FirstCry Parenting’s Top 100 Baby Boy Names

FirstCry Parenting’s Top 100 Baby Boy Names

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, and the news has finally sunk in, one of the first things that happen is that you’ll have everyone around you excitedly suggesting baby names! And, till a name is finalised, it could be a topic of endless discussions, debates, and sometimes even hilarious perspectives. Nine months may seem like a long time to decide a name, but with so many recommendations, the task may suddenly seem extremely daunting. If you’ve been struggling to zero down on that one name for your soon-to-arrive rockstar, we recommend you go through our list of top 100 Baby Boy Names.

List of Most Popular Baby Boy Names

Choosing baby names now becomes simple with this list of trending baby names with their meanings:

Name Meaning
Aayansh/ Ayansh  The first ray of light
Avyukt  One with a clear mind
Atharv/ Atharva  Lord Ganesh
Kiyansh  Someone with all qualities
Sriansh  He who is born with ansh or a part of Lakshmi
Nirved  Gift by God
Advik/ Aadvik/ Adhvik  Unique
Rihaan  God’s chosen one
Aarav  Peaceful or sound
Ashvik  Blessed and victorious
Avyan  One who has no imperfections
Vivaan  Full of life
Sharvil  Derived from Sharv, which means sacred to Shiva.
Shriyan  Lord Vishnu
Anvit  A leader or a guide
Shivansh  A portion of Lord Shiva
Krishav  A combination of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva
Aarush  Red, brilliant, or the first ray of the sun.
Ivaan  God’s gracious and glorious gift
Reeyansh/ Reyansh  Lord Vishnu’s ansh or a portion of Lord Vishnu
Ayaan  Someone who’s religiously inclined
Anwit/ Anvith  Reached by the mind
Rishaan  Good human being
Advait  Exclusive or unique
Yuvaan  Youthful
Shlok  Hymns of Lord
Krishiv  A combination of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva
Rudransh  A part of Rudra
Avir  Brave or strong
Kiaan  Grace of God
Vihaan  Morning or dawn
Aviraj  King of Kings
Kriyansh  Modern name variant of the name Krishna
Agasthya  One who humbles even the mountain
Adhrith  Someone who supports everyone and doesn’t need     support
Darsh  Sight or Handsome
Sathvik/ Satvik  Calm
Manvik  Intelligent or one who is conscious
Shreyansh  Lucky, wealthy
Hridhaan  One who is kind
Tanush  Name representing Lord Shiva or Lord Ganesh
Viaan  Full of life
Aanay  Consort of Goddess Radha
Dhruv  Eternal or immovable
Nihit  Inherent
Krithvik  Joyful, always happy
Pranith  Derived from the Sanskrit word praneetham, meaning calmness.
Nivaan  A holy soul
Rishit  The one who is the best in everything
Samarth  Powerful
Rian  Little King
Daksh  Fire, gold or capable
Ishaan  Ruler, Agni, generous
Ritvik  Priest or sage
Shrihan  Handsome, Lord Vishnu
Ved  Sacred knowledge or precious
Viraj  Biggest in the universe
Aarnav  Ocean, wave or stream
Shaurya  Bravery or heroism
Pransh  Someone who is full of life
Daiwik  Divine
Sreeyan  A combination of Shriman and Narayan; it also represents   Lord Vishnu.
Dakshith  Expert or intelligent
Anmay  Invaluable
Mivaan  The rays of the sun
Kian  Ancient or distant
Aahan  First ray of light
Avyaansh  Offering
Ridit  World or world-known
Vedansh  Part of veda
Kairav  Born of water
Viransh  Strong
Shayan  Intelligent
Charvik  Bright or clever
Akshant  Someone who always wants to win
Divyansh  Part of the divine light
Taksh  King Bharat’s son
Avinay  One who is blessed with success and accomplishments
Swarit  Towards heaven
Aariv  King of wisdom
Abhiram  Pleasing, lovely or wonderful
Priansh  Most lovable

New Entries in the Top Names List

Among the most popular baby boy names, some new entries have piqued parents’ interest. Trendy names such as Aariz, Kritik, Darshil, etc. have received special attention from parents not just for the way they sound, but for their meanings, too. Here are some of them:

Name Meaning
Anirved  Positive or courageous
Arsh  Divine or worshipped
Shreyas  Best or superior
Hrihaan  God’s chosen one
Aadrik  The rising sun between the mountains
Aariz  Respectable man
Viren  Lord of warriors
Vihan  Morning or dawn
Aaryash  Brilliant
Zian  Strong or life
Sriyansh  Part of God
Kritik  Son of Lord Shiva
Darshil  Perfection or beautiful looking
Vedanth  The scriptures
Izaan  Obedience
Ashwath  It represents the tree underneath which Lord Buddha meditated or the tree of knowledge.
Namish  Courteous
Yaksh  A demi-God or representative of God.


Often, parents want to steer clear of the most liked baby names and search for unique names for their little ones. If you are one of them, you must pay special attention to the list of new entries mentioned above. These names are unique and perfect for babies born in the current day and age. Choose the one that you relate to the most, and your baby is sure to appreciate this precious gift all his life.

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