30 Trending Double Barelled Baby Names


Finding a suitable name for your baby is no easy task. It would be best if you choose a name that has the balance of uniqueness and relevance. Double-barreled names have become popular over the last few years for parents. Popular in the United States and gaining acceptance everywhere else, let us find out more about these names.

What Are Double-Barelled Names?

In simple words, joining two names with a hyphen becomes a double-barreled name. It is commonly known as a hyphenated name as well. These names are a trend in America and traditionally these names are British, German, and Hispanic.

Should Your Baby’s Double Name Be Hyphenated or Not?

The opinions may differ regarding these hyphenated first names, and the choice is entirely personal. However, if you do intend to go for a double-barelled name for your little one, you will definitely find our list useful.

Beautiful Double Barrelled Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Here is a list of cute double girl names for you to choose:

1. Amelia-Rose

Amelia is an English name that means ‘work,’ while Rose is a Latin name that refers to a lower. It is a lovely choice of a double-barreled name for your little princess.

2. Ava-Grace

It is derivative from the Latin word ‘Avis,’ which means ‘a bird,’ whereas Grace means ‘kindness or favor.’

3. Aurora-Claire

Both the names have a Latin origin, wherein Aurora means ‘dawn,’ and Claire means ‘bright.’ This double-barreled name sparks optimism and joy.

4. Casey-Lee

Here is another catchy double-barreled name for your daughter. Casey means ‘vigilant’, and Lee refers to ‘dweller by the wood.’

5. Demi-Leigh

Demi is a French name that comes from Demetria, meaning small. Leigh is a classic English name meaning ‘delicate.’ Your daughter will love this name as she grows up.

6. Elle-Mae

Elle is a French form meaning ‘feminine,’ and Mae means ‘pearl.’ Together these two make an excellent hyphenated name for a girl.

7. Emily-Maebh

Emily is a popular German baby name that means ‘industrious,’ and Maebh refers to ‘she who intoxicates.’ This name will draw admiration from all over.

8. Layla-Rose

Together with Rose, this name gets very attractive. Layla is an Arabic word referring to ‘intoxicating beauty.’

9. Mariah-Zoe

Mariah is a Greek name meaning ‘beloved,’ Zoe is Greek too referring to ‘life.’ Together these two make a contemporary name for your baby girl.

10. Naomi-Lila

Naomi is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘pleasant,’ and Lila is Arabic that refers to ‘night.’ Together it becomes a name full of style and sweetness for your little girl.

11. Olivia-Rose

Olivia is a popular name in Europe and the US as well. It has a Latin origin referring to ‘an Olive tree.’ Adding rose to it makes it all more appealing.

12. Sarah-Jane

Together these two Hebrew origin names make a great choice of hyphenated girl names.  Sarah means ‘princess’ and Jane refers to ‘God is merciful.’

13. Samantha-Quinn

Here is another right choice for cute double names for baby girls. Combining these two names gives a meaning ‘wise listener.’ The name is a mix of tradition and trend.

14. Vivian-Cora

Vivian means ‘full of life,’, and Cora refers to ‘filled heart.’ Combining these two names gets us a beautiful meaning ‘heart full of life.’ It is a name that is traditional and yet unique.

15. Amaya-Misty

Amaya comes from Japanese, meaning ‘night rain.’ Together these two names refer to ‘night full of mist and rain.’ It is a nice choice of name for a baby girl who grows up into an independent personality.

Unique Double Barrelled Baby Boy Names With Meanings

1. Aaron-Alexander

Aaron is of Hebrew origin, which means ‘enlightened.’ Alexander is a famous Greek name that refers to ‘defender of man.’

2. Anthony-Caden

Here is a word that is a mix of modernity and tradition. Anthony means ‘priceless,’ and Caden means ‘friend or companion.’ It can be a perfect choice for double boy names.

3. Alfie-James

Alfie is an English baby name that means ‘sage or wise.’ James comes from Hebrew and is a derivative of Jacob. It means ‘one who follows.’

4. Billy-Joe

Billy is an English name that means ‘resolute protector.’ Joe is a short form of ‘Joseph.’ It refers to ‘God will increase.’

5. Carlo-Jay

Carlo comes from the German name ‘Karl,’ while Jay refers to a ‘bird.’ Together the name means ‘free bird.’ Let your baby boy grow into an independent soul with this name.

6. David-Ryan

David is a classical name with a Hebrew origin, and it means ‘beloved.’ Ryan is another similar Irish name, referring to the ‘little king.’ The two names merge to give a unique sounding name with subtle meaning.

7. Dylan-Grant

Dylan is of Welsh origin, which means ‘god of the sea.’ Grant is a Latin word that means ‘immense.’ The two names together mean ‘great sea.’

8. Felix-Jonah

Felix means ‘lucky or happy,’ whereas Jonah means ‘dove.’ The sound of the name is melodious, and your baby boy will love its fancy feel.

9. Freddie-George

It is a pet form of the German name Fredrick meaning ‘peace,’ whereas George is a Greek name that means ‘tiller of the soil.’ It is one of the popular southern double names for boys.

10. Jason-Connor

Jason comes from Greek, referring to a healer, and Connor is a Scottish name meaning wise. The name gives you a modern feel.

11. Kal-El

Kal comes from the Latin word that is a diminutive of ‘Calvin.’ El is a generic word that we often use for referring to God. It is a short and unique sounding double-barreled name for your baby boy.

12. Ray-Ari

Ray is a French word means ‘kingly’, and Ari comes from Hebrew, referring to ‘lion.’ It is a regal double-barreled name for your baby boy that combines the trend and tradition.

13. Reggie-Ray

Reggie means ‘king,’ and Ray means ‘a wise protector.’ Combining these two names, we arrive at a beautiful meaning that will suit your baby boy the most.

14. Tommy-Lee

It is derived from the name ‘Thomas’ and means ‘twins.’ Lee comes from ‘Leah’ referring to ‘dweller by the woods.’

15. Teddy-Thomas

Teddy is an old English name that refers to a ‘wealthy guardian.’ Thomas is a Biblical name that means ‘twins.’ The name sounds appealing.

If you thought it was difficult to choose a double-barreled name for your baby boy or girl, we have made it all easy for you. Trendy, appealing, and meaningful, there is one for your baby too.


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