Top 10 Trust Building Activities & Games for Kids

10 Fun Trust Building Activities for Kids

Trust is the most important part of any relationship. If you find your kid shying away from trusting people around him or he wants you around him all the time, it is quite likely that your kid may be suffering from trust issues. There are many things that you can do to encourage your kid to trust people around him, and one of them is getting your kid involved in trust-building activities. If you feel that your kid needs to build trust in people so that he does not face any social or emotional issues later in life, you can involve your kiddo is some of these fun activities.

10 Amazing Trust Building Activities for Children

Usually, people associate trust-building with corporate retreats but is it seldom realised that these activities are a great way to build trust at any age! Here are some fun and exciting trust activities for kids that you can try!

1. The Buddy Walk Activity

An exciting group activity that helps instil the feeling of trust in the partner. Here is what you have to do:


  • Pair up kids, so that each kid has a partner.
  • Place obstacles like chairs, tables, toys, etc. randomly in the place the activity will be conducted.
  • Blindfold one kid in each pair. Let the other kid in the pair walk his buddy safely through the obstacles to the other side.
  • Once the pair reaches the other side, blindfold the other partner and let his partner walk him safely back to the other side.

2. The Trust Fall Activity

One of the most exciting and thrilling trust activities for preschoolers’, this activity can help in building confidence and trust in each other. This is what you need to do:


  • Divide the kids into pairs.
  • Let one kid from each pair stand facing away from the partner and the other kid standing a few meters behind him as he faces his partner.
  • Ask the kid facing the other side to gently fall backwards and ask the partner to catch him as he falls.
  • As the kids start getting comfortable with each other, the distance between them can be increased gradually.
  • Change the partners’ places and repeat the activity.

Willow in the Wind Activity

3. Willow in the Wind Activity

This activity is a variation to the trust fall activity; however, this activity may get a tad bit trickier. The kids have to be vigilant and careful at all times. Here’s how to conduct this activity:


  • Make all the kids stand in a close circle as one kid stands in the middle.
  • The kid in the centre has to keep his body stiff.
  • The kid in the centre has to fall backwards in any direction, and the kids in the circle have to be ready at all times to catch their friend.
  • As they catch him, he should gently be pushed around the circle towards the other kids.

4. Draw the Twin Activity

This activity with pen and papers is great for building trust and understanding in kids. This is what has to be done:


  • Divide the kids into pairs.
  • Handover the paper, pens, and colours to everyone.
  • Now ask one partner from each group to draw anything they like while the other partners are made to sit at a distance.
  • Once they finish drawing, ask the other partner to sit with the drawing material and start drawing the same thing that their partner drew as their partner’s start giving them instructions.
  • The catch is not to give clear instructions and still help the partner copy the drawing.

5. The Helium Stick Activity

This exciting activity helps the kids to form strategies and trust each other. Here are the steps that you need to follow:


  • Make the kids stand in a circle with their hands extended in front, parallel to the ground.
  • Ask them to make fists with their hands as they extend only the index finger out.
  • You can place any object such as a stick, hula hoop, etc. on the index finger and ask the kids to lower that object to the ground gently.
  • This is a challenging activity as the kids are neither allowed to lose contact with the object nor drop it.

The Tie-Untie Activity

6. The Tie-Untie Activity

This thrilling activity is one of the most popular fun group engaging activities, which is also called Human Knot activity. Here are the directions for the same:


  • Ask the kids to form a circle and stretch their arms in front as their hands touch each other’s hands.
  • Tell them to close their eyes and hold each other’s hands.
  • Ask them to open their eyes and form a circle without letting go off the knot or each other’s hands.

7. Pass The Hula Hoop Activity

One of the most engaging and exciting trust games for kids, this activity can help in building stronger and trusting bonds. These are some instructions that you need to follow:


  • Ask all the kids to form a circle.
  • Take a hula hoop and place it over the arm on any one child and then ask them to join their hands.
  • The kids have to think of ways to move the hula hoop from one child to another without letting go.

8. The Moth and the Bat Activity

One of the most fun trust exercises for children, this activity involves role-playing. Here are the rules that you need to keep in mind:


  • Ask the kids to form a big circle.
  • Blindfold two kids and ask them to stand in the centre of the circle. One would act as a moth and the other as a bat.
  • The ‘Bat Kid’ will say ‘Bat’ loudly, to which the ‘Moth Kid’ will have to say ‘Moth’ aloud. They will keep repeating the voice commands until the bat catches the moth.

9. The Rush Hour Activity

Another activity that requires blindfolding to take the fun to the next level. This is what needs to be done:


  • Pair up kids and blindfold one partner.
  • Ask the other partner to navigate their partner through the traffic as the facilitator keeps announcing the traffic directions such as red light, school zone, speed breakers, etc.

kid signing for other kids

10. The Four Up Activity

A great communicating and trust-building activity that requires kids to make strategies and plans. Here’s what you need to do:


  • Make the kids sit on chairs in a circle.
  • Ask them to act like beings from different planets and thus communicate only through signs and actions.
  • Four players will be standing at any given point of time, and only 10 seconds will be given to communicating with each other.
  • A fun activity for the kids to interact effectively.

Try some of these fun and entertaining trust-building activities with your kids. However, make sure that you choose age-appropriate activities for your kid. Also, if at any given point of time, you feel that any kid is uncomfortable or nervous, do not force or pressurise the child to participate. The main aim is to facilitate trust and bonding and not scare the kids; therefore, make sure that you provide a secure and conducive environment for the activities!

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