70 Unique Latin Baby Names for Boys

Latin Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Latin is an ancient Roman language which survived through time. It is one of the oldest classical languages that has become quite popular all over the world. There are many famous personalities with Latin first names that we come across every now and then. As the culture is expanding, you definitely need to check these amazing Latino baby boy names for your little munchkin. Latin culture has not only influenced nations but also the Romance Languages and that is why we have also added Spanish boy names which are highly inspired by them.

Cool Latin Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Check out the list below for common Latin American boy names and select one that you feel connected. We have added some unique names along with their meanings, as it will help you understand the depth of the name. The list has some popular and classic Hispanic baby names for boys with wonderful meanings. It contains modern as well as ancient names that will surely steal your heart.

Name Meaning
Accius Accius is a Latin origin name of a renowned Roman poet and a literary scholar of 16th century. The name represents the ancient Latin cultural values.
Adrian Adrian is a very popular name that came from Latin names Adrianus or Hadrianus. Its origin is most likely via the former river Adria which means ‘sea’ or ‘water’.
Alejandro It is a very classic choice with a little variation. Alejandro is a Spanish form of the great ancient Greek name ‘Alexandros’ which means protector of mankind.
Alex It is a short and sweet version of Greek origin name “Alexandros” which means man’s defender or warrior. It is a modern twist to the ancient classical name which will suite your baby.
Alexander Alexander is one of the most popular names among boys. It is the Latinized form of the ancient Greek name that means ‘protector of men’, ‘one who defends men’.
Alfonso Alfonso derived from the word Adelfonsus which means ‘war ready’. The name has Spanish and Italian origin which was highly influenced by the Latino culture.
Andrew Andrew is a very classy name for a baby boy. It is English form of the Greek name Andreas which derived from the word andreios meaning ‘manly, masculine’.
Andy Andy is a cute and adorable name which has become quite popular these days. It is a shorter version of the classic Greek origin name Andrew which means ‘brave’.
Anton As babies are priceless we have a beautiful name which literally means ‘priceless’. Anton is a cute little name inspired by the ancient Latin word Antonius.
Archer The name was derived from the surname of skilled middle ages achers. The meaning of the name Archer is ‘Bow’, ‘a bowman’. It is a Latin origin name that later used as a first name after 19th century.
Atticus Attica is an old Roman name that meant the ‘man of Attica’. It was an ancient place in Greece surrounded by Athens. The name has a Greek origin which means ‘shore, maritime place’.
Augustine Augustine is a unique masculine name for a boy. The Latin form Augustinus is derived from Augustus which means ‘the great’, ‘venerable’, ‘one who commands respect’.
Aurelio Aurelio is a modern unique name that has a beautiful meaning to it as well. It is a male name with the Spanish origin that means ‘Golden’.
Austin Austin is a shorter variant of the ancient name that developed in the middle ages from the Latin word Augustine which means ‘magic’, ‘dignity’ or ‘venerable’.
Balendin Balendin could be a unique name for a boys. It is a Latin origin name that means ‘being brave, fierce and physically powerful’.
Bellare Bellare is a unique boys name that depicts struggle. It came from the latin word which means ‘fight, wage war’.
Benedict Babies are blessed by God and this name would be a blessing by you. It is a masculine name that came from the late Latin word jerru which means ‘blessed’.
Bennett Bennett is one of the popular Latino names which came as an alternative to the Latin origin name benedict. It is a beautiful name which means ‘blessed’.
Benito Benito got derived from the Latin word benedictus. It is a variation of the names like benedict, bennett etc with the similar meaning which is ‘blessed’.
Brennus Brennus is beautiful name ideal for boys. It is a Latinized form of a Celtic name which means ‘king’ or ‘prince’.
Calvin This is a Latin origin name in honor of John Calvin – the seventeenth century French Protestant reformer and was taken up as a tribute to him.
Chester It was originally a surname that came from Latin word castrum, meaning ‘camp, fortress’. It was developed a name later in 19th century.
Christian Christian refers to the followers of Jesus Christ. It was derived from the Latin word christiānus.
Claire Claire is a traditional Latin male name that came from a french word which means ‘bright’, ‘clear’.
Cornelio Cornelio is a Spanish origin name derived from a Latin word which means ‘horn’.
Cruz Cruz is a modern name with the Spanish origin which means ‘cross’, generally referred to the Christian cross.
Dominic It is a famous Latin name derived from the word dominicus which means ‘belonging to God’.
Dominick Dominick is a fun variation of the popular Latin boys name dominic, meaning ‘of our Lord’.
Damon Damon is a Latin word with the Greek origin. The name actually meant ‘gentle’.
Diego It is a Spanish name that came from the Latin word didacus. It is a hispanic version of james, meaning ‘supplanter’.
Duke Duke is a classic ancient name which is quite popular in boys. The name was derived from a latin word ‘dux’, meaning ‘leader’.
Emiliano It is a popular Spanish boy name. Emiliano is the Latinate version of emil which means ‘excellent’.
Emilio Emilio is also a variation of a Latin name emiliano that came from emil, meaning ‘excellent’.
Felicio Felicio derived from the Latin word felicis. It is the variation of the name felix which means ‘lucky’ or ‘successful’.
Felix Felix is an original Latin word for ‘happy’ which also means ‘lucky’ or ‘fortunate’.
Fulgencio Fulgencio is a creative Spanish male name derived from the latin name Fulgentius, which means ‘bright, brilliant’.
Griffin Griffin is a good name that defines strength and leadership. It depicts fierce characteristic of the person. The name derived from the Latin word gryphus.
Ignacio Ignacio is a classic Spanish name that was originated from Latin name “Ignatius”. It was derived from the Latin word “Ignis” which means ‘fire’.
Jove Jove came from the Latin name Jupitar which means ‘the supreme God’.
Juniper Juniper is a name of an evergreen tree which was derived from the Latin word Juniperus. It is a combination of word junio and parere which means ‘youth producing’.
Justen Justen is a different version of very popular Latin name Justin. It is a wonderful name which means ‘just, upright, righteous’.
Kajus Kajus is a famous Latin name that is derived from Latin word  “gaudÄ•o“ which means ‘rejoice, be glad, pleased, enjoy, delight’.
Lorenzo The name originates from the latin name Laurentius derived from word laurus which means ‘a symbol of wisdom and accomplishment’.
Lucas It was a Latin personal name for someone who was from Lucania region with the word meaning ‘bright’ or ‘shining’.
Lucifer The name lucifer is a popular male name that means ‘bearer of light’ or ‘morning star’.
Maxon Maxon is an interesting name with the ancient Latin origin which means ‘greatest’.
Monico Monico is positive name with the Spanish origin. The name means ‘advisor, truth’.
Morrie Morrie is cute little variant of the famous Latin name Maurice which means ‘dark-skinned’.
Nero Nero is a popular name from history. It was the name of an ancient Roman emperor which meant ‘strong and energetic’.
Noble The name came from the nickname of middle English and old French. It got derived from the Latin word nobilis which denotes someone of high moral standard or characterstics.
Oliver Oliver is a very popular name derived from the name olivier. The name developed from the Latin word olivarius meaning ‘olive tree’.
Orsan Orsan is an ancient name with the Latin origin. It is a variant of other Latin names like Orsen, Orson etc. It actually means ‘a young bear cub’.
Pax Pax is a cute little name that is originally a Latin word which means ‘peace’. It was carried as a name in the Roman mythology by the goddess of peace.
Petros Petros is an original a Greek word that derived from the word petra which means ‘one who is like stone’. The more popular Coptic version of the name is Peter.
Phelix Phelix is an interesting new variation of an original Latin name, Felix. It is a creative new name for boys which simply means ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’.
Prosper The name is a short version of the beautiful word prosperous. It is a Latin origin name for boys which means ‘favourable’.
Quillon Quillon is quite a masculine name which means ‘an arm of cross guard of a sword’. It reflects strong characteristics about the person. The name was originated from a Latin word.
Rey Rey is a cute little Spanish name which means ‘king’. It is derived from the famous Latin word ‘rex’ which also means ‘king’.
Rufin Rufin is a quirky and fun name that has a Latin origin. The name got developed in the middle ages which actually means ‘red-haired’.
Sargent Sargent got developed from the Latin word ‘serviens’ which literally meant ‘serving’. It is one of the powerful, yet cute names.
Scorpius Scorpius is a distinctive name to the very old Latin origin name that was derived from the word Scorpio which one of the constellations of the zodiac.
Silvano Silvano refers to the mythological Greek god of trees. It is a Latin origin name which is unique in its own way.
Sylvester Sylvester is a popular boy name derived from the Latin adjective silvestris. It is the variant to the classic Latin name meaning ‘wooded’ or ‘wild’.
Terrence Terrence is a famous name for boys which is derived from the Latin name Terentius. It is the English version of the name which means ‘smooth’.
Ulysses Ulysses is the Latinized version of the great hero Odysseus of Greek mythology. He was famed for his courage, intelligence and leadership.
Valentine Valentine is a unisex name that suits both girls and boys. It is derived from the Latin word Valens, which means ‘strong and healthy’.
Valerio Valerio was a personal Roman family name derived from Latin word Valere that means ‘to flourish’, ‘to be strong and healthy’.
Vesper You want your baby to shine like a star then why don’t you name him that! Vesper is a Latin origin name which means ‘evening star and evening prayer’.
Vince Vince is a short and catchy name which anybody could remember. It is a modern take on the classic Roman culture. It has a Latin origin that means ‘to conquer’.
Zoilos Zoilos is a very creative and unique name with a very simple yet a significant meaning. It is a Spanish originated name which means ‘life’.

These unique Latin and Greek names for boys must have helped you to find one perfect name for your little master. We might have helped you sort some of the best names. You should find a name with a significant meaning that will bring positive characteristics to his life and lead him towards success.

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