Khaleesi Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Khaleesi Name Meaning and Origin

We have a very original and unique name for your future daughter. It will primarily be your favorite if you are an avid reader or watcher of the Game of throne series. The name Khaleesi was given to one of the show’s central characters. The word does not have a natural origin from any particular language but was coined by George R. R. Martin for his show. 

What Does Khaleesi Mean? 

The meaning of Khaleesi refers to the wife of Khal, the warlord in the Dothraki clan or the Khalasar. George R. R. Martin coined the Dothraki clan that spoke a different language called Dothraki. The Dothraki language was created just for the show by David Peterson, a linguist. 


Arabic, Dothraki (a fictional language)




  • Kha- lee- see
  • Kha- li- ci


Three syllables 


9 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

There are several Khaleesi name variations. There are different spellings for each. Since the words come from different languages that do not have a roman script, it has been romanized based on pronunciation. Depending on how you want to pronounce the name, you can choose other spellings for Khaleesi that you like. 

Name Origin
Khaleesi Arabic
Khalisi Arabic
Kalenah  Danish or Hawaiian
Kailani Hawaiian
Kailashi Hindi
Malika  Arabic
Katherine Hebrew
Kolisi Xhosa
Kalisi Xhosa
Keilani Hawaiian

How Popular Is the Name Khaleesi? 

The popularity of the name Khaleesi’s increased as people became interested in the book and television series. The interest first began in 2014. Even though the first episode was launched in 2011, the interest in Khaleesi only increased from the fourth season established in 2014. In 2014, the name was first charted and was 758th most popular name in the States. Here is an index for the Khaleesi baby name ranking.

Interest in Khaleesi – Worldwide

The map represents a worldwide interest in the name Khaleesi. It is interesting to see sudden peaks in the search volumes coinciding with the new seasons of Game of Thrones were launched. It is clear that the people became interested in the show and wanted to know more about the character. 

Interest in Khaleesi – the US

The US search interest is similar to that witnessed in the world. The search volumes were high in April 2014, April 2015, May 2016, Aug 2018, and May 2019. The dates coincide with when new seasons were launched for the series. 

The Popularity of the Name Khaleesi


In 2020, 0.021 percent of total female births were registered under the name Khaleesi. This accounts for upto 370 babies who will grow with the name. The names were most prevalent in 2018,562 female babies were named Khaleesi.  

Where Is the Name Most Searched 

Search Trends of Khaleesi – Worldwide

Khaleesi was most popular in Turkey and the Philippines. Australia, Spain, and Cyprus followed it. Game of Throne is written by an American author and made into a British television series. So the United States and the United Kingdom also ranked high on the list. 

Search Trends of Khaleesi – the US

Seeing the map, it is clear that the show and the name are top-rated in almost all the U.S. states. The highest interest is in California, the District of Columbia, Texas, New York, and Massachusetts. 

Middle Names That Go With Khaleesi 

There can be several double names with Khaleesi, and there is no specific end to it. Traditional naming conventions suggest that the middle names are often taken from cherished family members or given by the child’s Godmother. The middle can also start from the same alphabet as the first name to make the name sound more alliterative. 

Cecilia Kali
Catalina Katherine
Charlie Kayla
Callie Kylie
Catherine Kaylee
Chloe Kai
Clara Kaia
Camille Kairi
Cecille Kaius
Camilla Kairo

Famous People Named Khaleesi 

There are not many famous celebrities named Khaleesi. It may be because the name is nascent and achieved popularity only 5-7 years back. The children named Khaleesi have not had a chance yet to display their talents in the limelight. But it is only a matter of time before we see the name popping up in our news feed and TV channels. 

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Khaleesi Character from Game of Thrones
Charisse Jackson Jordan  TV personality 
Charisse Burden Stelly  Author
Chariz Solomon  Actress
Charlize Theron  South African- American actress
Shanice American singer-songwriter
Mark Calice Sound technician
Calic Boudry  Actress
Shanice Carroll Actor
Chanice Chase Taylor Canadian Olympic athlete

Similar Names & Last Names 

Khaleesi means queen or the wife of the leader of a community. Several names convey this meaning in different languages and can be used as names for your girl child. We have a list of baby names like Khaleesi that convey the same meaning. Here are some family names for Khaleesi and other names for Khaleesi.

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Regina Rowan
Reigna  Royce
Reign Royle
Rani Royston
Malaika Miller
Malika Moore
Alexandra Abbot
Juno  Abrams 
Malka Mason
Quanda Abbey

Names That Sound Like Khaleesi 

There are not many names that rhyme with Khaleesi. But there are several that are close to it. Since the name is derived from the Arabic language, there are not many English names similar to it. We have tried to find out and list some of the closest names similar to Khalisee here. 

Kalenah Kali
Kailani Cassy
Cahir Casilie
Khal Camile
Kal- EL Kamla
King Khalisa
Callah Khalsa
Kayla  Kadden
Khalani Kabira
Khaal Kadeema

Sibling Names Related to Khaleesi 

If you are looking for sibling names that go with Khaleesi, it would only be fair to look into the Game of Throne universe. George R. R. Martin’s universe is so vast and diverse that you would find brilliant names for even brilliant characters. We have made a list of names for future siblings of Khaleesi here. Here is an interesting compilation of sister names for Khaleesi and brother names for Khaleesi.

Sister Names For Khaleesi Brother Names For Khaleesi
Daenerys Alton
Sansa Amory
Arya Aemon
Brienne Arys
Catelyn Balon
Cercei Beric
Asha Bran
Ella Davos
Elia Donnel
Lysa Daario

Nicknames for Khaleesi 

Despite its regal meaning, Khaleesi can sometimes be a mouthful. It might also be challenging to pronounce and call your child by. This is where a short and sweet pet name or nickname comes in. We have several fitting nicknames for Khaleesi that match the original name but are easier to pronounce. 

Khal King
Kai Queenie
Kali Casy
Kyle Cass
Kian Clara
Kylie Kale
Kaysee Kacee
Khloe Kaylee
Kiss Kaiya
Kit Karen

Khaleesi would be a regal name for your little girl, and she would be proudly known as a leader amidst her friend group. So, if Daenerys is a character you really look up to and want your child to carry forward her legacy, then Khaleesi is just the perfect name. 


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