120 Unique & Popular Italian Boy Names

120 Unique & Popular Italian Boy Names

Finding a unique name for your baby boy is not as difficult as you think. We often stumble upon cool names, but doing some research about the same doesn’t hurt either. While some parents decide to go with popular common names, some prefer unique ones with meanings. Lately, because of popular television series and global connections, many parents are going for Italian male names for their little boys. So, we got down to business and handpicked some of the best, handsome Italian boy names for your perusal. Here we have listed 120 Italian baby boy names that will make your choice easier!


Italian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Take a look at few of the modern Italian names for boys:

Names Meaning
Abele As can be understood, this is a traditional name, and it means ‘herdsmen’. Although in Hebrew the name means ‘Breath’. In the Old Testament, he was Adam and Eve’s, second son.
Abramo A widely popular name as it has several variations used by parents around the world. It means ‘Father of many’ and has originated in Hebrew.
Adalberto It is a unique name, and it means nobility. The usage of this name has increased again in the past decade.
Adalfieri Originally of Italian origin, this is a robust Italian boy name, and it means ‘noble oath’. It is a beautiful name that you could give your baby boy if you want something traditional as well as meaningful.
Aldo Aldo means ‘old’ or ‘wise’ and even ‘noble’. It is one of the sweetest among Italian short names that you could select for your baby.
Alessandro Yet another popular name among Italians, Alessandro means ‘defender of mankind’. Isn’t it a beautiful name to give your little boy?
Alfonso A trendy name, Alfonso means ‘noble’ and ‘eager’. It is a popular boy name in Italians and is being adopted by several Americans and Europeans too.
Alfredo A classic yet cool name, Alfredo means ‘wise counsellor’. If you think your boy will grow up to be that, then why not choose this name for him?
Alonzo Alonzo is a playful name and a variant of the Germanic name Alfonso. The name means ‘noble’.
Antonio Antonio is a pretty decent name dating back to the 14th century in Italy. This is an Italian version of the Latin name Antonius.
Armani If you are into fashion, this can be the perfect name for your son. The name’s popularity came from famous designer Georgio Armani.
Adriano The name has its roots in the Adriatic Sea. So, if your son is a water baby, then without a doubt you should give him this beautiful name.
Angelo It can be an Italian first name or even surname. It means ‘angel or messenger of God’. Angelo will surely be a perfect name for your little bundle of joy.
Belvedere A gorgeous choice of name for boys, meaning ‘beautiful to see’. It will surely be a unique Italian baby boy name for your child, who is beautiful inside and out.
Bravo Although Bravo is not used much as a name these days, you could consider it as an influential baby boy name. It means ‘courageous’ and thus will perfectly suit your little hero!
Basilio A royal name for your royal baby boy! Basilio means ‘noble’, ‘royal’ or ‘kingly’. It also means rose.
Bonifacio Bonifacio is an elegant boy’s name of Latin origin. It means ‘fortunate’ or ‘auspicious’.
Bosco For the parents who want to go a spiritual or traditional way, you can opt for this name. Bosco is the name of an Italian saint and thus a great way to tribute him.
Brando Brando is a popular name which means a ‘sword’. It can also mean ‘any weapon used during wars’.
Bernardo A divine choice of name, Bernardo, means ‘as brave as a bear’. So if you are all willing to raise a fearless offspring, this Italian name is ideal.
Boris What is braver than a wolf or snow leopard? That is what this name means and would be a perfect fit for your little boy.
Cabrini Cabrini is a popular Italian surname which means ‘one who sails’. Many people also consider this as a first name.
Callisto What sounds more Italian than the name Callisto? A mesmerizing name meaning ‘beautiful’ for your gorgeous baby boy. What can be a better name to the gift of God than calling him beautiful?
Carlos It is becoming an increasingly popular Italian name, and almost every other Italian masculine name we hear is Carlos. It means ‘farmer’.
Casmiro Sounds exquisite right? Casmiro means ‘famous’, and that sure is something everyone dreams of being!
Celestino Meaning ‘heavenly’, this could be the perfect name for your little one who will make you and your partner’s life heavenly. Although losing popularity, this name is often used by Americans as a short form like ‘Celeste’.
Celio As the previous name, this too is somewhat divine. The name means divine and is an excellent choice for parents who are spiritual but also into the current culture of cool names.
Cencio A traditional name, the name means ‘victorious’. Every parent wants their child to succeed. So why not start by naming him the same?
Ciro A quintessential unique name, Ciro means ‘like the sun’. Your son is sure to bring warmth in your life and take away all the darkness.
Clemente Although it sounds French, it is an exquisite Italian name. It means ‘gentle and merciful’.
Caro Caro is strong and beautiful. It is everything you want your son to become as he grows up. It not only sounds stylish, but it also seems pretty strong.
Cristiano For all the football lovers out there, Cristiano will be a perfect name for your champ if you are a fan of Ronaldo! The name means ‘follower of Christ’. But, these days people keep this name as a trend itself.
Damiano Damiano is a unique Italian boy’s name referring to ‘one who subdues’.
Dante Used as both a first and last name, Dante is a beautiful name meaning ‘steadfast’.
Davide Used as a variation of the name ‘David’, this one means ‘beloved’. What better way to make your son feel loved than name him this gem?
Desi This name is becoming way too popular in the past few years. The best part about this one is that it is an asexual name. It means ‘longing’, but we suggest you choose this name just for how hip it sounds!
Domenico Yet another classic but strong Italian baby boy name. Domenico means ‘belongs to God’. We must say we dig the stylish tone it carries with itself.
Drago Imagine naming your son Drago? Sounds exotic and cool. Drago means ‘dragon’ and all you funky parents looking for a quirky name, do go for this one.
Edgardo A man known for his riches is called Edgardo. So, if you are an expecting parent and want your kid to be wealthy and successful, this is the name you should go for!
Edmondo A highly successful and productive man is what this name means. Although not very common, you can bring this name back in style for sure.
Eduardo We are sure you must have heard this name a lot. This name means ‘the holder of rich properties’. It’s a classic and a pretty famous name.
Elio Elio has become a popular name ever since Call Me By Your Name released. The name means ‘one who has the power of Sun’.
Elmo Although many would not prefer to name their son to after a cartoon, the name has a beautiful meaning which says ‘one who gives protection’.
Emanuele This name means ‘God is with us’. If you choose to name your son this, be sure he will have a hip and cool name with a bit of traditional touch!
Emberto A unique name which means ‘someone who is a bright warrior’.
Enrique All music lovers will swear by this name. Enrique is a common name, and it means ‘a person who owns large estates and rules them’.
Enzo It is a prevalent Italian name, and it also means ‘ruler’.
Ermanno Ermanno is a sophisticated male given name of Latin origin and a variant of the name Herman. Some decorated people bearing this name are Ermanno Stradelli (photographer), Ermanno Aebi (footballer), etc.
Eustachio Eustachio too is a popular Italian boy name and is used to respect a very famous saint.
Francesco It is the Italian version of the name ‘Francis’, and it means a ‘free man’.
Fabian Another classic name which is still used by many. Fabian means ‘farmer’ and is a simple and grounded name for your baby boy.
Fausto The name means ‘a man of luck’ and is a hugely popular one among all Italians!
Favio ‘A man of wisdom and understanding’, Favio sounds like the perfect name for your perfect boy.
Felix A common yet widely wanted name, Felix means ‘a man blessed with luck, fortune and success.’
Fiero If you are looking for a good Italian boy’s name, go for this one. Fiero means ‘proud’ and is undoubtedly cool to say!
Filippos If your little one loves barn animals or has a special adoration for horses, this is the name for him. Filippos is an Italian name meaning ‘friend of horses’.
Franco It is an unusual name with French origins and is used as a first or a last name.
Gabriel A commonly used name, Gabriel means ‘God is my strength’.
Gasparo You must admit this is quite an uncommon name and will suit your boy a lot. The name means ‘one who possesses a lot of money’.
Geno What better than a cute short name for your boy? Geno means ‘God is love’.
Gilberto An extremely Italian name, Gilberto means a ‘shining pledge’. It is a variation of the name Gilbert.
Georgio A popular name all around the world, Georgio means ‘agriculturist’.
Graziano Graziano is an eccentric name once popular in the Victorian era. It means ‘grace’.
Herberto The name means ‘bright fighter’ and is a strong one for Italian boys.
Hieronomo Hieronomo is a masculine given name of Italian and Greek origin. The name means ‘sacred name’.
Ivano It is a holy name, and it means ‘God is gracious’. It can be funky as well as a traditional name for your son.
Isaia It is an uncommon name but a religious one; it means ‘God is salvation’.
Jacopo It is a variant of the name ‘Jacob’. It means ‘Holder of Heel’ and is a holy name.
Julio A common name, the name means someone who loves making friends. If you want an authentic Italian name, this is perfect for your little boy!
Kajetan Kajetan is a male given name from Italy. It may refer to ‘someone belonging to the Latin Caiētānus (a coastal town in Italy). It is also the name of a Latin catholic priest, Saint Cajetan.
Kara Want something unique yet beautiful as a name for your baby boy? Kara means ‘beloved’, and it will suit your child a lot.
Krystallo Another unheard name, Krystallo means ‘Christ’s follower’. Although it sounds holy, this surely can be a very cool name for your boy.
Leonardo A pretty common name and even the famous actor Dicaprio is named this. Leonardo means ‘Bold lion’.
Lorenzo An authentic Italian name which means ‘someone who lived in the Italian city Laurentum’.
Lazaro It is the Italian variant of the word ‘Lazarus’ and is a biblical name. You can also use Lazzaro.
Leone It is a Latin name representing ‘Lion’. What better name for your baby boy lion than this?
Luca It is originally a place name in Italy, but it is also a common baby boy name in the region.
Lucan Lucan is a light-toned boy’s name from Italy. In Italian, the name is ‘light’.
Luigi Looking for a proper Italian name? Go for Luigi. This name is kept by many as respect for the renowned fighter by the same name.
Luka Although it may sound the same as ‘Luca’. It means ‘light’ and is a beautiful name to give to your baby boy.
Marino Marino is a popular Italian surname and first name. The Latin meaning of this name is ‘of the sea’.
Matteo Considered to be a pretty common name among Italians, it means ‘He who is a gift from the Lord.’
Mano It is a Hebrew name which means ‘God is with us’. In Hawaiian, it also means ‘Passionate lover’.
Manuel It is also a holistic name meaning ‘God is among us’. Once again, this is also a prevalent Italian and Spanish name.
Marcello This name is ‘Marcel’ or ‘Marcelo’. It means a ‘young warrior’.
Massimo Used by several Italians, this name means ‘He who is the greatest’. It will be a perfect name for your baby boy who will grow up to be a strong man.
Nevio Nevio is an ideal modern-ish name of Italian origin. It means ‘mole’.
Nicolas Nicolas means ‘victorious people’, and it is relatively common among all Italians to use this for this baby boy.
Nino A cute little name for your sweet little boy. It means ‘God is gracious’ and is a reasonably chic name to give to your child.
Odoacer Odoacer is a variant of the Germanic name Audovacar referring to ‘wealthy and vigilant’. Odovacer was a brutal leader and soldier who ended the Western Roman Empire in 476 and became Italy’s first barbarian ruler.
Orlando We have all met one Orlando in our life that is for sure. The name means ‘accomplishment of the multitude’.
Paolo A trendy name among Italians, this means a ‘small person’.
Pepe It is a Spanish variation of the name ‘Joseph’. It is considered to be a pretty cool name to keep for this generation of kids.
Piero This is a very old name but still commonly used around the world. Piero in Old Latin means ‘stone’.
Pino Pino is an Italian habitational last name, probably from the South of Italy. In Hebrew, it means ‘Jehovah increases’.
Ricardo It means a ‘powerful or mighty ruler. This name is given to not only Italians but in several other countries as well.
Raul Raul is undoubtedly a lovely name that you would love to give your son! It means ‘pack of wolves’.
Rinaldo A holy name which means ‘one whose power is in his wisdom’. It is a pretty GenX name to give your baby boy.
Rossano Rossano is a pretty characteristic masculine name belonging to Italy. The meaning of the name is ‘red’ or ‘of Rosso’.
Russo It is a traditional Sicilian name which translates to the meaning ‘a red one’.
Sal A short name but still a common Italian name, Sal means ‘one who is a saviour’.
Samuel This name has different versions, but all of them have a somewhat similar meaning which says ‘it was told by the God’.
Serafino Serafino is a popular Italian name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘serpent’ or ‘fiery one’. This could be an apt name for your little one if you want a bold name for him.
Sergio Almost every other Italian is named Sergio, which means ‘a servant’.
Stefano Yet another name you could consider. Stefano means ‘crown’ or ‘he who wears a crown’.
Taddeo Taddeo is another popular Italian name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘beloved’ and ‘gift of God’.
Tommaso It is also a name in the Holy Book. Tommaso was the one who doubted the resurrection of Christ.
Tito In Italian, Tito means ‘of the giant’, and we are sure your son would grow up to love this short and cute name!
Timotio Timotio means to ‘honour God’.
Tore Another cute and funky name, Tore means’ saviour’.
Uberto Uberto is a name given to someone who has a ‘bright mind’. It can be an authentic yet uber name for your baby boy.
Urbano Urbano means someone who ‘dwells in the city’ and to think of it, that’s a pretty cool and urban name to give to your boy!
Ucello This name has a beautiful meaning which says ‘bird’.
Valentino What better name to choose for your son than the one which means ‘brave or strong’?
Vito It is by far the most beautiful meaning name you can choose for your son. Vito means ‘life’.
Vincenzo It is a variant of the name ‘Vincent’. It means ‘conquering’. There is a worldwide popular Korean drama series Vincenzo, after which this Latin name became even more popular.
Vincenzu Vincenzu is a popular Italian male name derived from the Latin name Vincentius which means ‘to win or to conquer’.
Vittorino The name means ‘to conquer’ and is considered a powerful name for boys.
Wojciech Wojciech is a popular name in Italy which has Slavic roots. Wojciech or Wojtek in Slavic means ‘a warrior to whom combat brings joy’.
Zan Although this name means ‘clown’, Zan is a pretty cool name to give to any young person!

So, there you go, a list of 100 names for you to choose from when your baby boy arrives. It is vital to select a name with proper meaning, but it is also essential for you to keep in mind the generation he is growing in. He must not be ridiculed for his name. Instead, give him a short and cool name with a beautiful meaning attached to it! Happy parenting, folks.

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