What Your Baby Wants From a Diaper!

Nine Things Your Baby Wants From a Diaper (They Sure Have a Huge Checklist!)

Throughout the parenting journey, mammas and pappas come across several decisions. And one among them is which diaper will be most suitable for the baby. Through a process of trial and error, parents are left with choices between tape-style diapers and pant-style diapers, both of which could be rough on a baby’s delicate skin.  What’s more, they often contain chemicals that are dangerous in the long-term, not just to your little one but also to the planet.

Traditional cloth nappies (langots) offer a much more conscious solution but may not be so perfect for parents who don’t want to keep washing the cloth after every little pee, nor for the baby who gets wet, cold, and uncomfortable while dealing with leaks.

Cloth diapers like the UNO diapers from SuperBottoms offer waterproof, stay dry and all night absorbency like any other diaper but with the softness of cloth without any harmful chemicals. These stylish, colourful, and reusable diapers are all that your baby wants from a diaper.

Let’s read into their coos and babbles to understand their demands, and see if SuperBottoms passes through their tough checklist!

What Babies Want From Their Diapers

1. No rash, please!

I do not enjoy those itchy, burning rashes I get when my diaper irritates my skin. How I wish I could just put a soft fluffy cloud on my bum instead of a diaper!

2. Let me play.

I definitely don’t like wardrobe malfunctions while I play. Knots and strings of traditional cloth langots might come loose when I kick the air or roll around on my bed. I need a snug fit, firm but gentle closure, and good protection from leaks too, while I am enjoying worry-free! SuperBottoms offers me the right fit and comfort with adjustable press buttons.

3. I need to sleep well.

I need a diaper that keeps my privates dry throughout the night. I would prefer not to have my much-deserved rest get disturbed, just to change a wet diaper. With SuperBottoms UNO all night diapers, I can snooze for hours together feeling dry and comfortable. Bonus: Mamma and Pappa get more sleep too!

4. I want mom dad to be relaxed too!

I don’t like to see my parents worried about cleaning and washing. After all, cloth diapers need to be washed well for reuse. But it makes me happy to know that my SuperBottoms UNO can be washed along with the regular load with the grown ups’ clothes. In fact, it can be reused up to 300 times! It gives my mamma and pappa more time to cuddle with me!

5. Cheerful inside out.

I am such a happy and cheerful baby, and I like that to reflect on all my clothes, inside and out! Boring white diapers or nappies just don’t do the trick for me. I need some brighter colours, vibrant prints, and beautiful designs that make me and my bum look uber stylish!

6. The right fit!

A lot of gifts that I receive are clothes. Some barely fit me well for a month or so, while others were too big for me to wear right away. I guess my friends and relatives want to be safe while choosing the size so they buy a bigger size for the future. But when my aunt gifted me a hamper from SuperBottoms, I was so excited to see that I could start using them right away, and won’t grow out of them till I turn 3 years old!

7. Don’t spoil my planet.

I don’t want to be the cause of more waste on the planet. I’d hate to ruin the future for all the human, plant, and animal babies! I realise that they are contributing to a lot of pollution that will deprive me and my future family of the wonders of nature like clean air, pure water, and a green planet to live in. I don’t want to spoil this planet, it’s the only place where I have toys!

8. No leaks, please!

Super absorbency, and duper eco-friendliness! I need a super-duper solution against leaks without having to depend on plastic and other harmful materials.

9. Hygiene first!

I like snooping around in every corner of my house, but whenever I reach the spot with the dustbin full of my poopy diapers, I don’t like how it smells there. I like it so much better when my poop gets thrown right in the pot that the grown-ups use, and gets flushed right away. My super bottoms diapers let me do that. They also get washed thoroughly and are ready to be reused.

Well, the verdict is out! SuperBottoms UNO checks all the boxes of your baby’s needs. And look at that, your baby has thought of not his or her preferences, but your comfort and convenience too! Once you check out the wide range of stylish, colourful prints available, you will fall in love with the ones that perfectly reflect your baby’s fun personality. What’s more, your baby’s bottom will look super cute trotting around wearing their SuperBottoms!

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