FirstCry Parenting’s Top 100 Baby Girl Names

FirstCry Parenting’s Top 100 Baby Girl Names

Deciding on the perfect baby name is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting and important tasks that every new parent is faced with. The search for the best baby name for your munchkin can begin from as early as the time you even learn about the pregnancy! So, to help you figure out what are the top baby girl names, we’ve compiled a list to make this task a whole lot easier for you.

List of Most Popular Baby Girl Names

Let’s take a look at the trending baby girl names along with their meanings. Fingers crossed, you find the perfect one for your darling daughter here!

Name Meaning
 Aashvi  Blessed and victorious
 Anaya  God has shown favour
 Saanvi  One who will be followed
 Kayra  She is peaceful and unique
 Prisha  God’s gift
 Anvika  The powerful and strong one
 Dityaa  Answer to all prayers
 Rutvi  Kind and honest
 Trishika  One with a pitchfork like Goddess Lakshmi
 Adya  Unparalleled
 Mishika  One who is sweet
 Aarvi  One who brings peace
 Aadvika  One who is unique in all aspects
 Siara  A woman who is pure and holy
 Mayra  A beloved girl
 Ishanvi  Goddess of knowledge
 Divisha  Chief of the Goddess
 Pranshi  Of great stature
 Aahana  Sweet and charming like a rose
 Mahira  A knowledgeable and expert person
 Shreenika  Lotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu
 Advika  A unique girl
 Amayra  A princess
 Ayra  A breath of life
 Aavya  First rays of the sun
 Nitara  Deeply rooted
 Avyuktha  One who has a crystal clear heart
 Anaisha  One who is special
 Arika  Goddess of wealth and prosperity
 Avika  One with a charismatic personality
 Kiara  One with raven
 Dhvija  Born to perform great things
 Saanvika  One who will be followed
 Shanaya  First ray of the sun
 Aarohi  A musical note
 Saisha  One with great desire and wish
 Aadhira  Lightning
 Anvi  One who loves nature
 Anika  A graceful young girl
 Misha  A message bearer from God
 Mishita  A sweet person
 Siya  A woman who always wins
 Aarna  Another name of Goddess Lakshmi
 Shreyanvi  Goddess Durga
 Ira  A devoted one
 Niya  A desire for something
 Samaira  Protected by God
 Aadhya  The first power
 Kashvi  One who is glowing
 Miraya  Devotee of Lord Krishna
 Srinika  Lotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu
 Advita  Unique one
 Jisha  One who is highly optimistic
 Mysha  One who will be happy throughout her life
 Vihana  Early morning
 Hritvi  One who is a scholar
 Manasvi  An intelligent person
 Ruhi  One with a beautiful soul
 Amyra  A born princess
 Dhanvi  A woman who is rich and wealthy
 Driti  A courageous person
 Rithanya  One who is endowed with immense capabilities
 Kaira  Peaceful and unique
 Tishya  A star
 Sudiksha  Beautiful
 Tanishka  Goddess of gold
 Mishka  Gift of love
 Vedika  Full of knowledge
 Aaditri  A person who brings wealth and prosperity
 Naisha  A special or lovely flower
 Niva  The sun
 Shanvika  One who will be followed
 Pranavi  One of the many names of Goddess Parvathi
 Naira  One with big beautiful eyes
 Nirvi  Bliss
 Viha  An angel
 Amaya  Protected by God
 Dviti  Bright
 Nainika  One with attractive and shining eyes
 Eva  Life

New Entries in the Top Names List

The list of 100 baby names is packed with a couple of new entries too. Aaira is a unique newcomer to the list. The other new entrants besides Aaira include Vanya, the name of one of the prime characters in ‘The Umbrella Academy’ series along with Ziva, Kiah, Darshika, Eyana and many more as shown below.

Name Meaning
 Aaira  One who is worthy of respect
 Vanya  A woman who is grateful to God for everything
 Ziva  A lively woman
 Aashi  Delighted and happy
 Jinisha  God is gracious
 Jiana  One who has the blessings of God
 Avni  The fertile Earth
 Akshita  One who cannot be broken easily
 Adrita  One who is loved by everyone
 Avani  Mother Earth who provides nourishment
 Arna  Goddess Lakshmi
 Anwita  One who bridges the gap
 Darshika  One who is intelligent and wise
 Aiza  Having a high place in society
 Diya  Like the radiance coming from a candle
 Janvi  As precious as life
 Kiah  A new beginning
 Eyana  An eternal blossom
 Saira  One who is like a bird
 Adrija  Of the mountain

Choosing your baby girl’s name can be a tedious process, but it will be worth the time spent thinking about it, as at the end she will carry this name for the rest of her life. We wish you all the best in your new journey of parenthood! If you ever hit a creative roadblock, be sure to browse through this list of the most liked names, as your princess deserves nothing but the best!

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