50+ Colombian Girl Names & Their Meanings

As names make the first impression, it is also important to understand their meanings. The database of Colombian baby girl names can help to indicate their ethnicity, nationality, religion, or position within a family or even the society. Moreover, they are in vogue and can inspire parents-to-be on their baby naming journey.

Columbian Baby Girl Names

Best Columbian Girl Names That Are Perfect for Your Little Princess

A baby girl is a blessing of our life that needs to be gifted with a beautiful name by all parents. However, it may not always be easy to choose the right name for your little angel. A name is used to identify a child and establish individuality in the crowd. In case you’re in awe of the beautiful names of Columbian girls and want to replicate them for your little princess, it is important to dig into their interesting backstory as well. Colombian girl names originate from America, Africa, and Europe. Spanish traditional names are widely popular in Columbia due to the influence of Hispanic culture person’s first name is usually followed by the paternal and maternal family names according to the Spanish naming convention. People may have two personal names, although the second name does not necessarily indicate gender. A Colombian woman doesn’t have to take her husband’s name after marriage. She may retain her original family names, replace her maternal family name with her husband’s paternal name or add her husband’s paternal name to the end of her full name with ‘e’ to conjoin it. As most Colombians are Roman Catholics by religion, people also prefer Biblical names. Here is a compilation of the popular girl names in Colombia with suitable meanings that represent class and elegance.

1. Abigail 

Derived from Hebrew origin, Abigail is a Biblical name that means ‘father’s joy.’

2. Acacia 

Derived from Greek origin Acacia refers to the ‘thorny tree.’

3. Angie 

This Greek name means ‘messenger of god.’

4. Alejandra

A female name version of Alexander, Alejandra means ‘defender of mankind.’ Alexander is the Latin of the Greek name Alexandros.

5. Barbara 

Derived from the Greek word Barbaros, Barbara means ‘foreign’ or ‘stranger.’

6. Beatrice 

Derived from Latin origin, Beatrice means ‘one who blesses others.’

7. Bridget 

Derived from Gaelic and Irish origin, Bridget means ‘vigour’ or ‘strength.’

8. Cadence 

This name of English origin means’ ‘rhythmic flowing.’

9. Camila

Derived from Latin origin, Camila means ‘young ceremonial attendant.’

10. Daniela 

This name of Spanish origin meaning “God is my judge.’

11. Daisy 

This Old English name refers to the ‘flower’” symbolising innocence or the ‘day’s eye.’

12. Davina

Derived from Scottish and Hebrew origin, Davina means ‘beloved.’

13. Dulce 

Dulce means  ‘sweet’ in Latin.

14. Elena 

This name of Greek origin means ‘sunray.’

15. Elizabeth 

Elizabeth comes from Elisheva, which means ‘My God is an oath’  in Hebrew.

16. Fiona

This name of Irish and Gaelic origins means ‘fair.’

17. Faye 

This Old English and Old French name means `belie’ or ‘fairy.’

18. Felicia 

This name of Latin origin means ‘fortunate.’

19. Gabrielle 

This chic Hebrew name means ‘devoted to God.’

20. Georgia 

This name of Greek and Latin origin means  ‘earth-worker.’

21. Genevieve 

Derived from German and Celtic origin, Genevieve means ‘woman of the rac.’

22. Gracie

Gracie in Latin means ‘blessing.’

23. Hazel 

This Old English name refers to ‘the hazelnut tree.’

24. Heidi 

Derived from Old German origin, Heidi means ‘of noble birth.’

25. Isabella

This Hebrew name means ‘God’s promise.’

26. Irene 

The mythological name refers to ‘the Greek Goddess of peace.’

27. Iris 

This Greek name means ‘rainbow.’

28. Janelle 

This American name means ‘God is gracious.’

29. Janna 

This Hebrew name means ‘God is gracious.’

30. Jose 

Derived from Hebrew origin, Jose is also the Spanish and Portuguese version of Joseph, which means ‘he shall add.’

31. Julia 

Julia in Latin means’ ‘youthful.’

32. Kaela 

Kaela has Irish, Hebrew, Hawaiian, and Gaelic origin and means `the laurel crown”.

33. Kaia 

Kaia in Hawaiian means ‘the sea’ whereas in German it means ‘the earth.’

34. Karla 

Karla means ‘strength’ in Scandinavian.

35. Lorena 

This name of Spanish, Portuguese, English, Brazilian and Italian origin means ‘Laurel wreath-crowned.’

36. Lina 

This name of Greek origin means ‘sunlight.’

37. Luciana

This Latin name means ‘light.’

38. Maria

This name of Latin origin means ‘sea’ or ‘bitter.’

39. Milena 

This name of Slavic origin means  ‘Gracious’, ‘pleasant’, or ‘dear.’

40. Maeve 

This name of Gaelic and Irish origin means ‘intoxicating.’

41. Mia 

Mia in Italian means ‘mine.’ It is also a derivation of the Slavic word Mila meaning ‘dear.’

42. Natalie 

This Latin name means ‘Christmas day.’

43. Nadia 

This name of English and French origin means `hop.’

44. Naomi 

This common Jewish name of Hebrew origin means ‘pleasant one.’

45. Olivia

This name of Latin origin means ‘olive tree.’

46. Paola 

This name of Latin origin means ‘small’.

47. Phoebe 

This name of Greek origin means ‘radiance.’

48. Raquel

Raquel is a Spanish and Portuguese version of the name Rachael and means ‘innocent.’

49. Raya 

This exotic name of Israeli origin means ‘friend’.

50. Rebekah

This Hebrew name means’ ‘to bind.’

51. Sofia 

Sofia in Greek means’  ‘wisdom’.

52. Sara 

Sara comes from the Greek name Sarah, meaning ‘princess.’

53. Tatiana 

Tatiana in Russia means  ‘princess’.

54. Tyra 

This name of Celtic and Scandinavian origin means ‘God of battle’.

55. Valentina 

Valentina in Russian and Italian means ‘healthy’, ‘strong.’

56. Veronica 

Veronica means ‘victory’ and has a Latin origin.

57. Wendy 

This English name means ‘friend’.

58. Willow 

This English name means ‘freedom’.

59. Yesenia

This name of Spanish origin means ‘palm tree’ and ‘jasmin.’

60. Zara 

This name of Arabic and Hebrew origin means ‘radiance,’

Parents looking for a way to honor their Colombian roots may choose to give pretty names that belong to Columbian women. Many are of them are cute names or unique, while others have an old-fashioned flavor that could be a powerful choice for your baby girl. Regardless of their appeal, a child should feel proud to be known by the name and her parent’s choice later in life.

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