Top 140 Boy & Girl Names That Mean Forest

140 Boy and Girl Names That Mean Forest

Traditionally, the forest represents a sense of being lost, exploration, potential danger, mystery, and ‘otherworldliness’. A forest has always been a frequent motif in children’s fairy tales woven with the wonderful storyline as a metaphor. Cool forest names have a lovely organic quality without sounding too ostentatious. They come from various natural elements like trees, flowers, sky, and stones. The forest is generally a woody area dominated by trees, making it quite mysterious, serene, and earthy.

Forests influence human life in more than one way. Hence, it is not a wonder that some outdoor-loving parents might want to choose a baby name inspired by nature. Names that mean nature are more likely to have a serene aura around them that offers inner peace and strength during difficult times. Below are names belonging to gender and mean forest, which would help you pick a suitable one for your beloved child.

Popular Names for Boys That Mean Forest 

Boys are considered to be as strong, and they love the outdoors. Children with nature-inspired names tend to have greater regard for its beauty and feel more connected to the natural world. 

Here are some names meaning forest for your little munchkin.

1. Alder

This name of Old English origin refers to ‘someone who belongs to the Alder Tree.’

2. Aran 

This name of Thai origin means ‘forest.’

3. Aranya 

This Hindu name means ‘a forest’.

4. Aranyakumara 

This Hindu name means ‘Prince of The Forest.’

5. Ard 

This Dutch name means ‘eagle.’

6. Ardeen

This Irish name means ‘great forest.’

7. Arden 

This Jamaican name means ‘Valley Of The Eagle’ or ‘Great Forest.’

8. Banjeet

This Sikh name means ‘victory of the forest.’

9. Banmeet 

This Sikh means’ friend of the forest’. 

10. Boyce 

This name of French origin name refers to ‘someone who resides beside a forest.’

11. Boise

This name of French origin refers to someone who resides beside a forest.

12. Burl 

This name of English origin means ‘Forest.’

13. Calhoun 

This Irish name means “from the narrow forest.”

14. Canwicakte 

This Native-American means the ‘Forest Hunter.’

15. Collingwood

Collingwood in English means’ forest.’

16. Colquhoun 

This Scottish name means ‘small forest.’

17. Coy 

This English name means ‘forest’ in English.

18. Dandak 

Dandak in Sanskrit means ‘a forest.’

19. Dagwood 

This English name means a “bright wood from the bright one’s forest.”

20. Ealdwode 

This English name means ‘from the old forest.’

21. Elah 

This Hebrew name means ‘Turpentine tree.’

22. Elwood

This English name means ‘elder tree forest.’

23. Firth 

This English name means “arm of the forest” or “of the woodland.”

24. Forester 

This Scottish name refers to ‘the guardian of the forest.’

25. Foster

The Latin American name refers to a ‘keeper of the forest.’

26. Fraser

This name of Christian origin means ‘French town’ or ‘of the forest men.’

27. Garwood

This English name refers to ‘the fir forest.’

28. Guido 

This Swedish name means ‘wood, wide, forest.’ 

29. Haywood 

This name of American origin means “from the hedged forest.”

30. Hraefnscaga

This name of English origin refers to ‘someone who resides in the Raven Forest.’

31. Kyrkwode

This Scottish name means “from the church’s forest.”

32. Lam 

The Vietnamese name means ‘a forest.’

33. Maka 

This Nigerian name means ‘rock.’

34. Malaya 

This Malaya name means ‘a creeper.’

35. Merewood 

This name of English origin means ‘from the Lake forest.’

36. Morio 

Morio means ‘forest boy’ in Japanese.

37. Nahele 

This Native American name means ‘forest.’

38. Nikunja 

This Sanskrit name means “from the grove of trees.”

39. Northwode

This English name means ‘from the North Forest.’

40. Nowles

This English name means ‘forest cove.’

41. Park 

This English name means ‘of the forest.’

42. Rainger 

This French name means ‘ward of the forest.’

43. Sylvan 

This Latin name means ‘wood’ or ‘forest.’

44. Sylvester 

This Latin name means ‘wood’ or ‘forest.’

45. Tane 

This Portuguese name means “God of the Forests or Man of Rome.”

46. Vedia 

This Teutonic name means ‘Holy Spirit of the Forest.’

47. Waverley 

This name of British origin means “from near an Aspen tree forest.”

48. Woodie

This name of American origin means “forester; a row of houses by a wood.”

49. Xylon 

This Greek name means ‘forest dweller.’

50. Yardley

This name of English origin means ‘the Forest of Kindling.’

Unique Names for Boys That Mean Forest

Nature lovers often name their children after plants or animals. There are many names out there which represent this love for forests and all things nature! Here are some unique names that mean forest for baby boys.

1. Ardian

Ardian is a beautiful name and means ‘the one belonging to the Illyrian tribe’.

2. Colhoun

Calhoun is a male name of Scottish origin and means ‘from the nook’ or ‘corner’. 

3. Faunus

Derived from ancient Roman religion and myth, Faunus is known to be the name of the rustic god of the forest, plains and fields.

4. Naimish

Naimish has Indian origin and means ‘one who can read others’ minds’. 

5. Ollepu

Ollepu is a Telugu name for boys and means ‘lion’ or ‘king of the forest’.

6. Poovannan

Poovannan is a unique Indian name that means ‘forest of flowers’.

Short Boy Names Related to Forest

Short names are popular as they are easy to remember and say, even for the child who is being named. Here are some short names for boys that are related to forests.

1. Codrin

This name means ‘of the forest’. It is derived from Romanian origin.

2. Rinji

Rinji is a boy’s name with Japanese origin and means ‘peaceful forest’.

3. Roscoe

Roscoe is a boy’s name of Norse origin and means ‘deer wood’. 

4. Sil

Sil is a unique name whose meaning in English is ‘belonging to the forest’.

5. Vipin

Vipin is a name that has Indian origin and means ‘forest’ or ‘woods’.

 6. Xylo

Xylo is a baby boy name popular in the Christian religion and has a Greek origin. It means ‘forest’. 

Long Names for Boys Inspired By Forest 

Parents often choose long names for their children as they tend to have deeper meanings and are unique too. Here are some long names inspired by forests:

1. Altwidus

Altwidus is derived from Old Germanic elements and means ‘forest’. 

2. Aranyay

Aranyay has Indian origin and means ‘wild forest’.

3. Choilleich

Choilleich is unique and means ‘one who guards the forest’. 

4. Forrest

Forrest is a boy’s name with roots in the Norman invasion of England. It means ‘woods’.

5. Sherwood

Sherwood is a boy’s name of English origin and means ‘bright forest’.

6. Upwood

Upwood is a boy’s name of Old English origin and means ‘upper forest’.

Wondrous Girl Names That Mean Forest

Women represent nature as they give birth to a child later in life. Names that mean woods for girls are fresh and vibrant, combining organic roots with vivid imagery to create unique monikers. They have also been a popular choice for creative parents who wonder at the forest’s dark, dusky, foreboding aspect. Here are some of the enlisted choices that may come to your aid in your name search journey for the twinkling star of your eye.

1. Aase 

Derived from Old Norse origin, Aase means ‘the mountain is covered in trees.’

2. Amadahy 

Amadahy refers to forest water in the Native American language, Cherokee.

3. Adoette

Adoette refers to ‘the forest’ or ‘the Olive tree’ as per the Native American origin.  

4. Aghaveagh 

This Irish name means “From the Field of Old Trees.”

5. Althea

This Greek name means “Trees having Healing Powers.”

6. Amaranth

This Greek name means ‘A family of colorful plants and flowers”.

7. Bambi 

This name of Italian origin means ‘a little tree girl.’

8. Bel

This Sanskrit name means ‘Wood that is sacred.’

9. Bitki

This sweet-sounding Turkish name that means a plant.

10. Betulia

This name of Hebrew origin means “a Birch-tree garden.”

11. Brucie 

The name in French means ‘a forest sprite.’

12. Buna 

This African name means “The Buna Free; The Fighter.”

13. Caila 

This name of Gaelic origin means “from the forest’s heart.”

14. Caley

This French name means “from the heart of the forest.”

15. Calla 

Calla is an elegant flower and means ‘the most beautiful’ in Greek.

16. Cedar

This Latin American name means ‘a conifer.’

17. Daere 

This name of Welsh origin refers to ‘the Oaktree.’

18. Daisy

This name of Old Greek origin means ‘Day; Eagle; Eye; Pearl.’ Daisy is also a flower name.

19. Diana

This Indo-European name means the ‘Goddess of the forest.’

20. Gul Nasreen 

This Arabic name means ‘Forest Flower.’

21. Idra 

This Aramaic name means ‘Fig Tree.’

22. Ilana 

This name of Hebrew origin means ‘Tree; Beauty.’

23. Kanana 

This name of Sanskrit origin means ‘a Forest.’

24. Karri

This Scandinavian name means ‘pure.’ It is the name of an Australian native tree.

25. Kezia 

This Hebrew name means ‘cassia tree.’ 

26. Keita

This Celtic name means ‘the bountiful forest.’

27. Kim 

This diminutive of Kimberly means ‘the wood taken from the royal fortress meadow.’

28. Laragh

This Irish name means ‘Bay Laurel.’ 

29. Lin 

This name of English origin means ‘Beautiful Jade, Forest, Waterfall, or from the Woods.’

30. Locke 

This gender-neutral name is of English origin refers ‘the forest.’

31. Maryweld 

Maryweld of old English origin means ‘Mary from the Woods.’ 

32. Mori 

This Japanese name means ‘the Forest’ and signifies the grove surrounding a Shinto shrine, lending it a peaceful connotation.

33. Nemorio 

This Latin name means ‘of the Sacred Forest.’

34. Oihane

This Spanish name means ‘from the forest.’

35. Perrie 

This English name means “lives by the pear tree.” 

36. Seda

This name of Turkish origin means “Echo or Voice in the Forest.”

37. Silvana 

This Latin American name means “the God of forests” and “trees.”

38. Silviya 

This name of English origin means ‘From the Forest.’

39. Sylvie

This name of French origin means ‘From the Forest.’

40. Sylvanella 

This African name means ‘a small forest.’

41. Sylvina 

This Latin American name refers to ‘the heart of the woodland.’

42. Sylvonna

This English name means ‘the center of the forest.’

43. Tallis

This French name means ‘the forest.’

44. Vanadevi

This name of Sanskrit origin means the ‘Goddess of the Forest.’

45. Vanisa 

Vanisa means “the goddess of the woodland,” according to Hindu mythology.

46. Vedis 

This name of Teutonic origin refers to ‘the soul of the jungle.’

47. Xyleena 

This Greek name means ‘a forest dweller.’

48. Xylophia 

This Greek name means ‘the forest lover.’

49. Yaelle 

Yaelle in Hebrew means ‘ibex,’ which is a type of mountain goat.

50. Walker

This gender-neutral name is of English origin, and refers to “someone who wanders in the forest.”

Popular Names for Girl Meaning Forest 

Girls are the apple of their parent’s eyes. For nature-loving parents, this is even more relevant. In this list, we have some popular names for girls which means forest.

1. Alyvia

Alyvia is a girl’s name meaning ‘the beauty of an olive tree’. 

2. Aveline

Having French roots, Aveline is a cute name that means ‘hazelnut’.

3. Ayla

Ayla had Hebrew origin and means ‘oak tree’.

4. Cherry

Cherry is a baby name that is fruit-inspired. It means a beautiful ‘cherry tree’.

5. Defne

The name Defne is a girl’s name and has Turkish origin. It means ‘bay tree’.

6. Ebony

Ebony is a gender-neutral name with Latin origins meaning ‘deep black wood’.

7. Feronia

Feronia has a Gothic origin and means ‘Goddess of the forests.

Short Names for Girls Inspired By Forest 

Forests are a vital part of our ecosystem. It’s no surprise that new parents often wish to name their little girls after something that represents this importance. Here are some short names for girls that are inspired by forests.

1. Bipina

An Indian-origin name. It means a ‘beautiful forest (Vipin) that offers safety’. 

2. Glade

It is an Old English origin, and the word glade means ‘shining’.

3. Metsa

Metsa means “lady of the forest” in Arabic.

4. Vanya

Vanya means ‘gracious gift of God’.

Long Girl Names That Mean Forest 

Long names have deep meanings and are unique in nature. You only name your sweet girl once, so choose a name carefully! Here are some long girl names that are inspired by forests.

1. Abungu

Abungu has an African origin and means ‘of the forest’.

2. Banashankhari

Banashankari is an Indian name for girls and means ‘forest’ or ‘Goddess Parvati’. 

3. Banashree

Banashree is an Indian name, particularly Bengali in roots. It means ‘beauty of forest’.

4. Kunjana 

Kunjana generally means ‘forest girl’ and is of Indian origin.

5. Oihana

Oihana is the first name of basque origin and means ‘forest’ in Spanish.

6. Tauriel

Tauriel is a girl’s name meaning ‘daughter of the forest’.

Gender Neutral Names for Baby That Mean Forest

The trend of giving children gender-neutral names is increasingly getting popular. We have all kinds of gender-neutral names for you, including some inspired by forests. Here are some gender-neutral names that mean forest for you to choose from!

1. Oakley

Oakley is a gender-neutral name of English origin and means ‘meadow of Oak trees’.

2. Olive

Olive is a feminine name of English origin and means ‘olive tree’.

3. Parker

Parker is an English gender-neutral name have Old German origin. It means ‘park keeper’.

4. Javier

Javier is a boy’s name of Spanish origin and means ‘house made of wood’.

5. Linwood

It is a famous boy’s name, which means ‘linden tree valley’.

Regardless of gender, each name has associated characteristics, behaviours, and looks that express our personalities. Thus, names inspired by the forest make for meaningful names representing varying emotions. It can be calm and pleasing or strong and stubborn, which may remind your child to stay strong, focus on their goal, and never bow down under pressure.

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