Top 100 Baby Names That Mean Dream For Boys & Girls With Meanings

100 Baby Names That Mean Dream for Boys and Girls

Names are an essential part of our identity and help make the first impressions on people. They can influence how we present ourselves to the world and impact our nature, behavior, and destiny. Hence, a naming ceremony is a crucial stage where a newborn is officially assigned a name. The practice methods may vary from one culture and religion to the other. The new beginning of life for a baby should start with a thoughtful name full of power and hope. Dreams are a succession of images created in our minds during sleep. Whether they are fun, entertaining, romantic, scary, or bizarre, they are an enduring source of mystery for both scientists and psychological doctors.
Dreams give us a goal, a reason to live and fight. Most great thinkers have been dreamers who have nurtured a dream in their mind, believed in them and worked towards its fulfillment. Martin Luther King, American civil rights activist, once said ‘I have a dream in his speech, which changed people’s thinking. Even from the early days of pregnancy, mothers dream of their baby and the ensuing dramatic changes that are about to happen in their life after delivery. Parents too dream of their children’s future after they grow up. Here is a comprehensive list of names that mean vision or dream for both boys and girls that is fast becoming a trend and can be a fantastic option for your baby.

Names That Mean Dream for Boys 

Most baby boys turn out to be sensitive and confident human beings. This directory of the best boy names that mean dream will help us get insight into the world of names that can be enchanting in their own ways.

1. Almos 

Derived from the root word Almos meaning ‘drowsy’, this Hungarian name means “dream” or ‘sleepy.’

2. Alweo 

This is a name of Latin origin that means ‘a dreamer at heart’.

3. Arien 

Arien in Greek means ‘a dreamy person’.

4. Arman 

Derived from Kazakh origin, Arman means ‘dream vision’.

5. Baduli 

This name of Indian origin means ‘dreamer’.

6. Bruadair 

This Irish- Gaelic name means ‘dream’.

7. Bruadar 

An Anglicized form of the Irish Ó Bruadair, this Gaelic name means ‘dream vision’. 

8. Bruatar 

Bruatar means ‘dream’ as per Gaelic origin.

9. Ceeven 

This Hindu name denotes ‘a name that is given to a person in the dream.’

10. Chavez 

Originating in Spain, Chavez means “dream maker”.

11. Cheelem 

Cheelem means ‘dream’ in Hebrew.

12. Cimon 

This Latin name means ‘sleepy.’

13. Dilshad 

Dilshad in Arabic means ‘one who has dreamy eyes.’

14. Dissaith 

Dissaith in English means ‘A daydreamer.’

15. Eidniuet 

Derived from ancient Welsh origin, Eidniuet means ‘day dreamer’.

16. Endri 

Derived from Albanian, Endrimeans’ dreamer’.

17. Esperaunce 

Esperaunce in French means ‘to dream’ or ‘to hope.’

18. Gabriel 

Derived from Arabic origin, Gabriel is associated with angels in the Bible and is of Arabic origin.

19. Gramercy 

Derived from the french origin, Gramercy means ‘dream’.

20. Granger 

This name of English and French origin refers to a person living in the dream world.’

21. Grangere 

Grangere means’ dreamer’ in English.

22. Grantley 

This Old English name refers to a ‘dreamer.’

23. Hulum 

Derived from Gaelic origin, Hulum means ‘dream’.

24. Ialu 

This Egyptian name means “field of dreams.”

25. Israel 

This name of Biblical origin means ‘dreams’.

26. Jonn 

This Old English name means ‘dream big’.

27. Joldewin 

This Old English name means ‘dreamers’.

28. Khamari 

Khamari in African means’ moonlight.’

29. Kimon 

This Latin name means ‘sleepy.’

30. Lorien 

This name of literary origin means ‘a God of dreams’.

31. Lourdes 

Lourdes name of French roots,

32. Morpheus 

Derived from Ancient Greek, Morpheus is a god associated with sleep and dreams.

33. Narcisco 

This name of Spanish and Portuguese origin means ‘sleep’ or ‘numbness’.

34. Narcissus  

Narcissus stems from the word ‘narke’ and means “numbness” or “sleep” in Latin.

35. Narkissos 

Narkissos in Greek means’ sleep’.

36. Narcyz 

Narcyz in Polish means’ sleep’.

37. Ramiel 

Derived from Arabic and Hebrew origin, Ramiel means ‘vision’.

38. Rasui 

Rasui in Egyptian means’ dream’.

39. Remiel 

Remiel in Hebrew means ‘Mercy of God’. Remiel is responsible for giving people divine visions in the Book of Enoch.

40. Reve 

Reve in french means’ dream’.

41. Swapan 

This exotic Hindu name means ‘dream.’

42. Swapnili 

This Hindu name means ‘dreamlike’.

43. Swapnadeep 

Swapandeep in Hindu names for boys means ‘king of dreams.’

44. Swaranlal 

This name of Hindu origin means ‘a dreamy person.’

45. Yeraz 

This stylish Arabic name means ‘dream.’

Girl Names That Mean Dream 

Creatively hatched names for girls that mean dream evokes a magical and mesmerizing vibe. Here are some examples of unique girl names with dreams as their meanings that can become favorite and extremely popular among parents. 

1. Ahlam 

Ahlam in Arabic means’ imaginative dreams.’

2. Aislin 

This Irish name means ‘vision’ or ‘dream’.

3. Aisling 

This beautiful feminine name means ‘dream’ in Gaelic.

4. Aislinn 

ThisIrish name means ‘vision’.

5. Alora 

Alora means ‘my dream’ in the Bantu language of Africa.

6. Alviva 

This English name means ‘a dreamer.’

7. Amani 

Amani in Arabic means’ desire,’ or ‘wishes.’

8. Bhranti 

This name of Gaelic origin means ‘day dream’.

9. Deisy 

Deisy means’ dreams’ in French.

10. Dream 

This English name refers to ‘vision.’

11. Eislyn 

This Old English name means ‘beautiful dream’.

12. Fantasia 

Fantasia means ‘fantasy’ in Italian.

13. Goda 

This Lithuanian name means thought or ‘dream.’

14. Godusa 

This Old English name means ‘big dream’.

15. Guaraman 

This Irish name means ‘dreamer’ in Irish.

16. Guenhwyvar 

This Gaelic name is suitable for a girl who wants to live out her dreams.

17. Hayal 

This is a name of Old English origin meaning ‘dream’.

18. Hayali 

Hayali means’ dream girl’ in Arabic.

19. Imena 

Imena means ‘dream’ in Africa.

20. Isleen 

Isleen means’ vision’ or ‘dream’ in Irish.

21. Joetta 

This old English origin name means ‘dreamer’.

22. Josephine 

This name of Biblical origin represents visions.

23. Joya 

This name of Old English origin means ‘fulfilled dreams’.

24. Juli 

This name of Old English origin means ‘high dreams’.

25. Kalpana 

Kalpana means ‘dream-like’ in Sanskrit.

26. Kanasu 

Kanasu means ‘dream’ or ‘imagination’ in the Hindi language.

27. Mamu 

Mamu refers to an ancient Babylonian god or goddess of sleep and dreaming. 

28. Marzena 

This Polish name means ‘dreamed one’.

29. Maya 

Maya means ‘illusion’ in Sanskrit.

30. Mimoza 

This name of Albanian origin means ‘vision’.

31. Nara 

This gorgeous name means ‘dreamland’ in French.

32. Narcissa 

This Latin name means ‘sleep’.

33. Niorun 

Niorun is the Norse goddess, but she may have been the goddess of dreams. 

34. Nisa 

This short, cute, and easy-to-pronounce Thai name means night, dreams.

35. Nyx 

Nyx means night, according to Greek mythology. 

36. Oniria 

The Spanish name stems from the word oneiric, meaning dreamlike. 

37. Pasithea 

According to Greek legend, Pasithea was the goddess of meditation, rest, and relaxation and was the wife of Hypnos, the god of sleep.

38. Penelope 

Penelope is a brilliant name for a baby girl, which means ‘illusion’ or ‘dream’ in French.

39. Reverie 

This alluring French name has a mesmerizing meaning. Reverie means “daydreams” and “one who daydreams and contemplates a lot”. 

40. Roya 

Roya means dream or vision in Persian.

41. Sanja 

The fantastic Serbian and Croatian name means dream.

42. Sovanna 

Sovanna means golden, dream in Khmer.

43. Swapnali

This beautiful name with Irish Gaelic roots, “dream girl”, is perfect to name for your little bundle of joy.

44. Vienna 

This exquisite girl’s name derived from Austria is referred to by Europeans as the “city of dreams”. 

45. Yerazig 

 This is a name of Armenian origin that means ‘little dream’.

Unisex Names Meaning Dream 

Gender-neutral names that mean dream can motivate children of both genders to learn, become more responsible for their choices, become more accountable, address failures, and work to achieve success in life. Here is a comprehensive list of names that may come to your aid:

1. Alyan 

This Arabic name means ‘the one accomplishing impossible dreams’.

2. Armaan 

Armaan means ‘wishes’ in Urdu.

3. Ametes 

This Basque name means ‘dream’.

4. Ash  

This English name means ‘dream’.

5. Ayumu 

This Gaelic name means ‘dream.’

6. Gudea 

Gudea was an Ancient Sumerian king who reconstructed the Temple of Ningirsu in a dream.

7. Guifil 

This name of Chamoru origin means ‘dream’.

8. Joydever 

This name of Gaelic origin means ‘dream big’.

9. Menaali 

This is a name of Gaelic origin that means’ dreamland’.

10. Ruyaaa 

Ruyaaa means ‘dreamy’ in Gaelic.

While chasing dreams can be challenging, it is also rewarding at the same time. Hence, giving names that mean dream may be a wonderful idea to add charm to your child’s personality.

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