Top 100 Jamaican Boy Names With Meanings

Top 100 Jamaican Boy Names With Meanings

The last name is usually based on occupation, place of birth, ancestors’ origin, caste, religion, and many other factors. It is generally inherited and may be changed or, in some form, retained. Today’s last names have gained importance because it represents a choice made by parents or an individual. They also help distinguish individuals from others who share the same first name. Jamaica’s rich and ethnically diverse culture is a product of the interaction between Europe and Africa. You can find several common Jamaican family names in Jamaica and other places worldwide.
The absence of real native last names in Jamaica makes its culture unique. With many Jamaicans being enslaved by the British and people inheriting the last name of the plantation where they worked, colonization and immigration from countries like England, Ireland, India, and China profoundly impacted the tradition of last names attached to popular names of Jamaica. Primarily British in their origin, common Jamaican surnames English last names have a significant presence in Jamaica, and Irish and Scottish last names after Oliver Cromwell sent convicts and indentured servants there during the 1600s. The first names of Jamaican children often carry double middle names. Native Jamaican last names even have deep and historical meanings that highlight the culture and language. The local dialect of Jamaica combines elements of other languages like Spanish, African, Irish, British, and American phrases.

100 Jamaican Surnames or Family Names With Meanings

Here is a comprehensive list of Jamaican surnames for both boys and girls that can lend your child’s name a formal identity.

1. Allen

With its roots in Ireland, Allen means ‘tiny stones’ or ‘rocks.’

2. Anderson

This English surname means “son of Andrew,” where Andrew means man in Greek.

3. Armstrong

This Scottish surname means “son of a strong man.”

4. Adamson 

Adamson means ‘Adam’s son’ in English.

5. Azan 

Derived from Arabic origin, Azan means ‘calling someone to pray.’

6. Brown 

This popular Scottish surname comes from Old English or Old French Brun and means “brown,” as in the color of an individual’s complexion, the color of their hair, or even the color of the garments they wore most often.

7. Bailey 

This French occupational surname means “bailiff.”

8. Baxter 

This English surname means “baker.”

9. Banks 

This English surname refers to a person living by the hillside. 

10. Beckford 

This English surname refers to a village in Worcestershire of England with a similar name.

11. Blair 

This Scottish surname means a piece of land or a battlefield. 

12. Bolt 

This English surname can mean either an “arrow” or “a strong person.”  

13. Bryan 

Bryan comes from the Old Celtic word meaning “high” or “noble.” 

14. Campbell 

This Scottish last name refers to someone with a crooked smile or mouth. 

15. Clark 

Derived from English origin, Clark means “clerk.”

16. Calder 

This Scottish surname means ‘harsh waters.’

17. Cato

Cato refers to someone who knows everything in Latin.

18. Chung 

 Chung means ‘unmasking’ or ‘opening up’ in Chinese. 

19. Cliff 

Cliff means ‘a slope or the edge of the sea’ in English.

20. Cole 

Originating from the English nickname cola, Cole means ‘victory.’

21. Cross 

Derived from the Latin word crux, Cross denotes ‘people living near a cross or crossroads.’

22. Davis 

Davis means ‘son of David’ in English.

23. Dixon 

Dixon means ‘the son of Richard Keith.’

24. Dillon 

This Irish surname refers to ‘a blind person.’

25. Daley 

 Daley means “son of Dalach,” where Dalach refers to a congregation in Gaelic.

26. Deleon 

This French surname refers to someone hailing from Leon, a city in Spain.

27. Demetrius 

This Greek surname translates to “a person with loyalty towards the Goddess Demeter.” 

28. Edmondson

This English surname means ‘son of Edmond.’

29. Edwards 

Edward translates to “someone who is a successful protector” in English.

30. Esson 

Esson means ‘son of the fire God’ in Celtic.

31. Evans 

Evans means ‘heir of Evan’ in Welsh.

32. Eithan 

Eithan means “firm, enduring, strong, and long-lived” in Hebrew.

33. Francis 

This Latin surname means “Frenchman” or “free man.”

34. Ferguson 

Derived from Scottish origin, Ferguson denotes the heir of Fergus, whereas Fergus means someone strong. 

35. Garvey 

Garvey means ‘heir of Gairbheith’ in Irish.

36. Gilpin 

This last name of English origin refers to descendants of Gilbert.

37. Ghana

A West African country, Ghana means “strong warrior king.”

38. Glenmore

This last name from the Philippines means “Soul-searching.”

39. Gooden 

The last name is of English origin and means ‘a good helper.’

40. Gordon 

This Scottish surname means ‘large fortress.’

41. Grant 

Grant means “tall” or ‘great’ in English.

42. Graham

Graham means “gravel homestead” or “grey home” in English.

43. Glenn

Derived from the Gaelic word Gleann, Glenn means’ valley.’

44. Green

This name of English origin means “green” or refers to ‘families who lived in Greene, a village in the UK.’

45. Grey

Grey means “grey-haired” in English.

46. Henry 

Henry combines the German word Heinrich, where “heim” refers to home, and “ric” refers to a leader.

47. Higgins 

Derived from the Irish word huiginn, Higgins refers to the ‘son of Uiginn.’ Uiginn is also a nickname for a Viking. 

48. Hogg 

This Scottish surname refers to ‘people who look after cattle.’

49. Hutton 

This Scottish and northern English surname refers to a tapered hilltop or mountain that has been enclosed.

50. Hyatt 

Hyatt means ‘a tall gate’ or ‘doorway’ in English.

51. Hamilton 

Derived from “Hamel,” meaning twisted or curved, and “dun” meaning a hill, this last name comes from Scottish and Irish origin.

52. Harris 

Harris denotes a descendant of Harry in Old English.

53. Hall 

Derived from English, Scottish, and Irish origin, Hall refers to “Someone who lived in or worked in a hall or manor house.”

54. Jackson 

 This American, Scottish, Irish, and English surname means “son of Jack.”

55. James 

James comes from the Hebrew name Jacob and means “supplanter.”

56. Jarret 

Derived from English origin, Jarrett means ‘son of Gerald.’

57. Jeffrey 

This German surname means ‘a calm and quiet vow or a person who travels.’

58. Johnson 

This English surname means “son of John.”

59. Jonas 

This Hebrew surname means “dove.”

60. Kenton

Kenton denotes ‘royal chieftain’ in English.

61. Knight 

From the old English word knight, Knight means a soldier on a horse.

62. Lawrence 

This Latin surname means “bright.”

63. Lewis

This English surname means “famed warrior.”

64. Leon 

Leon refers to the majestic animal “lion” in Greek.

65. Levy 

Levy means “combining” in Hebrew.

66. Lee 

Lee means’ plum’ or ‘plum tree’ in Chinese.

67. Malcolm 

Derived from Gaelic origin, Malcolm means “devotee of Saint Columba.”

68. Mcpherson 

An English version of the Gaelic word Mac,  Phearsain means ‘heir of the parson.’

69. McKenley 

Derived from Gaelic origin, McKenley refers to the “descendent of Finlay.”

70. Miller 

This Old English surname refers to a person who owned or worked in a grain mill.’

71. Marshall

Marshall means “lover of horses” in French.

72. Morgan

Morgan means “sea chief” in Welsh.

73. Myers 

Myers means “steward or bailiff,” as in the magistrate of a city or town in German.

74. Matthews 

Derived from the Hebrew name Mattityahu, Matthews means “gift of Yahweh,” or “gift of God.”

75. Nembhard 

Derived from the Germanic word Nan(d)hart, where “and” Nembhard means ‘bold’ or ‘fearless’ and ‘hard.’

76. Owen 

Owen denotes someone born in a noble family or a noble person in Welsh.

77. Palmer

This English surname means “Holy land pilgrim.”

78. Pessoa 

Pesoa means ‘a person’ or ‘human’ in Portuguese.

79. Phillips

This Greek surname means “friend of horses.”

80. Powell 

Powell in Welsh means “son of Hywel.”

81. Pratt 

 Derived from Old English origin, Pratt refers to someone who likes to play pranks or tricks. 

82. Robinson 

This English patronymic surname means “son of Robin. “

83. Reid

This Scottish surname means “red.”

84. Rose 

Rose comes from the Germanic word Hrodohaidis meaning “someone famous.”

85. Samuels 

Derived from the Old Testament of the Bible, Hebrew Samuels means either “God has heard” or “name of God.”

86. Scott 

Derived from Latin, Scott is a ‘Scotsman’ or ‘a person from Scotland.’ Scott also translates as ‘wanderer.’

87. Simpson 

This English and Scottish surname means “Son of Simme.”

88. Singh 

Derived from Indian origin, Singh means ‘hero.’

89. Smith

Smith means “to smite” in English.

90. Stewart 

This Scottish surname means ‘warden’ or ‘guardian.’

91. Thompson

Thompson means “son of Thomas” in English.

92. Tyndale 

Tyndale denotes a person from the valley of Tynedale in England.

93. Vaughan 

This Welsh surname means ‘something small’ or ‘tiny.’

94. Vassell 

Vassell refers to people who served under a king in Medieval English.

95. Weston 

Weston refers to a “town in the west” in English.

96. Watson 

Derived from English and Scottish origin, Watson means “Son of Walter.”

97. Walker 

Derived from English and German origin, Walker means “a fuller of cloth.”

98. Wheeler 

Derived from English origin, Wheeler means ‘someone who works with wheels’ or ‘makes wheels.’

99. William 

Walker means “resolute protector” or “strong-willed warrior” in English.

100. Wilson 

Wilson means “desired protection” in English.

Surnames should be pleasant in sound, have a relevant meaning, and be popular. Parents can also create a last name representing their values or how they see their family. Regardless of the approach you choose, making an informed choice is essential as the last name represents your baby’s name for the rest of their life.

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