Top 80 African American Boy Names With Meanings

80 Popular African American Names for Boys

A name is something that connects one to their own individuality and identity. It perfectly defines you as a person or what you dream of becoming. However, this also makes selecting the perfect name for your baby a bit difficult. America is a diverse country with a rich culture and heritage. African Americans are a large part of American history. They have been pivotal in shaping America as it is right now. The African culture is deeply embedded not only in American history but also is an integral part of American culture.

African Americans name their babies in different ways. They may either select baby names based on the events taking place around their birth, or they may select baby names inspired by pop culture. Many African American parents give their little ones names of African origins to help develop a deep connection with their heritage.

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Unique and Cute African American Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Here are some cool and popular African American baby boy names that you can consider for your little prince!

Name Meaning
Ahmod A beautiful variation of the classic Arabic name Ahmed, this means “highly praised”.
Aiyden This is an Irish name which means “little fire”.
Assad This cool name is a variation of the Arabic name Asad. Its literal translation is “a lion”.
Autry This name has a French origin which means “noble strength”.
Booker A name of English origin, this one means “scribe”.
Busta A classic variation of the American name Buster, this name means “friend”.
Calvin One of the most famous baby boy names, this name means “bald”.
Caleb This name has a Hebrew origin, and it means “faithful”.
Craig This has Scottish, Irish, and Welsh roots. The meaning of this name is “from the rocks”.
Clayton This name comes from an Old English surname meaning “clay settlement”.
Cassius Cassius is a Latin name. It’s a popular African American name for boys which means “narcissistic or vain”.
Chante Chanté is the French word for “sung”. This word is derived from the Latin word Cantare which means “to sing”.
Chaquille This name has Arabic origins and means “little”.
Cornell This name has English origins and is the name of a town.
Dameien Damien is a Greek name which means “to overcome”.
Efrem Efrem is a name with Spanish origins and means “fruitful”. 
Ericson Ericson is a Swedish name which means “son of Eric”.
Darius This is an old name for boys which originates from the Persian language. Darius is the English transliteration of “Dariush” meaning “rich or kingly” or “he who possesses”.
Joaquin This name is an abbreviation of a Hebrew name Jehoichin which means “established by God”.
Dontrell This name is a variation of an Italian name Donte. The origin of this name is also Italian, and it means “lasting”.
Dijon A name of French and Hebrew origin, it’s also the name of a city in France. Another beautiful meaning of this name is “God is gracious”.
Ervan A Breton name and is a variation of the French name Yves. It means “yew”.
Emmett This name is of Hebrew, German, and English origins, and it means “universal”.
Eldrick The name has an English origin, and this name means “old or wise ruler”.
Eli Originated in Hebrew, this name is used commonly used in Afro American communities. The meaning of the name Eli is “ascended, uplifted, or high”.
Godrell This African American name which is used commonly for baby boys has no clear meaning other than being someone “related to God”.
Garlan Garlan is a French baby name, which means “wreath or prize”.
Ghalen Ghalen is a beautiful African name which means “calm”.
Glover This is quite an unusual name for being based on a profession. Glover has its origins in English, and this name was given to glove makers and sellers.
Grady Grady is a name which Irish roots which means “noble”.
Hosea This is a name that has a Hebrew origin. The meaning of this name is “salvation”.
Hakeem Hakeem is an Arabic name which means “wise”.
Hassan This name has an Arabic origin meaning “handsome”.
Isiah A variant of the name “Isaiah” this name has a Hebrew origin. Widely used as a spiritual depiction, this name means “God is my saviour”.
Iker This African American name has a Spanish origin. Quite a unique name for a boy, and it means “visit”.
Ian A name of Scottish origin, this name means “God is gracious”.
Izaak Izaak is a joyous Hebrew name which means “laughter”.
Jayden A popular American name, this name has Spanish and Hebrew origins, and it means “God has heard”.
Jaheem Jaheem is a name of Jamaican origin and is popular in African American culture. This name means “raised or dignified”.
Jamal Jamal is a Hebrew name which means “handsome”.
Joachim A name of Hebrew origin that means “established by God”.
Joseph This is a Latin name which means “He will add”.
Justus This is a Latin name which signifies “justice”.
Keenan This Irish name has its roots in Hebrew. The Irish name means “little ancient one”, while the Hebrew name, which is also biblical possibly means “possession” as Keenan in the Old Testament is the grandson of Adam.
Kahlil Kahlil is an Arabic name which means “friends”.
Kimbel This African American name has its origins in Welsh. This Welsh baby boy name means “warrior chief”.
Khalan Khalan is an Arabic name which means ‘a strong warrior”.
Keon It has its origins in both Irish and Hebrew. The meaning of this name is the same as the meaning of the name Ian which is “God is gracious”.
Kelvin Kelvin is a Scottish name which means “from the river”.
Kordell Kordell is an English name which means “cord maker”.
Laikin This African American name is a beautiful variant of the word “lake”. Hence, Laikin means “from the lake”.
Lamonte This is a Gaelic name which means “man of law”.
Lemarcus This name has Latin and American origins and means “warlike”.
Lucius This is a biblical name which has its origins in Latin. In Latin, the name means “light”, and in the biblical reference the name means “luminous”.
Martell This name has a German origin, and the name means “warrior of Mars”.
Malachiah This is a Hebrew name which means “God’s messenger”.
Marcel Marcel in Latin means “belonging to Mars”.
Murphy This is a Gaelic name which means “sea warrior”.
Neville Neville is a French name which means “new town”.
Nimbus This name has a Latin origin, and it means “rainstorm or dark clouds”.
Nolan This is an Irish name which means “champion”.
Niles Niles is a Gaelic name which means “son of Neil”.
Orion A character in Greek mythology, Orion was the son of Poseidon and a hunter. Orion is also “the rising star”.
Orpheus Having Greek origins, Orpheus is related to Orphne, which means the “darkness of the night”. According to Greek mythology, Orpheus was a poet and musician who went to the underworld to retrieve his wife, Eurydice.
Oscar Oscar is an English name which means “God’s spear”.
Otis This name has German, Old English, and Greek roots. The English and German meaning of the name Otis is “prosperity, wealth”. In Greek, Otis means “keen of hearing”.
Owen This is a Welsh name which means “well-born”.
Payne This is a name with English origins that means “country-dweller”.
Peter Peter is a Greek name which means “rock”.
Quinn This is an Irish name which means “counsel”.
Roscoe Roscoe is a name of Old Norse origin. This name means “deer forest”.
Rufus This cute name has a Latin origin, and it means “red-headed.”
Sabah It has Arabic and Turkish origins; this name means “morning”.
Tyrus Having its origin in American, Tyrus is an amalgamation of two names “Tyrone” and “Cyrus”. It is a biblical name which means “strength, rock, or sharp”.
Wyclef This famous name is of English origin, which means “dweller at the white cliff”.
Warren The literal meaning of this name is “to protect”.
Xavier This name has both French and Spanish origins. It is a popular and famous name, and it means “a new house”.
Xenon This unique name which can also be found in the periodic table has a Greek origin, and it means “guest or foreigner”.
Yogi Meaning a “spiritual guru,” this name was popularized by the Yogi Bear.
Zephan This name has a Hebrew origin meaning “prized possession of God”.

These unique names are sure to suit your baby boy. Choosing the right name for your baby boy will always be one of the most beautiful parenting experiences. Take help from this list to pick the best black boy names for your baby boy.

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