Morgan Name Meaning

  • Name :morgan
  • Meaning :great circle,morgan as a boy's name (also more extended, the names of girl morgan) is very morgan. it is welsh origin, and the meaning of morgan is "circular sea." it is also possible (welsh) "brightness" or (alt-english) "bright or white sea-dweller". the actor morgan freeman; the financier jp morgan.,morgan as a girl, the name is used (less often than kids his name to morgan) it is very early in the morning. it is welsh and old english origin, and the meaning of morgan is "circular sea or great brightness; bright or white sea-dweller". the interpretation of meanings, and to suggest the magical machinations of king arthur's jealous sister, morgan le fay. the use of the girl arose in the 1980s, probably due to actress morgan fairchild. morgaine and morgayne medieval irish forms.,sea circle, ghost of the queen, generous,sea-born, sea song or sea-circle,travel, the sea
  • Gender :Unisex

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