Top 160 Rich Last Names Or Surnames With Meanings

160 Rich Last Names or Surnames With Meanings

The rich have earned their fortunes owing to family lineage or professional success in various fields. Due to immigration and colonization, many modern surnames of the US that sound rich can be dated back to England and Ireland. Specific last names that sound rich are related to wealth in some languages or mean wealth by their right.

Although last names originated centuries ago, there has been a growing trend that shows the popularity of posh family names that have resurfaced in recent years. Their class and charisma indicate the prestige and power they command in society after migrating to the land of opportunities. Parents who adore and idolize these role models are often inspired by their wealthiest surnames and choose some for themselves or their children, hoping for the best.

Most surnames of rich families are like a label of attractive identification as they are associated with prosperity, luxury, and royalty running down through generations. The last names of wealthy people are a mark of good genes that inspire commoners to adopt these surnames. Rich surnames help uplift a family’s social status and enhance the power of their first name. The richest surnames in the world exude elegant vibes and classy traits that every parent may want their child to encompass.

Every surname tells a story of our ancestors and family’s culture. Whether you are connected to some royal or noble bloodline or want your child’s character to bear a last name of affluence, choose one of the most suitable rich and famous last names. You can ensure your child’s prosperity and your family’s success by emulating these famous last names.

160 Famous Rich Surnames or Family Names With Meanings

Last names connect a family’s present to their past. A luxurious last name can establish your child’s strengths and indicate a richness of spirit. If you’re a parent looking for a surname that can stand on its own and incorporate a special meaning, honor a family or a culture, here are some suggestions to choose from:

1. Albrecht

Derived from Germanic Adal (noble) and Behrt (bright or famous), this surname means “illustrious.” Germany’s Albrecht is heir to the most profitable retail chains across the world.

2. Allen 

Allen is a boy name having Gaelic origins. It also has Irish roots and is derived from the word álainn, that means “handsome”.

3. Armani

This Italian surname belongs to the luxury clothing brand. Derived from the Germanic name Harman, it is a combination of the words “hari” and “mann,” which means “man of force.”

4. Anschutz

It is a erman name, which means “one who excelled in fighting with a bow”.

5. Augustus

Augustus was the name of the first emperor of the Roman empire. The name means ‘majestic’ or ‘venerable.’ 

6. Astor

This Franco-English surname means ‘Hawk’ or ‘thunder god.’ The Astor family is famous in the United States and the United Kingdom for their wealth and power.

7. Almas

This Arabic surname means ‘diamond.’

8. Arnoult

This surname of Olde German and Anglo-Saxon origin means ‘to rule.” The Arnoult family is the owner of an empire of several retail brands.

9. Alodia

This Ancient Germanic surname means “foreign wealth.”

10. Arison

This Albanian surname means “gold son” or “powerful.”

11. Audhild

This Norwegian surname comes from auor, meaning ‘fortune.’

12. Aurea

This surname of Spanish origin means ‘golden.’

13. Barbey

This French surname means ‘son of Barbara’ or a nickname from barbet ‘bearded.’

14. Buffet

This French surname means ‘gush of wind.’ Warren Buffet is considered the most successful investor alive.

15. Baldwin

Derived from the Olde English “Bealdwine,” this surname means a ‘bold friend.’

16. Butt

Derived from the French word “but,” Butt means “target” or ‘mark for archery.’ Charles Butt is an American billionaire.

17. Bass

The name is taken from the Old English word Bas. It means ‘humble’ or of ‘small stature.’ Robert Bass is an American billionaire businessman and philanthropist.

18. Barbey

Barbey comes from French Barbé and means ‘son of Barbara.’ Barbey is an heir to America’s VF Corporation retail fortune.

19. Benson 

Bechtel is a German surname that means ‘Descendant of Betto’ that refers to ‘bright.’ The Bechtel is an affluent engineering and construction business family from Virginia.

20. Bechtel

Bechtel is a German surname that means ‘Descendant of Betto’ that refers to ‘bright.’ The Bechtel is an affluent engineering and construction business family from Virginia.

21. Byron

This Old English surname means ‘At the barns or cattle shed.” The Byrons are one of the most influential and wealthy families in the US.

22. Cox

This English or Welsh surname means “the little.” This last name was used with the name of a leader or chieftain as a term of endearment. Coxes are one of the 25 wealthiest families in the world.

23. Cathy

This Greek surname is the diminutive form of ‘Catherine.’ The Cathys are one of America’s richest family dynasties.

24. Crown

This France and English surname comes from Crao and means “Royalty,’ ‘Glory,’ and Honour.’ The Crown family has been a perennial member of the Forbes 400 list since 1982.

25. Caesar

This Latin surname means ‘long haired.’ It was glorified by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.

26. Chryses

This Greek surname means ‘golden.’

27. Chambers 

Chambers is a popular surname of English origin. It means “a who is a person in charge of the exchequer room”.

28. Cargill

This Scottish surname means ‘dweller from Cargill, a place in eastern Perthshire. The multi-generational Cargill family owns one of the biggest private enterprises in the US.

29. Cartier

This Old English surname means ‘one who transports goods.’ Cartier is the Paris-based designer brand synonymous with luxury watches and jewelry.

30. Chanel

This Old French surname means ‘a canal.’ The Coco Chanel brand dealing with dresses, hats, and perfumes is revered by the wealthy worldwide.

31. Dell

Dell is a gender neutral name that means “of the valley”. It is a short form of the name Odell, which a place in England that later turned into a popular English surname. 

32. Dumas

One of the wealthiest families of France, Dumas is a topographic name referring to ‘a dwelling of ancient Roman or medieval times.’

33. Dorrance

Dorrance is an Irish last name and is derived from the Gaelic word “torran.” It means “hillock” or “mound.”

34. Du Pont

Du Pont is one of the richest American families. Du Pont is a French surname meaning “of the bridge.”

35. Duncan

An Anglicized Irish and Scottish Gaelic Donnchadh, Duncan means ‘warrior’ or ‘chieftain.’

36. Durst

Meaning ‘boldness,’ the name comes from the Middle High German durst or ‘thirst.’

37. Dara

This Persian surname means ‘wealthy.’

38. Dyson

Meaning “son of Denise,” Dyson is the family name of James Dyson, the man behind the well-known Dyson technology and products company.

39. Eadberht

This Anglo-Saxon surname means ‘bright fortune.’

40. Ecclestone

This English name means ‘church settlement’ and reminds us of British entrepreneur Bernie Ecclestone who founded F1 racing.

41. Ellison

Ellison is both a boy and a girl’s name having British origin. It means “son of Ellis.” Ellis also has a Hebrew root.

42. Eurig

This Welsh surname means ‘gold.’

43. Ecclestone

This English surname means ‘settlement by the church’. The British Ecclestone family’s business is quite diversified and spans many industries.

44. Eurwen

This Welsh surname means ‘blessed.’

45. Fridman

This Jewish family name means ‘peace.’ Fridman is one of the richest families in Russia.

46. Ferdinand

Ferdinand in Spanish means ‘brave.’ The Ferdinands are royal heirs of the Austrian aristocracy.

47. Ferrari

Ferrari in Italian means ‘blacksmith.’ The iconic Ferrari brand was started by the automotive engineer Enzo Ferrari in 1947.

48. Forbes

This Gaelic surname means ‘field.’ The illustrious Forbes family has successful business tycoons and politicians spanning decades in US history.

49. Ford

This Old English surname means ‘river crossing’. Henry Ford was the pioneer of the Ford Motor Company.

50. Fu

This Chinese surname means “rich” or “abundant.”

51. Goldman

This Old English surname means ‘the golden one.’ Marcus Goldman founded the multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs.

52. Gates 

Gates is one of the most common surnames in America and is primarily a masculine name having English origin which means “Dweller near the Gate”.

53. Gallo

In Italian and Spanish, this name means ‘rooster.’ The Gallo family of America are the leading wine industrialists globally.

54. Gore

This Anglo-Saxon origin means ‘triangular-shaped land.’

55. Givenchy

Givenchy in French means ‘impressive.’ Givenchy is a famous fashion brand that is a part of the larger LVMH group.

56. Graff

Graff in Anglo-Norman means ‘quill’ or ‘pen.’ The Graff family is luxury jewelry maker with a presence across Europe and worldwide.

57. Gucci

This Italian surname means ‘fashionable” The Gucci family is the owner of the coveted Italian luxury fashion house.

58. Hildebrand 

Hildebrand is a folkloric character from a popular Germanic heroic legend. The word brand means “sword” and hild means “battle”. 

59. Hoffman

This German surname means ‘Steward.’ The Hoffmans are a famous family of New York, well known among the rich.

60. Hudson

This Anglo-Saxon surname means ‘son of Hugh.’ This surname has been popularized by Kate Hudson, an American actress, author, and fashion entrepreneur.

61. Hodan

This name of Somali origin means ‘lush or rich.’

62. Hearst

Commonly associated with the publishing business Hearst Communications, this Anglo-Saxon name means ‘thicket of trees.’

63. Hunt

Helen Hunt is an award-winning American actress. This Anglo-Saxon surname means ‘hunter.’

64. Hadid

Hadid in Arabic means ‘iron.’ Bella and Gigi Hadid are the most famous Hadids who have solidified their position in the fashion industry.

65. Hermès

While the name means “messenger,” the Hermès family is renowned for their line of luxury products.

66. Hughes

This Germanic surname means ‘fire’ or ‘son of Hugh.’ Langston Hughes was a famous poet, novelist, and playwright from America.

67. Hendrix

This modern surname of Dutch and German origin means “son of Hendrik’ or ‘estate ruler.’

68. Irsay 

Irsay is a popular American surname. That means “generosity”, “curiosity”, and  “wisdom”.

69. Inyene

This name of Ibobo origin means ‘wealth.’

70. Jae

This Korean surname means ‘ability, talent, or riches.’

71. Jackson

Jackson in Hebrew means ‘God’s Grace.’ Michael Jackson was one of the most successful and richest musicians of his time.

72. Jae

This surname of Korean origin means ‘riches’ or ‘talent.’

73. Johnson

This Scottish surname means ‘son of John’ and has been popularized by actor Dwayne Johnson.

74. Jobs 

Jobs is an old Hebrew name that means “persecuted”. It has a special significance attached to the heros in the old Testament. 

75. Ji-Yeong

This Korean surname means ‘wisdom.’

76. Jenkins

This name has Flemish and Hebrew roots and means ‘little John.’ Richard Jenkins is a famous American actor.

77. Kimiko

This Japanese surname means ‘noble child’ who is humble despite being rich.

78. Kirk

Kurk is a former modern English and Scottish word that means “church”.

79. Kingston

This Anglo-Saxon surname refers to ‘a family that lived on lands or manors.’

80. Koch

Koch means ‘cook’ or ‘chef’ in German. Charles de Ganahl Koch is an American billionaire businessman and philanthropist.

81. Kohler

This South German name means ‘charcoal burner.’ David Kohler represents the fourth generation of the rich Kohler family.

82. Ka-Shing

Shing means ‘victory’ in Chinese.

83. Kardashian

This Armenian surname means ‘stone carver.’ The Kardashian-Jenner family is a family of entrepreneurs, pop culture, and television artists.

84. King

This English surname means ‘monarch.’ Don King was a successful boxing manager and Julia King is a famous architect.

85. Klein

This surname of Dutch, German, and African origins means ‘small.’  Calvin Klein is a notable American fashion designer.

86. Lewis

Lewis means “renowned warrior”. This name reflects antiquity and has Latin, French and Gaelic origins.

87. Luksa

This surname of Esperanto origin means “luxurious.’

88. Lucertia

This Roman surname means ‘wealth’ or ‘profit.’

89. Lacoste

This French surname means ‘by the coast.’ The Lacoste sports apparel brand exemplifies affluence.

90. Luceria

This Roman surname means ‘wealth.’

91. Lauren

This Latin surname means ‘laurel tree or wisdom.’ Designer Ralph Lauren has been listed on Forbes’ list of the richest people of America.

92. Luksa

This surname of Esperanto origin means ‘luxurious.’

93. Lauder

This Scottish surname means ‘ditch’ or ‘trench.’ The Lauder family of New York are owners of the Estée Lauder Companies.

94. Laurent

This Latin surname means “The Bright One.” Yves Saint Laurent is believed to be one of the first fashion designers of the twentieth century.

95. Lehman

This German surname means ‘tenant.’ The Lehman family founded the financial firm, Lehman Brothers, in the US.

96. Lloyd

This Scottish surname means ‘sacred.’ The Lloyds family from the UK established Lloyds Bank.

97. Lucas

This Latin surname means ‘light.’ George Lucas is a veteran filmmaker with iconic hits such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

98. Mars

This Greek surname means ‘God of War’.’ The owner of the confectionery company Mars Inc. occupies the position of one of the wealthiest families in the world.

99. Mc Gregor

This Gaelic surname means ‘son of Griogar.’ Conor McGregor is the ‘highest-paid athlete of 2020,’ according to Forbes.

100. Merck

This Gaelic surname means ‘border area.’ The influential Merck family is a German family with industrial as well as banking ventures.

101. Moore

This means dwelling near a moor or heath and from middle English mor means “open land”. 

102. Miller

This Irish or Scottish surname means ‘one who grinds grain.’

103. Mellon

This Gaelic surname means ‘small and pleasant.’ The Mellons are known as one of the top 30 richest families in the United States.

104. Marshall

This old Scottish surname means ‘Love of Horses.’

105. Mountbatten

This German surname is an Anglicized version of Battenberg, a small town in Hesse. Louis Mountbatten was a high-ranking naval officer of the British Empire.

106. Morgan

Morgan in Old English means ‘sea protector.’ J.P Morgan is an established name in the world of finance and banking.

107. Mason

This Italian, French, or English surname refers to ‘someone who did stonemasonry work.’

108. Nicholas

Derived from German and Jewish roots, this topographic name refers to ‘someone who lived in a new house.’ The American Newhouse family fortune stems from a publishing empire.

109. Newhouse

Derived from German and Jewish roots, this topographic name refers to ‘someone who lived in a new house.’ The American Newhouse family fortune stems from a publishing empire.

110. Nubia

This classy surname of African origin means “gold.”

111. Och

This means “ox” and has ancient German roots. 

112. Oppenheimer

J. Robert Oppenheimer was the pioneer behind the atomic bomb. The term Oppenheimer in German means ‘one who dwells near a church, hill, or stream.’

113. Orleans

Orleans in French means ‘golden.’ The Orleans family is a part of the royal house of France founded by the Duke of Orleans.

114. Otto

Otto in German means ‘prosperity.’ The German Otto Group is the world’s largest and profitable mail-order company.

115. Ortega

Ortega in Spanish means ‘nettle plant.’ Amancio Ortega is one of the richest men who introduced the world to fast fashion.

116. Peterffy

This is a popular mediaeval surname derived from the English Church that refers to petros which means “rock”.

117. Persson

This Swedish surname means ‘son of Per.’ The Perssons are a rich Swedish billionaire family that owns the popular clothing retailer H&M.

118. Peugeot

This French surname means ‘Goddess.’ The Peugeot family is a successful automotive company in France.

119. Phipps

Phipps comes from the Greek name Philip meaning ‘fond of horses.’ The Phipps family is a notable business family of the US.

120. Prada

This Italian surname means ‘field or meadow.’ Prada is associated with haute couture.

121. Plutarch

This Greek surname means ‘master of wealth.’

122. Pritzker

This Ukrainian surname means ‘someone from Pritski.’ The Pritzker Group is one of America’s richest families who own the Hyatt chain of hotels.

123. Pulitzer

This Polish surname means ‘distinguished.’ The Pulitzer Prize is a prestigious award established by Joseph Pulitzer, a renowned newspaper publisher.

124. Paz

This surname of Hebrew origin means ‘gold.’

125. Plutarch

This Greek surname means ‘master of wealth.’

126. Quandt

This German surname means ‘rogue or joker.’ Gunther Quandt of Germany founded the iconic BMW car company.

127. Roberts

This is a popular German name that means “bright”. It was a popular household name amongst normans and English people during the middle Ages. 

128. Reichmann

This Yiddish surname means ‘a wealthy person.’ The Canada-based Reichmann family is one of the most affluent in Canada.

129. Rockfeller

This German surname refers to ‘someone from Rockenfeld.’ The Rockefellers are one of the wealthiest families of America.

130. Revaz

This Georgian surname means ‘successful’ or ‘wealthy.’

131. Rollins

This English surname means ‘Son of Rolf/Rollo.’ Gary W. Rollins is an American billionaire businessman.

132. Reuben

Reuben means ‘Behold, a son’ in Hebrew. The Reuben family runs a highly diversified business, from petrochemicals to real estate.

133. Reynolds

Reynolds means ‘Councilor’ in French. The R.J. Reynolds tobacco company saw much success in America in the late 1800s.

134. Rich

This English surname means ‘affluent.’ Richard Rich was the Lord Chancellor of Essex in the mid-1500s.

135. Romanov

This Russian name means ‘Son of Roman.’ The House of Romanov is a Russian noble dynasty.

136. Roosevelts

This Dutch name means ‘of a rose field.’ Two of the members of the Roosevelt family have been Presidents of America.

137. Revas

This Georgian surname means ‘wealthy’ or ‘successful.’

138. Reyes

Reyes in Spanish means ‘king.’

139. Rothschild

Rothchild means ‘red coat’ in Yiddish. The Rothschild family of Germany reportedly holds the largest fortune ever possessed by a family.

140. Sovanna

This surname of Khmer origin means ‘golden.’

141. Schaeffler

This German name means ‘a cooper.’ The Schafflers own the automotive company Continental AG and are one of the wealthiest families in Germany.

142. Schermerhorn

This Dutch surname means ‘a royal horn.’ Abraham Schermerhorn was a New York-based merchant who bequeathed vast fortunes to his family.

143. Schindler

Schindler means ‘roof builders’ in German. Oskar Schindler was a hero for many Jew families during the Nazi occupation.

144. Schroder

Schroder means ‘cloth cutter or tailor’ in German. Schroders are members of a patrician ruling class and attained much success and wealth.

145. Seinfeld

Seinfield means ‘beautiful fields’ in German. Jerry Seinfeld is one of the richest comedians in the world and a highly successful producer.

146. Siemens

Siemens means ‘one who hearkens’ in Hebrew. The Siemens family is among the top ten richest families in Germany.

147. Soros

Soros means ‘successor’ in Hungarian. George Soros is an American billionaire running multiple successful businesses in investment and finance.

148. Spielberg

Spielberg means ‘lookout point or mountain’ in German. Steven Spielberg is one of the most successful movie directors and producers of Hollywood.

149. Swarovski

This Austrian surname means ‘gratitude.’ Swarovski is a major brand in designer jewelry and crystals.

150. Smith

This old English surname means ‘a blacksmith.’ Paul Smith is an affluent British fashion designer.

151. Spencer

The Spencer family represents nobility and royal ancestry. This English surname means ‘steward or administrator.’

152. Sackler

This Anglo-Saxon surname means ‘a maker of sacks.’ The rich Sackler family are the owners of pharmaceutical companies in the US.

153. Taylor

This British surname of French origin means “cutter of cloth.”

154. Tepper

Tepper is a middle-german occupational surname that is related to people who have been into wine and beer manufacturing and sales. 

155. Wang

Wang has a Chinese origin and means ‘king.’

156. Walton

This British surname means ‘walled town’ or ‘a dweller by the wall.’

157. Wertheimer

This is a German and Jewish habitational name for ‘someone from Wertheim.’ Alain Wertheimer is a French billionaire businessman in the US.

158. Viola

Viola means violet and has latin roots. This name is ideal for baby girls as they grow and bloom just like pretty violet flowers. 

159. Ziff

This surname is a form of the Hebrew Ze’ev, meaning ‘secular’ or ‘equivalent.’  It means ‘wolf’ in German and English.

Regardless of one’s financial status, keeping tabs on the staggering fortunes of the ultra-rich is quite pleasurable for most people, regardless of whether it is out of feelings of admiration, envy, or resentment. Top rich last names of successful families imply values of authenticity, tradition, heritage, and lineage that qualify as trusted qualities that invite respect and adoration from others. Although they do not guarantee material riches, parents look forward to bringing up successful children who carry a surname that might bring in good luck and prosperity in the future.

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