Top 130 Nicknames for Daniel

Top 130 Nicknames for Daniel

The steady familiarity of popular names is at their essence. One such name is Daniel, which tops the chart of surveys conducted by many institutions about names widely used in the United States and beyond. This profoundly religious name stands tall alongside its Biblical counterparts as a male name throughout the years. Common nicknames for Daniel can be picked by abbreviating the name or picking sounds found in the name in addition to other rhyming sounds. Despite it all, Daniel has surprisingly retained its freshness, never entirely falling into the murky waters of dad name territory.

Meaning and Origin of Daniel

Daniel is both a given surname and a name. Spelled initially as “Daniyyel” in Hebrew, Daniel means ‘God is my judge.’ Borne by two biblical icons, this name was used in England as early as the Middle Ages. Prophet Daniel, from the book of Daniel in the Bible, was kept under captivity in Babylon. He was a visionary who interpreted the dream of the king in whose court he served. Daniel of the Old Testament is known for remaining loyal to the God of Israel despite persecution and danger. Once he was thrown into a lion’s den for refusing to worship him, but God saved him from getting killed. Although Daniel became less frequently used in the 15th century, it picked up steam during the Protestant Reformation to become a favorite choice for years to come.

Popular Nicknames for Daniel

Nicknames embody love, compassion, and tenderness meant to soothe a child at the end of a rough day. These notable names remind the child of the ties and speak of the depth of affection shared between family members. Funny nicknames for Daniel can sometimes sound absolutely crazy, whacky, or even silly that may or may not carry any specific meaning but are sure to make your child stand out wherever they go. Here are some of the best nicknames for Daniel that would complement your son’s personality:

  1. Danosaur
  2. Dan the Man
  3. Dannibal (wordplay on Hannibal)
  4. Danone
  5. Dannyboo
  6. Danarchy
  7. Danny Droiid–like an android
  8. DanE
  9. Daniamals
  10. Dannio
  11. Dannay
  12. Baby Dan
  13. Danny who
  14. Daniper
  15. Dirty Dan
  16. Dizzle
  17. Dantastic
  18. Lieutenant Dan
  19. Daniel the Maniel
  20. Little Dan
  21. Danylko
  22. Dan
  23. BigD
  24. Dandy Dan
  25. Dani cake
  26. Dani-san
  27. Danny
  28. Danzel
  29. Dany
  30. Dani
  31. Niel
  32. Danny boy
  33. Danonino
  34. Dandy
  35. Spider Dan
  36. Danivogue
  37. Nano
  38. Stalin
  39. Danielson
  40. Dano
  41. DanDan
  42. Dandillion
  43. Danster
  44. Eltravieso
  45. Indaniel Jones
  46. Danky
  47. Danila in Manila
  48. Dilwag
  49. Dannables
  50. Danny D-dao
  51. Danielitho
  52. Danny phantom
  53. Nanel
  54. Tortuga
  55. DandyBoy
  56. Dankie
  57. DJ
  58. Dang
  59. Dangle
  60. Danny Kinz
  61. Danny-annie
  62. Dant
  63. Danyer
  64. Dazzle
  65. Danya
  66. Danniyel
  67. Danni
  68. Denial
  69. Daneal
  70. Danial
  71. Danilo
  72. Dannie
  73. Danyal
  74. Danyel
  75. Dee
  76. Dancer
  77. Danvenger
  78. Danibetes
  79. Danisnoton fire
  80. Danko
  81. Danno
  82. Dannyboy
  83. Danny Whammy
  84. Denzel
  85. Danzilla
  86. D-Dog
  87. Dizzy
  88. Grand Dan
  89. Danler
  90. Daniel Saurus Rex
  91. Dannystroyer
  92. Dannywho
  93. D-Dawg
  94. Dawg
  95. Dirtydawg
  96. Dirty Dannell
  97. Daniball
  98. Double N
  99. Manual Danual
  100. Dana

Funny Nickname for the Name Daniel

What nickname is it if it is not funny and laughable, right? Here, we present to you some LMAOfying funny nicknames for the name Daniel:

  1. Dang
  2. Danisnotonfire
  3. Danno
  4. Danny Whizz-Bang
  5. Dant
  6. Dan-U-Be
  7. Danyer
  8. D-Dog
  9. Grand Dan
  10. LaRusso

Cute Nicknames Names for Daniel

If you are after an adorable and lovable nickname that could melt a frozen heart, then you are at the right place! Here are some cute choices for the name Daniel:

  1. Big D
  2. Dane
  3. Danicake
  4. Danielson
  5. Dan-O
  6. Danone
  7. D-Boy
  8. Dee Dee
  9. Dizzle
  10. D-Nice

Feminine Nicknames for Daniel

Here are some popular and worth-noticing feminine nicknames for Daniel:

  1. Daenerys
  2. Danette
  3. Dania
  4. Daniela
  5. Daniella
  6. Danielle
  7. Danita
  8. Danitza
  9. Danuse
  10. Danushka

Popularity of the Name Daniel

Daniel secured a place in the top 20 names for boys in 1952 and top 10 in 1976. After remaining in the top 10 consistently from 1981 to 1995, it reached its peak to the 5th position between 1985 and 1990. As per the Social Security Administration’s ranking, Daniel remained in the top 10 popular names from 1976 to 2011. Although its popularity dipped slightly since 2012, sliding from 10th rank to 11th, it remained in the top 15 popular boys’ names list. Currently, Daniel occupies the 14th spot as per the SSA data.

Famous Celebrities With the Name Daniel

Famous personalities named Daniel have made a name for themselves in their respective professions. Those looking for inspiration among such celebrities can refer to the list given below:

Name Who He Is  

  •   Daniel Bernoulli Dutch –Swiss Mathematician  
  •   Daniel Defoe British Writer  
  •   Daniel Ellsberg American Activist  
  •   Daniel Tosh US Comedian  
  •   Daniel Mahini Iranian Football Player  
  •   Daniel Hakimi Iranian Film, Stage Director  
  •   Daniel Abdullah Malaysian Former Football Player  
  •   Daniel of Persia 4th Century Persian Martyr  
  •   Daniel Radcliffe English Actor  
  •   Daniel of Moscow Prince, Forefather of all the Grand Princes of Moscow in Russia  

Variations of Daniel

As Daniel has origins in many languages, various names have become popular and have a distinct identity. Here are some variations of the name Daniel that have found acceptance despite changes in spellings:

Name Variation Origin  

  •   Daan Dutch  
  •   Danail Bulgarian  
  •   Daniele Italian  
  •   Danijel Croatian  
  •   Daniyyel Hebrew  
  •   Danyal Turkish  
  •   Danut Romanian  
  •   Deiniol Welsh  
  •   Donall Irish  
  •   Tanel Estonian  

Daniel is an Old Testament pedigree with a beautiful meaning that upholds the faith in God that will protect the bearer of this name from all dangers. Ranking first among all baby names starting with D, the unique nicknames for Daniel are even friendlier, easy-going, and playful enough to suit the taste of the new generation than the ever-popular first name.

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