Top 60 Preppy Baby Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

60 Best Preppy Baby Names For Boys and Girls

Your baby will eventually chart his/her future and develop a distinct personality. He will choose his path. However, you can choose a suitable name, and it will have a significant influence throughout his life. Preppy names are an obvious first choice when parents begin their search for baby names. We have sorted out the preppiest baby names for baby boys and girls to make your quest for a baby name a lot easier.

Preppy Baby Boy Names

Here is the list of 30 trendiest preppy names for boys that you will like:

1. Abel

Here is a name with a literary connection. It is also the name of Adam and Eve’s younger son. The meaning of the name is ‘breath or vapour’.

2. Abbot

Abbot refers to a man who is the head of a religious community of monks. The name has English and Scottish origins and it was originally a surname.

3. Abraham

One of the cool preppy boy names, it means ‘father of multitudes.’ This name finds reference in American history and the Bible as well.

4. Abner

It is a Hebrew name that means ‘father of light.’ It was the name of the commander of Saul’s army and it’s also mentioned twice in the New Testament.

5. Aldridge

It means ‘sage.’ This Teutonic baby boy’s name can be the right choice due to its meaning and sound.

6. Arthur

The meaning of this name is ‘noble and courageous.’ The name comes from the Roman clan name Artorius.

7. Andrew

The name is an excellent choice for your baby boy. It is an English form of the Greek name Andreas. The word means ‘manly or masculine.’

8. Archer

Although it is an English surname, it refers to ‘someone who shoots an arrow’. Nevertheless, the name is widely popular amongst parents looking for preppy names.

9. Baxter

Baxter is an Anglo-Saxon and Scottish baby boy’s name, meaning ‘baker.’

10. Bradford

The name has an Anglo-Saxon origin, and it means ‘from the broad ford or wide river crossing.’

11. Bradley

It is an English name that refers to ‘broad meadow.’ Originally a surname, now it is more popular as a name.

12. Carter

Another preppy boy name that sounds exclusive. Originated in the 12th century as an occupational name meaning ‘one who transports goods’, in modern times, it has seen a lot of popularity.

13. Charles

A widely popular name in the European continent, it has a German origin, derived from the name Karl. The name got famous due to the many kings who have been named Charles.

14. Chandler

Originally it means ‘a seller and maker of candles.’ Although it can be a feminine name as well,  it is more preferred as a baby boy’s name.

15. Connery

It is a unique name. It has an Irish origin and means ‘warrior-lord.’ It is derived from the Irish name Conaire.

16. Douglas

It has a Scottish origin. It means ‘black stream.’ Derived from the Scottish Gaelic words dubh glas, this name is also a popular surname.

17. Ethan

It is a classic one and sounds like one of those cool preppy boy names. It means ‘strong or firm.’ The name is derived from a Hebrew word and also has a mention in the Old Testament.

18. Elliott

It is derived from the Greek word Elias. It means ‘Jehovah is God.’ Moreover, you can pronounce it a little differently—Ellyought.

19. Harrison

A common English surname, this name means ‘son of Harry.’

20. Ingram

The name has Germanic roots. Unique and full of personality and intelligence, it can be a perfect name for your baby boy. The name means ‘Ing’s raven’ and Ing was the Norse god of peace and fertility.

21. Isaac

It is a Hebrew name that means ‘laughter.’ Isaac was the son of Sarah and Abraham as per the Old Testament.

22. Jacob

The name originates from the biblical story of Jacob’s birth. It means ‘the one that supplants’.

23. Marshall

A name of English and Scottish origins. The name means ‘keeper of horses.’

24. Merritt

One name that is trending these years is this one. It is an English name that means ‘boundary gate.’

25. Nathan

Derived from Hebrew, the name Nathan was the name of a prophet in the Old Testament. The name means ‘he gave.’

26. Orson

It is a name of Latin origin, meaning ‘bear cub.’

27. Philip

It comes from the Greek name Philippos which means ‘friend of horses’. It was also the name of the father of Alexander the Great.

28. Thompson

While the name may see its popularity going down in recent years, it was once a famous name. The name means ‘son of Thom.’

29. Teague

The good thing is that it rhymes with ‘league.’ This Irish origin name means ‘poet or philosopher.’

30. Whitaker

A rather unusual name, it has an English origin and means ‘white field or acre.’

Preppy Baby Girl Names

Here is another list for lovely and preppy baby girl names:

1. Alexandra

It is the feminine form of Alexander. It refers to someone who is the ‘defender of humans’.

2. Arabella

Arabella is a Latin name which is derived from the word orabilis. The meaning of the name is ‘yielding to prayer.’

3. Bunny

The name sounds cuddly and sweet. It can be used for both boys and girls.

4. Buffy

The name has a country-side feel to it. It is a nickname for Elizabeth and quite a popular name on a television series.

5. Bitsy

It is another short form of the name Elizabeth. It is a Hebrew name that means ‘pledged to God.’

6. Blair

It is an English name of Scottish Gaelic origins. Originally a surname, this name means a ‘plain or field.’

7. Blythe

It is a preppy baby name for your daughter. It is a perfect choice as it means ‘a cheerful and carefree person.’

8. Chip

It is one name that will never go out of style. It commonly comes as a reference with the phrase ‘chip off the old block’ meaning a child who takes after their father.

9. Catherine

Here is a classic name that has its origins in Latin and Greek. It means ‘pure.’

10. Ellison

More popular in the US as a female name, it refers to the ‘son of Ellis.’

11. Elizabeth

This feminine name originates from the Hebrew name Elisheva. The meaning is, ‘My God is abundance.’

12. Emma

The name has a German origin. It means ‘universal.’

13. Fern

The name has an Anglo-Saxon origin. It probably refers to the beautiful green plant.

14. Grace

The name gained popularity in the 17th century. It has a Latin origin and can be a good choice for your graceful little girl.

15. Hadley

An English name, this one means ‘heather field.’ The name is more famous, as it was the name of Ernest Hemingway’s wife.

16. Happy

It is a nice name for your daughter. After all, the meaning is so cheerful.

17. Hyacinth

The name comes from a Greek word that means ‘purple colour or a flower’. How about this floral name for your princess?

18. Ingrid

The name has German origin and means ‘beautiful.’ The name has significance in Norse mythology as it means ‘Ing is beautiful’ and Ing is the god of peace and fertility.

19. Jensen

It is a Scandinavian name for baby girl. Its uniqueness makes it an ideal entry to rich preppy girl names. It means ‘Jehovah has been gracious’.

20. Lark

Lark means ‘merry times’. Gift your daughter this name and wish happiness for her entire life.

21. Libby

The name is a short form of Elizabeth. It is a famous name in England, and it refers to ‘God’s promise.’

22. Mabel

It is a Latin baby name that means ‘beautiful and lovable’. Ever since the 19th century, the name has maintained its popularity.

23. Madeline

The name has a French origin, and it refers to ‘a woman from Magdala’.

24. Plum

It is a famous British name that is the name of fruit, and the name Plum is quite rare and unique.

25. Poppy

The name has been popular since the 19th century and continues to be. The name has a Latin origin and refers to ‘a red flower’.

26. Scarlett

It is an English name that means ‘the colour red’. It is quite a literary touch to it, as it the name of the heroine in a famous novel by Margaret Mitchell.

27. Serena

This Latin name means ‘peaceful.’ If you are a sports fan, you already know the famous personality with this name.

28. Samantha

It is a name with a sweet nickname as well – ‘Sam.’ The meaning of this name is ‘listener.’ This name has a Armaic and Greek origins.

29. Tilly

This preppy name is derived from German and it means ‘mighty in war.’ It can be used as a nickname as well.

30. Whitney

It is a funny and preppy name for your baby girl. This English refers to ‘white island.’ We all remember the famous singer Whitney Houston.

Preppy girl and boy names for your child will add a distinct trait to your child’s overall personality as he/she grows up. Give her one more reason to thank you as she grows up. Spend a little time and discuss with your spouse. You will surely find a name that you both like and equally suits your baby boy or girl. These strong and successful sounding names are a meaningful as well.

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