Top 20 Creative Baby Boy Room Decoration Ideas

20 Cute & Unique Baby Boy Room Ideas

Congratulations! Now that you have become parents, you might be looking for some fresh and classic ideas to decorate the nursery of your baby boy! Room decoration for your tiny tot is super-exciting and can get a little tough too! No worries as we have got you covered, in this post, we will be sharing 20 awesome baby boy room decoration ideas which include the furniture selection, wall design for baby boy room, room curtain ideas, etc. So, read on to get inspired and creative!

20 Unique Baby Boy Room Ideas

Below mentioned are 20 unique and baby boy bedroom ideas:

1. Forest Theme Baby Room Décor

Forest Theme

A modern forest theme baby boy room décor looks unique and beautiful!


  • Wall décor: For a forest décor theme, you may choose a light shade background paint along with colourful images of trees, leaves, flowers, birds, etc. It should give the feel and appeal of a dense forest.
  • Accessories: Colourful curtains along with some funky props like vintage style storage boxes, rugs with birds and leaves print, wooden baskets, etc. would complement the theme.
  • Furniture: A modern furniture in teak wood finish or walnut finish would go well with this theme.

2. Nautical Theme Baby Room Décor

The nautical theme simply looks the best for boys!


  •  Wall décor: If you are planning to set up a nursery small room, then this theme is perfect for you! A sailor’s theme wall paint in navy blue and white would do the job! Go for waves, boats, ships, anchors, etc. which complement the theme.
  • Accessories: Matching curtains in aquatic blue and white, a wall clock may be in the shape of an anchor, small baskets, etc. would go well with the theme.
  • Furniture: Go for compact furniture in blue or rustic wooden colour.

3. Mickey Mouse Theme

Our all-time favourite mickey mouse theme would look simply perfect!


  •  Wall décor: The wall paint can be in blue with beautiful sketches of mickey in various poses.
  • Accessories: Mickey mouse bedsheets, rugs, curtains, pillows, baskets, and even dust bin covers would look perfect.
  • Furniture: Choose modern furniture in black.

4. Contemporary Theme Décor

The contemporary baby boy room theme is quite in vogue these days!


  • Wall décor: Light colours like cream and off white are perfect for contemporary theme décor.
  • Accessories: Choose modern and sophisticated accessories like soft cotton cushions, matching bedsheets, abstract wall paintings, etc.
  • Furniture: Modern contemporary style furniture in the walnut finish would look perfect.

5. Starry Sky Décor

This simple yet beautiful theme looks awesome for newborn baby rooms!


  • Wall décor: Light navy blue walls with white 3D star and moon decals are perfect for this theme.
  • Accessories: Colourful soft toys, star printed rugs, matching bedsheets, star-shaped cushions, etc. would go well with the theme.
  • Furniture: Dark wooden furniture would give a contrast effect to the room.

6. Colourful Theme Decor

Colourful Theme

Probably the best theme décor for kids!


  • Wall décor: Experiment with fresh and bright colours like red, green, yellow, blue, etc. on the walls. You can also go for colourful images if you wish to!
  • Accessories: Everything bright and colourful is the idea. Multicoloured rugs, lights, bed sheets, curtains, and baskets would look good.
  •  Furniture: Modern colourful furniture like yellow, white, or grey would look nice.

7. Rustic Boho Decor

Fall in love with this simple yet appealing Boho decor!


  • Wall décor: Go for pure white or off white coloured paint on the walls.
  •  Accessories: Add some greens, crystal vase with fresh flowers, macramé wall art, boho-inspired tassel storage basket, etc. to complement the look.
  • Furniture: Light brown coloured furniture would add on to the charm!

8. Animal inspired Room Décor

Cute and sweet this animal décor theme would look cool and classy!


  • Wall décor: Light and cool background shades, along with playful animal sketches, would look beautiful on the walls.
  • Accessories: Go for animal printed rugs, bedsheets, carpets, pillows, animal-inspired wall paintings, and baskets.
  • Furniture: Modern white or light brown furniture!

9. Vintage Style Room Décor

A very popular room décor theme that looks charming and appealing!


  • Wall décor: Go for light pastel shades you may choose to experiment with colours.
  • Accessories: Pastel shade frill curtains, warm rugs, vintage-style boxes, and storage baskets would look nice.
  •  Furniture: White-colored vintage style furniture would perfectly complement this theme.

10. Yellow and White Theme Baby Room Décor

If you want a beautifully lit and fresh room for your son then you must go for this theme!


  •  Wall décor: Yellow and white are beautiful colours when mixed together in the perfect combination! You may go for an off white background with specialised detailings in yellow paint! Try to incorporate yellow in such a manner that it’s not overbearing.
  • Accessories: Light lemon yellow shade curtains or blinds, it will let in glorious sunlight during the day making it look refreshingly warm and beautiful! Other accessories in light shades of yellow and white would go well with the theme!
  • Furniture: Look for modern furniture in glossy white finish. Go for yellow and green or yellow and grey -coloured chairs, love seats or sofas.

11. Space Theme Room Décor

  • Space Theme

A unique theme that’s perfect for a future astronaut!


  • Wall décor: Light blue coloured walls with grey and white-coloured space ships, clouds, moon, stars, and some satellites would look perfect.
  • Accessories: Go for a matching curtain in blue, celestial maps, vintage style lamps, a solar system inspired toys, and star stacking shelves.
  • Furniture: Go for contemporary style furniture in white.

12. Blue Theme Baby Room Décor

Simple yet elegant blue themes are just perfect for boys!


  • Wall décor: Go for a blue coloured wall paint you may choose from different shades of blue.
  • Accessories: White photo frames, grey lampshades, a golden chandelier, white-coloured bedspreads, and rugs would do the magic!
  •  Furniture: An all-white furniture would look perfect in a blue theme room!

13. Royal Theme Baby Room Décor

Check out this royal room décor for your little prince!


  • Wall decor: Choose light colours like white, pastel cream, with shimmers.
  • Accessories: Go for a sophisticated mural art piece, light-coloured floor-length curtains with ruffles, and a luxurious rug would look perfect.
  • Furniture: Go for contrast dark-coloured royal looking furniture to match the theme.

14. Geometrical Theme Baby Room Décor

Enhance the overall appeal of the room with this geometric theme design!


  • Wall décor: Simple geometric patterns like triangles and stripes in the backdrop of a cream-coloured wall would look perfect.
  • Accessories: Go for geometric pattern bed sheets, pillow covers, stacking shelves, carpets, and wall painting to complement the theme.
  • Furniture: You may choose from modern furniture in dark brown or white, both would equally compliment the theme.

15. Country Style Baby Room Décor

A unique and luxurious theme that is easy to create and looks super alluring!


  • Wall décor: Earthy colours on the walls with a flash of red or orange would make the room look visually appealing and interesting!
  •  Accessories: Accessorise the room with country style rugs, soft toys, a fake wooden door that resembles a cottage door, antelope’s head hooks, and an antique clock to accentuate the country-style decor.
  • Furniture: If budget is not a problem then you may go for custom-designed country style furniture like a grey coloured crib, dark-coloured baby cot, sofas, and vintage style cupboards.

16. Black and White Theme Baby Room Décor

Black and White Theme

This classic decor theme will surely turn out to be everyone’s favourite!


  • Wall décor: For a black and white décor theme, you may choose an off white or pearl shade background paint along with some detailing in black paint. You can go for trees with falling leaves, a cute baby quote in stylish italics or something that suits your tastes.
  • Accessories: Go for black and white curtains in a geometric pattern, it would go well with the theme. Choose accessories in black and white or light greyish shade, grey coloured rugs would go well. Black and white bedsheet, pillows, cushions, laundry bin would look perfect!
  •  Furniture: Modern furniture in glossy white finish would look amazing!

17. Floral Theme Baby Room Décor

Who says flowers were meant to be for girls? It can be for boys too!


  •  Wall décor: Go for pastel shades on the walls with beautiful and bright coloured flowers. Focus more on the detailing like the leaves, twigs, flowers, branches or bushes, etc.
  • Accessories: Floral themed candle holders, floral printed bedspread, rugs, flower-shaped cushions, floral-themed wall hangings would complement the theme perfectly well.
  • Furniture: We highly recommend to buy white-coloured furniture to suit the floral theme, but you may also go for contemporary coloured furniture like grey baby cot, pastel-coloured love seat, and vintage style cupboard to create a rustic appeal.

18. Sports Theme Baby Room Décor

Why not go for a sporty inspired room décor for your future sports-star!


  • Wall décor: A wall paint in the shade of grey or blue would look perfect for sports-inspired room décor. You may go for inspiring quotes or the sketch of your favourite sportsperson on one of the walls to create the feel!
  • Accessories: Go for 3D wall hangings in the shape of a football, basketball, rugby ball, etc. A sports car printed bedspread, sports-inspired carpets, towels, curtains, and bean bag would add on to the charm.
  • Furniture: Go for contemporary style wooden furniture in black, grey or dark brown.

19. Rockstar Theme Baby Room Décor

Want him to become a Rockstar? Start by decorating his room in Rockstar theme decor!


  • Wall décor: Try experimenting with colours you may go for dark purple or blue on one of the walls and contrast colour on the others. You may go for simple musical notes on one of the walls and a stage performance with drums, guitars, and saxophone on the other!
  • Accessories: Go for a guitar-shaped wall-clock, a baby mike set, music inspired bedspreads, curtains, and quotes everywhere in the room.
  • Furniture: Go for dark wooden coloured furniture for the perfect look!

20. By the Ocean Theme Baby Room Décor

Cool and refreshing, this theme requires a lot of focus on detailing!


  • Wall décor: We want the wall to be in blue go for aqua blue and different shades of ocean blue to create the waves. May be add on some detailing on the wall like a jumping dolphin, some fishes, etc., to enhance the appeal.
  •  Accessories: Go for soft toys in the shapes of sea animals like the octopus, shark, starfish, sea horse, etc. Buy photo frames made of seashells, and finish the bedding sets and rugs in beautiful coral patterns.
  • Furniture: Furniture in white or aqua blue would suit well with this theme decor.

We hope that the above baby boy room theme ideas would help you select the perfect theme for your little one’s room!

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