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Baby Boy & Girl Names That Mean

Your child means the world to you. From the moment you are expecting, you fall in love with the little life growing inside you. Hence, naming your baby after the very meaning of life, that is love, is undeniably, the right choice. For that extreme love for the new bundle of joy in your family, here is a list of names giving you the apt meaning. Go ahead and choose the best one for him or her. Ascertain your love every time you call the little one.

We have compiled a list of international names which all mean the same thing, “Love”. These adorable names of baby boys and girls would make you smile for sure, as you skim through to pick the perfect one for the love of your life.

Top 30 Baby Girl Names That Mean Love

Girls are the epitome of love, and if their name itself has love in it then they are going to be all heart. Female names that mean love are in abundance and we have chosen the very best for you here.

Name Meaning
Adelpha It has Greek origin and means “beloved sister”. A sweet meaning name which would be perfect if your girl has a sibling.
Amara A Greek word which means “lovely forever”. It is an appealing name with a beautiful meaning for your little girl.
Amor You must have heard it in many songs. Though it has French origins, this endearing word is used widely to address someone you love.
Amorette This means “little love” in French and so apt for your lovely little girl.
Aroha A beautiful Maori name denoting “Love”.
Brisa Another name for girls that mean love, this one has Spanish origin and comes from the name Briseis who is a character in Greek mythology and lover of Achilles.
Cara A Latin name meaning “beloved”, it has a sweet ring to it which is perfect for your baby girl.
Chaviva A Hebrew name which means ‘dearly loved” and so shall your princess be by one and all.
Cher A popular name since the singer Cher rose to fame, this means “beloved” in French and a befitting name for your baby girl.
Darlene A spin on the English word “darling”, this means “tenderly loved” and is an American name. A charming name for your charming girl.
Davina A name of Scottish origin, this beautiful sounding name means “beloved” or “friend”. Your girl is indeed your friend for life.
Esme This name comes from French as well as Persian culture. It means “beloved” and has gained popularity after the twilight sagas came into existence.
Femi An Egyptian name by origin this adorable name would melt any heart which means “love me”.
Ishana An Indian name by origin it means “desire” in Hindi. Your baby girl would suit this name perfectly.
Kalila Another baby girl name meaning love, this gorgeous name means “love” in Arabic.
Laska A sonorous Czech name which embodies “love” in itself and so befitting for the girl you love so much.
Milada A pretty name for a pretty girl which means “love” in Slavic.
Mina A short and sweet name which is easy to pronounce and spell too, this means “love” in German.
Myrna This name is Celtic in origin and means “tender”/”beloved”. A sophisticated name for your little princess.
Nayeli “I love you”, yes this short word has this impactful meaning. It is a Zapotec name of people of Oaxaca, Mexico.
Nazneen A Farsi baby name that sounds exotic and has lovely meaning, “exquisitely beautiful”. Your baby girl would love this name once she grows up to be a beautiful young girl.
Nemy This African name is befitting for the lovely girl you have as it means “sweet”.
Phila A distinctive Greek name, it has a wonderful meaning “loving”. A cute name for your cute girl.
Philomena This has Greek origin and means “greatly loved” or “lover of strength”. This name has an earthy feel and would suit your child very well.
Prende An Albanian name, it is what Venus means in Roman language, “goddess of love or beauty”. A befitting name for your beautiful daughter.
Priya This is a Sanskrit name and mostly used to refer to a “beloved” person, who your baby girl is most certainly for you.
Reese This name has gotten its sassy appeal after the actress Resee Witherspoon came to fame. It is a Welsh name which means “ardor”.
Shirin Shirin was the name of a Persian queen and means “sweet”. Isn’t that what your little baby girl is?
Vida This has Scottish origin and means “dearly loved”. An elegant name for the one you love dearly.
Zelia This is a baby girl name in Hebrew which means “zealous”. An exotic-sounding name with deep meaning.

Top 30 Baby Boy Names That Mean Love

There are numerous baby boy names meaning love, but we have picked out the very best for you. There will be some boys name meaning beloved or some names that mean eternal love, but they all point to the same feeling.


Name Meaning
Agapius This means “divine love” in Latin. A very unique name for your sweet boy. This is a beautiful baby boy name meaning love of God.
Aiko One of the most beautiful Japanese names for a boy, it means “the little loved one”.
Amias This has Latin origin and means “love”. This name has a lyrical quality and attractive sound and one of the names that mean eternal love.
Anwil A baby boy name with Welsh origin it means “beloved”.  An adorable name for your sweet little boy.
Armastus An Estonian word for “love”, this is a befitting name for your lovely boy.
Aziz A heart-warming name in Arabic meaning “beloved”. It is one of the names given to Allah, the almighty.
Caradoc This has Welsh origin and was the name of a famous Welsh king. It means “amicable” and your boy with this name would grow up to be a gentleman.
Carwyn A dapper name in Welsh which means “fair love”. This name would suit your handsome boy very much.
Connolley This has Irish origin and means “love/friendship”. A twist to the popular name Connor, this name has a charismatic feel to it.
Darrel A perfect English name for your little prince which means “beloved”.
David A very popular American name which means “beloved” and is a biblical Hebrew name.
Dawood A name which has rich connotations and means “beloved” in Hebrew. This exotic name would be an apt one for your little handsome prince.
Dilan This has Turkish origin and means “beloved”. A smart name for the little smart munchkin of yours.
Eldad This is a name with Hebrew origin and means “love of God”. Your baby boy with this name would be always favored by the Lord.
Enzo A Lithuanian name by origin, it means “God of love”. Your handsome little boy would grow up to love this dapper name.
Erasmus A timeless name of Greek origin, it means “beloved” or “desired”.  This was also the name of the famous Saint Erasmus.
Fenmore A unique name of English origin would certainly make your boy stand out with its grand sound and meaning, “dear love”.
Gerwyn An adorable Welsh name for your little soldier, it means “fair love” and rightly so.
Graziano A name with Italian origin, it means “pleasing” or “dear”.  It is also a variation of the Roman emperor Gratian.
Habib This has Arabic origin and means “loved one”. Your little boy is your most loved thing and this exotic name will suit him a lot.
Jeb Short form of the Hebrew name Jebediah, it means “beloved friend”. This name is lilting with a soulful meaning.
Jedidiah This name has roots in Hebrew culture and means “beloved of the Lord”. An auspicious name for your son, it has a spunky feel too.
Leif A Scandinavian name by origin, this means “beloved” or “Heir”. Both the meanings will fit your little man perfectly.
Lennan A very elegant Irish name that means “sweetheart” or “beloved”.  So many ways to refer to your sweet son and this one is certainly a winner.
Luben An exotic Bulgarian name which means “love”. This name would suit your little prince next to the skin.
Medad A Hebrew baby boy name which means “love”.  This beautiful name was also the name of a prophet in Moses’s time.
Prem A name of Indian origin which means “love”. It has been a popular name owing to its sweet meaning and catchy ring.
Rasmus This is a lovely boy’s name of Dutch, Finnish origin which means “desired” or “beloved”. This has an uplifting feel to it and a philosophical touch.
Sajan A name heard in many Hindi songs in India, it is a very common way to refer to one’s beloved. A colorful name for your delightful baby boy.
Theophilus This name has Greek origin and means “friend of God”. A refreshing name for the breath of fresh air in your life, your son.

We hope that you find the one that appeals the most to your heart among all these love-inspired names. Finding a baby name requires a lot of brainstorming and we have tried to make it less difficult for you by providing these names from across the globe.

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