Top 90 Boy & Girl Names That Mean Faith & Their Meanings

90 Names That Mean Faith for Boys and Girls

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Faith means complete trust in something. This is a beautiful attribute that always keeps you full of hope. Parents believe that their children will grow up to be nothing but the best. That itself is inspiring enough to choose their names based on “faith” and “hope”. Go ahead and instil faith in your children with a beautiful name from the list given below. These names have different verbatim for faith as they come from all over the world. Read on to know more.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Faith

1. Amil

The name has its origin from Arabic or Sanskrit. It means “hope and aspiration” in Arabic. It also means “Diligent” or “Reliable”.

2. Amin

The name has Arabic and Persian origin, and it means “faithful and trustworthy” and also “truthful”. The Prophet Muhammad initially was called “al-Amin”.

3. Armaan

Its a name of Arabic and Indian origin. It means “strong desire”. In French, it also means “Army man”.

4. Amanaki 

The name is of Polynesian origin and means ‘hope’.

5. Barloc

The name has an American and Celtic origin. It means “Strong warrior filled with love and hope”. It is a rare name and is apt for the ones who prefer uncommon names for their little ones.

6. Caleb

The name means “faithful” and refers to “a dog” in Hebrew. The name was popular among Puritans who carried it to America in the 17th century.

7. Chislon

Chislon pronounced as Kis-lone has a Hebrew origin and means “Hopeful” and “confident”. Biblically, Chislon was the father of ‘Elidad’, a Prince of Benjamin.

8. Constant

This name of English and French origin means “steadfast and faithful” in Latin.

9. Day

Originated from America, the name means “Light and Hope”. It is a unisex name and has a very optimistic feel.

10. Deene

This name has a French origin. It is most often used as a male name. Deene means “hope” in French, and is a unisex name.

11. Dillon

It is a name that has Irish origin and means “ray of hope”. This name has Dylan as a variant which means “great”.

12. Emin

The name is of Islamic origin and denotes someone who is trustworthy.

13. Emmanuel

The name has its Hebrew meaning “God is with us”. It has been in use in England from the 16th century. The name is common in Spain and Portugal too. It is the old testament name of the Messiah. This is one of the boy names that mean ‘faith in God’.

14. Fedel

The name has an Italian and Latin origin which means “faithful”. Fidel is a Latin and Spanish variant of Fedele.

15. Farouk

The name is of Arabic origin and denotes someone who distinguishes between right and wrong.

16. Fayette

The name is of French origin and means ‘little fairy’.

17. Fedele

The name is of Latin origin and means ‘faith’.

18. Fidel

This name, too, is of Latin origin and means ‘faithful one’.

19. Gilchrist

The name is of Irish and Gaelic origin and means ‘servant of Christ’.

20. Hanif

The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘true believer’.

21. Jahleel

It is a Hebrew name that implies “God’s gift of hope”. The name has taken a back seat in recent days. Its time to consider giving it a fresh entry.

22. Kaleb

The name is derived from the Biblical name Caleb and means ‘faithful’.

23. Kibou

This name is originated from Japan, and means “filled with hope”. Kybou is another variant of Kibou.

24. Kit

Kit in Greek means “hope and carrier of Christ”. The name is derived from Greek Christophoros, which is composed of Christos (Christ) and pherein (to bear). Kit is a popular name for baby boys among Americans.

25. Matthan

Matthan has a Greek and Latin origin. It has some biblical significance also. Matthan is the great grandfather of Jesus. It means “the gift or hope of the Lord”.

26. Moutaqad

Moutaqad has an Arabic origin and it means “belief”.

27. Mahaz

The name is of Biblical origin and means ‘growing hope’.

28. Nakia

The name has multiple origins and meanings. In Egyptian, it means “pure and faithful”. “pure” in Arabic and “unconquered “in Greek. The name gained its popularity in America through the television series ‘Nakia’.

29. Raza

The name has an African origin and means “hope”. It is also an Arabic derivation of the term “ridha“, which means “wish”, “goodwill”, and “desire”.

30. Rutendo

The name is a Shona-given name and means ‘faith’.

31. Saladin

The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘peace through faith’.

32. Salah

This popular name is of Muslim origin and means ‘goodness’.

33. Thembalwethu

This unique name is of Xhosa origin and means ‘our hope’.

34. Trig

The name is of Scandinavian origin and means ‘faithful’ or ‘true’.

35. Truman

The name is of Old English origin and means ‘loyal one’.

36. Tumelo

The name is of African origin and denotes complete confidence or hope in a person or a plan.

37. Titus

It is a name of Latin origin meaning “title of honour”.  It can be pronounced as tee-toos in Latin and tee-tes in English.

38. Toivo

The name means “hope”, “faith”, “trust”, and “promise”. It originated either in Estonia and Finland.

39. Trumen

This name has an English origin and means “faith man” or “the faithful one”. The usage of the name dates back to the ancient Anglo Saxon culture of Britain. It is a unique name for a boy.

40. Tumaini

The name has an African, Arabic, and Egyptian origin. It means “hope” and “courage” in Arabic. The name is pronounced as too-mai-nee.

41. Umed

“Hope”, “expectation”, “wish”, “desire”, “goal”, “trust” all take after the name Umed. It is of Indian origin. “Umaid” is the Urdu variant of Umed.

42. Umit

The name is derived from the Persian name Omid. It is a popular Turkish name that means ‘hope’.

43. Vero

The name is of Latin origin and means ‘great hero’.

44. Von

It is an Icelandic name derived from the Old Norse term von, which means “hope and expectation”.

45. Zinedine

The name is of Arabic origin and denotes the beauty of faith.

Let’s now take a look at some names for baby girls that mean “faith” or “hope”.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Faith

We have collated some beautiful name for girls that come from various parts of the world. They all have the same meaning, but the different sounds and connotations make them worthy of a consideration as the perfect name for your little darling.

1. Amaani

This beautiful name is of Arabic origin and means ‘faith’ or ‘peaceful’.

2. Amani

The name has an Arabic origin. It means “faith” or “trustworthy”, and comes from the Quran. The name, thus, has a pious tone to it.

3. Amina

This is an Arabic name, which means “trustworthy”. Amina was also the name of a warrior queen from Zazzau, and was known for a strong personality with an unwavering character.

4. Amana

It has Urdu origin and means “faithful”. A beautiful name to call and its meaning makes it all the more endearing.

5. Ashia

A name with Arabic origin, it means “hope”. This feminine name has the beauty of both faith and hope.

6. Chrissy

A sweet Irish baby girl means which is apt for those who follow Christianity as it means “believer of Christ”.

7. Creda

This is an English name which means “faith”. A name that is always in fashion and has a unique sound.

8. Datyah

This name has a Hebrew origin and defines someone who “trusts or believes in God”. This name has an airy feel to it, which combined with its meaning, makes it very special.

9. Dillon

This is an Irish name which means “loyal and faithful”. Loyal people are the ones who instil faith, and your girl with this name would have a strong connection with family.

10. Eman

The name has Arabic and Irish origins and means “faith” or “belief”. Isn’t it a heartwarming name for your cute girl.

 11. Emunah

This name has a Hebrew origin and means “faith”.

12. Eiddwen

This unique name is of Welsh origin and means ‘faith’.

13. Espe

This short and sweet name is of Latin origin and means ‘hope’.

14. Esperanza

Esperanza is a popular Spanish name which means ‘hope’ or ‘expectation’.

15. Faith

A sweet word that stands for its English meaning “someone who has tremendous belief in God”.

16. Fedella

This name has a Latin origin and it defines a “loyal” person. A beautiful choice of name for a baby girl which would certainly suit your princess.

17. Fidelity

This is a unisex name in English and it means “to be loyal and committed”. It is a smart and sophisticated name for your classy girl.

18. Hiwa

This name has Kurdish origin and means “hope”. Faith and hope are so interrelated, and we think this charming name is perfect for your baby girl.

19. Hachilah

The name is of Biblical origin and means ‘my hope is in her’.

20. Hope

This name is quite beautiful and straightforward. It means hope! 

21. Iris

This name has a Greek origin. Its literal meaning is “rainbow”, but it also is the name of a flower that symbolises faith. A pretty name for your pretty girl, isn’t it?

22. Imani

This name has Arabic origin. A very popular name in the muslim world, it is also catching up in the West. It means “Faith”

23. Krystina

Those who believe in or follow Christianity, this is a suitable name for you. This name stands for someone whose faith lies in Christ.

24. Leala

Leala is a French name that means “faithful”. It has a graceful and pretty ring to it.

25. Laelynn

The name is of Canadian origin and means ‘hope’.

26. Munia

This unique name is of Arabic origin and means ‘hope and wish’.

27. Minette

It is a French name which means “faithful protector”, a name which will evoke feelings of safety in your little girl.

28. Nakia

This name has an Arabic origin, and it means “faithful”. A name that is gaining popularity in recent times, it will certainly make your girl stand apart with its uniqueness and beauty.

29. Natsuki

This has Japanese origin and apart from its one meaning “green vegetables” it also means “summer” and “hope”. A name with an exotic touch will be a great choice for your baby girl.

30. Nita

This has Indian origin and means “faithful person” or “someone who’s guided and led”. It also has Spanish origin where it means “God’s gift”.

31. Nadezda

Nadezda is a Slavic female given name popular in Russia, Ukraine, and Croatia. It means ‘hope’.

32. Nadia

This is a popular Russian name which means ‘hope’.

33. Omeedeh

The name is of Persian origin and means ‘hope’ or ‘hopeful’.

34. Rasheeda

This name has Arabic origin it denotes someone who has true faith and pious at heart. It is a stylish name with a royal touch to it. Your girl will enjoy being called by this name.

35. Rajwa

The name is of Muslim-Arabic origin and means ‘hope’.

36. Saki

This beautiful name means ‘hope-blossom’ and is the perfect name for your blossoming little one.

37. Tamanna

This name is of Urdu origin and means ‘hope’ or ‘desire’.

38. Taraji

The name is of Swahili origin and means ‘hope’.

39. Tikvah

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘hope’.

40. Umnia

The name represents ‘desire’ or ‘longing’.

41. Umniya

The name is of Urdu origin and means ‘hope’ or ‘desire’.

42. Vera

It is a gorgeous Russian name which means “faith”. This is amongst the top 100 popular names for baby girls.

43. Violet

The name and colour Violet signifies hope in Latin culture. 

44. Wilona

An Anglo-Saxon baby name, the literal meaning of this is “hoped for”. It could also be taken as a short form of Wilhelmina, which has Dutch and German origin meaning “desire or helmet”.

45. Zita

The name is of Spanish origin and means ‘little hope’.

A name that has faith instilled in it is a very suitable choice for those who are religious or even for those who like inspirational names. The list provided above is sure to provide you with ample beautiful names that mean hope and faith.

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