100 Popular & Adorable Nicknames For Matthew

100 Cute Nicknames for Matthew

Matthew is a strong yet sensitive name, perfect for a baby who comes into the world as a loving favor of God. It is a name that feels almost as beautiful to say as its meaning, making it a fresh choice without sounding overused or too dated. With its roots stemming from the Bible, common nicknames for Matthew can be highly versatile to suit a variety of individuals for decades.

Meaning and Origin of Matthew

Matthew is an English name inspired by the Greek name Matthaios, a variation of the Hebrew name Mattityahu, which means “gift of Yahweh” or “gift of God.” The root word Mattan means ‘gift,’ referring to the Hebrew God. Matthew by itself may mean “gift,” though there are some who believe that it means “gift of God,” or even “gift from God.” Matthew is also called Levi, one of the twelve apostles and the first gospel in the New Testament. This name appears in the Old Testament as Mattithiah and Matthias in the New Testament. Thus, Matthew is venerated as a saint in many Christian traditions, making it a holy name used since the Middle Ages. From North-west Europe, the popularity of Matthew spread to the rest of the English-speaking countries of the world. Matthew is also used as an anglicization of the Irish name Mathúin meaning “bear.”

Nicknames for Matthew

Short and sweet, you must choose nicknames for Matthew with care to do justice to the original name. Here is a handpicked compilation of some funny nicknames for Matthew that are sure to lift our spirit with their inherent humor:

  1. Matheu
  2. Mato
  3. Huey
  4. Mats
  5. Mateusz
  6. Matz
  7. Theo
  8. Mattaus
  9. Matias
  10. Matto
  11. Mao
  12. MJ
  13. Mat
  14. Mateo
  15. Teo
  16. Matty
  17. Hewy
  18. Mattie
  19. Thew
  20. Mattieu
  21. Hewey
  22. Mmmmm-hot
  23. Matterhorn
  24. Mack
  25. Matty Patty
  26. Mays
  27. Mattel
  28. Matters
  29. Big boy Matt
  30. Mattie Poo
  31. Matty boy
  32. Mattattack
  33. Matteo
  34. Matthias
  35. Mango
  36. Mental
  37. Mattchu Pichu
  38. Mattie daddy
  39. Mattchew
  40. Mat & cheese
  41. Chicken McNugget
  42. Elijah
  43. Matt daddy
  44. Matt man
  45. Melon
  46. Potato
  47. Mattricia
  48. Mataronie
  49. Cheese
  50. Matty moo
  51. Chief
  52. Matty Watty
  53. Doormat
  54. Mate-o
  55. Matty Cakes
  56. Maz
  57. Wonderboy Matthew
  58. Math
  59. Mattatat
  60. Mac
  61. Matted
  62. Door Matt
  63. Matticus Finch
  64. Major
  65. Diplomatt
  66. Aromattics
  67. Mattchu Picchu
  68. Acclimatt
  69. Matamachu
  70. Wehttam
  71. Matthuselah
  72. Hewmorous
  73. Bath Matt
  74. Matencesse
  75. Mattrick
  76. Acromattic
  77. Mattimus Prime
  78. Mattemattics
  79. Mattasaurus
  80. Mattholomeu
  81. Matteo Alacran
  82. Mattison
  83. Mattachussettes
  84. Matt in the Hat
  85. Mattato
  86. Mattchu
  87. Mashu
  88. Mattcatt
  89. Matato Matata
  90. Mattress
  91. Matthrew
  92. Moo
  93. Match
  94. Matt the Cat
  95. Fat Matt
  96. Mooky
  97. MOP
  98. Mattatto
  99. Manimal
  100. Matt Attack

Popularity of the Name Matthew

According to Social Security Administration data, Matthew has been one of the most famous names for boys of the last century. Although its popularity has slightly waned since 2002, dropping out of the top 10 in 2009, the name sits in the 30th spot as the most popular baby boy name in the United States in 2020. The star status of celebs like Matthew Broderick, Matt Damon, Matt Dillon, and Matthew McConaughey has contributed to the widespread popularity of the name.

Famous Celebrities With the Name Matthew

Multiple celebrities bear a name as fashionable as Matthew since it echoes their elegant personalities. Parents in awe of such famous public figures can draw inspiration for names from the list given below:

Name – Who He Is

Matthew McConaughey American – Actor

Matthew Damon – Actor

Matthew Lillard – Actor

Matthew Perry – Actor

Matthew Holliday – Professional Baseball Player

Matthew Dillon – Actor

Matthew McCloskey – American Politician

Matthew Fontaine Maury – Commodore of the US Navy

Matthew Marsden – English Actor

Matthew Adams – American Footballer

Variations of Matthew

Variations of Matthew can offer a subtle break from the conventional spelling or pronunciation. Here are some suggestions of alternative forms of Matthew that have their unique combinations of look, style, and cultural imagery:

Name Variation Origin

Matia – Basque

Matevos – Armenian

Matey – Bulgarian

Matthias – French

Mads – Danish

Matej – Macedonian

Matei – Romanian

Matheus – Portuguese

Matjaz – Slovene

Mate – Hungarian

As per the Bible, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold.” Matthew lends a person a distinct identification mark from a moral and ethical standpoint. By conveying the spirit of its meaning well, your child named Matthew becomes a perfect special blessing of God. Thus, unique nicknames for Matthew add value to your child’s personality traits and reflect them in a positive light.

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