Top 540 Girl Names That Start With N

540+ Girl Names That Start With N

Choosing a name for a baby is not an easy job. Your little one’s name will stay with her forever, so it is important that you do your research and find a unique name for your child that she will like (and love) on growing up. It is believed that a child’s name also decides their personality and nature, so of course, as a parent, you must select a meaningful name for your baby. If you have recently welcomed a little girl in your life and are looking for unique baby names for her, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we have curated a list of baby girl names starting with ‘N’. If you want a unique name for your daughter that starts with ‘S’, then this list is for you. All these American girl names start with the letter ‘N’ and are very popular. So read on and note down the ones you like!

Popular N Letter Names for Baby Girls

The search is over if you are looking for female names that start with ‘N’. All of the names are compiled in one single place to save both your time and effort. So sit back, relax, and choose among hundreds of N letter names for girls.

Nataliee Naveah
Natasha Naveena
Natalina Nadya
Nataliya Naiya
Nicoleta Nanci
Nicoletta Nancy
Nicolette Neila
Nicolien Neina
Nicolina Nekia
Nicoline Nekisha
Nicolle Norah
Nataly Nichol
Natalya Nichole
Natasa Niara
Nathalee Nasra
Nathalia Nasreen
Nathalie Nasrine
Nathaly Nyoma
Nadeen Natalie
Nadina Nicola
Nadja Nicolasa
Navya Nicole
Niomi Nora Lee
Navreen Noella
Navdeep Naomy

Unique Girl Names That Start With N

Here are some unique N girl names that start with N for your little princess. Do let us know what you finalise.

Naama Neta
Naana Nettie
Nabina Nettle
Nabiya Nevada
Nachele Neve
Nacole Niabi
Nadel Niah
Nadelle Niamara
Nadelyn Niamh
Nadine Nianna
Naedelin Nickelette
Naenia Nickie
Nahla Nicolene
Naia Nida
Naima Nidhi
Nairobi Nidia
Nakayla Niema
Nakira Niesha
Nalah Nieva
Naledi Nieves
Naleigh Nigella
Nalina Nightingale
Namia Niharika
Nanette Nika
Nanna Nikeisha
Naoma Nikhazia
Nara Nikheisha
Narcissa Nikia
Narelle Nikira
Naressa Nikita
Nargize Nikki
Naria Nikola
Nariayah Nilda
Narice Niles
Narida Nilsa
Narie Nim
Nariel Nimble
Narina Ninella
Narinder Ninette
Narine Ninfa
Narkita Nini
Narma NiRae
Narmada Nirvana
Nashya Nisha
Nassaria Nissa
Nastia Nita
Nata Nneoma
Natalija Noelani
Natia Noelene
Naturalle Noemi
Naushita Noleen
Nausicaa Nolene
Nautica Nomsa
Navidad Nomy
Nayce Nona
Nayeli Nonie
Nayla Noomie
Neasa Noor
Nebula Noora
Nedis Noralee
Nedra Noralyn
Neea Noranda
Neeka Norarose
Neelam Noreen
Neelie Noreena
Neely Norene
Neena Nori
Neeru Norma
Neesha Normani
Neeta North
Neferteri Northa
Neha Novaleigh
Neida Novalie
Neighland Novara
Neith Novelee
Nell Novella
Nella November
Nellie Novia
Nemaine Nubia
Nemi Nuna
Nene Nura
Nephele Nya
Nequoyah Nyeesha
Nereida Nylah
Neri Nyleen
Neriah Nylena
Neshama Nyomi
Nessa Nyra
Nessarose Nyssa

Beautiful N Names for Girls

These beautiful N letter female names are so adorable that they would bring a smile to everyone who hears it. So, let’s check these beautiful names.

Natascha Natali
Nihira Natalia
Nikaia Nastassia
Nawal Nydia
Nayana Ninon
Nimrat Niobe
Nimue Narjis
Nazanin Nasim
Nazareth Nyaja
Nazayia Nyala
Nazeli Nyasia
Nineveh Natalaya
Nanako NyShae
Nancee Nialla
Nancey Niamha
Noire Niana
Nicasia Neveah
Nichelle Newlyn
Nickole Neysa
Nykia Ngaio
Nadalie Ngaire
Nadalyn Ngozi
Nadalyne Narisa
Natalee Nurani
Nataleigh Nuria

Short and Cute Girl Name WIth N

Here we have cute and short girls’ names starting with letter N that are super chic and trendy! If you want something minimal, then these short and cute girl names will be perfect!

Navi Nera
Nabz Nuha
Niki Nova
Nadie Neva
Nina Nur
Nai’a Nan
Navy Novi
Naya Nia
Nikol Nver
Nila Nyah
Naz Nico
Nira Nyla
Nino Nicki
Nea Niaz
Nisa Nyia
Neda Nash
Nala Neko
Nivy Necia
Noa Naila
Noel Neala
Nola Nainsí
Nane Neela
Nani Noela
Nora Noely
Nao Niyah

Biblical Girl Names That Start With The Letter N

If you are looking for traditional and religious names that bring joy and laughter into your child’s life, then you must try these Biblical girl names that start with N.

Naamah Noya
Nahal Nurit
Nili Naomi
Nitzan Nava
Noam Noah

International Girl Names That Begin With N

These international girl names are super gorgeous and would look great on your child. We hope you find a suitable one for your little princess.

Na Nada
Nabila Nadia
Naja Nalani
Nadiyya Nadira
Nakato Nafisa
Ning Nahia
Nishat Naira
Niusha Njeri
Niviarsiaq Nkosazana

More Girl Names Starting With N

Don’t worry if you can’t decide on any one name. Here are more options for you to explore!

Naami Nerida
Naa-oyo Nerilly
Nabihah Nerine
Natalka Nerissa
Natasza Neroli
Nataszja Nerys
Natavia Nolia
Niesje Nolwenn
Natividad Nombongo
Natles Noomi
Natoya Nophar
Nausica Nelta
Nadasia Nemaiah
Naddia Nemain
Naddie Neoma
Nadea Naome
Nadean Naomie
Nadee Naoual
Nadezhda Naousca
Nadein Naphtali
Nikkole Neraida
Nikohl Nerea
Nadrine Norberta
Nadylie Narcisa
Naevia Nares
Nahima Nareswari
Nahlin Nareyah
Nahomi Nargiza
Nahomy Narhyah
Nayelli Nariah
Nayipzi Na’Riah
Naylani Nariaha
Nayomi Nari’Anah
Nikole Narianna
Nikolett Nariaya
Nikolina Naribella
Nikoline Narieah
Nilani Narielis
Ninkasi Narielle
Naida Narij’Ah
Naidelin Nariman
Naiomi Neveyah
Nailah Neviana
Najona Neysha
Najya Ngahuia
Nevena Narineh
Necessity Nariona
Nechama Narisha
Ngairella Narissa
Necile Narisse
Nedeljka Narita
Niquole Nariyah
Niraimadhi Na’Riyah
Nakisha Narjiss
Nakusha Narkeasha
Nakya Naserian
Neema Niawbrawaka
Neenagh Nydehlia
Nalanie Norella
Naléa Norellie
Nalinie Norianna
Naliyah Noriko
Naminé Norine
Noeleta Norla
Nitasha Normandy
Nitashah Nesita
Nitza Neslihan
Nívedita Nessie
Nneka Nesta
Nefertiri Norunn
Neferure Noura
Negar Nouran
Negin Noushin
Negina Novaeya
Noemia Novah
Nogah Novalee
Nohely Netanya
Nanea Netta
Nanina Novasera
Nannerl Novelyn
Nanneth Nevaeh
Nannette Nevani
Nannie Nevanthi
Nanrinder Nevart
Nantia Novhina
Nelia Ntozake
Neliah Nuala
Nelida Nujood
Nelinha Nunzia
Nelli Nunziatina
Naoimh Natajia
Naoise Nymeria
Naoko Nymphadora

These are some baby girl names starting with letter S. Go through this extensive list of names and select the perfect name for your little princess.

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