50 Russian Names for Girls & Their Meanings

“I read in a book once that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I’ve never been able to believe it. I don’t believe a rose WOULD be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk cabbage.”
L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Every parent wishes that their little ones’ life is a fairy tale. A fairy tale with a beautiful name. A romantic and dreamy story they wove together and prayed for it to come true. Mommies and daddies spend many hours browsing the net and many more days discussing the same before they finalize a perfect name for their bundle of joy.  Traditions, beliefs, family, culture, faith, history and many more parameters play an important part in finding the right name, a name with a beautiful meaning that could shape the destiny of your baby.

Russian baby names have a special zing in their pronunciation. They sound sweet and exotic at the same time. They are popular not just in Russia but across the world. From classic Russian names like Anastasia to more meaningful names like Natalie, cute names like Katya to unique names like Ninotchka. Take your pick.

They also end up as beautiful nicknames where Pauline becomes Polly or Katerina becomes Kate.

Unique Russian Baby Girl Names

Here’s a compilation of 50 Russian names for your pretty princess with their meaning and a little story of their origin. The list contains everything from traditional and old names to trendy and unique names. Dwell deep into their origin, meaning, and history of each name and find a suitable title for the fairytale that the stork will deliver at your doorstep.

Name Meaning
Alya Alya is derived from Alexandria and means ‘defending men’. Perfect name for your adorable warrior princess who might end up saving the world.
Anastasia Anastasia will never go out of fashion. The name has Greek origins and means ‘resurrection’. Anna will make a lovely nick name for your darling daughter.
Angelina Angelina is a perfect choice for the ‘angel’ in your life, a blessing sent from heavens above. Popular celebrity – Angelina Jolie.
Anoushka Anoushka, Anushka or Anushcka are similar to Anna and means ‘favour’ or ‘grace’. Anu is a perfect nickname that goes well with Anoushka.
Anya Anya is variation of Anna or the Hebrew name Hannah. The exotic Russian name means ‘grace’.
Bella Bella simply means ‘beautiful’, it’s a popular name in Spanish, Russian and Italian culture. The name became popular with the tele-series Twilight.
Bronya Bronya is a Polish origin name and means ‘armor’. It personifies protection and strength. The unique name is a good choice for your little warrior princess.
Calina Calina finds its roots in Greek origins, the beautiful name means ‘the moon’. Love your little one to the moon and back.
Cyzarine/ Czarina A name as ‘royal’ as it sounds. Cyzarine or Czarina is a perfect choice for daddy’s little princess who will rule the world one day.
Darya The name Darya finds its origin in Persian language and means ‘sea’. It also means ‘wealthy’ and ‘prosper’. Something you wish your child will be blessed with.
Dasha Dasha is a pretty name for your little one and means ‘God’s gift’, which she truly is.
Diana Diana is a name with Latin origins and means ‘divine’, ‘heavenly’, ‘shine’ or ‘bright one’. She is the goddess of hunting and wild animals. Popular celebrity – Princess Diana of Wales.
Elena Elena or Alyona comes from ancient Greek language. It means ‘shining light’, ‘torch’, ‘bright’. In Hebrew it means ‘mercy’.
Evva The Russian word for Eve, the first woman on Earth and means ‘life’. The beautiful name finds its origin in the old testament and the Bible.
Faina/ Fayina Faina is a name with Russian origin and it means ‘light’ or ‘shining’. A slight variation to Fayina and the meaning changes to ‘free one’.
Fedora/ Feodora The name Fedora is derived from Greek name Theodora. It means ‘God’s Gift’ and yes, your angel truly is one of the best gifts from Almighty.
Florentina The beautiful name Florentina finds its roots in Latin and Indo-European word Flora and means ‘blooming flower’ or ‘blossom’. It stands for ‘innocence’ and ‘virginity’. Shorten it to Tina for a cute nick name.
Gala/ Galina Gala or Galina is a name with Slavic origin. It means the ‘calm one’ or ‘tranquil’. ‘The healer’ who brings smile to everyone she meets.
Grusha Grusha is an old Russian name with Greek origins. It means ‘wild horse’. Untamed and majestic.
Helina Helina has its roots in old Greek civilization. Derived from Helen of Troy, the name means ‘the light of the sun’ and a perfect choice for your little miss sunshine.
Innessa Derived from Ines or Agnes, Inessa is a name of Russian origin and means ‘gentle’, ‘chaste’ or ‘pure’.
Irina Irina is a popular Russian name with Greek origin, it means ‘peace’.
Iris Iris in Greek culture is the Goddess of ‘rainbow’. It is also a beautiful ‘flower’ and the colored part of the eye. A short name with many meanings sounds so beautiful and cute.
Irya Irya is a beautiful variation of Irene and means ‘peace’. The unique twist makes the name more beautiful and perfect for your cutie pie.
Izabelle Derived from Spanish name Elizabeth, Izabelle or Isabelle means ‘pledged to God’. The biblical name also means ‘beautiful’.
Jelena Jelena is a pretty and modern choice for your doe-eyed princess. The name with Slavic origins means ‘deer’.
Julija Julija is a unique variation of name Julia or Yulia and means ‘youth’.
Karina The name Karina is a popular variation of Carina and means ‘pure’. The name is popular in Russia, America, Poland, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.
Katerina The name with Czech origin means ‘pure’. Similar to Catherine, Yekaterina, Ekaterina is popular with Russian as well as American parents. Kate ot Katy would be perfect nick name for Katerine.
Katia The exotic and cute name Katia has its origin in Greek, Spanish and Russian culture. It means ‘pure’. Katie makes a lovely nick name for Katia.
Lara Lara has Latin origins, the name means ‘cheerful’. It also means a citadel’ or ‘fortified city’.
Larissa According to the Greek mythology, Larissa is a nymph, the daughter of Pegasus and the lover of Mercury.
Lena Inspired from the Siberian River Lena, and derived from the ‘temptress’ Helena of Troy, the name originates from Greek culture and means ‘light’ and ‘shine’. It also means ‘alluring’.
Marina The name Marina is derived from Marinus. The Russian name means ‘from the sea’. Cute name for your little mermaid.
Masha Masha sounds beautiful and exotic when called out aloud. The name is derived from Maria and means ‘rebellious’. In Arabic, it is an expression of ‘joy’, ‘happiness’ and ‘thankfulness’.
Mila The hot favorite name Mila means ‘dear one’ in Russian. The Slavic interpretation of Mila is ‘hardworking’ or ‘industrious’. Popular celebrity – Mila Kunis.
Mischa Mischa is derived from Michael. The name with Russian origins means ‘God like’. Besides having a beautiful meaning, the name sounds exotic and divine.
Nadia Nadia is a popular name in Russia and finds its origin in Slavic, Greek, Latin, Persian cultures. The name means ‘hope’.
Natalya/ Natalia/ Natalie Natal means Christmas, Natalia means ‘birthday of Christ’. It’s a popular name for girls born around Christmas.
Nika The name Nika has origins in Greek, Pashto and Persian cultures. It means ‘pure’ or ‘good’. The unisex Russian name also means ‘victory’.
Ninotchka Ninotchka is a rare and unique name. The Russian name with Italian origin is derived from Nina and means ‘grace’ or ‘favour’.
Oksana Oksana sounds so very poetic. The Russian origin name means ‘Praise be to God’. Pretty name for pretty princess.
Paulina Paulina is the feminine version of Paul. It means ‘little stone’. Polly is a cool nick name for your little girl.
Regina The name finds its origin in Latin, Romanian and Italian culture. It means ‘queen’. Such a royal name for your princess who will rule the world one day.
Sanvi The beautiful name Sanvi means ‘knowledge’. The name with Russian origin is popular across many cultures.
Sonechka Sonechka is a name with Russian origin and means ‘wise one’. Soni would makes a lovely nick name for her.
Tavisha Tavisha means ‘heavenly’ or ‘beautiful’. Perfect and unique name for your little girl  who was sent from heavens above.
Ulyana Ulyana is a popular Russian name for baby girl. It means ‘youthful’.
Valentina The name Valentina has Latin origins and means ‘healthy ‘ or ‘strong’. The name is popular in Russia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Spanish and many other countries.
Vanka Vanka is a name with Russian origin and means ‘grace’ or ‘favoured by God’

Shakespeare asked ‘What’s in a name?’

The answer to it – Everything.

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