Beau Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Beau Name Meaning and Origin

Beau is a unique name that is taken from the French. It was once an extremely common word in the English language as well. However, it has now become archaic and is not colloquially used. Even then, the name is well remembered and is making a turn in popularity. Read on to know more about the origin and meaning behind the name. 

What Does Beau Mean? 

The name is taken from French and describes a male attendant or suitor courting a lady. When it was adapted in English, the word retained its spelling, but the meaning of Beau changed to a beautiful or handsome man. The meaning of Beau comes from the original Latin word “Bellus,” which meant “fine, pretty, handsome.”


Even though the word spelled today was first seen in French, it originates from the Latin root word “Bellus,” which means beautiful. The meaning was changed when it was adopted into French, and the meaning was changed again when the word was used in English. It is interesting to note that the feminine alternative of the word Beau is Belle, and both have the same Latin root word. 




  • Buh- oo
  • Bo


Single syllable 



Name Variations/Spellings 

There are several Beau name variations with different spellings. But the pronunciation and the meaning of the name remain the same. It is primarily used in English, French, and Italian. Here are some other spellings for Beau.

Name Origin
Beaux  French
Bea America
Bo English
Bow English
Bowe English
Bou English
Beau Italian
Beaw English
Bouw English
Boh English

How Popular Is the Name Beau? 

Beau baby name ranking has increased during the last twenty years. 0.181 percent of male children born in 2020 were registered with the name Beau. It accounts for around 3319 male children all over America, who would also have the name, Beau. Beau’s popularity was the 109th most popular name for a male child in 2020. 

Interest in Beau – Worldwide

The name has been fairly popular over the years around the world. It hit the highest searches in June 2015 and the lowest in March 2020. 

Interest in Beau – the US

The name has seen days of high popularity in America, and then the hype had also slowly died down. Currently, the name is popular back again, and it was popular in June 2015 and least popular in March 2021.

Popularity of the Name Beau 


The name is quite popular in America currently. It is the 109th most popular name for male children in America. The rank has hit an all-time high over the span of 20 years. It means that the people’s interest is rising in the name and trend. 

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search Trends of Beau – Worldwide

Search trends show that the name has been searched the most in Guernsey, Mauritius, and Gabon over the last ten years. France ranked at eight in the search list because the name was French in origin.

Search Trends of Beau – the US

The name is fairly popular in all 50 states of America, and it is the most popular in Mississippi and Louisiana the least popular in West Virginia and New Mexico. The name is more prevalent in developed states and cities. 

Middle Names That Go With Beau 

As Beau is a French name, it would be reasonable for the middle name for your child to also be a French word, and it would keep up with the tradition. You don’t need to find a word that is difficult to spell. There are many double names with Beau common to both English and French.

Blanche  Pierre
Camille  Fracois
Luc  Jewel
Jacques Monet
Hugo Monique
Guy Brice
Gilbert  Charles
Orville  Gastron 
Pascal Marc 
Phillipe Marcel

Famous People Named Beau 

There are several famous celebrities named Beau. It is a unisex name with a beautiful meaning and can refer to both males and females. Celebrities named Beau to come from different walks of life, and they are either sportsmen, actors, or authors. 

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Beau Brinkley American football player
Beau Benzschawel  American football player
Beau Belga Basketball player
Beau Garrett American actress
Beau Hoopman  Olympic gold medalist rower
Beau Kazer Canadian actor
Beau Maister  Australian football player
Beau Smith American comic book author
Beau McCoy  Senator
Beau Burchell  Musician

Similar Names & Last Names 

If you are not too sure about it and are looking for other baby names like Beau, we have a list of similar names. Having an alliterative name is in trend and shows that the parents took care to find a name for their child. If you have a last name with B, then family names for Beau or any other names for Beau could be the right pick for your baby. 

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Bow Brown
Bear Baker
Ben Bell
Bentley Bailey
Bran Brooks
Brandon Black
Blake Boyd
Bryce Bryant 
Brody Bennett
Braxton Butler

Names That Sound Like Beau 

Beau is a single-syllable name that is simple and easy. We have several other names that start with B and either single or double syllabled. Each of these names that rhyme with Beau has a unique meaning and is quite different from the usual names you hear around. 

Bach Bain 
Beo Bard
Beorn Bert
Bran  Balin
Baer Bam 

Sibling Names Related to Beau 

It is never too early to start planning for your next child. We have a list for you if you plan to have another child and want to follow a similar naming pattern. Since Beau is a French name, it would be good to have another French name for sister names for Beau and brother names for Beau. Here is a list of sibling names that go with Beau.

Sister Names For Beau Brother Names For Beau
Bell Benard
Belle Benoit
Belina Bayard 
Belen Bastien
Belora Bernard 
Benicia Bernie
Benoite Berny
Baylye  Bruno
Basilie Bryson
Beawa Benjamin

Nicknames for Beau 

Beau is a short and simple name in itself, so you don’t need to abridge it or find a nickname. But if you are bent on calling your child a unique name, we have some short and simple choices here. 

Bebe Bes
Bow Brij
Boy  Bink
Ber Biff
Bear Bill

Hope we helped abridge the search that goes into finding the perfect name for your baby boy. We gave you some attractive French options that are easy to spell and pronounce and have a deep-rooted meaning. Being French, these names are unique and stand out from the rest. 


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