dior Brother Names For Dior
Amelia Drew
Cheri Trey
Tara Troy
Dakota Danor
Dealiyah Diger
Diora Selor
Diorella Julian
Serenity Ramon
Aria Denver
Ava Dimon

Nicknames for Dior 

Even for a short and sweet name such as Dior, there has to be a nickname to call your baby with affection. Some nicknames for Dior are:

Dara Don
Di Dodie
Dee Dian
Demi Dio
Divi Dody
Dori Dory
Dion Dixie

Your baby’s name is the first gift you give to your baby. Therefore naming them with a unique, adorable name is important as it is their life-long identity. Dior is a perfect name to christen your baby due to its wonderful meaning and luxurious connotation.


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