Top 125 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Boy Names With Meanings

125 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Names for Boys

Sci-fi movies and fantasy characters are all the rage among kids these days! In fact, sci-fiction and fantasy go hand in hand. You’ll be surprised to know that the concepts that were once considered sci-fi or fantasy have later been developed and actually brought to life. By giving your little one a sci-fi or fantasy name, you’ll inspire them to believe that everything is possible. Here are some sci-fi and fantasy names for boys. Let’s take a look at them.

Why Should You Choose Sci-Fi Names for Boys?

Wondering why you should pick a sci-fi name for your baby? Here are some reasons why!

1. Unique Name

A sci-fi name will be a unique name that will set them apart from the crowd.

2. Futuristic

These names are modern and futuristic, which will help them to grow into a forward-thinking man.

3. Attention Grabbing

Fantasy as a genre is quite attention-grabbing. Therefore, fantasy names for boys are too.

Popular Fantasy And Sci-Fi Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Here we have short-listed 40 fantasy and Sci-Fi baby boy names which are wildly popular these days:

1. Arthur

Inspired by the Roman clan name Artorius, which means brave and honourable, Arthur was the name of the mystified protagonist in “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

2. Aladdin

Looking for classic fantasy names starting with an ‘A’, then Aladdin is the perfect choice for you! We all remember the famous hero of the Arabian Nights.

3. Bastian

Bastian is a shortened version of the name Sebastian, which was originally a Latin and Christian name. Bastian is a character in the much-loved comic fiction X-Men (Bastion).

4. Ben

One of the best fantasy boy names, Ben Kenobi, was a character in Star Wars.

5. Cullen

None of us can forget the scintillating Cullen family of Twilight! Edward Cullen was a Vampire who falls in love with Bella, a human.

6. Darth

Darth was one of the most famous characters of Star Wars, created by George Lucas. It is a version of the dark.

7. Derek

One of the most loved amongst sci-fi characters is Dr. Derek Shepherd of Grey’s Anatomy! Derek means ‘a gifted ruler’.

8. Draco

Draco speaks of confidence and power and is a very strong name which translates to ‘serpent’. Draco was the villain in all of the Harry Potter series.

9. Edward

Remember the handsome Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga? Smouldering, mysterious and suave!

10. Falkor

Falkor was a luck dragon in The Never-ending Story, and was a guide and mentor to Atreyu.

11. Fynn

Fynn is an Irish origin name meaning illuminating and fair. Fynn val Lorian is a beloved character from ‘A Pattern of Shadow and Light.’

12. Grant

Grant is a famous English name meaning ‘grand’ or ‘magnificent.’ Grant is a well-known character in the Doctor Who series!

13. Gaius

A slightly unconventional name, Gaius means ‘happy’ or ‘glad.’ Dr. Gaius Baltar is a character in the Battlestar Galactica.

14. Geordi

Geordi is a sci-fi character in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Geordi is a cute variant of the name George and is quite popular too!

15. Harry

Harry is the name of the lead character in the world-famous series Harry Potter coined by JK Rowling. Of course, you’d want to name your baby Harry.

16. Hector

An ancient Greek name meaning power. Hector was a character in the historical movie Troy who fought bravely in a duel to the death against Achilles.

17. Joffrey

Joffrey is a popular character played by Jack Gleeson in ‘Game of Thrones.’ In German culture, Joffrey means God’s peace.

18. Jacob

Jacob was the second supporting character in the famous Twilight Saga, written by Stephanie Meyer.

19. Kael

Kael is a rare, unique Gaelic name which has fantasy character status after General Kael, leader of the Nockmaar army in Willow.

20. Kush

Kush was the son of Lord Rama and Sita in the Sanskrit epic Ramayana. It means sacred grass or the one who remains honest and just!

21. Logan

Logan, meaning “hollow” was the name of the dashing Wolverine in the X-Men series.

22. Lancelot

A cute English name, Lancelot was one of the most trusted knights of King Arthur.

23. Mahiwal

Remember the famously tragic love tale of Sohni Mahiwal? Mahiwal means buffalo herder, and he was Sohni’s love.

24. Milo

Milo is a German name which means peaceful or calm. Milo is a huge hit amongst celebrities and fantasy characters!

25. Marty

Marty is a simple, cool and classic science fiction character named – Marty McFly in ‘Back to the Future’.

26. Nigel

Nigel is an Irish name which means champion. Nigel is the name of a wizard in the Harry Potter series.

27. Orion

A highly popular and cute English name, Orion is not just associated with the constellation Orion’s Belt, but was also the father of Sirius Black in the famous Harry Potter series.

28. Oberyn

Oberyn Martell was the name of a prince in Game of Thrones, who was known for his fighting skills and temperament.

29. Rylan

A short and sweet name, Rylan was the name of a spy in the movie The Last Starfighter!

30. Ronan

Ronan is an endearing Irish name for boys that means ‘little seal.’ Ronan was a character in the Harry Potter series and a villain in the Guardians of the Galaxy!

31. Septimus

An adorable name for boys, Septimus is the lead character in the famous Septimus Heap, a children’s book series.

32. Soren

Soren is a Danish name for baby boys which means ‘stern.’ Soren is quite a popular name shared by different characters in The Matrix Reloaded, Underworld, and Guardians of Ga’Hook.

33. Sirius

Sirius Black is a famous character in the Harry Potter series. It is also the name of the brightest star in the dark sky!

34. Tyrion

Tyrion was a classic character portrayed by Peter Dinklage in ‘The Game of Thrones.’ Tyrion also means Land of Eoghan.

35. Victor

Victor Krum was a famous character from the Goblet of Fire, the fourth part of the Harry Potter series. It means ‘conqueror’ or ‘to win.’

36. William

A popular English baby name which means Resolute protector! William Adana was also the commanding officer in the Battlestar Galectica series.

37. Westley

Westley means ‘western meadow.’ It’s the perfect pick for those who are looking for a unique name for their son!

38. Xavier

Xavier is a wildly popular English name with Spanish and Arab roots. It means illuminating or magnificent and was a famous character in the Marvel Comics – X-Men as Professor Charles Xavier.

39. Zack

A famous character in the “Final Fantasy”, Zack is a cute name for baby boys.

40. Zeus

As per Greek mythology, Zeus was the highest of all gods. The meaning of the name is the sky or to shine bright.

Awesome Fantasy and Sci-Fi Name for Your Baby Boy

Here are some awesome fantasy male names that you can pick from for your boy. Let’s read!

1. Aegon

An Australian origin name that means the edge of a sword or a warrior. The people named Aegon are energetic, courageous and determined.

2. Aldous

The name has two meanings, wealthy and old. This German-origin name will surely be perfect for your little boy.

3. Alistair

This masculine name means defender of the people. Alistair is a Scottish-origin name.

4. Blaise

A perfect French-origin baby boy name meaning lisp or stutter. The name is associated with Saint Blaise, who was a patron saint for those suffering from throat conditions.

5. Cassian

Cassian is a Latin’s origin boy name that means hollow. The name also has its roots in Irish Welsh and means curly-headed.

6. Erwin

Erwin means a respected friend. This is a German-origin name that can be found throughout English, Scottish and Irish history.

7. Hogarth

An English origin name that means a variant of Hoggard; Lamb Enclosure.

8. Ludo

A short version of Ludwig, the meaning of the name translates to famous fighter. This name will remind them to power through every obstacle they come across.

9. Sauron

Sauron means abhorred and comes from languages created by JRR Tolkien in his The Lord of the Rings legendarium.

10. Sheldon

A gender-neutral name of British origin that means steeped valley. This name is also the famous name of the fictional character Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, played by Jim Parsons.

11. Spock

A Scandinavian origin name meaning maker of wheels or spokes. The name is also the name of an iconic character from Star Trek, Mr Spock, who hailed from the planet Vulcan.

Unique Fantasy and Sci-Fi Names for Baby Boys

Are you looking for name ideas for your baby boy? How about some unique fantasy and sci-fi names? Let’s take a look at them.

1. Albus

Does this name remind you of Professor Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter? Yes. Albus is a Latin origin name meaning white.

2. Artemis

Artemis is a gender-neutral name that means twin of Apollo and butcher. This name is of Greek origin and is for sure a unique and unforgettable name.

3. Caspian

A beautiful name for a baby boy that means white. This English origin name is taken from the Caspian Sea or Prince Caspian from the Chronicles of Narnia series.

4. Deckard

A very rare name of German origin, meaning roofer. The names Deckert and Deckard are sometimes seen as variations of the name.

5. Emmett

A timeless English origin name that means Universal. The name also has its roots in Hebrew, where it means truth. The popularity of this name has increased with the publishing of Stephanie Meyer’s book Twilight and subsequent movies, in which there was a character named Emmett Cullen.

6. Garrick

The name means one who governs with a spear. You can use this popular name for your baby boy.

7. H.G.

H.G. is quite similar to the chemical symbol Hg – hydrargyrum in Latin, which means quicksilver.

8. Harold

A Scandinavian origin name that is derived from the Old English version of the name Hereweald, which means army and ruler. The name has been used for many fictional characters in comic books and TV shows.

9. Jareth

A masculine American origin name with roots in Welsh and Britain. The meaning of the name can be translated to a gentle one, which makes it a lovely name for a baby boy.

10. Kirk

Kirk means church. If you are a Gilmore Girls fan, you will recognise the name given to the character Kirk Gleason.

11. Lando

A Spanish origin makes a name that means Famous Land. The name is short from the name Orlando. The name also implies a pioneering spirit and is, thus, perfect for your little boy.

12. Max

Does this name remind you of the character Max Mayfield played by Sadie Sink from Stranger Things? This Latin origin name is the short form of the name Maximillian and means greatest.

13. Montgomery

A beautiful name that means mountain belonging to the ruler. It’s a French-origin name that has been used both as a fore and surname. Addison Montogomery from Grey’s Anatomy can be the reference used by a fictional character.

14. Mulder

A popular German name that implies a pioneering spirit. If you are thinking, where have you heard this name, let us remind you of Fox Mulder, a fictional character from The X-Flies.

15. Odo

Odo means rich or wealthy. It’s a male name of English origin, taken from the name Otto.

Cool Fantasy and Sci-Fi Boy Names

Below you’ll find cool fantasy boy and sci-fi names and their meanings for your little hero.

1. Aslan

Aslan is a Turkish-origin boy’s name meaning Lion. A powerful name that you can give to your baby boy.

2. Clyde

A Scottish origin name that means warm and friendly. The name has its origin in Scotland for a good reason, as the river Clyde flows through Glasgow and goes through the blood of all of those with Scottish heritage.

3. Anakin

Quite a cool fantasy name for a baby boy that means warrior.

4. Ari

Ari is a famous gender-neutral name that means eagle, lion or sun-like. The name has its roots across the globe and is an attractive name for a boy.

5. Daario

A name derived from the Greek name Dareios and is also a part of the fantasy drama series Games of Thrones. The name means possessing goodness.

6. Heil

A short form of a German origin name Heilmuth. The name means luck.

7. Klaus

Klaus means victory of the people and is a German-origin boy’s name. The name is often associated with Nikolaus, the name of the beloved man Santa Claus.

8. Kylo

An American and Latin origin gender-neutral name that means sky or heavenly. This name is sure to match your baby’s angelic spirit.

9. Luke

Luke is the short form of the name Lucas and means light-giving. The name is derived from Loukas, a Greek origin name.

10. Neo

Neo means, and the name will help your child to be ahead of its time. The name has its roots in Greek origin and is a unique option for the newest member of the family.

Cute Sci-Fi and Fantasy Names for Boys

We know you are tired of looking for a perfect baby boy name. So, to help make your search a little quicker and easier, we have put together this list of cute sci-fi fantasy boy names.

1. Bilbo

A French-origin name that means bold. An ideal name that will make your child grow up to be bold and daring.

2. Brody

A masculine name with its roots in Irish origin. Brody means a ditch or a muddy place. The name is believed to have originated in the 14th -15th century as the name of a medieval clan in Moray, Scotland.

3. Casper

The name Casper means treasure and is derived from Aramaic. The variations of this name have been adopted by different cultures and languages.

4. Conan

Conan is a smart name of Irish origin, meaning hound or wolf. So, if your baby boy makes a way lot of noises, you know what to name them.

5. Elliot

Another gender-neutral name that means the Lord is my God. Elliot is a Hebrew origin name and is a popular choice for parents to name their baby boy.

6. Frodo

Frodo means wise by experience, and the name is also given to a character in Lord of the Rings 4 – Frodo Baggins.

7. Innis

A Scottish origin name meaning island. Innis is a perfect and short name with the letter I for a baby boy.

8. Vincent

Vincent is a nice name for a boy that means conquering or winning. The name will help your child to display their strength and power.

9. Sully

Sully has its roots in Frech origin, meaning stain, or from the south meadow.

10. Nico

Nico means victory of the people. It’s a gender-neutral name of Italian origin and a short form of the name Nicholas.

Baddass Fantasy and Sci-Fi Names for Boys

Naming a baby boy can require a little imagination, especially if you are looking for a name that is based on fantasy! We are here to help you out. Check out this list of baby boy names below.

1. Bowie

A Scottish-origin gender-neural name meaning yellow-haired or blond.

2. Burton

A boy’s name of English origin that means forfeited settlement. This name is very common in central and northern England.

3. Davy

The name means beloved. It’s a gender-neutral name and probably one of the sweetest names you can give to your baby boy.

4. Donovan

A masculine Irish name that means dark-haired chieftain. It’s quite a unique yet cool name for a boy.

5. Drax

If you want your child to be a great thinker, Drax is the ideal name, as it means the same. The name has its origin in English.

6. Geordie

The name means farmer. Geordie is a name of Greek origin and is perfect for your little boy.

7. Han

Han means God is gracious and is a Scandinavian name. The name is quite popular in Nordic countries.

8. Ian

A Scottish name that means God is gracious. It’s a simple and short name, and Ian Mckellan and Ian McShane are two examples of this famous name.

9. Jason

Jason means healer, or the Lord is salvation. The name has its roots in Hebrew origin and is an incredibly popular name used in different cultures.

10. Jon

A masculine name meaning God has given, with its roots in Frech origin. Jon is a short form of names such as John or Jonathan.

11. Khal

An American origin name that means leader or king.

12. Lex

Generally, a short form of the name Alexander means defender of men. The name has its origin in Greek origin.

13. Mace

A British origin name that means club and is often used for a boy.

14. Pascal

Pascal is a French name that means Easter child and is a perfect name for a baby boy.

15. Tyrian

Tyrian mean a Northern warrior.

16. Tyrone

A Greek origin name meaning Lord. It’s a perfectly unique name for a boy with the letter T.

17. Ziggy

A male name with its root in German origin. The name Ziggy means victorious protector and is a short form of the name Zigmund.

Exotic Fantasy and Sci-Fi Baby Boy Names

Looking for the best exotic fantasy and sci-fi boy names with meanings? Then this list of baby boy names with meanings is for you!

1. Ender

The name is very special as it means extremely rare. The name belongs to Turkish origin and is a great pick for your child.

2. Gandalf

The name means wand elf. The name is famously the name of the powerful wizard in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

3. Idris

Idris means studious and smart and originates from Arabic. In the Qur’an, Idris is the second prophet mentioned and is described to be a trustworthy and patient person.

4. Kaidan

The name means companion and is a beautiful name for a baby boy. The name will help your child have strong friendships throughout life.

5. Sisko

A Finnish word meaning sister. Quite a unique pick for your child.

Medieval Fantasy and Sci-Fi Boy Names

Tired of looking and hearing boring names for a baby? Here are some medieval fantasy names that are just perfect for your child.

1. Alderman

The name means elder and is a perfect name for your first baby boy.

2. Asher

In Hebrew, the name means blessed or happy. It’s the gender-neutral name and will make sure that your child grows to be a happy person.

3. Barda

Barda means loving, brave, and strong-willed. This short name with the letter B is ideal for your little one.

4. Benedict

A Latin origin name that means blessed. A perfect name for a boy who is a blessing in your life.

5. Bishop

An English and Greek origin name meaning overseer. A perfect name for a baby who gazes at things curiously.

6. Borin

A Slovenian name meaning to fight.

7. Bryce

The name means speckled or freckled and belongs to Scottish origin. This gender-neutral name has many spelling variations, like Brice, Bryson, etc.

8. Carac

The name is the short form of the word character and is an ideal name to give to your baby boy. 

9. Chancellor

A boy’s name means office holder. The name has French roots and is perfect for a natural-born leader.

10. Clifton

Clifton means town by the cliff and is an English origin name.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Boy Names Inspired by Nature

Looking for some cool fantasy and sci-fi boy names? Your search ends here. Let’s take a look at these names.

1. Aquila

The name means eagle and belongs to Latin origin. It’s also a name of a constitution.

2. Ash

Ash is a Hebrew origin name that means happy. This gender-neutral name is perfect for a happy little boy.

3. Cloud

It means visible vapour and has its roots in British origin.

4. Echo

The name has its roots in Latin and Greek origin and means reflected sound. A short and unique name for a baby boy.

5. Ezio

A short name with E that also means Eagle. It’s an Italian form of a Greek name that translates to eagle.

6. Fox

A British-origin boy’s name hints that the person is a humanitarian and generous individual.

7. Leon

A Greek origin name meaning Lion. The meaning of the name can be associated with strength and power. What a powerful name to give to your baby boy!

We wish you all the best in choosing the perfect name for your newborn! Make sure that the name you choose is unique and meaningful.

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