Top 75 French Boy and Girl Names With Meanings

Popular French Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

France is a charming country known for its beautiful houses, art, culture, monuments, mannerisms, food, etc. It is a country where aesthetics is so important that even their names have some artistic appeal. Being impressed by the same, many parents search for unique names related to this country that suits their family culture and have a different aura. In their culture, calling someone with the title followed by their name is considered impolite. So instead, calling by the title is fine. This blog covers many familiar names and unique names from France for your bundle of joy. Keep reading to find out more!

Naming Tradition in French Culture

French first and last names begin with capital letters and follow a naming pattern similar to Great Britain. Many of these cute names are tied to festivities and events and revolve around the culture of France. Some have Biblical origins and are connected to celebrities and historical figures.

Popular French Baby Names for Boys

French names are mostly given to children by their fathers and have a degree of spiritual significance. However, that’s not customary, and some names may be derived from the mother’s surname. Below is a list of the most popular French baby boy names.

1. Alexandre

Alexandre stands for defender or warrior of mankind. It is a heroic and masculine name that is chosen for the brave.

2. Antoine

Antoine was most popular in the 1970s to 80s and reached rank 262 around 1985. It is a stylish French name that means ‘one who is highly praise-worthy.’

3. Arthur

Arthur is given to individuals of Brythonic origin but is used by the people of France. It means ‘bear,’ and comes from the Roman clan Artorius.

4. Bastien 

Bastien means venerable or revered. It also translates to ‘man of Sebastia’ and has roots in Greek and Spanish. Bastien is famous for a German novel called ‘The Neverending Story.’

5. Bernard

Bernard refers to a strong and brave bear. 

6. Barhloew

Barhloew is someone who lives on a bare hill. 

7. Calvin

Calvin means little bald one and is suitable for newborns. It also comes from the ‘Calvin and Hobbes,’ series.

8. Calixte

Calcite means ‘most beautiful,’ or ‘lovely.’ It refers to a Beninese sculptor and has been used by several popes and saints.

9. Cedric

The Cedric of Rotherwood was famous in the 19th-century book ‘Ivanhoe,’ and his name translates to ‘loved’ or ‘kindly.’

10. Darel

The meaning of Darel is ‘tenderly loved,’ for boys. There is a feminine meaning, too, which is ‘open,’ or ‘from Arielle.’

11. Danton

Danton refers to Georges Danton, a French revolutionary leader or orator. Its meaning is to daunt or subdue. 

12. Ezra

Edgar is a male name that means ‘help,’ or ‘protect.’

13. Edmond

Edmond means wealthy defender and is an Anglo-Saxon baby boy name.

14. Ferdinand

Ferdinand means bold or peace. It is also a common sibling name; its other meaning is brave voyager. 

15. Flavien

Flavien is a yellow-haired character tied to Christianity. Its other variant is Flavian. 

16. Geoffrey

Geoffrey Chaucer was a famous English poet for his work Canterbury Tales. He is also known as the ‘Father of English Literature,’ and the name’s meaning is divine peace. 

17. Gaston

Gaston means guest or foreigner and is apt for those who travel worldwide. It has cultural significance to Gaston Leroux, who was once a notable opera author.

18. Gerald

Gerald means bright spear and refers to the ‘bringer of warnings.’

19. Henri

Henri means ‘home ruler,’ and is a unique name that helps your kids stand out from the crowd.

20. Ilian

The meaning of Ilian is youth, and God is Gracious. It’s used to denote success, energy, and positivity. 

21. Joel

Joel means God is willing, or lord is God.

22. Jean

Jean means God is gracious, and it’s a great name due to its Biblical roots.

23. Louis

Louis translates to ‘famed warrior,’ and the bringer of big th treasuring. 

24. O protagonistlivier

Oliver comes from the ‘Olive Queen’ and is the name of the Green Arrow CW series protagonist.

25. Thomas

The meaning of Thomas is a twin or someone who looks alike.

Popular French Baby Names for Girls 

Below is a list of French names for baby girls. These are cute names and rare ones given to girls in France.

1. Amelia

Amelia means ‘work’ and refers to a hardworking person.

2. Ariette

Ariette is short aria or air. It was popularly used to describe comic operas in France during the 18th century.

3. Bardot

Bardot was the name of a popular French film actress who was born in 1934. Its meaning is to leave the top sleeves of a dress uncovered, thus denoting femininity. 

4. Beatrice

Beatrice means one who brings happiness and joy. It has its roots in the Bible and goes great with middle names like Alice, Wren, and Rose.

5. Bellmay

Bellamy means beautiful friend, fine friend, or good friend. It made the top 1000 among the most popular girls’ names in 2020.

6. Charlotte

Charlotte means petite and one who is free. It dates back to the 14th century and is excellent for those with a curious spirit.

7. Clementine

Clementine means mild or merciful. It also stands for gentle or simple-natured. 

8. Demi 

Demi is a famous actress name that belongs to a celebrity. It means ‘half.’

9. Desiree

Desiree means ‘to be desired’ and is given to very passionate girls.

10. Elise

It means ‘My God is an oath,’ and is very Christian.

11. Esme

Beloved or esteemed by others is the meaning of Esme.

12. Eleanor

It means God is my light or candle, light-hearted, shining.

13. Elodie

Elodie is a famous Italian singer, and the French name means foreign riches.

14. Florine

The French meaning for Florine is flourishing or prosperous, which is rare and archaic.

15. Frances

Frances means ‘the free one.’

16. Fleur

It means flower in French and denotes femininity. 

17. Gabie

Gabie is the hero of God.

18. Gaby

It means ‘the able-bodied’ and denotes good health.

19. Helenor

Helenor stands for shining light or torch.

20. Helo

Helo is the sun, bright and always burning.

21. Jolie

Jolie means pretty and references Angelina Jolie, a famous American film actress.

22. Rosalie

Rosalie means rose in English and is a flowery French name.

23. Liana

Liana means ‘to twine around,’ and refers to vines found in a tropical forest.

24. Lucie

It means light and is a positively uplifting name.

25. Marie

Marie is the sea star from the French Latin’ Mary.’

Gender Neutral French Baby Names

Here are some unisex French names for children.

1. Adel

Adel means ‘noble,’ which refers to one of high status. Its other meaning is ‘God is eternal.’ Righteous, Upright, and sincere.

2. Arnes

Arnes is tranquil and stays composed no matter what the circumstances. Its other meaniare ‘pure and holy’ and ‘God’s lamb.’

3. Axel

Axel means ‘Father of Peace.’ It became popular in the 1900s, one year after the release of Guns N’ Roses’ signature hits.

4. Avignon

Avignon comes from France and is a unisex name. It refers to a city in France and is also the name of a famous 12th-century bridge that was partly destroyed.

5. Bertrand

Bertrand means bright raven.

6. Blaise

Saint Blaise was a notable figure in Greek mythology, and his feast day was on 3rd February. Blaise means apathetic to pleasure.

7. Camille

Camille has its roots deep in spirituality and means’ helper of the priest.’

8. Cheney

Cheney means ‘oak tree,’ and was also the name of a US Republican politician born in 1941.

9. Coty

Coty was the French President from 1882 to 1962 and also refers to a city in France. It also means ‘Old House.’

10. Dominique

Dominique is a French unisex name that means ‘of the Lord.’ It sounds feminine and denotes one who belongs to God.

11. Eden

Eden refers to the Garden of Eden in the Holy Bible, where Adam and Eve once lived.

12. Elalois

Elalois refers to someone who has an unwavering spirit and is a true pioneer in their field. Anyone with this name is a natural leader, energetic, confident, and can endure various hardships easily. 

13. Fortunatus

Fortunatus means happy, lucky, rich, and blessed.

14. Gene

It means ‘well-born’ or ‘noble.’ 

15. Jade

Jade is a bright green color and is a jungle leaf pattern. It refers to handcrafted jewelry and means’ precious green stone.’

16. Jules

Jules denotes youthfulness for girls.

17. Lavern

Lavern is a woodland in France.

18. Leone

Leone refers to a brave female warrior.

19. Keziah

Keziah means ‘cassia tree,’ and comes from the Old Testament, and it belonged to one of Job’s three beautiful daughters.

20. Marley

Marley directly translates to a pleasant seaside meadow. 

21. Matiese

Matiese was a famous French painter and sculptor between the 1800s to 1900s and was known for his vibrant design sense.

22. Morgan

Morgan refers to one born from the sea, and although of Welsh origin, it is popularly used throughout France.

23. Nikola

Nikola means people’s victory, a very practical name that is success-oriented and innovative.

24. Taylor

Taylor means to ‘cut,’ and denotes one skilled with their hands, and it is a French name derived from a Norman occupation.

25. Zuri

Zuri means ‘white,’ and ‘lovely.’ 

Now that you’ve got our list of beautiful names pick one and start there. There are no fixed rules to naming your newborn but remember to have fun!

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