55 Roman Girl Names & Their Meanings

Names are more than a piece of identity. They define an individual. Depending on your personal choice you can either go for a modern name or choose a name that has been in vogue for centuries.

Ancient Roman Names For Baby Girl

If Roman names interest you, then you must checkout the below mentioned roman girl names and choose the ideal one for your little bundle of joy.

Name Meaning
Aeliana This name has a charm and sounds appealing. Aeliana has a Latin root and means “sun”.
Agnes The name Agnes personifies purity. Having Greek origins, this name was borne by the popular saint, St Agnes.
Alba Beautiful as the name, Alba, means “bright”. This name has a Latin origin and would suit your daughter perfectly.
Albina This name is derived from Albus, of Latin origins. It was borne by Saint Albinus, the bishop in Angers, Brittany and signifies “radiance” or “white”.
Augusta Augusta was originally a title given to honor the wives as well as daughters of the Roman Emperors. It later became an independent given name for girls. It means one who is great or magnificent.
Cecilia This name is derived from the Roman clan name with a subtle and sweet meaning. Cecilia means “blind by love”.
Cassia Cassia has a Roman connection with the name Keziah. As per the Old Testament, Keziah was the daughter of Job. Cassia tree bark has a sweet smell like that of cinnamon.
Claudia Claudia in Roman culture was the name of the wives of Pontius Pilate and Nero. It means an enclosure and has an aura to it.
Flavia Flavia means golden or blond. One of the ancient Roman female names, if your baby’s hair is blond or yellow, Flavia would be the perfect name for her.
Florentina Florentina, a feminine name means “blooming”. Give your daughter’s name a flowery touch with this sensual name.
Gaia Gaia has a Greek origin and as per ancient mythology, it represents the Goddess of Earth. Gaia means “the earth mother”.
Galla Galla signifies festivity. Choose this Latin name for your beautiful baby.
Horatia This name is a feminine variant of the Roman name Horatius. Horatia means “the keeper of time”.
Hortensia The name Hortensia has a sensual and flowery touch to its name. Also, the common name for the beautiful flower Hydrangea, it means “of the beautiful garden”.
Julia A classical name of ancient Roman origins, Julia is simple and sophisticated having its connection in the world of the saints. Julia means “youth” or “youthful”.
Laelia Derived from the Roman name Laelius, Laelia is an uncommon name. It is also the name of a particular species of orchids.
Laurentia The feminine form of Laurence, Laurentia originated from Rome. It means place of victory and honor.
Marcella St. Marcella, a Roman matron of intellect and strength was known to organize a religious sisterhood in her home. This gathering was guided by St. Jerome in religion and learning. Marcella means “war-like” and has a very rich connect with ancient Roman history.
Mariana Mariana has been derived from the name Marius. In Roman mythology, Mars is known to be the God of wars. Mariana means “a wished-for child”.
Marilla Marilla strikes a chord with its pleasant and delicate sound. It is the shorter form of Amaryllis, a type of flower. Marilla means “shining sea”.
Martina It is a baby girl name derived from the male name “Martin” or “Mars”. Mars in Roman mythology represents the God of wars. Martina means “warlike”
Mila One of the old roman girl names- Mila, is a short and sweet name having originated from Eastern Europe. It means “dear” or “gracious”.
Nerilla An uncommon name, Nerilla is a head-turner. It means “ambition, strength, independence”.
Octavia Octavia has a Roman connection as this name was chosen for the daughter of Emperor Augustus’s sister, Claudius. It means “eighth”.
Prima If your baby girl is your firstborn, then you should definitely name her Prima. Prima has a Latin origin and means “the first one”.
Quintia Quintia means “the fifth”. It has a beautiful rhythm to its name and can be used for your baby girl to gift her a unique identity.
Rufina If your baby girl has a reddish hued hair, Rufina would be the ideal name for her. Rufina means “Red” and is a perfect name for a beautiful baby girl with red hair.
Septima Septima has a Latin origin and means “seventh”.
Sergia Sergia originates from Alba Longa, who is believed to have descended from the Trojan name Sergesto. It is a Roman name meaning “attendant”.
Tauria If you are from Peru, Tauria is surely to strike a chord with you. It is a place in Peru. Tauria also could be used as a name for baby girls born during the springtime.
Tertia Tertia means “third” in Roman parlance. It is a trendy and attractive name for a baby girl.
Tullia The name Tullia has been in the Roman times as the prestigious family name Tullius. The name has a very calming charm to it and means “peaceful”.
Sabina Sabina is an ancient tribal name having Roman origins and means “Sabine”.
Valentina Valentina is an exotic and pretty name with Latin origins. It means “health” and “strength”.
Valeria An uncommon name, Valeria means “one who is strong”. One of the most popular roman girl names, Valeria originates from the Latin verb, “valere”.

Roman Mythology Names for Baby Girl with Meanings

Do you have a fetish for mythological stories? If yes, then here is a list of absolutely gorgeous Roman catholic baby girl names with meaning.

Name Meaning
Amor This is an alternative name of the Roman God of love, Cupid. Amor means “love”. One of those exotic, timeless roman mythology baby girl names.
Angerona Beautiful and delicate, this name is referred to the goddess of winter solistice in Roman mythology. Angerona also means “goddess of silence”.
Bellona Bellona, was known to be the name of the goddess of wars in Roman mythology. She was also the companion and friend of Mars. Bellona means “to fight”.
Camilla Camilla is a beautiful name for a baby girl with an interesting piece of mythology related to it. Roman myth refers to Camilla as a huntress who could run so fast over the field without touching or bending any grass.
Ceres Ceres, in Roman mythology is known to be the goddess of farming and agriculture. Its symbolic meaning is “to grow”.
Concordia Concordia sounds magical and peaceful. Named after the goddess of harmony and peace as per Roman mythology, this name is perfect for your little girl.
Diana Diana, has an air of royalty to its name and was borne by the absolutely stunning and gorgeous princess of Wales. Diana, in Roman mythology refers to the Goddess of hunting and forests. It is also the name of the beautiful moon goddess in Roman myth.
Elissa Elissa was also known as Dido in Roman mythology. Elissa was the queen of kingdom of Carthage. It sounds pleasant and cute.
Fauna Derived from the masculine form of “Faunus”, Fauna, was the goddess of women, fertility and healing in Roman mythology. She was also the companion and daughter of Faunus.
Flora Flora was the wife of, Zephyr, the west wind. She is known to be the goddess of spring and flowers. As beautiful as its name, Flora would be an ideal choice for your baby girl.
Hersilia Roman mythology suggests that Hersilia was a Sabine woman, who married Romulus and became his wife. Unique and graceful, Hersilia is surely to be a headturner.
Lara Lara, is a sweet and short name of a nymph in Roman mythology who was known to be very talkative. Lara means “to talk”.
Lavinia Lavinia, King Latinus’s daughter was Aeneas’s wife. She was an ancestor of the people of Rome. Legend says that to honor his beloved wife, Aeneas named a town after her and it is known as Lavinium. It shares a rich history in Roman legends that you can share with your little one as her name.
Luna Luna in Roman mythology refers to the moon goddess. She is often portrayed as riding a white chariot through the blue skies.
Maia Maia, as per Roman legends, was the wife and companion of Vulcan. She was also known as the spring goddess. Magical and beautiful as the name, Maia, is perfect for someone born in the month of May.
Minerva The Roman goddess depicting both war and wisdom, Minerva has a charm to the name. It means “intellect”.
Pomona It is derived from the Latin word “pomus” which means a fruit tree. In Roman myth, Pomona refers to the goddess of fruit-bearing trees. Unusual and attractive, Pomona is one of the beautiful female roman goddess names.
Rhea In Roman mythology, Rhea refers to the name of the mother of the legendary founders, Remus and Romulus, who founded Rome.
Venus Roman mythology legends portray Venus as the goddess of “sex and love”. She is also known to be an ancestor of the people of Rome. Interestingly, Venus is also the name of the second planet in the solar system from the sun.
Vesta Inspired from the Roman word “Hestia”, Vesta, in Roman mythology refers to the Goddess of the Hearth. It is believed to be a continuous fire which the Vestal Virgins tended to and it burned in the Vesta Temple in Rome.

If you are going to have a girl, look no further! With this sumptuous list of Roman catholic baby girl names with meaning, you will surely find the perfect match for your little bundle of joy.

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