Top 65 Cowboy or Western Boy Names With Meanings

65 Cowboy Names For Boys & Their Meanings

Wild West is one of the most inspiring and appealing eras in American history. Rugged cowboys have an allure of wilderness. The cowboy code is an embodiment of their core values like strength, individualism, heroism, adventure, and self-reliance. The gun-slinging American natives are legends of folklore and inspiration for the movies.

65 Cool Cowboy Baby Boy Names with Meanings

A cowboy is all about masculinity. The boot and hat-bearing horse riders are close to nature and well-rooted in their culture. Capture the spirit of the wild west by giving your little one a name that is inspired by this wilderness. Here’s a list of old western baby boy names and country-western boy names for your handsome hunk.

1. Abner

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘father of light’.

2. Adam

The name means ‘son of the red Earth’,

3. Ames

Ames comes from the Latin word ‘amicus’ and means ‘to love’. In French, it means ‘ami’ or ‘companion’. 

4. Angus

Angus has Irish origins. Derived from Augustus, it is a popular name in Australia, Canada, and Scotland. Gus makes a pretty cool cowboy nickname.

5. Arizona

Arizona in native American tribes means ‘little spring’. The state of Arizona reminds one of the rugged landscapes.

6. Ashley

Ashley is a pretty macho name. It means ‘meadow of ash trees’. A popular name for a cowboy from good old days.

7. Austin

Austin has roots in the Anglo-Saxon tradition. The popular name means ‘great, magnificent’ and has a kind of southwest feel.

8. Bart

The name is a form of the biblical name Bartholomew and means ‘son of talmai’.

9. Beau

Beau sounds cute and impressive. It means ‘handsome’. This cowboy will steal your heart with style and panache.

10. Billy

Billy is a tough name and means ‘resolute protection’. A bad-ass cowboy that will make an impression wherever he goes.

11. Blaze

The blaze has English origins, it means ‘burning fire’. Your little cowboy will shine bright everyday.

12. Bo

The name is of Scandinavian origin and means ‘to live’.

13. Boone

The name is of French origin and means ‘a blessing’.

14. Bowie

The name is of Scottish and Irish origin. The name means ‘yellow’ or ‘fair-headed’.

15. Bret

The name means ‘of Briton’.

16. Buck

Buck means ‘male deer’. Your cute little buckaroo will grow up to love boots, horses and be a spirited man.

17. Caleb

Caleb has biblical origins. He was sent by Moses in quest of the promised land. Cal makes a cool nickname for your cub.

18. Cal

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘devotion’ and ‘faithful’.

19. Carson

The name is of Scottish and Irish origins and represents a son of the marsh-dwellers.

20. Clay

The name is of British origins and means ‘clay worker’.

21. Clayton

Clayton has an air of southwestern charm. The smooth talker will stay out of trouble. Call him Clay at home.

22. Cody

Cody means ‘helpful’ or ‘cushion’. This little cowboy will love singing lovely songs around the campfire and bring happiness in the lives of everyone he meets.

23. Colt

Colt is as amazing as a ‘steed’ – ‘a spirited young horse’. He might be the youngest jockey. It’s also a popular gun brand. This does take us back to old West gunslinger days. Call him Colton for a more formal feel.

24. Dakota

Dakota has its roots in the Sioux Native tribe of America. The name means ‘a friendly one’. It’s a great cowboy name for your little ranger.

25. Deacon

The name is of Greek and English origins and means ‘messenger’.

26. Denver

Denver is a vintage name. During the Gold Rush, plenty of cowboys ended up here in search of treasure. Perfect choice of name for your little treasure hunter.

27. Dylan

The name is of Welsh origin and means ‘son of the sea’.

28. Ezekiel

Ezekiel comes from the old Testament. A prophet who lived with the Judeans in exile. Zeke makes a perfect nickname for your little bunch of happiness.

29. Ford

Ford is not just a popular last name; it makes a pretty good first name. A strong name for your little cowhand. He is gonna rock his hat and boot looks, with or without a whip.

30. Flint

The name comes from Old English and means ‘born near an outcrop of flint’ or ‘stream’.

31. Galen

Galen is a beautiful name with English origins and means ‘peaceful’.

32. Garret

Garret comes straight from cowboy movies. A boy who will love spending time outdoors and take care of his community. A variation of the name is Gerard and means ‘spear strength’.

33. Graham

Graham originates from ‘Grantham’ in Lincolnshire. Grantham comes from the combination of two words – grand meaning ‘gravel’ and ham meaning ‘homestead’. One of the proud bearers of this name is Alexander Graham Bell.

34. Guy

Guy has a masculine edge, a combination of cool and collected. The name means ‘teacher’ or ‘guide’. He will take you through rugged terrain, teach you how to make ropes and light up a campfire. He will be confident from a barn to the boardroom and loved by all.

35. Handley

Handley is a name with English origins and means ‘high’ and ‘leah’ or ‘wood’.

36. Hank

Hank has Hebrew origins. The popular name means ‘God is merciful’. Your handsome hunk will rock this name.

37. Heath

The name comes from Old English and represents someone who lived or lived by a moor.

38. Jace

The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘lord of salvation’.

39. James

James is the most popular Anglo-Saxon name and tops the list of favorite cowboy names. Twist it to Jameson for a masculine and sensitive groove to it.

40. Jeremy

Jeremy is short for Jeremiah, it means ‘God uplifts’. The name with English origins sounds heroic. Your little adventurer will rock this name.

41. Jesse

Jesse is the bad boy from the wild west, and we all love him. He is the cowboy that stands out in the crowd. The Robinhood who is loved by all.

42. Josh

Josh is short for Joshua. It is inspired by the Hebrew name ‘Yehoshua’ and means ‘salvation’. Lovely name for your little prince.

43. Levi

Levi is cool and casual, just like a pair of worn-out denim. A great cowboy name with biblical origins. Levi was the son of Jacob and Levi was the name of apostle Matthew before he found Jesus.

44. Maverick

Maverick has English origins. The name means ‘free spirit’. A quality your little cowboy will imbibe and live by.

45. Morgan

Morgan has Welsh origins, it means ‘sea’ and ‘circle’. Famous personality – Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman.

46. Nash

Nash sounds so cool. A surname which can be used as the first name, it originates from the phrase ‘atten ash’ and means ‘at the ash tree’.

47. Palmer

Palmer originates from the Latin word ‘Palma’ or the ‘palm tree’. It sounds truly English and rugged, perfect for your little cowboy.

48. Pete

Pete is short for Peter, derived from the Greek word ‘Petros’ and means ‘rock’ solid. A sturdy name for your rugged and handsome hero. The name Peter has Biblical origins. He was the most trusted apostle of Jesus. 

49. Quentin

Quentin originates from the Roman ‘Quintinus’ and means ‘the fifth’. Perfect name for your fifth born child or the child born on the 5th day or the 5th month. It sounds musical when called out loud. Famous personality – Oscar-winning director Quentin Tarantino.

50. Randy

Randy comes from Randolph or Randel. The name has German origins and is made of two words ‘rand’ means ‘edge’ and ‘Wulf’ means ‘wolf’.

51. Ray

Ray is derived from Raymond and means the ‘beam of light’. 

52. Reno

Reno is where the cowboys headed during the gold rush. The Nevada town is close to the mountains, Lake Tahoe and large fields. The name lives and breathes the free spirit of an adventurous little man.

53. Roy

Roy comes from the Anglo name ‘Ruadh’ and means ‘red’. The name has a rugged tone, a badass name for your little boy.

54. Ryder

Ryder could be a motorcyclist or a cowboy in the saddle. The fire spirit allows him to lead the pack or go with the flow. It means ‘horse lover’ or ‘cavalryman’ or ‘the messenger’. 

55. Sawyer

Sawyer sounds tough and masculine. It means a person who ‘saws or cuts the wood’. Mark Twain made it famous in his novel ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’. 

56. Shane

Shane is derived from Sean. The name with Greek and Hebrew origin means ‘praising the God’. Famous personality – Australian cricketer Shane Warne, Scottish ‘Bond’ actor and Academy Award winner Sean Connery.

57. Skyler

Skyler comes from ‘scholar’. The name with Dutch origins is mischievous and rugged at the same time. Just like your naughty little man.

58. Toby

Toby can be used for both boys as well as girls. It is short for Tobias and originates from the Greek name Tobiah. The name comes from the fictional Old Testament ‘Book of Tobit’.

59. Trevor

Trevor has Welsh origins. ‘Tref’ means village and ‘Mawr’ means large. The name means ‘of big community’.

60. Ty

Ty is a non-fussy modern version of Tyler or Tyson. It means a ‘range’ where antelopes and deer play. Much like the little cowboy.

61. Vern

Vern is the modern twist to Vernon. The name means ‘alder tree’. It became popular with French science-fiction writer Jules Verne.

62. Wade

Wade has its origins in English culture, it means ‘at the river crossing’. A refreshing twist to the old-fashioned Wayne. Your little one will stand up for what is right. 

63. Warren

Warren has its roots in the German language. It comes from the French word ‘warrene’ and means ‘where the animals are enclosed’. Famous Personality – General Warren Hastings, Warren Buffet.

64. West

Cowboys are predominantly from the Western United States. Name your little cowboy after the place they conquered – the wild west. The rugged name evokes the image of a sunset over the mountains and playing guitar by a campfire. 

65. Zeb

Zeb comes from Hebrew name Zebedee or Zebadiah and means ‘a part of God’. A unique name for your cowboy.

Names have mythical power. Make sure you bless your little one with a good name and he will imbibe the spirit of the same.

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