Top 100 Egyptian Girl Names With Meanings

100 Egyptian Names for Girls & Their Meanings

If you are an expecting parent, then apart from all the work that goes around having a newborn, choosing a name is the most fun and important. A name is the first treasure of a child, so thinking it through and finding the most suitable one has a lot of significance in one’s life. They say your name can influence the way you turn out in life. So, you must choose the name that you want your child to reflect.

Egyptian female names are from an ancient civilization, and one is reminded of Cleopatra and her beauty when one thinks of Egypt. As Egypt is known for its rich culture and mythology, Egyptian names are also a testament to its age-old history. Apart from being ancient names, Egyptian names are also a little Arabic in nature which throws light on the diverse culture of this historic place.

Unique & Popular Egyptian Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Go through our list of cute names and some Egyptian goddess names to choose the most wonderful and suitable name for your little princess.

1. Akila

Akila means “intelligent” in Arabic. A sensible and wise woman is what your little girl with this name grows up to be. This name has a similar meaning in many different languages, like Swahili. 

2. Amunet

This is an ancient Egyptian name with a profound meaning. It means “the mythical goddess of mystery”. A lilting name which imparts an aura of intrigue to your baby girl. One of the most beautiful Egyptian girl names that start with a. 

3. Anat

Anat has a Semitic root with a poetic meaning, “water spring”. Water is the source of life, and your sweet little girl would prove to be one. Anat is also revered as the goddess of fertility. As per mythology, she was the sister of God Hadad.

4. Anippe

This name of Egyptian origin means “daughter of the Nile”. A unique name for your girl with a melody to it. 

5. Asenath

Asenath was the Egyptian wife of Joseph and the mother of Manasseh and Ephraim. This sonorous name is a befitting name for you, girl and means “devoted to the goddess Neith”. 

6. Auset

This name of Egyptian origin is another mythical name for Isis. The literal meaning of this is “The throne”.  This is a sophisticated and bold name for your child.

7. Ain

Ain is an Arabic/Muslim Girl name, and the meaning of this name is “precious”, “eye”, and “God was gracious”.

8. Anipe

Anippe is an Egyptian Girl’s name, and the meaning of this name is “daughter of the Nile”.

9. Aziza

The name Aziza is a girl’s name of Arabic, Hebrew, and Swahili origin meaning “powerful” and “beloved”.

10. Bahiti

This is originally an Egyptian name meaning “fortune”. It is believed that a person with this name is very stable.

11. Bahini

This is an Egyptian name meaning “fortune” or “gift of fortune”. 

12. Bastet

Bastet means  “She of the ointment jar” and is an ancient Egyptian name. This is a very fearless name for your fearless girl. This name goes as ancient as the 2nd dynasty in Egypt. 

13. Bennu

This means “to shine” and comes from the Egyptian word “weben”. It signifies sun and creation. A very suitable name for a girl as she would be a creator someday. Bennu is supposed to be the inspiration behind the great Phoenix.

14. Berenike

This name has Greek origin which means “she who brings victory”. It was a common name in Ptolemy family who ruled Egypt at some time. 

15. Chione

This is a name with roots in Greek meaning “Snow Queen”. As per mythology, Chione was the daughter of the Nile. 

16. Cliupatra

A name with Egyptian and Sicilian origins means “She who brings glory to her father”. Such a befitting name for your delightful baby girl.

17. Dalilah

This is a Hebrew word which means “delicate”. Dalilah was also a character in old testament and was the lover of Samson. A pretty name for your darling girl. 

18. Dendera

Dendera is an Arabic word and stands for an Egyptian small town on the west bank of the river Nile. The town is known for its Dendera temple complex which is an ancient temple site.

19. Dalia

A girl’s name means “the glory of nature”. This delicate baby girl’s name originates from Arabic and Hebrew roots.

20. Dalila

The name Dalila is primarily a female name of Arabic origin that means “guide” or “model”.

21. Eboney

Ebony is an Egyptian girl’s name and is a variant of the Latin and Greek name Ebony. It means “black wood”.

22. Eboni

Eboni is a girl’s name of Latin, Egyptian and Greek origin, and means “deep black wood”.

23. Ebony

Ebony is a female name of English origin that means “dark black-wooded tree”. 

24. Ebonee

This word denotes dark and black wood. An Egyptian name which is cool with a tinge of mystery. 

25. Edrice

An old English name; it is derived from “Eadric”. It means “a prosperous ruler”. Eadric is also the name of the King of Kent.

26. Eshe

This name has origins in Swahili, Africa. It means “life” and truly defines what your sweet little girl means to you. It is a variant of the Indian name Asha and the Arabic name Aisha, and both have similar meanings. 

27. Farida

An Arabic name by origin, this word signifies someone precious and unique, like a pearl. A beatific name for your precious little one. 

28. Femi

Femi means “love me” and is a short form for “Olufemi”. It has Nigerian/Yoruba origins.

29. Fukayna

An Egyptian word which will truly define your girl, as it means “Intelligent” or “Knowledgeable”. People who bear this name are supposed to be wise.

30. Feme

Feme is an Irish girl’s name and means “young cooperative girl”.

31. Ganna

Ganna is a beautiful girl’s name of Arabic origin and means “heaven” or “paradise”.

32. Gamila

This word has a similar meaning in many different languages. It means “beautiful” and has Arabic as well as Swahili origins. It is a version of Islamic name Jamila, who was the wife of Umar and also Prophet Muhammad’s companion. 

33. Habibah

It means “beloved or sweetheart” in Arabic. A name you would love to fondly call your daughter with.

34. Halima

Halima is a female name of Arabic origin meaning “gentle”, “mild-mannered” and “generous”. 

35. Hanan

Hanan, a name of Biblical and Hebrew origin, means “gracious gift” or “grace”.  

36. Hafsah

Your little lioness, would be proud of this name when she grows as it means “female lion cub” in Arabic. It was the name of the daughter of Umar bin Al-Khattab, a popular Muslim leader. 

37. Hathor

A striking name with Egyptian origin, this word stands for everything beautiful in life, like poetry, dance and music. Hathor means “estate of Horus” and has been worshipped since early dynasties.

38. Heba

A pretty name which your baby girl would love when she knows it means “gift from God”. This has Arabic origins and is also a variant of the Greek name Hebe. 

39. Heqet

In ancient Egypt, Heqet was supposed to be the Goddess of fertility. Its meaning seems to be derived from the word “heqa”, which means “ruler”. 

40. Ife

This is a word of Yoruba origin and means “love”. A name full of purity and beauty is sure to become your favourite while considering your girl’s name.

41. Isis

The name of the goddess of motherhood, Isis, has Egyptian origin. She has a strong character and was one of the nine gods of Ennead. 

42. Jomana

It is a variation of the name Jumana and means “Silver pearl”. It is of Arabic origin.

43. Jendayi

Jendayi is primarily a female name of African origin, meaning “thankful”.

44. Kamilah

Kamilah is a feminine name of Arabic origin. It is the female version of Kamil and similar to the name Camilla, which means “perfect”. 

45. Keket

An Egyptian name with a powerful meaning, this stands for “the goddess of darkness”. Your girl with this name would grow up to be highly independent and possess leadership qualities. 

46. Khepri

Khepri is the name of the Egyptian God of the movement of the Sun. It means “to create”. Your child will create wonderful things in this world when she dons this name.

47. Kissa

An African word by origin, it means “firstborn daughter” or “born after twins”. A perfect name for your girl child if she is your first daughter. 

48. Lapis

This means “azure blue stone” in Persian. Your child is aptly named after this as she is your precious gem too. 

49. Lateefah

An Arabic/African name by origin it means “gentle”. This will be a suitable name for your baby as those with this name are very expressive in public writing or singing.

50. Layla

A name of Egyptian/Arabic origin, it has various meanings like “night” or “one who was born at night”. A pretty name for a girl with a feminine touch. 

51. Lotus

Lotus is an exotic flower and this word has a Greek origin. It signifies purity and grace, which aptly describes your little girl.

52. Like

Like is a name whose history is connected to the ancient Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It means “compassion”

53. Lotfia

Lotfia is of Arabic origin and means “attributed to kindness”

54. Many

Many is a baby girl name mainly derived from the Hindu religion and its main root is from India. It means “jewel”. 

55. Marwa

Marwa is a female name of Arabic origin that means “a white stone”.

56. Mert

Mert is a Turkish gender-neutral name meaning “courageous” or “brave”.

57. Maibe

It a name of Egyptian origin and means “Grave”. A soulful choice of name for your girl. 

58. Mandisa

An Egyptian name which says “sweet”. An adorable way to call your lovely girl. It also has African origin. 

59. Mariam

It is a Greek biblical version of the Hebrew Miriam name and refers to the sister of Moses and Aaron. The Arabic meaning of this word is “rebellion”.

60. Masika

If your child was born during rain then no better name to call her by than this, as it means “baby born in rain”. It has African origin. 

61. Maye

A beautiful name for your May-born baby. It has roots in Norman culture as well as a French connection. It literally means the month of May and is supposed to give a cheerful disposition to those with this name. 

62. Nailah

It has Arabic origin and means “One who attains”.

63. Nane

Nane has Greek origin and was the name of an Armenian goddess of war and wisdom. 

64. Neith

A name with Egyptian origin and means “divine mother”. Neith is also the goddess of femininity and very suitable for a girl child. 

65. Nenet

This word has Egyptian origin and means “goddess of the deep”. A name with a mystical touch, defining the inner beauties of a woman.

66. Nephthys

This name has roots in Egypt as well as Greek and means “lady of the house”. In some Egyptian cosmologies, this is also the name given to the “useful goddess”. 

67. Nour

This is an Arabic name meaning “Light”. Your girl child will indeed be the light around the house which brightens up each day. 

68. Nubia

This has Egyptian origin and literally means “from Nubia”. This name is characterized by people who are quiet and considerate.

69. Nashwa

Nashwa is predominantly a female Arabic name with the meanings “ecstasy,” “elation,” and “happiness.”

70. Neema

“born during happy times” is the meaning of the girl’s name Neema, which is of Swahili origin.

71. Neferure

The girl’s name Neferure is Egyptian, which means “human being” or “mankind”.

72. Nuru

The meaning of the Arabic baby girl name Nuru is “light”. Nuru is of Arabic origin.

73. Olabisi

The name Olabisi is of Yoruban origin for girls. Olabisi translates to “joy” and “honour have increased”.

74. Omorose

The name Omorose is a girl’s name of African origin, meaning “beautiful”. 

75. Onofria

This is the name of an Egyptian God. It also means “always glad” and very right for your happy child.

76. Panya

The name Panya, which means “crown”, is generally a female Slavic name.

77. Pili

The name Pili, which is of African origin and means “second born” is used both for boys and girls.

78. Quadria

Quadria is an Arabic baby girl name that means “competent’”.

79. Quibilah

Quibilah is a Christian girl’s name of English origin with multiple meanings. One such meaning is “peaceful”.

80. Rabiah

Rabiah is a feminine name with Arabic roots that means “spring”, making it a wonderful choice for your child who is as upbeat and lovely as a new spring day.

81. Ramla

Ramla, which means “prophet” in Swahili, is primarily used as a female name. 

82. Rabia

Rabia has Arabic origin and in literal word means “spring” and also signifies number four. 

83. Rana

A name of Arabic origin, this sweet-sounding name has equally sweet meaning, “eye-catching”.

84. Rehema

It has Swahili, African origin which means “compassionate”. A spiritual name with a soothing connotation. 

85. Safiya

A feminine name with Arabic origin, it means “pure”. That’s what your little bundle of joy surely is. 

86. Sara

This has Hebrew origin and it means “princess”. Your little princess would suit this name completely.

87. Shani

This is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin which means “marvellous”. Indeed a marvellous name for your beautiful child.

88. Sabah

The meaning of the name Sabah, a girl’s name, is “from Sheba; morning; promise”, and it is a version of the names Saba (Greek, Arabic) and Sheba (Hebrew).

89. Sagira

This name means “little one” and is primarily a female name of Arabic origin.

90. Tabia

Tabia is an African girl whose name means“talents” and “gifts”.

91. Tahini

If you desire an unusual Islamic girl baby name, Tahini is a wonderful option and signifies “best wishes”. 

92. Tanit

This is the name of Punic goddess of love and fertility.

93. Tauret

Tauret is the Egyptian goddess of pregnant women, and those who bear this name have charismatic personalities. 

94. Thema

A name of African origin, this word means “Queen”. Isn’t that how you think of your baby girl? 

95. Tiye

An ancient Egyptian name, Tiye was a queen and the mother of Akhenaten. If you name your girl after this, she would be this adventurous woman who will set her path in life.

96. Umm

Umm is a Muslim Girl’s name of Arabic origin, which in Egyptian means “mother”. 

97. Zehra

Zehra is a female name that has Arabic roots. It is a spelling variation of the classic Arabic name Zahra, which means a plethora of dazzling compliments in both cases. “beautiful”, “bright”, and “dazzling” are some of these!

98. Zahra

Since the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad is called Fatimah al-Zahra, the Arabic girl’s name Zahra is respected in Islam. It means “white” or “flower”. 

99. Zuberi

It is an Egyptian name which means “strong”. You would like to give this name to your baby for the leadership quality it brings to the name bearer.

A compilation of a few of the best Egyptian names which have ancient roots. These are also modern names as they have become hugely popular in all communities in recent times.

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