Top 500 Baby Boy Names Starting With I

500 Baby Boy Names That Start With I

Are you having a baby boy soon? Have you decided on a name for him yet? Names that begin with the letter ‘I’ are a good choice. The letter ‘I’ is believed to symbolize courage and righteousness. People whose names begin with ‘I’ are very elegant, stylish, creative, and artistic. They are also very understanding and helpful.

Popular Baby Boy Names That Begin With I

Naming your son is one of the most important and fun processes of having a child. There are plenty of options for you to choose from and the letter “I” is a rare place to start from. If you’re looking for male names that start with I, you can choose from a slew of options, including American boy names, which are available in our list below.

These names also have deep meanings and you can search for them online as well. There are some popular people whose names start with I, including Isaac Newton, Isiah Thomas and Idris Elba among others.

The list we’ve compiled is properly vetted to make sure all of the names are unique and special. You can choose the best I letter names for boys from the list below and give your son a name that can last for a lifetime –

I’zell Ilyas Isac
Iacopo Imad Isacc
Iacovo Imam Isacco
Iago Iman Isachar
Iaian Imani Isadore
Iain Imanoel Isaeah
Iakob Imanol Isai
Iakobos Imanuel Isaia
Iakona Imari Isaiah
Iakov Ime Isaiahi
Iakovos Immannuel Isaias
Iam Immanuel Isaih
Ian Immanuele Isaija
Iann Imraan Isais
Ianto Imran Isak
Iarlaith Imray Isam
Iason Imre Isambard
Iatos Imri Isan
Iawo Imrie Isander
Iba Imron Isandero
Ibahimos Ina Isandra
Ibaz Inacio Isandro
Iben Inaki Isao
Ibina Iñaki Isayah
Ibn Inam Isen
Ibra Inar Iser
Ibraahim Inaz Ishaan
Ibragim Ince Isham
Ibraheem Inda Ishanjeet
Ibraheemo Indalecio Ishaq
Ibrahim Indalo Ishatho
Ibrahima Indeeo Ishin
Ibrahimu Inderjit Ishmael
Ibrohim Inderpal Ishree
Icabod Indi Isia
Icah India Isiah
Icalo Indiana Isidor
Icar Indigo Isidore
Icarus Indio Isidoro
Iccah Indja Isidoros
Icharo Indo Isidorus
Ichho Indone Isidro
Ichiro Indonne Iskender
Idan Indorin Iskren
Iddo Indraj Isler
Idel Indrajit Isley
Iden Indrans Islwyn
Idil Indrayan Ismaal
Ido Indri Ismaeel
Idogbe Indy Ismael
Idon Indyo Ismail
Idowu Infinity Ismal
Idralos Ingamar Ismat
Idran Ingbert Ismayl
Idrees Ingelbert Isom
Idris Ingemur Ispino
Idriss Ingevar Ispinosa
Idwal Inglebert Israel
Iefan Ingo Israfel
Ieke Ingraham Israil
Ieki Ingrahame Israj
Ieni Ingram Isreal
Ieremias Ingrams Issa
Ieremiya Ingrim Issac
Iestyn Ingvar Issachar
Ieuan Inigalos Issiah
Iezekiel Inigo Istafen
Ifan Inisha Istafin
Ifanos Iniyan Istahi
Iffa Injaro Istan
Ifigenio Injiro Istban
Ifigenios Innes Istvan
Ifinos Inness Itadi
Ifor Inni Itaho
Ifra Inniss Itai
Iga Innman Ital
Igal Innocent Italino
Iggesh Innocentius Italo
Iggie Innocenty Italon
Iggy Innocenzio Itamar
Igli Innokenti Itay
Ign Innokentiy Ithaca
Igna Inocencio Ithacian
Ignace Inus Ithamar
Ignacio Inuyasha Itialo
Ignacius Inver Itiel
Ignacy Inyalo Itshiro
Ignas Ioachim Ittai
Ignasevic Ioachime Ittamar
Ignati Ioakim Itzachu
Ignatios Ioan Itzae
Ignatious Ioanis Itzael
Ignatius Ioannes Itzak
Ignatz Ioannis Itzcuauhtli
Ignatzis Ioanniso Itzhak
Ignaz Iodoc Iuliu
Ignaziano Iohannes Iuma
Ignazio Iokepa Ivaan
Ignotus Iokua Ivair
Igor Iolaus Ivan
Ihab Iolo Ivandale
Ihan Iomhair Ivanhode
Iharo Iomhar Ivanhoe
Ihlas Ion Ivann
Ihor Ionakana Ivano
Ihsan Ionas Ivanoe
Iisakki Ionel Ivar
Iishim IonuÈ› Ivarr
Ijas Iordan Ive
Ijaz Iordanos Iven
Ijek Iorwerth Iver
Ijiah Ioseb Iverson
Ijin Iosef Ives
Ikabod Ioseph Ivey
Ikaia Iosif Ivica
Ikaika Iosip Ivin
Ikaikalani Iouis Ivine
Ikaros Ioulianos Ivo
Ikarus Ipash Ivor
Ikavod Ipi Ivory
Ike Ipih Ivy
Ikem Ipiz Iwan
Ikemefuna Ipo Iwer
Ikeni Ipoh Iwers
Ikenna Ipol Iwo
Iker Ippolit Ixigo
Ikey Ippolito Iyar
Ikhyd Iqa Iyas
Ikina Iqbal Iyaz
Ikino Ira Iyer
Iko Iraaldo Iyler
Ila Iraan Iyov
Ilahee Irab Iyyar
Ilahi Iraj Iza
Ilan Irak Izaac
Ilario Irakin Izaak
Ilarios Iram Izaan
Ilay Ireli Izael
Ilda Irenaeus Izaiah
Ildefonso Ireneo Izaias
Ilhan Ireneus Izaiyah
Ilia Ireneusz Izajasz
Iliah Irenio Izak
Ilian Irfan Izar
Iliaro Irie Izaya
Ilias Irino Izayah
Ilie Iris Izekiel
Ilija Irish Izeyah
Ilijah Irl Iziaah
Ilio Irman Iziah
Ilir Irnes Izidor
Ilisha Iro Izidro
Ilitios Iroh Izik
Iliu Irrylath Izmail
Ilivan Irven Izsak
Ilja Irvin Izuku
Illario Irvine Izydor
Illarion Irving Izyk
Illarionn Irvyn Izz al Din
Illias Irwin Izzale
Illtud Irwinn Izzido
Illtyd Irwino Izzie
Illya Irwyn Izzilo
Ilon Isa Izzy
Ilpo Isaac
Ilwyd Isaak
Ilya Isaakso

These are all unique names for you to choose from, taken from lists of thousands all across the world. These options can be used both as first and surnames as well. They are also memorable and something your boy could proudly carry for the rest of his life.

You can choose from these names if you’re having twins or want to give siblings names from the same letter. It makes it easier to remember their names as well as call out to them whenever required. They also sound good and are super easy to remember.

Having a baby is an exciting time and you can add some more fun to the process of choosing a name. Choose a name that stands apart from the others and your boy will walk around proudly with a name that everyone will remember. Mix it up to give it a bit more effect! Good luck!

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