Top 101 Austrian Last Names or Surnames With Meanings

101 Austrian Last Names or Surnames

Austria is certainly a land of exceptional beauty. For generations, people have wanted to visit this glorious land. The place adds more clarity and panache to the lifestyle led by many. Consequently, people tend to admire the unique names offered by the Austrians to their little ones. This is one of the main reasons why people around the world adapt Austrian surnames. Now, let’s learn more about the most famous and impressive surnames you can pick from this amazing destination. We have compiled 101 popular Austrian last names for you.

101 Austrian Surnames or Family Names With Meanings

Austrian names are interesting, and are trending these days. Read on to know the 101 Best Austrian Family Names or Surnames:

1. Aigner

Aigner is a commonly used surname in Austria and means “tribal conflicts from old days.”

2. Auer

Auer could be an interesting choice for parents looking for an adventurous surname for their newborn. It means “dweller of woods.”

3. Augustin

The name Augustin rose to fame with the French professional football player, Jean-Kevin Augustin. It means “vulnerable.”

4. Barragan

The name Barragan means “brave man” or “strong.”

5. Bartholdi

Bartholdi translates to “an artist who can create beautiful sculptures.”

6. Bauer

Bauer is also a famous name that translates to “Peasant”. According to Eldson Coles Smith, Bauer means “one who tilled the land; a farmer.”

7. Baumgartner

The name Baumgartner translates to “Tree Gardener or Nurseryman.”

8. Bohm

Bohm is used by families that admire and appreciate the Bohemian culture. Bohm translates to “someone who came from Bohemia.”

9. Brandstatter

This is another German name, which means “Fire and City,” where Brand translates to “Fire” and Statter means “City.”

10. Brenner

This name means “burner.”

11. Buchberger

The name Buchberger means “tree.”

12. Comper

Comper means “Prizes” and “Goods for competitions.” Indeed, it is a prized name throughout Austria.

13. Dobler

The name Dobler means “Someone who has lived on a ravine or wooded valley.”

14. Dornberg

The surname Dornberg represents a family that contributes to “culture” and “prosperity.”

15. Ebner

Ebner means “Father is a light.” It ranks #36 for famous surnames in Austria.

16. Eder

The name Eder hails from the Eder River, which is located in the Western borders of Germany.

17. Engel

The name Engel means “Meadow.”

18. Egger

The name Egger hails from Austria and means “spear or prosperity.”

19. Fink

Another name from Austrian origin would be Fink. It means “Finch Bird.”

20. Fischer

Another impressive name with quite an obvious meaning. It means “Fisher.”

21. Franc

The name Franc means “Free.” It is believed to be the origin of “France.”

22. Frank

The name Frank translates to “A Free Man”.

23. Freud

The name Freud can be used to suggest someone of a “joyous disposition.” Quite a famous name in Austria, it was the name of an Austrian neurologist and the father of psychoanalysis.

24. Frey

Frey translates to “God of Love.” Though the name hails from America, it is also significantly popular in Austria.

25. Fritz

The name “Fritz” is certainly a diminutive version of the name “Frederick.”

26. Fuchs

The name Fuchs translates to “Fox.” It represents proprietorship of a village, or influencing an estate.

27. Gattermayr

The last name Gattermayr is often given to people who have “red hair.”

28. Graf

Graf is an old English name. It translates to “Lord’s establishment or The Earl.”

29. Gruber

This is definition one of Austria’s most known, and overused surnames. Gruber translates to “of the Pit.” And, it is also believed to have German origin.

30. Haas

Haas is a wonderful name for your little one, especially because it means “Hare.”

31. Hammerl

The name Hammerl is often used in both German and Austria. It means “Enthusiasm.”

32. Hauser

Hailing from Germany, the name Hauser means “Dweller of a home that is paid for.”

33. Hinterleitner

A pure surname from the local communities of Austria; it means “radiant.”

34. Hirsch

Hirsch is famous in countries like Germany, Israel and Austria. It means “Stag.”

35. Hofer

Hofer is quite prevalent in Austria. It means “One who owned or worked in a farm.”

36. Holzer

The name Holzer hails from the traditional word “Holz.” It means “Forest.”

37. Hufnagl

Hufnagl means “Hoof.” This would be another name from Germany but famous in the Austrian surnames list.

38. Huber

The name Huber is believed to be the world’s 2049th famous surname. It is extremely prevalent in both Austria and Germany. The name means “beauty, bright form, or color.”

39. Jager

In Austria, people who are into hunting and farming often choose the surname “Jager.” It means “hunter.”

40. Kaiser

Many misinterpret the name “Kaiser” to be of middle eastern origin. However, this name is from Austria and means “Emperor.”

41. Kasper

The name Kasper means “men who are wise or who visited Bethlehem.”

42. Kaufmann

The name Kaufmann means “Merchant.” It is famous worldwide and is known to be derived from the name Kaufman – Jacob.

43. Kern

When you are looking for an excellent name, Kern should come by. It means an “excellent choice.”

44. Koch

The name Koch translates to “Cook.” It is famous in both Austria and Germany.

45. Kolar

Kolar is a derivative of the last name Kohler. It means “Charcoal burner.”

46. Koller

Koller is a famous name, which was even carried by a former Czech footballer player. The name means “Charcoal Burner.”

47. Konig

Konig is a name of German origin, and it means “King.” Indeed, it represents a group that is successful in sports, and similar skills.

48. Koellerer

The name Koellerer refers to a person who attains “spiritual enlightenment.”

49. Koppensteiner

The name Koppensteiner translates to “Crow on the top of a big stone.” It is a pure Austrian name, with a big history.

50. Krenn

The name Krenn means “Crane.” It is often used as a nickname for someone tall and thin.

51. Lackner

This surname is derived from a place, Lewknor.

52. Lang

The name Lang has a British origin. It means “Tall.”

53. Lechner

This is a name that represents the Lech River. The river is found in Western Germany.

54. Lehner

The name Lehner means “One who owns or has a feudal tenant.”

55. Leitner

Leitner is of Austrian Origin. It means a “Mountainside slope.”

56. Lindner

The surname Lindner means “Dweller near the Linder tree”. Of course, it does have a poetic edge.

57. Lucas

Lucas hails from Germany, and it means “Descendant of the Light.”

58. Maier

Indeed, this name has a quite obvious meaning. Maier translates to “Elected leader or mayor”. The last name rose to fame with Arne Maier, a famous and a professional German football player.

59. Mandle

Mandle is a beautiful name, which means “Joy” or “Pleasure”. It originates from Little Manto.

60. Maurer

As interesting as it sounds, the name Maurer means “Wall.”

61. Mayr

Another name that holds value in the world of small courts would be Mayr. It means “Manor’s Lord.”

62. Mayer

As prestigious as it sounds, the surname Mayer means “The Mayor”. It has an English origin.

63. Moser

This is a name that is also derived from a geographic location. The name Moser means “of Mosser.”

64. Muller

Often, the name Muller is given to a person who’s ancestor is or was a miller.

65. Neumayer

Neumayer means “Ski Jumper.”

66. Paar

Paar is another traditional Austrian surname. It means “House of the priest”.

67. Pichler

The density of the name “Pichler” in Austria is extremely high. It is a local name that means “Hill.” The name is derived from a location in Austria.

68. Pfleger

Pfleger is quite famous amongst farmers. It means “Someone who plows the fields.”

69. Philips

Derived from Greek Philippos, Philips is a name variant of Phillips refers to “son of Philip.”

70. Reich

The name Reich resembles and translates to “Mighty.”

71. Reiter

For many generations, the name “Reiter” has been used by Austrians. It means “Knight.”

72. Rotter

The name Rotter means “A performer on the rot.”

73. Sailer

Undeniably, the meaning of this name is quite evident. It resembles a person seeking adventure and travel.

74. Schmidt

Schmidt hails from Germany. It represents a goldsmith or a blacksmith, and it refers to “Smith.”

75. Schneider

The name Schneider means “A person who creates, designs, and tailors.” Another famous personality who carries this name is Bernd Schneider. He is a retired, professional footballer from Germany.

76. Schober

The name Schober translates to “Dweller near, or at a haystack”. This is a famous English name used in Austria.

77. Schorgl

For many years, families that “Love the Land” are given the surname Schorgl.

78. Schubert

The name Schubert is old and classic. It translates to “shoe maker.” The name hails from old German literature.

79. Sommer

As obvious as it sounds, the name Sommer means “The son of Summer.”

80. Springer

As interesting as it sounds, the surname Springer in Austria means “To Leap or To Jump.”

81. Steiner

This is a world famous name, which means “Dweller by a rock.” Also, some people translate this name to “Rock, Strong, or Hard.”

82. Strobl

There are many variations of this nam.” Some of the common ones include “Strobel,” “Strudbalt,” and “Strud.” They all translate to “brave”.

83. Stern

The name Stern hails from America, and it means “Star.”

84. Strasser

The name Strasser means “On the Street.”

85. Stummer

Stummer is a less common and a unique last name in Austria. It means “Famous.”

86. Tischler

Tischler is a beautiful Austrian surname that means “Carpenter.”

87. Unger

Unger translates to “Hungarian.” This is a traditional name, which came from the country of the Huns.

88. Wagner

A famous personality to carry this name would be James Waggoner. This is believed to be the world’s 834th most famous surname. It means “The Wagoner.”

89. Waldner

The name Waldner means “Forester.”

90. Wallner

The name Wallner means “A powerful army ruler, or warrior”.” This last name became famous with Matthew Waller, a professional baseball player in America.

91. Walter

The name Walter holds a “Welsh” background. It means “ruler or army.” It also signifies “master.”

92. Weisman

Weisman is another Austrian surname, with lots of heritage and panache. Weisman means “White man.”

93. Weiss

The name Weiss means “White, like morning snow.”

94. Werner

Werner is deemed as a beautiful surname that translates to “True” or “Trust.”

95. Wieser

The name Wieser has a lengthy history in Austria. It means “Owner of a meadow.”

96. Wimmer

The name Wimmer means “Someone who takes care of the church.” It also translates to “Descendant from a family of wine makers.”

97. Winkler

The name Winkler belongs to Angela Winkler, a former actress. It means “Corner.”

98. Winter

Undeniably Winter is a stunning name that describes the beautiful and white nature of Austria. Winter means “Dweller of white water.”

99. Wolf

Middle age often saw the surname “Wolf” in awe and with mysterious eyes. This surname belongs to the list of old pagan names.

100. Zimin

The surname Zimin translates to “Happiness.”

101. Zimmermann

This could be one of the longest surnames you’ll find in Austria. The name means “Carpenter.”

Undeniably, these are some of the world’s most fascinating but common surnames in Austria. Most of them have beautiful meanings. They have survived the test of time and are used by many families around the world.

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