Top 75 Greek Boy and Girl Names With Meanings

Popular Greek Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

Greece is geographically located in the east of Europe and has a majority Eastern Orthodox Christian population. Naming conventions in Greece are quite rigid, and people have a first name, patronymic name, and family name in the given order. The patronymic name indicates the father’s name with the suffix ‘ou’, meaning ‘the son/daughter of’. However, people can have a second personal name along with the patronymic name, which can signify their middle name. If someone is named after a saint, the ‘name day’ becomes a part of their celebration. Unlike unique names, in the case of common names, this celebration happens only once among multiple days. Some familiar names in Greece are Eleni, Maria, Dimitri, Giannis, etc.

Naming Tradition in Greek Culture

  • Traditionally, Greek families name their new baby on the 7th or 10th day after birth. 
  • The most usual Greek naming tradition involves naming after a grandparent’s or father’s name. However, children began to be named after saints during the Roman period. Thus, to honour the saints, a traditional ceremony was established called “Name days.” However, there can be multiple celebration days throughout the year for common Saint namsoore; people pick a particular day for that purpose.
  • Naming conventions are usually followed by people having their first name followed by a patronymic name and family name—for example, Nikos Georgiou Kypianos. Here the patronymic name is derived from the father’s name with the suffix ‘ou’ referring to ‘the son/ daughter. In addition, people can have another middle name of their choice.

Popular Greek Baby Names for Boys

Given below the popular Greek baby boy names.

1. Achilles

It’s among very classy Greek names, which means “Hero from the Iliad.” It is derived from the Greek term “nachos,” meaning “pain.”

2. Adrian

Adrian has a profound meaning: Waterater or a sea of water. It also means Rich.

3. Alexios

It is among the very popular Greek baby boy names on its native turf, which means “defending men.”

4. Alpheus

It is a culturally attached name that originated after the Greek River God. Also means “Successor.”

5. Andrew

Andrew is a very popular Greek, “ns “Strong and manly.” It’s another variant of the Greek name Andreas, which means “man.”

6. Atlas

The name has been very popular for the past 10 years. It means “bearer of the heavens.”

7. Calix

It’s one of the fascinating Greek boy names, which means “Very handsome”

8. Clete

It’s a name of Greek origin, a diminutive of Cletus. It means “called forth.”

9. Cyrus

It is an anglicised form of the Greek name Kyros, believed to be associated with “kyrios”, meaning ‘Lord.’ Another meaning is “Sun” or “one who bestows care.”

10. Deacon

This is a name of Greek and English origin which means “messenger” or “servant.”

11. Derrien

This name is of Celtic origin, which means “Literally, of noble descent.”

12. Deo

The name is primarily of Greek origin that means “Godlike.” Also, “Deo” is another name for “Deva,” which means god according to its Sanskrit origin.

13. Dorian

Dorian is one of the famous Greek baby boy names derived from a Greek word, meaning “gift.”

14. Draco

It is a very commonly used Greek name, “Dragon” or “one who is like a serpent.”

15. Ermin

The name has Greek origin, which means “Universal”, “Whole” or “Soldier.”

16. Evan

It’s a popular name meaning “the Lord is gracious.” Its English version is John, and the Spanish version is Juan, however, Evan has Hebrew origins.

17. Faustus

The name is one of the luckiest, “fortunate or lucky.”

18. Flavian

Flavian is one of the Greek baby boy names having Latin origin meaning “Yellow hair” or “Blonde.”

19. Giorges

It’s another Greek origin name, which means “farmer.”

20. Illias

It is another form of the name Elias, which is of Greek origin that means “The Lord is My God.”

21. Lysander

It’s a masculine given name having Greek origin. It means “liberator.”

22. Matthias

It’s one of the very beautiful Greek names, which means “Gift of God.”

23. Nestor

It comes from that Nestor, the son of Neleus, the King of Pylos and Chloris. It means “one who returns from travels.”

24. Noah

One of the famous names recently comes from the Hebrew “Noach.” It means “rest” or “repose.”

25. Phoenix

It is a name derived from the name of a mythological bird from the Greek myth that has become a symbol of renewal, regeneration, and immortality.

Popular Greek Baby Names for Girls

We have listed several cute names if you are looking for Greek names for baby girls.

1. Aikaterini

It means pure. It is a uniquely rare name in the US, having a Greek origin.

2. Angeliki

This Greek-originated word means messenger of god or angelic.

3. Bronte

It Means thunder and has a Greek origin.

4. Carissa

Means Grace is a Greek-originated word.

5. Cassia

An aromatic bark of an East Asian and has a Greek Latin origin.

6. Catherine

Derived from the Greek word: Katharos means pure.

7. Delia 

This means someone born on the island of Delos might be derived from Adelia or Cordelia.

8. Dimitra

This Greek word means the mother earth or follower of Demeter and is a feminine form of the name Dimitri.

9. Eleni 

This Greek-originated word stands for sun ray.

10. Erme

It is one of the unique Greek names for baby girls. The name means “Universal” or “Whole.”

11. Eunika

The name Eunika is Greek, meaning “Victory of Goodness.”

12. Eurus 

The name reflects the beauty of nature. It means “God of the east wind.”

13. Eurybia

The name portrays feminine power, meaning a sea Titaness and consort of Krios.

14. Hadria

A Greek-originated word meaning town in Northern Italy.

15. Halo 

Greek-originated word meaning “Divine aura”.

16. Hebe

Greek originated word meaning youth.

17. Hecuba 

It is an ancient driven name that means “Mother of Paris and Hector”, and wife of the Trojan king Priam.

18. Helen

Torch or shining light has a Greek origin.

19. Helia

The meaning of Helia is sun. It is a Greek-originated word.

20. Ioanna

Ioanna is among the beautiful names, meaning “God has favoured me.”

21. Iphigenia

It means one who is “strong-born,” “born to strength,” or “she who causes the birth of strong offspring.”

22. Juno

Queen of heaven, Latin originated word. Equivalent to the Greek goddess Hera for love and marriage

23. Melia

Ancient Greek word meaning ash-tree.

24. Vassiliki 

It’s a female form of the name Basil. It’s a Greek origin name, which means “royal.”

25. Zuya 

The person who is loving and caring. It is also depicted as “something alive”.

Gender Neutral Greek Baby Names 

You can also choose from various Unisex Greek names to come across more beautiful names.

1. Agoran 

This Greek originated word means a place where people can gather. It used to be the central square in Greek cities of ancient times.

2. Calais 

A Greek word implies someone who changes colour or acts as the situation demands.

3. Cyn 

This Greek word is derived from Mount Kynthos/Cynthus.

4. Cyrille

This word has a Greek origin meaning the master.

5. Diamanto

 This Greek word means something strong, sharp, and pure as a diamond.

6. Ellery 

This word means an earth lover or someone from Demeter.

7. Gindoc

It means flower.

8. Gene

Someone born in the high or upper class. It is a Greek word. 

9. Jayce

This Greek word means someone who can help you with medication. Healer

10. Leka

 Someone who defends or protects people.

11. Memphis

Something that has formed beautifully, good-looking.

12. Neko

Butter is made of sheep’s milk, a Greek-originated word.

13. Nicolae

The one who cares for one’s people; has a Greek origin. Another meaning is the victory of the people.

14. Nika

It is a Greek-originated word meaning victory.

15. Nikeiza

The act of Jesus Christ involved in the triumph of the world.

16. Ocean

This Greek-originated word means the great river or sea surrounding the disk of the Earth.

17. Ojal

This Greek word means something picturised, a vision.

18. Pasi

The word means a title given to a king.

19. Pyralis

Someone who is made of fire, a Greek word.

20. Sandi

Someone who defends others, a Greek origin word.

21. Sasha 

Someone who defends and helps humankind, Greek originated word.

22. Sait

A Greek-originated word meaning “happy/lucky”

23. Sonja

The word has a Greek origin and refers to wisdom.

24. Stacey

Someone who will rise again, a Greek-originated word.

25. Stacie

It means resurrection and the word has a Greek origin.

Therefore choose from these various names to find the perfect name for your baby that suits your taste and culture.

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