Top 110 Persian Boy Names With Meanings

110 Persian Names for Boys & Their Meanings

As parents, we make all efforts when it comes to choosing the names for our babies. The name that you finalise for your baby boy should have a beautiful meaning. Moreover, in some little way, it should also pay tribute to your Persian heritage. We make your task a little simpler, by suggesting you modern Persian boy names that you will surely love. Purposeful and appealing, these names will draw admiration for your baby boy from friends and family alike.

110 Iranian Boy Names with Meanings

Here is a list of meaningful and trendy names for your baby boy:

1. Aahil

The name in the Persian language means someone who is considered God’s gift. Who wouldn’t like to give his child such a special name?

2. Abbas

Abbas signifies someone who is brave as a lion and is sober by nature. Give your child these virtues with this name.

3. Abu

This Persian name relates to means someone who is a master. It is also referred to as the father of a child. It is quite a popular name in Iran.

4. Adib

This name relates to a child who is well mannered and scholarly. In Iranian culture, an educated and civilized person is often called as Adib.

5. Adel

The meaning of this name is someone righteous and sincere. Someone who is brave and has noble qualities is called Adel. This name will bring a lot of respect for your child when he grows up.

6. Alborz

A masculine name taken from a mountain range in Iran, Alborz means the “the highest one” in the Persian Language. It is derived from a mountain range in Iran.

7. Amzi

For those who you want your child to be healthy and mighty, then Amzi is the name for you. In Iran, people have great admiration for this name.

8. Aryan

This Persian name means someone who has a golden life and is noble. Who wouldn’t want his baby child to be like it?

9. Arash

From the Persian mythology, the name means “bright arrow.” Arash was a legendary archer from Iran.

10. Aref

In Iran, someone who is wise, knowledgeable, and has a sage-like character is often called Aref.  Give your baby boy this name, and he shall reap its benefits his entire life.

11. Arsyn

Meaning a fighter or a warrior; the word is derived from the Persian name Arsin. It is named that everyone will love.

12. Amir

The name signifies someone wealthy, influential, and has traits of a leader or a ruler. It is one of the common names in Iran.

13. Azam

The Persian meaning of Azam is someone powerful and most celebrated. With this name, your son will be thankful to you when he grows up as an adult.

14. Azar

In Iran, this name refers to the “supreme one.” It denotes someone who is helpful and has kinglike qualities. Gift your son this lovely name for a prosperous life ahead.

15. Azur

Meaning blue sky, in Persian culture, this name is often linked with trust, power, and confidence.

16. Ahmad

The name is quite popular and means ‘much praised’. It is another given name for the prophet Muhammad. 

17. Ali

The name is of Arabic origin and means ’eminent’ or ‘champion’.

18. Arman

In Persian, the name Arman means ‘wish’ or ‘hope’.

19. Baqer

The name is primarily of Arabic origin and means ‘man of knowledge’.

20. Barbod

The name Barbod is mainly of Persian origin and means ‘guitar’.

21. Behzad

The name is derived from a Muslim word which denotes someone who belongs to a noble family.

22. Babak

It is a popular masculine name in Iran, in Persian, this name means ‘small father.’

23. Baht

This baby boy’s title refers to someone pure and innocent in his behavior. Bless you, a baby boy with a name that is a true classic of the Persian culture.

24. Bahaa

In Persian culture, it refers to someone who is the glory of Iran. The exact meaning of this word is glorious and magnificent.

25. Baraz

Looking for a meaningful and unique name for your baby child? Try ‘Baraz,’ it means someone who is illustrious.

26. Bahram

The name means overcoming resistance to win people. It was a common name of the emperors of the Persian Empire.

27. Behrouz

The translation of this name means someone with good luck. It is a popular name in Iran. Shower your baby boy with wishes of good luck with this name.

28. Behnam

Referring to a man of honor, this name is apt for you if wishing an excellent and respectable life for your baby boy.

29. Bilal

When it comes to Iranian boy names, Bilal is quite popular. It means the first convert of Prophet Mohammad.

30. Bashir

Wish your baby boy a good life ahead with this name. It means a wise man who is a bringer of good news.

31. Behdad

In the Persian language, the word Behdad translates into bestowing honor upon someone.

32. Behrang

It means good colors in Iran. Sign of happiness and prosperity, this name for your baby boy has a strong significance.

33. Brakat

Gift a life of success to your child with this name. The meaning of this word is growth and accomplishment.

34. Cyrus

After the first king of Iran, the word means someone who is radiant and mighty like Sun. Surely, your son will spread his glory and shine with success.

35. Chirag

Signifying light over darkness, the name comes from the mythological story of Allaudin.

36. Cirrus

It was the name of the first king of Iran. It is a famous name in Persian culture.

37. Changaze

Someone keen and reliable is often called Changaze in Iran. It is going to be a sweet name for your baby boy.

38. Casper

Jasper in the Persian language, this name means someone who is the king of the treasure.

39. Charlesh

In Persian culture, the name Charlesh usually refers to someone who is the king of the tribe.

40. Chishti

In Iran, it is a holy name that refers to a saint from the Indian city of Ajmer. This name will make your son grow up as a pious individual.

41. Cye

This Iranian name denotes a person who is majestic and charming, just like the Sun.

42. Cem

The name is of Persian origin and denotes someone who is born to be a leader or a ruler. 

43. Chashida

The name is of Persian origin and means ‘experienced’.

44. Chavdar

The name is of Bulgarian origin and means ‘leader’. 

45. Damon

The name has multiple origins and means ‘to overpower’ or ‘to conquer’. 

46. Dilshad

The meaning of the name is ‘cheerful’.

47. Dara

This name comes from a character in Shahnameh. It means someone wealthy, charitable, and possesses goodness.

48. Darab

The precise meaning of the word Darab in the Persian language is a big gate. This name refers to someone who possesses admiral like qualities.

49. Dabeer

This name stands for someone knowledgeable, a giver, and a teacher. It is a wonderful Iranian name.

50. Darrius

You want your child to be a kind and yet daring person? If yes, then it is the appropriate name for your boy.

51. Daryush

This boy’s name in Iran denotes a person who is a wise man and has noble traits like a king.

52. Emad

Who would like his baby boy to grow up as a confident and supportive person? The name Emad exactly means the same.

53. Esfir

Another right name for your baby boy, the word implies star-like in the Persian language. Let you baby boy grow up and spread his fame across the society, just like a star that emits the light

54. Elham

In Iran, the word Elham means a beautiful inspiration. It is an apt name for your baby boy.

55. Erach

This name refers to someone who belongs to Iran and is noble in behavior. It was also the name of the youngest son of King Farridoon.

56. Eskander

A name that signifies strength and bravery, it is the Persian word for Alexander.

57. Ebi

The name is of Persian origin and means ‘paternal’.

58. Erfan

The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘knowledge’ or ‘awareness’.

59. Eskandar

The name has multiple origins and means ‘defender of man’.

60. Farhad

This is a classic Persian name which means ‘gained’ or ‘earned’.

61. Ghasem

The name means ‘distributer’ in Persian culture. 

62. Hassan

The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘handsome’ or ‘good’. 

63. Haz

Another appropriate name for your child, this Persian word, means fortune and luck.

64. Habib

Your boy will remain dear and beloved all your life, and this Iranian word exactly means the same.

65. Hamed

Give this lovely name to your baby boy, and he will be the one who will be thankful and full of praises.

66. Houman

For your baby boy to have a kind soul, caring, and a good nature overall, give this cute name to your child.

67. Hirad

Give the good wishes of health and wellness to your child with this beautiful Iranian name – Hirad.

68. Hafez

In Iran, Hafez is often referred to as someone who is the protector and brave amongst all. It is a perfect masculine name for your child.

69. Hameez

Gift your child the virtues of being intelligent, bold, and healthy with this Iranian name.

70. Hedayat

Another popular name in Iran, Hedayat, means instructions and guidance. It is a name worth considering.

71. Hossein

Handsome, good-natured, and beautiful, your baby boy surely deserves this name.

72. Habibollah

In the Persian language, this name refers to someone who is the beloved of Allah.

73. Ilhan

In Persia, it relates to a full moon that is considered auspicious in their culture and religion.

74. Ifaaz

In the Persian language, it translates into someone who is a helper and supportive in approach.

75. Iman

Although derived from the Arabic language, meaning to be faithful. Contrary to Arabian culture, it is a masculine name in Iran.

76. Jafar

The word means stream. Jafar was the cousin of Prophet Mohammed, and this name is revered in Iran.

77. Jahan

It means the world or the entire Universe; it is a proper name in Iran for baby boys.

78. Jalil

This name in Iran refers to a person who is mighty, capable, and admired in society. Give this admirable name to your baby boy.

79. Javed

Someone who is Immortal and is precious like a jewel is called Javed. It is a fitting name for your baby boy.

80. Jericho

It is a gender-neutral name of Arabic origin and means ‘city of moon’.

81. Kamran

The name is of Persian origin and means ‘prosperous’ or ‘fortunate’. 

82. Kazem

The name is of Arabic and Persian origin and means ‘tolerant’ and ‘forgiving’. 

83. Khosrow

The name is of Iranian origin and means ‘king’ or ‘ruler’. 

84. Mehtab

The name is of Persian origin and denotes moonlight. 

85. Mahyar

In the Persian culture means a person who is the companion of the moon.

86. Massoud

You want your baby boy to be fortunate, happy, and prosperous in his life. This name exactly means the same.

87. Nasir

It means someone who is a defender of the righteous. This name will surely suit your child.

88. Nader

The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘rare’.

89. Nasser

The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘granter of victory’.

90. Navid

The name is of Persian origin and means ‘good news’.

91. Omid

The name has many versions in Persian. It means ‘hope’. 

92. Orand

A name of the character in Shahnameh, it also means glory. It is a worthy name for your child.

93. Parviz

One more character from Shahnameh, the meaning of the word, is undefeatable.

94. Payam

The name is of Urdu origin and means ‘message’.

95. Reza

It is a Persian name originating from an Arabic word. It means ‘satisfaction’. 

96. Razban

Razban is a person who is a true confidant. In Persian culture, it is a well-known name for boys and signifies trust.

97. Salman

The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘safe’ or ‘secure’. 

98. Soroush

The name is of Persian origin and means ‘happiness’.

99. Shapour

The name is of Persian origin and denotes the son of the King. 

100. Taher

The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘pure’ or ‘virtuous’.

101. Teymour

The name is of Iranian origin and means ‘self-controller’. 

102. Tahir

Meaning someone modest, clean, and pure, the name is a suitable one in the Persian culture for boys.

103. Tausif

This word means a praiseworthy person. In Iran, baby boys are often given this beautiful name. In Persian culture, it is considered an honourable name.

104. Vahid

The name is of Arabic and Persian origin. It means ‘the one’.

105. Waaiz

The name is of Urdu origin and means ‘creator’.

106. Warqah

This beautiful name denotes the petal of a flower. 

107. Yahya

The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘Yahweh is merciful’. 

108. Yazdan

The name is of Urdu origin and means ‘merciful kind’.

109. Zal

The name is of Persian origin and means ‘white-haired’.

110. Zand

This is a name of a dynasty and means ‘great powerful’. 

These were the list of meaningful names in Persian culture. The name that you choose today will have a bearing on the behaviour for the entire life. Therefore, you need to be selective here and pay extra attention to the significance of the word.  Old names or new, all these are unique and a resolute meaning to it. Names will always have particular relevance in their life. Gift them a name that will make them feel proud as they grow up.

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