120 Fairy, Mermaid And Magical Names For Boys & Girls

120 Fairy, Mermaid And Magical Names For Boys & Girls

Only parents can understand the feeling of holding their child for the very first time. It is purely magical ! Some also feel their children are angels sent from above. So, it’s natural for them to look for magical baby names. If you are looking for unique but magical names, look no further. We have compiled a list of names for boys and girls, which are inspired by fairytales, fairies, mermaids, and magic! These exquisite names are not limited to a certain language or culture but explore all myths and fantasies we have in our world. Go on, then. Choose the best one for your child from these top mystical names.

Names play a vital role in a person’s life. It is believed that a person aligns with his/her name. That is why parents these days research well before naming their babies. Some like it quirky, while others might like an old-fashioned approach, but the meaning should be satisfactory.

Magical, Fairy, and Mermaid Baby Girl Names

Mystical female names are known for their strong and powerful meanings and significance. Below are 60 exquisite and enchanting names for your darling daughter:

1. Aerwyna

The name sounds so regal and has a beautiful meaning too! It has an English origin, and it means ‘Friend of the Sea’.

2. Aine

This name has a Greek origin and is an apt name for your little princess. It means ‘Queen of fairies’.

3. Althea

Althea is a Greek name meaning ‘wholesome’ and ‘with healing power’. It is also the name of a flower – althea flower.

4. Ariel

This name became popular after the launch of the animated movie, The Little Mermaid. The name, however, means ‘Lion of the God’ and is a powerful one you can choose for your darling daughter.

5. Avery

It is quite a popular name used in several Hollywood movies. It means ‘ruler of elves’. Elves are human-like beings who possess supernatural beauty and magical powers. Imagine how cool it would be to be their ruler!

6. Asherah

The name has Hebrew origin and has a royal connection. Asherah was the goddess of fertility and motherhood. The name means ‘she who walks in the sea’.

7. Asia

Everybody knows it as the name of a continent. But, in Greek Mythology, she was the daughter of Oceanus. The name means ‘sunrise’. It turns out to be a perfect name for your daughter.

8. Aurora

She is the Goddess of Dawn. As you know, Dawn is considered to be the inception of a new start to everything. Let your child be that new start in your life by naming her Aurora!

9. Brigit

Brigit is an Irish name meaning ‘strength’.

10. Brucie

It is a simple name but has a sassy ring to it! It means ‘forest fairy’. How enchanting and huge!

11. Calliope

Calliope is an enchanting girl’s name with Greek roots. The meaning of the name is ‘beautiful voice’.

12. Calypso

She was a beautiful sea nymph and fell in love with Odysseus. The name means ‘she who conceals’.

13. Celeste

The name sounds so magical. It has French roots and means ‘heavenly’. It is also a musical instrument used to represent the sugar plum fairy.

14. Charlotte

This commonly kept name means ‘baby princess fairy’. This princess ensures all babies are safe and well-kept!

15. Chepi

This name has a Native American origin and does full justice to parents who are searching for some magical names. The name means ‘fairy’.

16. Dana

She is considered to be one of the greatest Irish Goddesses. You will love this cute and short name for your daughter as it also means wealth, wisdom, abundance, teacher and knowledge.

17. Derya

This name has an enchanting meaning and originates from Turkey. It means ‘one who is from the ocean’.

18. Devas

Devas is the plural of an Indian-origin name Deva, which refers to ‘god-like’ and ‘divine’. It is used to refer to benevolent supernatural beings.

19. Dianthe

This amazing name is of Greek origin and means ‘divine flower or ‘the flower of Gods’. A perfect choice of name for your Gift from God!

20. Doris

Some names are evergreen throughout. This name is such! It is a little old fashioned, yet people love it these days too. It means ‘gift of the ocean’.

21. Earwine

This popular choice of name and originates from England. It means ‘friend of the sea’.

22. Ellie

It is a popular choice of name which means ‘beautiful fairy woman’.

23. Eliza

Eliza is the swan princess who is known for her courage, sincerity, kindness, and love for people. It is an apt name for mumma’s darling princess.

24. Elvina

The name means ‘Elf Empress’. Bless your child with this name so that she can hold so much power to rule an empire!

25. Fay

It is an old English word which means ‘fairy’. This one probably is the most befitting name under the magical names category.

26. Fairy

It is quite a straightforward and simple name if you are looking for a fairy related name.

27. Firtha

The name has a captivating feel and was originated from Scotland. It is an apt mermaid name as it means ‘arm of the sea’.

28. Flora

Flora is a magical name absolutely perfect for your little fairy.

29. Holly

The name itself has a very jolly vibe. The name has also been used as a character in the Sci-Fi movie Artemis Fowl.

30. Iris

Iris is one of the popular Disney fairies. Iris is also the name of a beautiful flower.

31. Isla

It is short for Island but is also a name in Scotland. In Scotland, it means ‘Queen of Hebrides’.

32. Jasmine

This name is popular because Jasmine was the princess of Aladdin in the all-time classic, Arabian Night. The name means ‘gift from God’.

33. Jenny

Jenny is a cheerful girl’s name meaning ‘fair one’.

34. Kaia

This cute and short name has two origins. For Greeks, it means ‘pure’ while in Hawaiian it means ‘the sea’. It is a pristine choice of name!

35. Kami

With its Japanese roots, Kami means ‘Shinto gods’ and ‘perfect’.

36. Kelpie

The name sounds sweet as a pie and appeared in Celtic myths. Kelpie was a water horse which could turn into beautiful women to lure people into traps.

37. Kendra

This wizard inspired name has English roots. This will be a perfect choice of name according to your requirement because it means ‘water baby’ or ‘magical’.

38. Lana

This name might remind you of Lana Turner, the famous Hollywood actress. In Hawaiian, this name means ‘as calm as in still waters’ or ‘afloat’, signifying an element of the world of mermaids.

39. Lesedi

This beautiful and unique name means ‘light’.

Lesedi - Fairy, Mermaid And Magical Names For Girls

40. Linett

This short and cute name means ‘a fairy’ or ‘a nymph’.

41. Lorelei

In German tales, she was a mermaid who used to live in the Rhine River. The name means ‘alluring’. Ain’t that too pretty for your daughter?

42. Maraja

If you are searching for some enchanting baby names, your search might end on this one! It means ‘made of the sea’. Isn’t it a beautiful yet strong name for your daughter?

43. Mariam

It is a traditional name of Latin or Hebrew origin. The meaning of the name is quite royal as it means ‘star of the sea’.

44. Marin

This cute name is short of the name Marina. It has Gaelic and Irish roots and also means ‘star of the sea’.

45. Marcelline

This name has a French origin, and it means ‘defender of the sea’. What a strong name to keep!

46. Marilla

This name comes from the Irish or the Celtic people. It means ‘shining sea’, representing the home of the magical mermaids.

47. Melody

This name has Greek roots and means ‘music’, which is no less than magic. Bless your daughter with this name, and she will add music into your life.

48. Meri

This unusual sounding name means ‘the sea’. A perfect name to represent the world of the mythical sea creatures, including mermaids.

Meri - Fairy, Mermaid And Magical Names For Girls

49. Muirgen

This is a magical name for your darling daughter as it means ‘born of the sea’.

50. Naida

The name Naida means ‘water nymph’ and has Arabic roots. Girls with this name are known for their kindness and helping nature. They are adventurers, too.

51. Nerissa

The name is quite charming and has Latin American or Greek roots. It means ‘daughter of the sea’. How apt a choice of a magical name it is!

52. Ondine

Name your child Ondine as it means ‘little wave’. She might not understand initially, but life is such; it goes up and down. The name is also derived from ‘Undine’, which means ‘the spirit of the waters’.

53. Pari

A very popular name in India which is generally kept as a nick-name, but can be the first name too! It means ‘fairy’.

54. Parisa

This gorgeous name has Persian origin and means ‘like a fairy’.

55. Pixie

This cute little name is sure to catch attention. Pixie’s are believed to be mythical creatures who can fly and were used to be naughty.

56. Rosemary

This popular name has Latin origin and means ‘sea dew’. It is also a native herb of Mediterranean which is known for its healing power. Ain’t that amazing!

57. Sen

This short and adorable name will be enough to show your love for your daughter. It means ‘lotus flower’ in Vietnamese, and ‘hermit’ or ‘wizard’ in Japanese.

58. Shayla

This name has Hindi roots, and the meaning is significant! It means ‘fairy palace’ in Irish Gaelic.

59. Shui

This is a cute and short magical name for your little daughter. It has a Chinese origin and means ‘she, who comes from the water’.

60. Tiana

This name became popular after the story of the Princess and the frog. It has a priceless meaning, too – ‘fairy queen’.

Tiana - Fairy, Mermaid And Magical Names For Girls

Magical, Fairy, and Mermaid Baby Boy Names

Fairy male names are not very common, which makes them even more precious. Below is the list of 60 names for baby boys which are inspired by magic and have an enchanting vibe to them:

1. Aelfdene

This pleasant-sounding name means ‘from the elfin valley’.

2. Ambudhi

This is quite an unusual name to choose but a good choice if you are searching for magical names. It is of Indian origin and means ‘the sea’ and represents the world of the magical creatures living in the sea.

3. Alladin

He is a popular Disney character from the Arabian Nights. The name has an exquisite meaning, and it means the ‘height of religion’.

4. Aalton

The name has Finnish roots and is a regal choice of name. Let your child drift smoothly through life by naming him Aalton as it means ‘waves’.

5. Angus

He is considered to be the ‘Celtic God of beauty and youth’. Name your child Angus, and he might get blessed with an eternal youth and charm.

6. Arion

This enchanting name has two origins, Green and Hebrew. In Greek, it means ‘an immortal horse who can talk’, and in Hebrew, the name means ‘melodious’.

7. Abijam

This name belongs to Israel and means ‘father of the sea’. Such a powerful choice of name for your boy!

8. Alfred

The name is quite a popular choice and is of English origin. The meaning is incredible too! It means ‘elf power’.

9. Basil

Basil has a very casual affair to it. This cool-sounding name means ‘regal’.

10. Bran

He was the Celtic God of Health and son of Welsh sea God. The name also comes from Bran the Blessed, a giant, who was also the king of Britain according to a Welsh legend. Ain’t that regal, powerful and magical now?

11. Bhupendra

It is quite a sharp choice of name if we go by the words. It’s an Indian name and means ‘king of the kings’ or ‘king of the earth’.

12. Cas

This name is influenced by the Dutch/Persian. It means ‘king of the treasure’ and is a small-cute name to keep!

13. Caspian

Remember the Chronicles of Narnia Series? Then, you must also remember the handsome and heartthrob Prince Caspian. This will certainly suit your little prince.

14. Cedric

This name means ‘bounty’ and is the name of a famous character in the popular series, Harry Potter.

15. Cleon

It is such an attractive name to keep! It means ‘glorious’ and was the name of a night fairy in the video game, Bust-a-Move 4.

16. Casper

It is a Disney inspired name and has Swedish, Persian, Dutch, Norwegian or Danish origin. It means ‘king of the treasure’. The name was also popularized by the movie Casper.

17. Cullen

This is the second name of the vampire family in the Twilight series. Although it has an Irish origin and means ‘handsome’, it has been associated with the world of vampires ever since the movie was launched.

18. Draco

As magical the name sounds, the meaning is magical too! It means ‘dragon’, the mythical fire-breathing beast. It is also the name of a famous character in the Harry Potter series.

19. Dylan

This is such a common name to keep, but is evergreen! It means ‘son of the sea’.

20. Earwyn

This name is of English origin and is popular too. It means ‘friend of the sea’.

21. Easton

This name has an English origin. It has two meanings; one is ‘magical powers’, and the second, ‘island of stones’.

22. Edward

This name means ‘rich guard’. The popularity of this name increased because of the dashing lead in the Twilight series.

23. Eric

He is the prince charming in Disney’s famous film, the Little Mermaid. The name has Scandinavian roots with deep meaning. It means ‘eternal ruler’.

24. Finn

He was the main lead in the folktale, the Snow Queen. The name means ‘fair’ or ‘white’.

Finn - Fairy, Mermaid And Magical Names For Boys

25. Flynn

The name sounds so sassy and means ‘son of the red-haired one’. It is the name of a character in the fairy tale, Tangled.

26. Gazsi

It is quite an exquisite choice name of Hungarian or Persian origin. It means ‘king of the treasure’. That is definitely powerful!

27. Galel

This exquisite merman name is of Arabic/Hebrew origin with magical meaning. It means ‘wave of God’. Magical, isn’t it?

28. Gil

Gil is the name of merman from the Nickelodeon series Bubble Guppies. The actual meaning of this name is ‘happiness’.

29. Hans

Hans has several origins and respective meanings, including Scandinavian, Dutch, German, and Indian. Some of its meanings are ‘God has been gracious’ and ‘swan’.

30. Hansel

This magic inspired name means ‘God is Gracious’. It is also a character in the magical fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel.

31. Jack

This name is commonly picked up in movies, TV series and plays. That’s because it is short and has a magnificent meaning too! It means ‘God is gracious’.

32. Jesper

Bless your child with a life full of spark. This name is of Danish/Persian origin and means ‘the keeper of the treasure’. Jesper is also the name of a character in a Scandinavian fairytale named, Jesper Who Herded the Hares.

33. Jiminy

If you are on the lookout for a spectacular yet rare name, then this could be it. The name means ‘supplanter’. Jiminy is also the cricket character in the movie Pinocchio.

34. Kano

Searching for a magical name for your boy? Your search might end here! This cute name is of Japanese origin and means ‘the God of the waters’.

35. Katsumi

This cute name is of Japanese origin and has a magical meaning too! It means ‘win over the sea’ or ‘the God of the waters’.

36. Kawai

Wish for a bright and clear life for your child by naming him Kawai. This name is of Hawaiian origin and means ‘coming from water’.

37. Lucius

Lucius is a Latin boy’s name with a sassy undertone. The name means ‘light’.

38. Magus

The name means ‘sorcerer’, and can be a great magical name for your little one.

39. Merv

This magnificent name has Irish roots and means ‘the one who loves the sea’.

40. Morgan

It is a popular name that comes from a character in the magical world of Camelot and King Arthur. The name is of Welsh origin and means’ sea defender’.

41. Mufidy

This exquisite name belongs to Scotland and means ‘man of the sea’. How strong and attractive!

42. Neptune

The name originated from Latin America and means ‘God of water’. We wish a clean, calm, yet a strong personality for your boy.

Neptune - Fairy, Mermaid And Magical Names For Boys

43. Nicholas

Nicholas is a classic and worldly name of Greek origin, which means ‘victory of the people’.

44. Oberon

An English version of the French name Auberon, the name means ‘elf ruler’.

45. Peter

This was the name of a character in Peter Pan, and also has Greek roots. It means ‘rock’. How powerful a choice of name!

46. Philip

The name means ‘lover of horses’. He was the prince charming in the famous fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty.

47. Phillip

Phillip is a popular character of a prince from the worldwide famous fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. The name means ‘lover of horses’.

48. Phorcys

He is the ‘sea God’ and the name originates in Greece.

49. Proteus

This name has a Greek origin and is a truly powerful as well as a magical name. It means ‘a sea God’.

50. Sachiel

This name is of Israeli origin and is a perfect magical name. It means ‘angel of water’.

51. Samudra

This is an Indian origin name which means ‘lord of the ocean’. This is a strong one for your child.

52. Seaward

This name is of English origin and is magical as well as powerful at the same time! It means ‘sea guardian’.

53. Tangaroa

The name belongs to New Zealand and means ‘God of the sea’.

54. Tamaki

Tamaki is a popular Japanese name. It means ‘a jewel or ‘a gem’. It is an apt name for your precious one who is no less than a prince from a magical place.

55. Terence

Every parent wishes for a smooth life for their child. Name your child Terence, and the wish might come true! That’s because it means ‘smooth’, ‘soft’, and ‘tender’. Leave a magical wish in the universe to bless your little one with this beautiful name.

56. Tyrion

This name was popularized by the famous series Game of Thrones. It has an Irish origin and means ‘one who belongs to the land of Eoghan’.

57. Valdimar

This Icelandic merman name which means ‘ruler of the ocean’ is definitely magnificent.

58. Zealand

This is an English name which means ‘from the sea-land’.

59. Zephyr

This is an eccentric choice of name which means the gentle, mild and magical ‘west wind’. If Greek Mythology is to be believed, he was the God of the west wind.

Zephyr - Fairy, Mermaid And Magical Names For Boys

60. Zeus

Zeus is the name of an ancient Greek God. The name was also popularized in the animated series Hercules. Zeus could control lightning and thunder and ruled Mount Olympus in the animated series.


1. How Can You Select a Magical Baby Name for My Child?

When selecting a magical name, it’s crucial to be mindful of the religious and cultural significance attached to certain names. Taking this consideration into account ensures that the adoption of magical names is done with sensitivity and awareness. Moreover, make sure that the magical name certainly matches the baby’s qualities.

2. Are There Any Cultural Considerations When Choosing a Magical Baby Name?

Some names carry deep religious importance and cultural symbolism, and their random allocation may unintentionally offend or hurt the sentiments of specific communities. It is essential to approach the choice of magical names with respect for the sacred meanings they may hold within various religious and cultural contexts.

3. Can Baby’s Birth Month Impact the Decision of Choosing a Magical Baby Name?

It is a common belief that a child’s birth month may influence the characteristics and traits of the child. Therefore, a magical name should be allotted accordingly. 

Your little one must have brought a spark and magic into your life! Now, it’s your turn to enhance that magic. Name him/her with a name that is inspired by fairytales and magic. We hope this list of cute fairy names helps you to do so. Wishing you a great life ahead for you and your little one!

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