Top 60 Foreign Names For Boys & Girls With Meanings

60 Most Astounding Foreign Baby Names For Boys And Girls

In this ever-connected global world, the boundaries of traditions and beliefs have changed. Unlike earlier days, where tradition/culture dictated a person’s name, having an international baby name for your kid in this modern world can be considered to be a good option. Read on to find some attractive and beautiful foreign baby names for your kid.

Foreign Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Take a look at some cool foreign boy names for your child:

1. Aaron

Aaron is a name of Hebrew origin which refers to ‘lofty, high mountains’.

2. Antonio

Antonio is a baby boy name which has an Italian origin. The name is used to signify that someone is ‘beyond praise’.

3. Alexei

Alexi is a cool baby boy name that means ‘defender or warrior’. It has Russian roots.

4. Brayden

Brayden is a name of Irish origin, and it refers to ‘hillsides’.

5. Coinneach

This Scottish name is pronounced as ‘CON-ak’. It refers to the quality of being handsome.

6. Dev

Dev is a simple Indian name with a powerful meaning. It refers to ‘Gods of Heaven’.

7. Devin

This is a classy name that is used by the French for their boys. The name means ‘divine’ or ‘perfection’.

8. Diego

Diego is an attractive name of Spanish origin, and it literally translates to ‘the famous bearer’. It is one of the most popular foreign baby names.

9. Diarmuid

Diarmuid is an Irish baby boy name that means ‘a free man’. 

10. Driss

This name originates from Middle Eastern Arabic regions. It means ‘to study’.

11. Ethan

This is a Hebrew name which means ‘strong’.

12. Eoin

This is a popular Gaelic name that means ‘god is gracious’.

13. Fabien

This is a popular baby name of Roman origin which means ‘determined and independent’.

14. Fumio

Fumio is a Japanese name that doesn’t have a specific meaning and shifts meanings depending on the usage of logographic characters. A number of influential Japanese people have held this attractive name to themselves.

15. Giovanni

Giovanni is a popular Italian baby boy name that means ‘God is Gracious’

16. Hugo

Hugo is a simple name of Spanish origin. It basically means ‘intelligent’.

17. Laurent

Laurent is a baby boy name having French roots that mean ‘the bright one’.

18. Marcello

Marcello means ‘little warrior’ and has Italian origin.

19. Marco

Marco is a name from German origin, which refers to ‘a brave and warring class of men’.

20. Moshe

This is an Israeli name that shares a relationship with the name ‘Moses’, the legendary Biblical figure.

21. Syed

Syed is an Arabic name that means ‘sir master’. It also means ‘direct descendants of the prophet Mohammed.

22. Steffan

Steffan is a Welsh name that refers to ‘a crown’ or ‘a wreath’.

23. Tao

This one-syllable Chinese name has an impactful meaning. It refers to ‘large waves of the ocean’.

24. Tadgh

Tagdh is a name having Irish as well as Persian roots and means ‘storyteller’.

25. Xavier

Xavier means ‘splendid’. It has both Basque, Spanish, and Arabic roots.

Foreign Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Take a look at some cool foreign girl names for your child:

1. Adelina

This Spanish girl name means ‘sweet and noble’.

2. Ai

This is a short and sweet Chinese name pronounced as ‘Eye’. The name means ‘love, affection, and friendliness’.

3. Amara

This name is Greek in origin, and it means ‘unfading’.

4. Apolline

Apolline is a French name for girls which is a somewhat-tweaked version of the name Apollo (male), who was the God of healing, music, etc.

5. Ayami

Ayami is a beautiful Japanese baby name that means ‘beautiful colour’.

6. Bhavika

This beautiful Indian name means ‘one who holds a lot of meaning’.

7. Cathenna

The Unique name Cathenna is a Greek name which is a bolder variant of the name Athena, which refers to the strong and beautiful Goddess of wisdom.

8. Celeste

This is a beautiful Italian and Latin name that means ‘heavenly’. 

9. Chiyo

This sweet Japanese name means ‘a thousand generations’.

10. Elanie

This Israeli name refers to ‘a serene oak tree’.

11. Elena

Elena is a beautiful female of Greek origin, which means ‘shining light’.

12. Faina

This exotic Russian name means ‘someone who shines’.

13. Francesca

Francesca is a beautiful Italian and French rooted name that means ‘free’.

14. Keiko

Keiko is a popular baby name having Japanese origin that means ‘happy child’. 

15. Leilani

Leilani is a Hawaiian given name meaning “l’heavenly garland of flowers’ or ‘royal child’.

16. Lucia

This is a lovely baby girl name derived from the Latin word Lux that means ‘light’. It also has Spanish roots.

17. Malia

This is a Hawaiian name which is a variant of the names ‘Mary’ or ‘Maria’, referring to the holy Mother Mary.

18. Marielia

This Italian name has a melodic feel attached to it. The name is a combination of ‘Mary’ and ‘Elijah’.

19. Niamh

The baby girl’s name Niamh originates from Old Irish and means ‘bright’ and ‘radiant’.

20. Paloma

Paloma is a female name having Latin origin, which means ‘dove or peaceful’.

21. Katoka

This delightful Hungarian name is really unique as it easily rolls off one’s tongue. It refers to the quality of ‘purity’.

22. Shira

This Hebrew name means ‘tune’ and is simple yet attractive to use.

23. Thylane

This beautiful Vietnamese baby name means ‘wild orchid’.

24. Uchenna

This Nigerian name refers to ‘God’s will’.

25. Zahra

This middle Eastern name means ‘colour white’ in Arabic and ‘flower’ in the Egyptian language.

Gender Neutral Foreign Baby Names With Meanings

Take a look at some cool foreign Baby names for your child:

1. Arya

Arya is an old Iranian and Sanskrit rooted name that means ‘noble name’.

2. Ashitaka

Ashitaka is a beautiful gender-neutral baby name that means ‘brighter tomorrow’.

3. Dai

Dai is a gender-neutral name of Welsh origin that means ‘beloved’.

4. Dylan

Dylan is gender neutral having Welsh origin, which means ‘son of the sea’.

5. Hiro

Hiro is a Japanese that means ‘abundant’.

6. Huan

Arya is an old Iranian and Sanskrit rooted name that means ‘noble name’.

7. Kumi

Kumi is a gender-neutral Japanese-rooted name that means ‘beautiful’.

8. Luca

Luca is an Italian gender-neutral baby name that means ‘bringer of light’.

9. Micah

Micah is an old Hebrew origin name that means ‘someone is like God’. It’s also a popular biblical name.

10. Yuki

Yuki is a beautiful Japanese name to give to babies born in winter. It means a ‘reminder of happiness’. 

Choosing a cross-cultural international name for your baby is something that comes with a lot of inherent uniqueness. These days more and more parents are looking for unusual names for their babies which have a deeper meaning and also an interesting sound. Choosing a name from a different culture opens a whole new world for you and also your baby, as it is a great way of understanding or gaining knowledge in general about different cultures across the world. We hope that you have a fun journey in picking out a name for your newborn with your family. It might sound like a heavy responsibility, but you just have to trust your gut feeling, and everything will be alright. After all, this is what parenting is all about. We hope that our article eased your journey in picking a good name for your lovely newborn. Lastly, we wish you happy and healthy parenting!

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