Top 100 Earthy Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

100 Endearing Earthy Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Naming a child can be an overwhelming experience as finding one that you find apt is a bit tricky. It is said that a name influences the child’s life, and they usually grow into their names. Every parent wants their children to grow into a powerful and successful person in their life. A name should have an appropriate meaning that you can relate to your baby. In case you are a nature lover what could be better than finding a name from our mother, Earth. Nature is a beautiful creation by God which has a significant influence on humankind. Earth has many treasure elements, and we have covered everything to find you some unique names inspired by them.

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Earthy Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Check out these earthy names for boys below for some fantastic strong earthy boy names for your cute little master. These earthy male names come from diverse cultures, giving you a plethora of options to choose from.

1. Aaron

Aaron is a Hebrew name that stands for “high mountain”. The name also has a religious reference as the brother of Moses.

2. Acorn

It is a nature-inspired name that means nut or fruit. Acorn grows on the mighty oak tree. The name symbolizes potential and strength.

3. Alder

It is a new stylish name for boys with German origin meaning “eagle” which resembles strong and compelling characteristics.

4. Aria

The name has a different meaning in different languages like in Italian it means “air or the melody”, “treasure” in Albanian, “lioness” in Hebrew and “noble” in Persian.

5. Boutros

This stylish name is a popular Christian name. The name is basically an Arabic version of the biblical name Peter, which stands for “stone”.

6. Brent

It is an attractive name for boys that came from an old English surname. Originally it was derived from the Celtic word which means “hills”.

7. Bryn

It is an earthy popular male name meaning “hill” which represents power, strength and undying spirit.

8. Cashel

The name Cashel is an Irish origin male given name meaning “castle, stone fort”. It is pronounced as KAH-hal or CASH-ill.

9. Chrysanthos

How about some flower delight? Rarely used, Chrysanthos would make a unique choice for your little one, which means “golden flower”.

10. Clay

It is an earthy masculine name of English origin. Clay is a rich, smooth soil that symbolizes flexibility and strength.

11. Cypress

It is a robust masculine name with Greek origin. The name comes from the cypress tree which is very adaptable, long-lived and grows in many climates.

12. Demeter

The name is derived from the Greek word δα and μητηρ which means “mother earth”. In mythology, Demeter was the goddess of agriculture.

13. Diar

Diar comes with all the sassiness a name requires. This name stands for “expensive wood” in Arabic.

14. Dionne

It is a French earthy baby boy name with Greek origins. The meaning of the name is “child of heaven and earth”.

15. Ebenezer

Ebenezer is a unique-sounding name with all the more unique meaning: “stone of help”.

16. Elm

The name is short and cute, which goes with the trend. Elm means “a tree” that resembles strong, straight, and leafy.

17. Fern

It is a lovely little name for baby boys. The meaning of the name is “a green plant that loves shade”. It is ideal for nature-loving mothers.

18. Ferris

It is an Irish origin baby boy name which means “rock”. The name refers to strength and power, which are excellent characteristics to have in a baby.

19. Fiore

It is an Italian baby boy name which derived from the Latin “flos floris,” meaning “flower blossom.”

20. Florus

Florus is an ancient Roman name, mostly used for surnames and nicknames. It stands for “flower”.

21. Gardener

The name Gardener came from the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. In Latin, it means “keeper of the garden”.

22. Garfield

Another one on our list is Garfield. This Anglo-Saxon name means “triangle field”.

23. Geo

The name has its root in the Greek word γαια, which means “earth”, it is also a term that is used as a prefix, meaning global.

24. Glenn

It’s a male name that derived from the Gaelic ‘gleana’ which means “valley”. Glenn is one of the strong masculine names meaning Earth or nature.

25. Goran

It is a Slavic first name used by males in Slavic countries. Goran means “highlander” or a mountain-man, someone who lives in the mountains.

26. Greene

The name derived from the old English grene which means “green”. The name is closer to the Earth’s beautiful nature with a long Anglo-Saxon heritage.

27. Haelyn

It is a baby boy name pronounced as HHEY-LihN. The name has English origin meaning “a waterfall to the sea”. Haelyn is a fun variation of Halen.

28. Haldor

If you are looking for something spectacular and out-of-this-world name for your little champ, try Haldor. The name has roots in Old Norse and means “Thor’s rock”.

29. Hammon

It is an English origin baby boy name which means “mountain home”. Hammon has an Anglo-Saxon origin and came to England after an old French personal.

30. Heath

The name Heath is an old English male name meaning “someone who lived at a moor”. It represents a tract of open upland covered with beautiful heather.

31. Ilan

Stay rooted to nature with this cute name. Ilan in Hebrew means “tree”.

32. Jafar

With a bad-boy attitude, Jafar steals everyone’s hearts (thanks to Disney’s Alladin movie). However, the name’s meaning is more nature-driven: stream in Arabic.

33. Keir

Keir is a short Nordic name which stands for “dusky” or “thicket”.

34. Lance

It is a variation of Germanic name Lanzo which means “land”. The name Lance has English origin with the same meaning.

35. Maxwell

Maxwell is a jaunty and friendly name of Scottish origin. It means “great stream”.

36. Nemus

The name has the potential to evoke a sense of earthy vitality in your baby boy. Nemus means “forest” or “wood” in Latin.

37. Nova

It is a very popular masculine name among parents. It was named after a star that increases its brightness and slowly comes into its original state.

38. Oak

Oak is a male name inspired by the robust oak tree. If you love nature, then it is an excellent choice for your little master.

39. Oceanus

It is the Latin version of Greek ÅŒkeanós which was the name of a Greek god who personified the endless river that surrounded the Earth.

40. Oren

It is an Irish origin masculine name that gained popularity in recent times. Oren means “pine tree” in Hebrew.

41. Perry

Perry is a joyous name that could bring a wide grin on anyone who hears it. The name means “pear tree”.

42. Ridley

The name Ridley has a jazzy attitude and is a perfect fit for boys. Evolved from Old English, the name means “a clearing in the reeds”.

43. Silas

This name is gaining popularity with every passing day (also thanking The Vampire Diaries series). It is a biblical name which stands for “forest” or “wood”.

44. Stanley

Stanley is an elegant surname of Old English which is now also used as the first name. It means “stone clearing”.

45. Tapio

Tapio is a unique yet wonderful-sounding name with Estonian roots. The meaning of this name is “ruler of the forest”.

46. Terran

It is an English origin baby boy name which means “man of the earth”. The name is pronounced as TA-rin.

47. Teryn

It’s a Celtic name, meaning “Irish hillside”. Parents can consider this lesser-known earthy name for their little boys. Also, in German, it means innocent.

48. Vermont

It is a French origin masculine name that is very popular in parents for its beauty and power. Vermont means “green mountain”.

49. Vesa

Pronounced VEE-sar, Vesa is a Finnish name which stands for “young tree” or “sprout”.

50. Yasen

Unfortunately, this name isn’t recognised for the awesomeness it harnesses. The meaning of this Bulgarian name is “ash tree”.

Earthy Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Earthy Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Check out the list below for some amazing earth-inspired baby girl names, and select that one beautiful name that you feel the most connected to. You’ll be surprised to find these excelling earthy names for girls having rich history and coming from different cultures.

1. Abelia

Abelia comes from Hebrew culture and with a rich history. This sweet name means “breath”.

2. Ainsley

It is an adorable name for baby girls. In Gaelic, it means “meadow”. It was first used as a Scottish surname but now its a trendy earthy name.

3. Alyvia

It is a modern variation of the common name Olivia which means “olive tree”. The name is very creative in itself and suitable for baby girls.

4. Aurora

It is a Latin originated name meaning “dawn”. It resembles the first appearance of light in the sky before the sunrise. The name gained popularity after the famous Disney princess movie.

5. Autumn

It is one of the most popular earthy names inspired by the fall season autumn. The name is very organic in itself and a good choice for a baby girl.

6. Aviana

It is an interesting variation of popular feminine name Ariana. The name is of Latin origins which mean “bird”.

7. Azalea

It’s a beautiful female name which means “flower” in Hebrew. The name was coined after the Greek word azaleas which means dry. As the flower thrives only in well-drained or sandy soil.

8. Beverly

Beverly is a renowned surname, now commonly used as a first name. The meaning of this name is “of the beaver stream”.

9. Bloom

It comes from the German word Blume which means “flower”. If you are a nature lover, you will love the name influenced by nature’s most amazing creation.

10. Citrine

There is nothing more organic than the word evolved from the name Citrine. The name came from the word citrus, which stands for “citron tree”.

11. Dawn

It is a feminine name that means “the first appearance of light” before sunrise. The name has old English origin and its among the most popular baby girls’ names in the United States.

12. Diantha

Diantha is a Greek name that means “heavenly flower”.

13. Eartha

It is an English origin name of baby girls. The name Eartha came from the old English word eorthe means “worldly”. It refers to the planet earth.

14. Elowen

Elowen is a popular three-syllable Cornish name which stands for “elm tree”.

15. Feronia

Feronia is a cute ancient Italian name meaning “untamed woodland”.

16. Flora

It is a famous Scottish girl name derived from Latin word flos which means “flower”. In mythology, Flora was the name of the Roman goddess of springtime.

17. Florence

It is a beautiful feminine English name. The name came from Latin Florens, florentines meaning “blossoming” or “to flower”, in the sense of a blossom.

18. Gaia

It came from the Greek word γαια with literally means “earth”. The name comes from the Greek goddess who presided over the Earth. It is pronounced as GY UH.

19. Gemma

It is a nature-inspired name which means a “precious stone”. Gemma is a very popular Italian origin female name.

20. Hadley

It is a rare female name inspired by the beautiful nature. The meaning of the name is “heather field”, covered with colourful heather flowers.

21. Hazel

If your princess has hazel, gold or emerald eyes, this name will suit her. The name has evolved from “the hæsel tree”.

22. Ilana

It’s a new trendy name for baby girls which is inspired by the beautiful nature. The meaning of the name is “tree” that symbolizes strength and courage.

23. Iris

It is a female name after a Greek goddess. The meaning of the name in Greek is “rainbow”. The name can also be referred to as the Iris flower.

24. Iva

Iva has an aristocratic feel to it. This two-syllable girl’s name has Slavic roots and means “willow tree”.

25. Juniper

Juniper is a Latin name derived from the “Juniper tree”.

26. Kalina

Kalina shares roots in Poland and Bulgaria. It means “flower”.

27. Laurel

Laurel is a voguish name for girls that is derived from the Latin name Lauras. The meaning of this name is laurel tree.

28. Lubna

Lubna is an ancient earthy name of Arabic origin. The name stands for “storax tree”.

29. Meadow

It is a uniquely American name for baby girls. Meadow means “a field of grass”. Parents who love nature can consider this as one of the baby girl names that mean Earth.

30. Merielle

It is a beautiful feminine name that means “star of the sea”. The name derived from the Danish name Mariel and the very famous Latin name Mary.

31. Mimosa

This is a female name derived from the Latin word that means a tropical fragrant flower. It also referred to a star in the Southern Cross constellation.

32. Montserrat

This name isn’t recognised for the awesomeness it harnesses. Montserrat has Latin origin and means “jagged mountain”.

33. Nurit

This cutesy Hebrew name stands for “buttercup”.

34. Opal

It is a beautiful feminine name after as gemstone with varying colours. It is considered as the birthstone for the October month. If you have an October born baby girl then it’ as an ideal choice.

35. Orino

Orino is a Japanese name which stands for “workman’s meadow”. The name exudes a countryside vibe and is suitable for your little one with a calm personality.

36. Pearl

The name derived from the English word pearl. It is a natural shiny stone that is produced organically in living shelled mollusk. People bearing this name are associated with innocence and modesty.

37. Petra

It is a feminine form of the male name Peter which is derived from the Greek word Petros meaning “stone, rock”. The name is pronounced as pee-truth.

38. Prado

Prado is a chic Spanish girl’s name meaning “meadow”.

39. Rochelle

It is pronounced Raa-SH-EHL. The name came from the French city La Rochelle, meaning “little rock”. It is a strong and cute name for pretty little angles.

40. Rowan

Rowan has a rich history and is the Anglicised version of the Irish surname Ó Ruadháin. The name is associated with “the Rowan tree”.

41. Savannah

It is a popular girl name that is referred to as a treeless open plain area. Parents can consider this as one of the beautiful baby names meaning Earth.

42. Sierra

Sierra is a gorgeous name just like its meaning. In Spanish, it means “jagged mountain range”.

43. Skyline

The name means “beautiful sky”. It is a feminine name that is quite interesting and unique in itself.

44. Suzette

It is a nature-inspired name after a beautiful flower. Suzette is a French baby name which means “lily flower”. The name is a creative variation of Susan.

45. Terra

It is a Latin baby girl name which means “the planet Earth”. In mythology, Terra was the name of the Roman earth goddess.

46. Tierra

Something very direct? Try Tierra! The name is Spanish for the earth.

47. Tuva

Tuva originated from the Nordic name Tova and means “tuft of grass”.

48. Vyolette

It is a creative variation of English origin name Violet. It is named after a beautiful purple flower which symbolizes love, modesty, and virtue.

49. Willow

It is a feminine name inspired by a tree that is known for its flexibility and graceful appearance.

50. Zinnia

It is a German girl name which is popular among parents who want a unique name for their baby. The name has a Latin origin, meaning “Zinn’s flower”.

I hope that our collection has helped you to sort some unique and creative earthy names for your little boys and girls. The meanings will help you to understand the depth and help you to select that one perfect name.

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