William Name Meaning

  • Name :william
  • Meaning :decided protection,the strength of mind and the protection of the brave protectors,william how to a girl's name is pronounced wil-yum. it is of old german origin, and the importance of william is strong protector. of wil, with the meaning of be, desire and the helmet, with the meaning helmet, protection. for a long time after the norman conquest in 1066 ad, three of the four english guys that were there some way the conqueror, the name of william. abbreviations and variants, are met in common the fundamental meaning of to be, probably or resolved. william was a real name in the united kingdom for almost a thousand years. the firstborn son of the current prince of wales, named william. see also willard. the playwright william shakespeare; the actor willem dafoe, william hurt, billy crudup, bill pullman, film director wim wenders; poet william blake; author william faulkner; us president william h. harrison, william h. taft, william mckinley; bill clinton.,with gold plated helmet
  • Gender :Boy

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