Top 122 Russian Girl Names & Their Meanings

122 Russian Names for Girls & Their Meanings

“I read in a book once that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I’ve never been able to believe it. I don’t believe a rose WOULD be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk cabbage.”
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Every parent wishes that their little ones’ life is a fairy tale. A fairy tale with a beautiful name. A romantic and dreamy story they wove together and prayed for it to come true. Mommies and daddies spend many hours browsing the net and many more days discussing the same before they finalize a perfect name for their bundle of joy.  Traditions, beliefs, family, culture, faith, history and many more parameters play an important part in finding the right name, a name with a beautiful meaning that could shape your baby’s destiny.

Russian female names have a special zing in their pronunciation. They sound sweet and exotic at the same time. They are popular not just in Russia but across the world. From classic Russian names like Anastasia to more meaningful and most common names like Natalie, cute names like Katya, to unique names like Ninotchka. Take your pick. They also end up as beautiful nicknames where Pauline becomes Polly or Katerina becomes Kate. Here is a list of Russian girl names in English for you to choose from!

Unique Russian Baby Girl Names

Here’s a compilation of Russian girl names for your pretty princess with their meaning and a little story of their origin. The list contains everything from traditional and old names to trendy and unique names. Dwell deep into each name’s origin, meaning, and history and find a suitable title for the fairytale that the stork will deliver to your doorstep.

1. Alya

Alya is derived from Alexandria and means ‘defending men’. Perfect name for your adorable warrior princess who might save the world.

2. Abihail

Abigail means ‘the cause of father’s joy’ in Hebrew. It also has a biblical significance where Abigail is a beautiful and intelligent woman.

3. Akilina

Akilan is a Tamil name that means ‘intelligent king’.

4. Alena

Alena is a Russian girl’s name means ‘tower’ and is of Greek and Latin origin. 

5. Alisa

Alisa is a girl’s name have Hebrew origin, and it means ‘great happiness’ and ‘joy’.

6. Anatoli

Anatoli is a sweet name derived from the Greek name Anatolius, meaning ‘sunrise’.

7. Anastasia

Anastasia will never go out of fashion. The name has Greek origins and means ‘resurrection’. Anna will make a lovely nickname for your darling daughter.

8. Angelina

Angelina is a perfect choice for the ‘angel’ in your life, a blessing from the above heavens. Popular celebrity – Angelina Jolie.

9. Anoushka

Anoushka, Anushka or Anushcka are similar to Anna and means ‘favour’ or ‘grace’. Anu is a perfect nickname that goes well with Anoushka.

10. Anya

Anya is a variation of Anna or the Hebrew name Hannah. The exotic Russian name means ‘grace’.

11. Bella

Bella means ‘beautiful’, a popular name in Spanish, Russian and Italian culture. The name became popular with the tele-series Twilight.

12. Bojana

Bojana is the feminine version of Bojan derived from the Slavic noun boj ‘battle’.

13. Bronya

Bronya is a Polish origin name and means ‘armour’. It personifies protection and strength. The unique name is a good choice for your little warrior princess.

14. Calina

Calina finds its roots in Greek origins, the beautiful name means ‘the moon’. Love your little one to the moon and back.

15. Cyzarine/ Czarina

A name as ‘royal’ as it sounds. Cyzarine or Czarina is a perfect choice for daddy’s little princess, who will someday rule the world.

16. Darya

The name Darya originates in the Persian language and means ‘sea’. It also means ‘wealthy’ and ‘prosper’. Something you wish your child will be blessed with.

17. Dema

Dema has Arabic origins and means ‘rain bearing Earth mother’.

18. Dasha

Dasha is a pretty name for your little one and means ‘God’s gift’, which she truly is.

19. Diana

Diana is a name with Latin origins and means ‘divine’, ‘heavenly’, ‘shine’ or ‘bright one’. She is the goddess of hunting and wild animals. Popular celebrity – Princess Diana of Wales.

20. Elena

Elena or Alyona comes from the ancient Greek language. It means ‘shining light’, ‘torch’, and ‘bright’. In Hebrew, it means ‘mercy’.

21. Emiliya

Emiliya is a female name of Bulgarian origin that means ‘to strive’.

22. Evva

The Russian word for Eve, the first woman on Earth and means ‘life’. The beautiful name finds its origin in the old testament and the Bible.

23. Faina/ Fayina

Faina is a name of Russian origin, and it means ‘light’ or ‘shining’. A slight variation to Fayina and the meaning changes to ‘free one’.

24. Fedora/ Feodora

The name Fedora is derived from the Greek name Theodora. It means ‘God’s Gift’, and yes, your angel truly is one of the best gifts from Almighty.

25. Florentina

The beautiful name Florentina finds its roots in the Latin and Indo-European word Flora and means ‘blooming flower’ or ‘blossom’. It stands for ‘innocence’ and ‘virginity’. Shorten it to Tina for a cute nickname.

26. Gala/ Galina

Gala or Galina is a name of Slavic origin. It means the ‘calm one’ or ‘tranquil’. ‘The healer’ who brings smiles to everyone she meets.

27. Grusha

Grusha is an old Russian name with Greek origins. It means ‘wild horse’. Untamed and majestic.

28. Ganya

Ganya is a Russian female name of Hebrew origin that means ‘garden of the Lord’.

29. Helina

Helina has its roots in old Greek civilization. Derived from Helen of Troy, the name means ‘the light of the sun’ and is perfect for your little miss sunshine.

30. Innessa

Derived from Ines or Agnes, Inessa is a name of Russian origin and means ‘gentle’, ‘chaste’ or ‘pure’.

31. Irina

Irina is a popular Russian name of Greek origin, it means ‘peace’.

32. Iris

Iris, in Greek culture, is the Goddess of ‘rainbow’. It is also a beautiful ‘flower’ and the coloured part of the eye. A short name with many meanings sounds so beautiful and cute.

33. Irya

Irya is a beautiful variation of Irene and means ‘peace’. The unique twist makes the name more beautiful and perfect for your cutie pie.

34. Ivanna

Ivanna is a classic and timeless Russian name with Old Slavic origins. It means ‘God is gracious’.

35. Izabelle

Derived from the Spanish name Elizabeth, Izabelle or Isabelle means ‘pledged to God’. The biblical name also means ‘beautiful’.

36. Jelena

Jelena is a pretty and modern choice for your doe-eyed princess. The name with Slavic origins means ‘deer’.

37. Julija

Julija is a unique variation of the name Julia or Yulia and means ‘youth’.

38. Karina

Karina is a popular variation of Carina and means ‘pure’. The name is popular in Russia, America, Poland, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.

39. Katerina

The name of Czech origin means ‘pure’. Like Catherine, Yekaterina, Ekaterina is popular with Russian and American parents. Kate or Katy would be the perfect nickname for Katerine.

40. Katia

The exotic and cute name Katia originates in Greek, Spanish and Russian culture. It means ‘pure’. Katie makes a lovely nickname for Katia.

41. Lara

Lara has Latin origins, the name means ‘cheerful’. It also means a citadel’ or ‘fortified city’.

42. Larissa

According to Greek mythology, Larissa is a nymph, the daughter of Pegasus and the lover of Mercury.

43. Lena

Inspired from the Siberian River Lena, derived from the ‘temptress’ Helena of Troy, the name originates from Greek culture and means ‘light’ and ‘shine’. It also means ‘alluring’.

44. Larissa

According to Greek mythology, Larissa is a nymph, the daughter of Pegasus and the lover of Mercury.

45. Lena

Inspired from the Siberian River Lena, derived from the ‘temptress’ Helena of Troy, the name originates from Greek culture and means ‘light’ and ‘shine’. It also means ‘alluring’.

46. Marina

The name Marina is derived from Marinus. The Russian name means ‘from the sea’. Cute name for your little mermaid.

47. Masha

Masha sounds beautiful and exotic when called out aloud. The name is derived from Maria and means ‘rebellious’. In Arabic, it expresses ‘joy’, ‘happiness’ and ‘thankfulness’.

48. Mila

The hot favourite name Mila means ‘dear one’ in Russian. The Slavic interpretation of Mila is ‘hardworking’ or ‘industrious’. Popular celebrity – Mila Kunis.

49. Milana

Milana is a sweet Russian name of Italian origin that means ‘favored’.

50. Mischa

Mischa is derived from Michael. The name with Russian origins means ‘God like’. Besides having a beautiful meaning, the name sounds exotic and divine.

51. Nadia

Nadia is a popular name in Russia and originates in Slavic, Greek, Latin, and Persian cultures. The name means ‘hope’.

52. Natalya/ Natalia/ Natalie

Natal means Christmas, Natalia means ‘birthday of Christ’. It’s a popular name for girls born around Christmas.

53. Nika

The name Nika has origins in Greek, Pashto and Persian cultures. It means ‘pure’ or ‘good’. The unisex Russian name also means ‘victory’.

54. Nina

Nina is a Russian feminine name of  Spanish origin. It means ‘little girl’.

55. Nadenka

Nadenka is a girl’s name of Russian origin and means ‘hope’.

56. Nasta

Nasta is a Russian name having Italian roots. It means ‘cool’ and ‘neat’.

57. Nelli

Nelli is a girl’s name related to the Greek name Eleanor and means ‘sun rays’.

58. Nikita

Nikita is a Russian name of Greek and Slavic origin that means ‘unconquered’ or ‘victor’.

60. Ninotchka

Ninotchka is a rare and unique name. The Russian name with Italian origin is derived from Nina and means ‘grace’ or ‘favour’.

61. Oksana

Oksana sounds so very poetic. The Russian origin name means ‘Praise be to God’. Pretty name for pretty princess.

62. Paulina

Paulina is the feminine version of Paul. It means ‘little stone’. Polly is a cool nick name for your little girl.

63. Panya

Panya is a gender-neutral Russian name of Swahili and Russian origin meaning ‘crowned one’.

64. Rada

Rada is a girl’s name of Yiddish origin that means ‘rose’ or ‘happy’.

65. Regina

The name finds its origin in Latin, Romanian and Italian culture. It means ‘queen’. Such a royal name for your princess who will someday rule the world.

66. Roza

Roza is a Polish, Russian, and Hungarian name that means ‘rose’.

67. Sanvi

The beautiful name Sanvi means ‘knowledge’. The name of Russian origin is popular across many cultures.

68. Sabina

Sabina is a beautiful feminine Russian name of Latin origin that means ‘of the Sabine tribe’.

69. Sonechka

Sonechka is a name of Russian origin and means ‘wise one’. Soni would make a lovely nickname for her.

70. Tavisha

Tavisha means ‘heavenly’ or ‘beautiful’. Perfect and unique name for your little girl sent from the heavens above.

71. Ulyana

Ulyana is a popular Russian name for baby girl. It means ‘youthful’.

72. Valentina

Valentina has Latin origins and means ‘healthy ‘ or ‘strong’. The name is popular in Russia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Spanish and many other countries.

73. Vanka

Vanka is a name of Russian origin and means ‘grace’ or ‘favoured by God’

Popular and Famous Russian Names for Girls

We always want the best for our children. Starting right from selecting the best names to selecting the best schools. Well, here we have some beautiful popular and famous Russian names for you to choose the best name from, for your little angel!

1. Aleandra

This Old Greek name is used for unexpected female infants. The name is a variant of the Greek name Alexandra, which is the feminine form of Alexander. The meaning of Aleandra is ‘manly’ or ‘defender of men’.

2. Alla

A feminine name with German and Russian roots is Alla. This name can be translated as ‘ascend’ or ‘to go up.’

3. Belka

Belka, a girl’s name of Russian origin, means ‘she who resolves’ or ‘who decides.’

4. Catherine

Greek ancestry gives the name Catherine to a female. Katherine and Katharyn are derived from the Greek word ‘katharos,’ which means ‘pure.’

5. Christina

Christina is a Latin-derived female given name. This name, a variant of Christianus, means ‘follower of Christ.’

6. Dinara

This classic-sounding name that means ‘wealth’ seems to fit with some parents’ idea of naming their children after the blessings they intend to bestow.

7. Elvira

Germanic in origin, Elvira is a girl’s name. The meaning of this name is ‘truth.’

8. Lizabeta

The meaning of the Russian girl’s name Lizabeta is ‘God is my oath.’

9. Luba

Luba is a girl’s name with Slavic and Yiddish roots. It is a derivation of Lubah and Ljuba, which means ‘beloved’ or ‘loved’.

10. Manya

The name Manya, which means ‘star of the sea,’ is a girl’s name with Latin, Russian, and Hindu roots.

11. Maria

Maria is a feminine name with Latin roots with various connotations that a newborn will like. The Virgin Mary, regarded as one of the most revered characters in the Christian faith, may be referred to by this name, a Latin variant of the name Mary. Due to this link, the name Maria can imply different things, such as ‘Star of the Sea,’ ‘beloved,’ or ‘bitter.’

12. Nataliya

The meaning of the girl’s name Nataliya, a Latin variation of Natalie, is ‘birthday’.

13. Nyuta

Nyuta is a Swahili girl’s name, which means ‘star’.

14. Marisha

From the Latin name Marissa, Marisha is a female given name that means ‘of the sea.

15. Olga

Olga is a Scandinavian-derived girl’s name. This unusual name means  ‘blessed’ and ‘successful,’ which are unquestionably two qualities any new parent would like to inculcate in their child!

16. Stefaniya

Greek ancestors gave their daughter the name Stefaniya. Stefanos, which means ‘crown,’ is the feminine form of Stefaniya.

17. Taisiya

Russian in origin, Taisiya, as a girl’s name, has no known meaning. It was the name of a sassy and astute courtesan who accompanied Alexander the Great on his travels in the fourth-century BC.

18. Tamara

Tamara is an Arabic girl’s name that translates to ‘date palm’ or ‘date.’

19. Vladlena

The feminine version of VLADLEN is called Vladlena. Parents who were communists and eager to defy conventional names came up with this name. 

Pretty Russian Girl Names

Russian names are quite unique and have deep meanings. However, this does not mean that they can’t be pretty. Here we have a list of pretty Russian girl names that you can consider for your little one.

1. Sasha

Russian in origin, this  gender-neutral name Sasha means ‘defender’ and ‘helper of mankind.’ This Russian short form of the Greek name Alexandra, which means ‘to defend man,’ gives rise to a strong and valiant name.

2. Shura

Russian origins can be seen in the name Shura, which is frequently used for girls. It stands for ‘man’s defender.’

3. Slava

Slava is of Slavic origin and means ‘glory.’

4. Sofia

The name Sofia is of Greek origin for girls. It is a variation of Sophia, which is derived from the Greek word σoφία, meaning ‘knowledge.’

5. Sonia

Sonia is a female given name with Slavic ancestry. Sonia is a variation of the Greek-origin girl’s name Sophia, which means ‘knowledge.

6. Sonya

Sonya is a lovely girl’s name that has Russian and Ukrainian roots and means ‘knowledge.’ There are numerous different ways to spell Sonya, including Sonia and Sonja.

7. Sveta

Sveta, which means ‘light’, is a female name of Slavic origin.

8. Svetlana

Russian and Slavic in origin, Svetlana is a girl’s name that means ‘bright’.

9. Tanya

Tanya is a stunning Russian girl’s name that means ‘fairy queen.’ 

10. Tasha

Tasha, a Russian baby girl’s name, is an acronym for Natasha, which means ‘birthday.’ The meaning of this name is derived from the English name Natalie, which alludes to ‘Christmas’ and ‘the birthday of the Lord.’

11. Tasya

The meaning of the girl’s name Tasya, which is of Greek, Russian, and American origin, is ‘resurrection’. 

Strong Russian Baby Girl Names

Russians are known all across the globe for their vigour and strength. If you wish to raise your baby girl to be a strong an independent lady, you can start by giving her a strong name. Here are some strong Russian baby girl names for you to choose from.

1. Toma

The name Toma, which is of Italian origin and means ‘date palm tree,’ is used equally for boys and girls.

2. Vanna

Vanna is a feminine given name of Cambodian origin that means ‘golden.’

3. Vanya

Hebrew in origin, the gender-neutral name Vanya means ‘gracious gift of God.’

4. Vasilisa

Greek in origin, the name Vasilisa means ‘queen’ or ’empress’ in Russian. It is Vasily’s feminine incarnation, which is also the name Basil in Russian.

5. Venera

The Croatian meaning of the name Venera is ‘honourable and adored.’ Venera is a girl’s name that has Croatian origin.

6. Venus

Venus is a Latin-derived girl’s name. Venus is a daring yet romantic option for ladies because it shares its name with the Roman goddess of love and beauty. The second-closest planet to the sun, Venus, is easily recognised due to its brilliant shine in the night sky.

7. Vera

Vera is a female given name with Slavic ancestry that means ‘trust.’ Vera’s origins can be linked to the Latin word ‘vera,’ which means ‘truth.’

8. Verochka

The meaning of the girl’s name Verochka, which is of Slavic and Latin origin, is ‘truth.’ The name ‘Vera’ is linked to ‘Verochka.’

9. Veronika

Veronika is a Latin-derived girl’s name. It is a variant of its sister name, Veronica and means ‘victory bringer’ and ‘genuine image.

10. Violetta

Violetta is a fantastic option if you’re seeking a feminine name that is your favourite hue. The term ‘violetta’ translates to ‘violet’ in English. Of course, violet gets its name from the delicate, vivid flower.

11. Yamka

Yamka is predominantly a female name derived from the Hopi tribe of Native Americans, and means ‘budding flower.’

12. Yana

Yana is a feminine name that has Hebrew roots. Its meanings of ‘God is gracious’ and ‘He answers’ make it a spiritually enlightening and motivating option for babies.

13. Yasemin

Yasemin is an Old Persian baby girl’s name. The word ‘jasmine’ is Yasemin.

14. Yeva

Yeva, a name of Slavic origin that means ‘Form of Eve,’ is predominantly used for females.

15. Yustina

Yustina is a Latin name for girls. ‘fair’ or ‘rightful’ is the meaning of the name Yustina.

16. Zasha

Russian-born name Zasha, which means ‘defender of the people,’ is primarily gender-neutral.

17. Zia

Zia, which means ‘splendour’ or ‘bright,’ is a great choice for a new parent looking for a given name. Zia is a word of Latin roots that has roots in Italian, Arabic, and Hebrew. Its universally accepted definition is ‘radiance’ and ‘splendour.’

18. Zibiah

Hebrew in origin, the name Zibiah is predominantly a feminine name that means ‘gazelle.’

19. Zinovia

A feminine version of the name Zenobia, Zinovia means ‘life of Zeus’ in Greek. The male name Zenobio has a connection to Zinovia.

20. Zoya

Zoya, a girl’s name that literally means ‘life,’ can help you welcome your new child into the world and her existence. 

Shakespeare asked ‘What’s in a name?’

The answer to it – Everything.

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